Dog cat Stories - 96


Mr. Midnight
A big ball of love! he purrs almost constantly!his favorite past time is watching the toilet flush
Likes to sleep and bark all day
Ruby is about 14 weeks old and she had a hard start in life. She was the runt and really small. She could fit in the palm of your hand. Look at her now. She loves to play and I just love her so much. She is a hugger it's so cute!!! ❤️❤️❤️🍒🍒😝🍓😝😝
he is very talkative! loves being held but hates being picked up
Prince Zelda
he must be pet 3 times no more no less then he will sniff your hand and decide if more petting is allowed. He loves attention
Toto is a 1 year old Papillon (which is french for Butterfly), he came into my life just before I got diagnosed with Cancer in February last year at the age of 17 (I'll be 19 next month). He has really changed my life and so many other people's lives, and he continues to be my loyal companion throughout my Cancer treatment. He loves people, food, very very friendly, full of character, has daily zoomies, also loves cuddles, playing with his toys, adventures outside, other dogs and kisses. He is a huge attention seeker, and will do anything to get our attention, and has a bit of an attitude at times
My name is Betty and I am a little tortoiseshell Tabby. I am wonderfully sweet and very smart and brave. However, I am a real mama's cat. It might take me quite a while to warm up to others. I have 4 housecat mates, and cat food is costly. So the other cats talked me into trying to win some money because I am so "cute". That's what they say. I think they are even more beautiful than I am! But it was 4 against 1, so.... here I am. Won't you vote for me?
Wellington - Dane of Thrones. Courageous warrior only scared of the rain, fizzy drinks and his own shadow. Regal and intelligent - except when tripping over his feet and forgetting he’s not a lap dog. Adored by all subjects in his kindom ❤️🤴🏼
Very loving cat
Stevie was the runt of her litter and is very naughty. She has always been the odd one out! she’s a nervous cat but loves cuddles. we’re looking to save for our forever home with her!
Biscuit And Cookie
Biscuit & Cookie are 1 year old Blue Point Ragdoll sisters. They are both chatty playful little cats, who love rolling around like little flirts. Follow them on Instagram @Biscuit_Cookie_Ragdolls
Meet Simba a handsome 3 month old kitten! Simba is an emotional support animal and loves playing! Please Vote for simba ! ♥️🤗
I am very friendly but can be naughty sometimes ;)
Hi i am kiki i love food and sleeping
Sky is a mummy and gave birth to 6 little kittens in my mum's cupboard she looked after them all very well and we kept one of them called sophie :) sky is quite a timid cat but once she gets to know you shes your friend for life
Thank you to everyone who voted in the last competition! We will continue to do 10/10 on voting, please post on our wall if you vote so we can make sure we get everyone returned!
Hi! My name is Draco. I love to play and nap alllllll day! I would love to win so please vote for me! It would make me so happy!
Junebug is a very hyper cat that loves his cuddle time. He drags anything he can find into his litter box and tries to climb curtains. Please vote for my munchkin!
Yin Yang
These two sweethearts are littermates! My babies are fun, loving , and sweet. They make my day EVERYDAY!
Hi i am Millie i like sleeping
Hi! My name is Chowder. My parents put me this name because they thought that I am a boy but later they found out that I am a girl.. it was too late for me to change it.. I love to play, to eat and to be loved. Vote me!❤️
Im very independant and enjoy spending my time with statues and stuffed animals. Except for when im hungry then I am very voiceful towards humans!
I am a sweet loving funny ferocious little guy! I love Tomahawk ribeye steak bones as you can see! My mommy says that I'm spoiled but I don't see it!
Brie was a breeding dog the first 4-years of her life. Until I adopted her, she never felt grass beneath her feet. It’s been 4-years that I’ve had her. She’s still very timid, but sweet.
Zayne is my handsome, crazy, loving puppy. He loves chewing on his bones... and ice cubes. His favorite toys are his squeaky balls. His favorite things to do are playing chase and cuddling.
Sasha's my Husband's Boxer Pup just got her Sat & she was 8 wks old.
Nova is a little monkey. She loves jumping cuddles and hates moblie phones as she feels all attention should be on her.
Willow was just adopted 3 months ago and she loves her new parents! She loves to go on walks and meet new people around town. In her down time she loves belly rubs, kisses, and cuddles.
Cheetos is more like a dog than a cat, she’s a unique creature that talk so so much and she loves her cuddles. She will wake me up every morning by kissing me on my head and sitting on my chest. She’s the best!
Molly is the sweetest most cuddly cat in the family. She loes attention....most of the time.
Luna is a flame tip siamese and shes cross eyed. Do cats even get cuter?
Pancake loves to play and run. Despite her missing leg shes definitely a quick cat.
Julep or aka Ju is one of a kind, not just because she is a rug hugger Munchkin but because she thinks she’s human! She’s the most loving cat I’ve ever known while also being spunky! She’s a BIG piece of our family!
This is baby ziko, he is a great Dane from poland, how can you not vote for this face ❤️
Sirius Black
Hello my name is Sirius Black but you can call me Serius. I love to snuggle with my sister and be with my people I love going outside and going on adventures and love being able to participate in this contest.Thanks you so much! :)
She is the best old girl! A reformed feral cat who is the most loving, neediest cat there is. She definitely rules the household over all the other cats, dog and Exotics. Her nickname is princessa!!
Java is a Dutch shepherd shitzen trained and cadiver trained. She is a goofy girl who loves to chase squirrels and swim in the river!
Pepper is a playful, happy, friendly pet and she has so much love for everyone she meets. She instantly lights up the room with her playful personality and doesn’t fail to have the best time ever!
Sadie is lovable and playful dog ! 🌻 If she wins I want to buy her all new stuff and new toys and things to have!!
Hazel is a hyperactive pup that loves the outdoors and running! She also runs with her owner for exercise. She is only 4 y/o so she still has plenty of puppy energy. She is also a monster chewer but her favorite toy is the kong tennis ball. Once upon a time her ears were floppy, but they shot up and never looked back.
Tiger Bean
Tiger Bean is our beautiful rescue - she’s a very wobbly cat, but that doesn’t stop her! She loves to be cuddle by the window and makes the funniest little noises in the world! She also loves to watch bake off with us, she’s always glued to the tv!
Sheba is a fun loving playful sassy cat ! She makes life so much fun 🤩
Ziggy is such a lover. ❤️ Always wants to play and needs attention. I love him so much! He will be one year old in June and he is beautiful!
Loves his laser, catnip, and snuggles with his mama❤️
Mike is very adorable, very playful and he cry if you don’t caress him He likes to play with balls and the laser!🥰
Bruno is a big baby .He loves to watch cartoons and loves gourmet food .He sure knows that box of restaurant leftovers he looks forward to be getting each weekend .Best of all , Bruno is a skilled doggy musician .His squeaky toy sounds makes a great addition to my daughter piano practice .I cannot be more thrilled by my “in home” orchestra when it starts playing.Go Bruno !