Dog cat Stories - 98


Betty is almost 6 months old. I seriously think she is perfect in my eyes. She loves playing on her tower and with my two year old daughter. Betty is my other child less of a pet. She is very playful and cuddly and absolutely loves to play fetch. It’s the funniest thing. 😌❣️
My sweet Blu Berry Blu is only 2 close to 3 months old . His favorite pastime is eating salmon & Tuna playing with his play pin full of toys , snuggle time & Napping .
Hi, I'm Red! I LOVE cuddling, peanut butter, warm blankets, toys, treats, adventuring, giving kisses and spending lots of time with my hoomans! ❤ Please' Vote for me 🐕🐾 #VOTERED
Zari is a playful little girl who loves getting dressed up.
Nova is a spunky 4 week old foster kitten looking for his furever home. Likes: toys, zoomies, snuggles. Dislikes: baths, being told what to do. ENTJ
A snuggly ginger boy who likes to curl up ON a good book.
Vladimir is a sweet boy who looks so fresh in his banana hoodie
Jupiter is a 4 week old foster kitten looking for his furever home. Likes: snuggles, soft blankets, having merlot by the fireplace. Dislikes: baths, getting bossed around by his brothers. INFP
MercyCat is sweet and lovable and she loves to cuddle. Her best friends are our two dogs, the three are inseparable!
Motley is 4 months old and a complete nightmare for furniture but gives great cuddles 😍
Static is the biggest jerk around. When he sees you go to kitchen he’s right there swiping your at feet almost like he wants to trip you but really he’s just letting you know he wants to eat! He knows how to open doors so unless your door is locked he will come and wake you up at 6am everyday. Also he won’t sleep with us because for some reason he thinks he has to bite our feet when we are asleep.
Maximus Breen
Max is the best big brother cat ever. He has taught Ruby everything and took care of her like he was her parent cat.
Ruby Breen
She is the most loving energetic baby in the world and she makes every day better❤️
She is so silly, she may have a lttle siamese in her too because she will carry ona conversation with you. She also may have been a dog in another life because she used to pay fetch as a kitten.
My name is Loki and my nickname is toyboy. I LOVE swimming...especially at the beach, walking with my parents, playing with my sister (kitty), going on hikes, going for car rides, camping, and of course playin with my toys and eating yummy treats!! I met my mom and dad last December and I couldn’t be a happier, more loved pup! Follow my Instagram @loki_toyboy for some more cute pics of me 🐕
Max M
Max is an adorable silly boy. We adopted him April 2019. He loves walks and loves to play with his sister Zoey (black lab) and his brother Gelo (cat).
Twins Zebedee And Dexter
Zebedee is larger than life real boys boy he loves his snuggles and looks after his twin brother Dexter, dex is more prim and proper loves to clean himself and also his brother, his favourite game is to bug his brother,but both of them love each other and their mommy's very much ❤❤
Luna is a spunky, energentic, and friendly kitty and she would appreciate it if you would vote for her.
Almost six years ago, Santa gave us Cole for Christmas...and we've been loving on him ever since! He is a great lapcat who is often super playful, but also slightly mischievious when he tries to "play" with our 16-year old cat and the family dog.
Sadie is a smart and lovable little girl. Loves to play with her toys and hates to go out in the rain.
You can also follow my Instagram @ScyllaTheAdventurePup 🐶🐾 Woof!
Scooter loves taking pictures. He loves his bandanas
Bella is the newest member of our family. Really sweet, tiny yet spunky. She loves to cuddle.
Hi 👋 my names Maisy, I’m two years old 🐶
Hi my name is Buster :), I am 2years old and love to people and other animals. I love to smile 🐶🐶
Vanjie is a rescue. She had a very rough start in life - abandoned at 4 weeks old and starving. My partner and I rescued her, she was skin and bones, covered in her own waste, matted fur and absolutely terrified 😔💔 Now she is an absolutely stunning, happy, loveable cat 😍 She loves cuddles with me - her mummy 🥰 she loves zoomies, loves watching TV, loves a good ol grooming session. She absolutely adores crinkly toys and is a master of 'If I fits - I sits' 😂 She's a very clean and dainty gorgeous girl 🥰 She's perfect 🥰
Gaia is a energetic pup that loves kisses and belly rubs. She is obsessed with meeting other dogs and people. Her favorite thing to do are play fetch and sleep.... A LOT!!!
I am todo and i love to play run all day and chew on everthing
Tierney is a precious Berner, and sometimes she goes by “Chuck”. Chuck is her alter ego from Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas who happens to be “hungry” and will let you know it! Tierney enjoys waking her mommy up very early, never putting her toys away, and short walks to do her business because she would rather be inside pretending to be human. She never misses a good pet or a chance to hog the couch.
Bella is the most loving puppy, loves cuddles, knows to sit, stay, lay down now, listens by tilting her head, has cute eyebrows, smiles, loves fetch, is so so sociable
I’m Gizmo. I live with my sister, Gary ( yes.. our hoomans are weird!) but they rescued us and let us live with them. We just had our first birthday. We love bells and feathers and cuddles and nap time ❤️ This is me in my very special vest which I’m wearing after my visit to the vet. My hooman says if I wear it, the boy cats will stay away!
Our cat Rubin is very playful and energetic. When he's not sneaking around looking for his next toy victim, he's cuddled up under his favorite blanket taking endless naps.
Boomer is a Catahoula Leopard dog mix. He’s super bouncy and energetic. He loves seeing his cousins and playing with his sister Miley. He also loves cuddling mom.
She is very proud of her “baby” Minecraft creeper. She carries it everywhere.
Jinxy was born under my house by her feral mother that decided to take up residence at our house. All the kittens found homes however Jinxy was returned because the cat in her new home rejected her. So i decided to keep her. She is a full ball of energy and so very loving! She "talks" a lot! She is definitely my little dare devil!
9 week old little baby Rezz graced us with her presence earlier this week and since then she’s been a devil child! I never knew kittens could climb walls until this evening... We love her just as much anyways.
My names trappy. My mommy and daddy rescued me about a year ago and I’ve never been happier! I love playing with my new little brother Blu and my human cameela. I love play ball and getting my belly scratched. I’m a sucker cuddles and hate being far away from my dad!
Tesha is a beautiful & cuddly fluff ball, she has the most amazing temperament. She loves treats of any kind & as much attention as possible. If she could sleep on your lap 24/7 she would, over the past few years she has really been like a support animal to me & she knows when I’m upset, ill or just need a cuddle. She is 14 now and still going strong as she was when she was a kitten.
Cupcake was a baby girl until the vet told us she was a baby boy 🤣
Loki is an lazy boy who loves to cuddle and snuggle up in bed. He loves playing with his toys and even drags them around the house with him.
Franklin And Loki
Hi we are franklin and loki, but mom calls us crackheaded twins. We play all the time and we are miserable without eachother our favorite treat is whatever we can steal from mom and dads plates when they arent looking. Our favorite "game" is mom or dad catching us with our friend buddy the hamster even though they dont think its funny (we never harm him its just fun) . when mom first got us we had many medical issues and she made sure we were healthy as possible. Loki's tail was healed but when i moved in she saw it was broken. We live our best life crying at our parents door for attention... Well except when they let us in we know the tricked worked we just love being in there doing things we shouldnt. Oh and our litter box is our favorite sandbox. We are a handful but ask for a kiss or cuddles and you got it human.
Joey is a single male who likes to walk outside on his leash and flirt with the chickadees..
Chewy And Jake
Chewey and Jake are brothers. They have two totally different personalities. Both are loving in there own ways and great little digs. Chewy is a mama's boy and a whimp. But that's okay. Jake is a though boy and doesn't back down from a fight.
I’m Luna! I’m 9 weeks old and I love meal times, my mommy and attacking everything that moves.
Opus is actually a lab husky chow mix. His is a playful loving dog. He is a bit spoiled. He demands to go to bed when he is ready. He loves his stuffed animals. And loves his family.
Meow! My name is Tigzy, I’m like a little tiger and I’m super jumpy! Ma’s tummy is so comfy when I fall asleep. I’m pumpkins sister, although you wouldn’t know it! I’m stronger and braver and ready to try anything!
Hi I'm Waylon. I'm a purebred cocker spaniel with lots of energy. I love long walks, naps, and meeting new friends.