Dog cat Stories - 95


Mr. Miyagi
Me. Miyagi likes to sleep all day and fight crime all night. He thinks he his Batman protector of the night fighting off legos, dinosaurs, matchbox cars and what ever else my kids leave out. He likes to snuggle up with Deja (pitbull) if not fed around 4-6 in the morning he gets upset and will take revenge by peeing on a blanket or peice of clothing left on the floor. (Somthing we are working on) he’s very lovable, will snuggle up with you and watch tv on the couch. Love snuggling with babies. Or lays next to babies while they sleep to protect them
Zoeys favorite hobby is playing with her sister and teasing the dog!
Latte is small dog who has lots of energy and love her walk. She love nap in you bed and cuddle with you. She is very get with small kids and other dog.
He should have been named Thumper because when he scratches - no matter the surface - he manages to summon his signature sound "thump, thump, thump. . ." Apawlo is often found in the hall with his paws pressed on the wall, ready to push himself off and in your way as you walk by just to go belly-up for some tummy rubs. I don't feel bad. Ignore him. And, don't look back because that's where he gets you. Apawlo has the sweetest eyes and always makes sure to look depressed (something he picked up from his sister no doubt). In addition, don't take naps with him. He will wake you up with snores louder than any humans. Disregard the running and leg twitches when his sleeping, they end up subsiding . . . Warning: He will try and act tough if he feels threatened by the mailman or another dog on the other side of the street. Its a ruse. Don't tell him I know. I don't want to deflate his masculinity by letting on that I know he can't protect me and he is just chicken in disguise.
Ever wish for a dog that loves you endlessly? Well, Davey is the type of dog that would make you (slightly) regret that wish. You see, Davey ultimate goal is to become one with you. For now, being your shadow will do. You'll never have to worry about picking up ice that falls. Davey's there, quick to munch on his favorite treat. Admittedly, Davey is the best cuddler. He somehow manages to snuggle just right. He likes to lay the thickness on cute with a typical head-on shoulder most nights. Warning: DON'T BUY TOYS WITH SQUEAKERS! The mistake has been made. You can try to ignore *squeak* You can try and get rid of them *squeak* but he somehow manages to find more! He has lots of energy. *squeak* If you ignore him when he wants to play, you best not be laying down because he doesn't stop at making the wretched noise in your ear or placing it down beside you. *squeak* He'll place it directly on your face every time. *squeak* Maybe this is what I get for picking up a stray dog . . . but I wouldn't trade him for anything. He is my Davey-Baby.
He is my baby. He likes to cuddle 🥰. He likes to play tug of war while using his Chewbacca voice. When we’re taking a walk and he gets tired he paws at my leg to be picked up.
Mitzy is a lovable cat who enjoys cuddles and kisses. She is very laidback and friendly. As you can tell she loves a pose and isn’t shy in front of the camera
Sparkle is an 18 year old maine coon x russian blue cat. She’s such a gentle soul who loves a cuddle in the evenings! She was a rescue kitten 18 years ago who became an incredibly important part of our family, i hope she will bring you a smile!
Toffee is a beautiful cheeky ginger female cat. She loves having her photo taken (although that does feed into her diva antics!) although she is so cute I can’t really blame her! She pretends that she likes to be independent, yet she spends most of her day with me, and her cuddly side really shows at night. Her hobbies include squeaking at the pigeons outside (she’s just loves bird watching, especially in the morning), playing with tinsel (preferably green), sitting in any available box, and conveniently overloading you with affection when she wants food! And of course, she loves sleeping. She has a bit of a tough act, as she is also an outdoor cat (although she spends most of her time indoors) and the only things she has been able to catch are worms, one moth, and a frog or two. She will often kiss people and lets anyone pick her up. Toffee is a special little cat and I honestly couldent imagine my life without her.
Brindle Lee
Brin is the big sister of Gypsy , Amira , and Malik . She is the best baby sitter for them. She knows she is the prettiest Brindle Lee , ever ! She runs to the sound of the treat box and especially canned food. She will meow forever as long and you meow with her. She is the biggest fuzzy ball of love and she’ll always be my first kitty and my forever best friend ❤️
Belly scratchies are a must with this cat, however, you should beware of the tender love bites. She means no harm and clearly just wants to thank you for the love and attention. It's rare to hear Violet speak but when she does it's a single low meow that is barely audible. If you're lucky enough to hear Miss Violet your heart will melt. She loves head butting as a sign to tell you to stop what you're doing and give her the daily dose of attention she deserves. Warning: She is a boyfriend stealer. She will hog his attention and cuddle with him. She does not want to share. You will more than likely wake up many times to her standing right by your head and glaring daggers at you. It's clear she is plotting your death and how she can take your place. But, other than that she is the best cat I have ever had.
Ember loves bags, and will climb in them as often as he can! He is very vocal, and loves to wake me up in the morning by batting at my face.
Cj is a 18 year old chihuahua
Aria is the sweetest girl. Catnip lover, sardine connoisseur 😻🎣💕 Rescue Moggie 🐈‍⬛
Malakai is a 13 month old Siberian Husky. He is smart, loves to run and is always at my side (he is a big baby and is afraid of the dark).
She is a lovely princess, she loves to play a lot and she is also purring at mommy cuz she wants to be cuddled ♥️ She is the best thing happened to me in this period!
He's very sweet and smart. He's already trained himself to go potty on the potty pads
Cloe is the most loving cat I have ever seen. Rolls over and stretches out her arms so I can brush her cute belly.
Loves belly rubs and sleeping ❤️ Loves everyone and everything.
Moose loves to rock his crazy luscious locks! There's no such thing as a bad hair day with this handsome boy!
I’m sassy, cute, and sweet 😊 I also like chewing on sticks, shoes, fingers, and toes. Just call me baby shark 🦈
Jake is a 9 year old boxer who has battled cancer 3 times in his little life and he is still the happiest trooper!
Tanner loves being outside and running around with his big brother, who is a 9 year old boxer. He believes he is a full grown independent man!
Cookie is 8 months old, i adopted her as a stray from a barn. She loves mewing, chirping, just talking in general! She likes sticking her tongue out at me, she is quirky and playful. She has a very unique personality. She sleeps all day, and plays all night but shes cute and cuddles me so i dont mind. My nickname for her is 'Cookie Cat' (i love Steven Universe) Vote for my cutie :) More pictures on my profile to display her cuteness!
Ryuk is an amazingly sweet boy who loves to take care of his siblings. He loves to go outside on his leash and will do anything for his family
Zeke is a 10 week old Red nose/American pitbull, who is full of nothing but love and energy ❤️ he loves his 5 year old fursister Amor❤️ Zeke is doing great with his potty training, and LOVES being outside!
Hi, my name is Cheddar. Doesn't get cheesier than this. 🧀 🐶
He is lovable and funny please vote for him
Benson And Stabler
Hi! We’re two chi-beagle mixes! We love to play with toys and love on our humans all day!
Hi! I’m Coal! I’m 2 years old and just a puppy! My FAVORITE thing to do is play with toys! My favorite toy is a basketball and a tennis ball.
Odysseus came in to my work as a hit by car. He had a broken pelvis and a fractured leg. He needed to have surgery and a lot of cage rest. He has been a trooper since that day. He loves his guinea pigs and cat siblings. He enjoys playing with squeaky toys and running outside.
I am 7 years old and I love to play. Balls are my favorite but I can’t seem to keep them whole.. whoopsie! Deep down I believe I am human, I love to stand on my two back legs and watch my neighbors. Sometimes I even throw my toy over the fence so they can play with me. I am super loveable and sweet!
Peanut is a very special fur baby to me, he is my most attentive service dog. Everywhere we go people always compliment him on how calm he is and well mannered he is. He has enable me to get back in the world and enjoy my life. He is my heart and soul.❤️ The things he enjoys most are long walks with me, cookies and his candy 🍭. But his very favorite thing is naps and bedtime. He loves everyone and ever pet he meets. We hope to win this contest so peanut will have cookies for life. ❤️
Hazel is a sassy girl, with tons of energy. Her hobbies include; chewing on her brothers ear & tail, giving her mom & dad TONS of kisses & snuggles. Her brother is her bestfriend <3
MALIBU IS 14 YRS Malibu loves laying in the sun ,playing with the dog, is more a house cat , loves her food and treats
He is a rambunctious, sweet, loving doggo. We’ve had him since 3 weeks, & recently got him a new sister. She quickly became his bestfriend (:
Fat Boy
He’sa big fluffy lovable kitty! Loved playing fetch and cuddling!
Vince was our rescue from a pound who recently passed so unexpectantly after surgery we just want to honor the awesome adorable good boy he was. R.I.P 3/12/2021
My favorite time is snack time
Hi I’m thrasher! I love chewing on sticks and cuddling. I love my cat siblings! I’m a big boy but I’m definitely a lap dog. Please vote for me!!!
Hi! My name is Skully! I am 10 years old and love life! I love to be outside relaxing in the sun.
Gizmo is a 11 week old Chion Chihuahua, he is so playful and loves to cuddle! Don’t let his little body fool you Giz has quite the big dog attitude, from his mighty bark to persistency to play tug of war. Vote for Giz to see what a character he can be!!
Carbon is a 5 year old Bassador (basset hound lab mix). She loves to snuggle with her family and go on walks. Her favorite toys are rope toys. Carbons favorite food is anything chicken flavored!
Hi everyone! My name is Kaia. I’m new to the family and love chasing my siblings around and getting cuddles! Vote for me!
Kingdom is a 7 month old French bull dog. He is filled with so much energy and love! He is such a good companion to any child. We are truly blessed to have him as apart of our family!