Dog cat Stories - 99


Kovu is the King of the house and neighbourhood. He loves cuddles, sleeping and food. He's love for food has gotten him in trouble when he runs home with rib in his mouth! He also love his dog brother Toast. It's a real life Garfield and Oddy.
Toast is a loving, mischievous boy. He loves cuddles, walks and his cat brother Kovu. He also has a love for socks.. Sigh.
Hello my name is Princess Peach but you can just call me Peach. I am around 4 and a half months old and LOVE to play with pompoms, those are my FAVORITE. I also like watching tv....I could sit on my cat tree for hours watching the screen move🥰
Daisy loves to be held and cuddled she loves her treats and watching dogs or cats on tv😊
Axel is a typical 16 month old GSD, he’s LOVES playing with any type of ball! Loves going out to meet new doggies! Most definitely doesn’t believe he is very large 🙈 love cuddle and kisses from his Mam
She may be a cutie but don’t let those looks fool you! She a stubborn little thing. She knows just what you want her to do but she’s really good at ignoring you. She loves to cuddle but only for a minute and when she’s done beware. She’s a nose biter! Lol
Libby is the absolute sweetest pup you could ask for just don’t pick on her or you will be sorry! She’s gives back twice what you give to her. She’s very tiny but after all she is a puppy.
Jodey Girl
I adopted Jodey Girl who waited two years lonely in a no kill shelter. I was told she was not adopted quickly because people can be superstitious about all black cats. In Asian culture they are seen as good luck to have in ones home. Jodey Girl is the sweetest kitty. She loves to cuddle on the couch everynight while I watch tv. She loves her crunchies and treats. Every night she sits on the coffee table and stares at me until I get out her brush. She loves her cheeks and neck area done. She is spoiled and has every kitty toy imaginable. Her favorite are these tiny furry mice that she carries around in her jaw like they are real. Sometimes she leaves them as gifts inside my work shoes by the front door. She also likes her rolling ball toys that I am forever retrieving under the couch. The night I took her home from the shelter she showed me right away how clever and loving she is. She looked around and went straight into the backrooms. I sat on the couch and pretended to watch tv so she could get comfortable on her own. She came up to me and put her paws around my neck and gave me a kitty nose rub. My heart ❤ has been all hers ever since. She is my baby forever.
She is a long haired silver tortoiseshell kitten and she is very sweet and loves to cuddle and play with marbles.
Smokey Is a small dog with a big personality, he loves taking naps and wearing pajamas.
He loves to play and loves to cuddle gets excited when i come home he is the best dog
Miss Kitty
She is very spunky
Hello, my name is Connor. I am named after Conor McGregor because I like to rumble with my siblings. I am energetic, loving and a joy to be around ❤
Beau loves the dog park, long hikes and of course taking naps !
He loves to sleep, run outside and eat a lot of treats!! He loves playing with stuffed piggies and he loves people!
It's election season, go out and vote y'all!
Thunder Sasha And Jack
They all have sponkey personality and so much energy
Gronky is such a sweet boy! He’s goofy and fun just like his namesake, former New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski. “Gronky” is lovable, never hisses and loves to snuggle! His vet said we “hit the jackpot” when we adopted him from the shelter...and we totally agree!!
Wanwan is very smart and independent. She loves new things and adapts very well to changes. She got 10x energy than all the kittens around her. You know when she's sleepy when she just sits and stares at you like you owe her something or have done something wrong. Ha x She got very bold facial expressions. Either she looks surprised or she looks naughty. 😹
I'm a crazy kitty that just loves Halloween. And my dad.
Spooky Sparkle Stone
Spooky was a former feral kitten and was found with her mother and siblings. She was just adopted to our loving home yesterday and is still a little scared, but slowly coming out of her shell! She is getting used to being in a home environment after spending so much time outside and then in a cage! 🦇👻🎃😻
Dusty loves to knock the mail down onto the floor, open the door to go outside on the deck and stay there for 10 minutes, and play with his humans
He’s the strongest out of his litter and is the most playful. He loves to run but sometimes his little feet are too fast for his body. He loves to cuddle and give sweet kisses!
This sweet little boy loves pets and treatos. Will do anything for some lovins.
She is a rescue from SPCA. We got her a few days ago, she is so playful and has a great personality. She was what our family of 6 was missing. Such a cuddle bug!
Iggy enjoys walks. Camping. And chasing his favorite balls
LunaGrace is a sweet and lovable kitten. She came in the family that there are four dogs and another cat and she has so much spunk. She place with them and they all love her. She holds her own when it comes to playing with them all. Even the 100 lab/Great Dane. She loves to give hugs and will even give you kisses with her nose. She lays on my chest when we sleep. I just think she is the best little thing I have.
Maggie is a lap cat and she enjoys attention. She knows and understands commands like "sit" and "high-five" to get some delicious treats. She's so spoiled
She had to be a human in her previous life because she is my soulmate. She knows when something is off and does her cute thing and makes it all better. She is so smart, not like any other cat you will meet!
Seger is snuggly, loving boy..he loves hikes in the woods with his fur brother
Ruger loves to swim in the pond, explore the woods and chase his fur brother Seger
Prince is a shitzu terrier cross he is a mischievous clever and very friendly and loving dog he is 1year 6 month
He is 5 month old, loves to play and very firendly he gets one well with other dogs and most of all cats. He such a cuddly bear. Very playful , and loves the cold. Lol 🦁🦁
Winston absolutely loves to be around people and children he gets so excited everytime he sees someone come up to him to pet him. He loves car rides,walking and playing. He knows how to play fetch with a ball he is very lovable and he loves to cuddle up to you all the time no matter where you are at if u sitting down on couch he has to be sitting right by u or if you are standing in the kitchen cooking he will literally sit by your feet and stay there till your done Cooking. He loves to give kisses all the time 😘.
Rocky Balboa
Rocky is a twin that was rescued on the side of the road via emergency C-section after his mother was hit by a car(he and his brother were the only 2 to survive). He is such an amazing pet and part of our family.
Phoebe was rescued at 4 weeks old. She is a beautiful wonderful little girl that has brought much joy into my life.
5 month old kitten who loves cuddles, playing, exploring, and being a little monster 😁
Peppa is a spunky gal with lots of attitude but that's what makes her awesome. She is such a good big sister to her younger siblings Nala and Penny. She loves watching birds and squirrels on TV and outside!
Lowen a friendly, excited little 12 week old kitten who is very cheeky. She loves cuddles and also attacking you when you least expect it (in a playful way) 😻
My happy go lucky pup bonnie loves her cuddles toys warmth our adventures she is my bestfriend ❤️
Teddy. Named after my favourite artist’s childhood nickname; Ed Sheeran. Who’s music helped me through tough times in my life. Teddy was bought for me by my grandad and mum to help me with my on going mental health battles. He’s soft, funny, adorable and very loving. When I struggle to sleep he comes and cuddles me to help relax me. He’s also wonderful with our two Labrador’s; one of which being blind who he helps guide through the house when it’s dark and waits at the back door Making the family aware of when she needs help. He follows me everywhere and waits at the door after appointments to greet me. Following an opp earlier this year he waited meowing at the window for my return😍. Since being written off work two years ago due to ill health money is tight and would love to be able to buy him a new proper food bowl, toys and cat bed to sleep on next to me at night. He’s my world and couldn’t imagine life without him🥰.
Hi , my name is Simba . I was adopted from the shelter 1 year ago . My mom choose my name because when she was younger she would watch lion king movie all the time . I’m really nice , playful and full of energy cat. I also like to cuddle a little. 😻
Onyx was adopted from a shelter, he was a rescue. He was very shy at first and not very confident. He loves treats and loves to play.
A six week old bundle of energy who enjoys playing with friends and already loves balls! 🥎
Bruno Loves going for walks and to the park And Bruno Loves cuddles with mummy and daddy xx
A little about me... My parents name me Tiger and sometimes I’m a bratty teenager 🙄 When I adventure outside I sometimes get in trouble by climbing on the roof and my mom grounds me so unfair🙄 Then I’m stuck inside for three days before I get to go back out and play with my friends. My mom says now I have a little brother who looks up to me😎 So I have to remember to set a good example for him! My Parents name him Eddie and now I have a cool little dog bother to boss around 😁❤️ The Turlock shelter help us get a wonderful family ❤️
Greyson loves to play hide and seek and he loves his treats!