Dog cat Stories - 94


Sammie is a 5 month old Calico. She’s amazing, sweet, & loves to cuddle with me. She loves to snuggle under the covers and loves to be pondered. She’s always finding little secret places to take her naps and makes mommy go on adventures when seeking her ☺️
Wiley is a yellow lab loves to play fecth and loves FOOD! He is very smart and very lovable
I am a black panther, or at least this is what I believe about myself. I love cuddles , pets , and treats.
Daphine Marie
aka (Daffy) RIP little girl 4/14/2020 love you forever baby girl!
Dixie is fond of lots of snuggles and helping feed cows at the farm!
Lola love’s climbing as high as she can! She love’s cheese like Luna and love’s curling up on my chest and going to sleep!
Sydney loves deeply and protects even deeper! She loves eating ice cream with me but it has to be strawberry!
Shadow, aka (The Puppy), RIP, he lives in our hearts forever, 6/1/2020. Never realized how he maintained the spider webs for me. Always having spider webs on his little furry face.
Luna love’s cheese! She allows you to hold her like a baby and pet her or scratch her! She will fall asleep in your arms at a moment’s notice!
Dempsey is a little cuddle monster. He likes nothing more than snuggling up to his human pals and snoozing away!
Mushu is half Cocker Spaniel and half King Charles Cavalier. He loves to play fetch, loves to run around in nature, and enjoys life to the fullest. His Beauty catches your Heart and he is full of happiness.
Hes alittle devil which is why i call him satan, however hes so angelic when hes sleeping. He loves to play and is a very activate little boy 💙
Misty is 15 yrs old but that hasn't stopped her from enjoying life. She loves watching action shows, eating apple sauce and occasional spaghetti noodles. A good girl who smiles every day and will be by anyone's side if she feels they need extra love.
Maggie believes she's a gaurd dog and will try to look tough. But she hides behind the other dogs. Loves to cuddle and is obsessed with warm blankets.
Hyper pupper who loves apples and bananas. He thinks he's a small dog and will sit on anyone's lap.
Guli is a shy kitten he lives to cuddle all day & be held. We just purchased him last week.. our first kitten and my children are crazy over him. 🥰
Bailey enjoys playing with her 2 brothers and terrorizing their cat brother. She also is a big foodie which is how she got her nickname "Tubby Girl." She is a mommas girl and loves spending time cuddled up watching tv together.
Julius likes to sit in the sunshine to watch birds and bugs
Playful little charlie loves playing with his toys and cuddling with mommy.
Alfredo loves to play fetch and is the best cuddle buddy. 🐾
Mickey Mouse The Cat
Mickey Mouse The Cat a.k.a Mickey Moose, moo-moo, moosey, stinky butt, Night Stalker, and Booboo Kitty is the doggiest cat i have ever met. He carries my slippers all over the apt and actually comes when i call his name. What did i do to deserve such a good kitty? I apologize for the upside down pictures, I don’t know how to fix it. 😕
Einstein is 10 years old, we adopted him at 7 months old, he was a nervous beautiful black cat, at age 4 he began getting white fur everywhere except his ears, head, paws, and tail. He is a sweet loving boy and loves to meow during the night and wake me up for treats and attention
Ares is a mix between an American Pitbull terrier and Husky. He is 7 months old and weighs about 80-90lbs. He is the sweetest, loving and protective pup! He’s very clumsy!! He loves to play with a shoe he’s had since he was just a baby, he loves to wrap himself in any blanket he lays his eyes on. He loves to give kisses, lots of kisses! We have nicknamed him “Big Head” because his head is almost twice the size of ours!! He is one big pup for being only 7 months old and he’s got plenty more to grow! :)
He loves to lounge, eat, and fetch. How could you say no to these baby blues♥️
Missy is approx 12 years old. She is a real fusspot & very talkative always answering me back when I tell her off. She is a real character. Love her to bits 😻
Malcolm The Great The Third
Malcolm likes to play fetch. Little balls with slits in them he can pick up with his teeth and will return them to my feet after I throw them
Ryuk is a high energy kitty who loves to get into trouble and only sleeps in silly positions! He enjoys belly rubs and the red dot.
Autumn was a beautiful girl. On Sept. 17th 2020 we had to put her down. She was 9yrs old and could no longer walk. Autumn's back legs went out on her. My husband and I couldn't have human kids so...We have had fur babies. Autumn was beyond amazing! I took her with me everywhere. She loved car rides and playing ball. Autumn was very smart. There were a few words we had to spell. If she knew what we were saying she would get her self all worked up . We loved her so much.I lost my sidekick,bestfriend and daughter. Miss talking to her. Still working on the broken heart.Im still looking for her. Now all i have are her ashes . R.I.P. Autumn....You are missed so much! We love you! XOXO
Dickey Du
Dickey Du was given up on because of a heart condition he has. He has a big heart for so much love he delivers to each and every person who comes in contact with this heaven sent Fur baby. We took him to 3 different nursing homes to bring joy to our elderly people. Now that covid19 has been dividing our people up Dickey Du has been missing his friends and now isn't doing well with his health. He still loves to ride on the Harley and go for Jeep rides with his Mama💙! Enough said Please vote for this gift of life. Dickey Du.💓
Copper is an 11 year old Beagle... but he thinks he’s still a pup! He loves to sniff, snuggle, and EAT!
Bentlay 5 months old. Came from Poland to new home UK. Vote for me word reward I give to charity 🥰
Scar likes outdoor adventures, yummy treats, and quality time with his human! ♡ 💕 He was once afraid of the sound made by a leaf falling, but now he is conquering the world one outdoor adventure at a time.
Betty is almost 6 months old. I seriously think she is perfect in my eyes. She loves playing on her tower and with my two year old daughter. Betty is my other child less of a pet. She is very playful and cuddly and absolutely loves to play fetch. It’s the funniest thing. 😌❣️
My sweet Blu Berry Blu is only 2 close to 3 months old . His favorite pastime is eating salmon & Tuna playing with his play pin full of toys , snuggle time & Napping .
Hi, I'm Red! I LOVE cuddling, peanut butter, warm blankets, toys, treats, adventuring, giving kisses and spending lots of time with my hoomans! ❤ Please' Vote for me 🐕🐾 #VOTERED
Zari is a playful little girl who loves getting dressed up.
Nova is a spunky 4 week old foster kitten looking for his furever home. Likes: toys, zoomies, snuggles. Dislikes: baths, being told what to do. ENTJ
A snuggly ginger boy who likes to curl up ON a good book.
Vladimir is a sweet boy who looks so fresh in his banana hoodie
Jupiter is a 4 week old foster kitten looking for his furever home. Likes: snuggles, soft blankets, having merlot by the fireplace. Dislikes: baths, getting bossed around by his brothers. INFP
MercyCat is sweet and lovable and she loves to cuddle. Her best friends are our two dogs, the three are inseparable!
Motley is 4 months old and a complete nightmare for furniture but gives great cuddles 😍
Static is the biggest jerk around. When he sees you go to kitchen he’s right there swiping your at feet almost like he wants to trip you but really he’s just letting you know he wants to eat! He knows how to open doors so unless your door is locked he will come and wake you up at 6am everyday. Also he won’t sleep with us because for some reason he thinks he has to bite our feet when we are asleep.
Maximus Breen
Max is the best big brother cat ever. He has taught Ruby everything and took care of her like he was her parent cat.
Ruby Breen
She is the most loving energetic baby in the world and she makes every day better❤️
She is so silly, she may have a lttle siamese in her too because she will carry ona conversation with you. She also may have been a dog in another life because she used to pay fetch as a kitten.
My name is Loki and my nickname is toyboy. I LOVE swimming...especially at the beach, walking with my parents, playing with my sister (kitty), going on hikes, going for car rides, camping, and of course playin with my toys and eating yummy treats!! I met my mom and dad last December and I couldn’t be a happier, more loved pup! Follow my Instagram @loki_toyboy for some more cute pics of me 🐕