Dog cat Stories - 96


Archie is 2 years old and loves to eat socks .
She is the kindest and loveable sweetheart.
Well he is about 3 mos. He loves to climb up your leg whenever your in the kitchen and rest his little body ontop of his boys shoulders.
Billy is an energetic loving baby who just turned one. He loves muddy puddles making him look like he’s wearing trousers. Especially loves roast dinners and scratchies all over❤️ @maltesebilly on instagram!!!!
She is the most adorable playful bundle of joy to come into our life’s. everyone wants to keep her
Kylo here! I may look intimidating to most people but let me tell you... I am just a big O’l lover boy. I mean I was born on Valentine’s Day! ❤️ My mom is obsessed with me so I’m always on a platform (she says it’s because I’m handsome) so just give me a vote. Thank you for all the support ❤️
Hi, I’m Jess! I love going on walkies, cuddles with my family and looking after the family tortoise, Bowser
Roxy is loyal and loving dog. She’s part of the family and has even just gave us joy in this horrible times we find ourselves in with a gorgeous litter of puppies. She loves long walks and long naps! She’ll be there whenever you need her.
Luna is a little crazy at times, she will literally eat anything in sight, and is very playful!
Blair... well she thinks she is human, Loves cuddles and watching tv, hates the rain 😂 Fave walk: Virginia water lake or Windsor great park just always finished with a drink but of course no coffee for her.
Hello my name’s Miller!! My parents adopted me from the Humane Society and thought I was just a puppy! 😂 but I’m actually mixed with a beagle and FULL grown! We currently think I’m about 3 yrs old. I love hugs, FOODS, and pooping in bushes 🤪 I’m a silly boy and love to play! Mom and dad say I’m a handsome boy ☺️
Hi! My name is Teddy. I am a 5 year old Pomeranian! I have a huge personality with a big smile to go with it. Check out my Instagram @teddygram._
Buster, 8 weeks old and loves getting his photo took
Alli is a 1 year old staffie, she is a very cheeky mischievous girl who just loves to explore and play all day. The most lovable pup who just wants to meet new people and give them plenty of cuddles and kisses.
Gracey is a 6 month old chihuahua mix,she loves to play and cuddle
Hi, I’m Aubrey a Lemon Beagle. I’m @aubreythebeagle on Instagram and I love to wear cute bandanas to show off my style ❤️🐾
Bentley is a 9 month old Pomeranian. He looks like a fox but may be part race horse! He’s fast as lightning! He keeps us on our toes, he’s a little ninja! Thank God he’s cute!!
Rocco is a 3 year old Goldendoodle. He may be part Chicken, he’s scared of stairs, cars, shadows & vacuum cleaners. He’s a great family dog!
Sebastian is a 6 month old Basenji mix rescued from Rain, which is located in Fort Myers, FL. His family lives in Boca Raton, FL, however, and he has a 4 year old human sister. Sebastian is a spunky, energetic, loving puppy who loves to model...according to his Instagram handle. He loves going on new adventures with his family as well as hiking and his new passion, kayaking! He has also spent a lot of time traveling so far. Sebastian has been up the east coast and has vacationed in Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia. If you’re into sports, Sebastian is an avid Hurricanes fan and absolutely loves rooting for the football team on game day as his family does. And if games are too “ruff” to watch, his favorite toys are his human sister's stuffed animals.
West is a Lancashire Heeler, west loves a snooze and puppy milk. He loves biting socks even with your Foot still in them...he loves chasing Rupert.YES MY EYES ARE BLUE❤️ PUPPY #BIGDOGINLITTLEDOGBODY
Rupert loves walks, however he does like to cuddle and snooze. He loves his toy sloth and has a heart of gold. Some reason every time the camera is out so is his overbite... Rupert loves staring out the window and laying on the window ledge. He is a guard dog, but if you said BOO to him he would run #yorkie #Allbarknobite
Bixby is a 3 month old Chow Chow. He is very independent, sweet and likes to play with chicken! He also loves going out, riding the car and has lots of friends in the city.
Gotti is a 8 month old Cane Corso, he’s super smart and has been trained with basic commands since he was 12 weeks. Gotti loves his family and is a giant sweet loving boy!
Loki absolutely loves anything food related....or paper related. Really anything he can get his paws on! He is a beautiful Bengal and loves snuggles.
Prince Rocco the Smiling Dog❤️
Pixie loves foood and walks
Jasmine Marie El-nachar
Jasmine was a rescue I found in weatherford with all her brothers and sisters. She was the most skiddish and now she has evolved into her true self which being the Queen of the house. She is the most loving and playful cat I have ever owned. She’s definitely an Angel in disguise. Our sweet loving baby.
Juul is a spunky Husky. She loves frolicking in the snow, playing with other dogs and treats. She knows many tricks from high five to speak. She is a kind and loyal doggo with all the love to give!
I’m Wednesday and I love playing with my brother Gomez and stealing his toys
Dino is a lovable, gentle , friendly meow meow ! He's a lover & licker.
Boo is a white rescue cat from the streets of Ibiza so once a little raver turned super domesticated and loves the perks of an owner like attention and snacks! She has beautiful different coloured eyes and is petite but a big confident friendly personality that shines through!
Beans has a natural zest for life and walks with an actual little skip to her Lou. She absolutely loves smelling everything but what she loves the most, sleeping under big blankets so she can remain unbothered... something her mother always ruins! 💞
Smudge is a handsome ragdoll who loves nothing more than being treated like the prince he is! He loves being rocked like a baby in his mummies arms and sulking when he can find the dreamies. An excellent companion and an incredibly cute cat!
9 month old chocolate puppy, adores chest scratches and blowing bubbles into muddy puddles. Love her but would also love if she stop destroying the house. Loves stealing socks, jumping over sofas and cleaning the cats (they don’t appreciate it as much though). Please vote for her! 10/10 good fur baby!
Playful like to play ball, very spoiled. Shakes your hand. Loves walks. Protects. People friendly. Always happy and running around
Tig Tig
He is a silly, kind of lazy, chill cat. He loves being outside and playing with his toys.
Minu is friendly, playful loves to play outside and cuddle
Roxy loves belly rubs, she’s very protective of her family but doesn’t had anyone unless they are a serious threat. She loves to be hugged and loves to give you kisses
Enjoys biting legs, attacking his mom and eating a lot. Only shows love early in the morning and i mean 4am everyone needs to wake up and show him some love:) Hates being brushed, washed or cuddled.
Vote for my fur baby candy!! She’s a sweet friendly American Longhaired cat who loves cuddles, laying in boxes and bags, Being loved on by her sister miracle, laying in a bucket in a little ball for no reason, she loves being a duster she’ll lay on the fridge and the very top of counters just to watch you cook and loves when you play with her she is friendly to everyone she meets she’s shy at first but warms up really fast to you she loves laying under covers and LOVES playing in the sink whenever there’s water running she’s curious about everything 🥰 please vote for candy!💕
He’s very playful, will come cuddle with you. Will protect you. And will be your best friend always
He’s so sweet but protective of his family a great guard dog and my grandmothers best friend
This is Mila girl! She’s a unique chihuahua / Stafford Terrier mix. When she was adopted, she was predicted to be 60 LBS. She surprised us all when she was fully grown at 30Lbs. She’s a silly, fun, strong girl! We appreciate any love shown :)
We adopted him from a shelter 4 years ago. he was there for a very long time and had been returned several times, but he has his forever home now. He loves attention and rides on the golf cart.