Dog cat Stories - 93


Zeke is a real character. He gets the zoomies very often and he’s very playful. He tries to squeeze himself into the tiniest of spaces and may get stuck and cry for help. He’s my favorite cuddle buddy.
Im a rescue boy who also has CH, so I'm a little wobbly&I have a pretty constant face twitch; but none of that bothes me! Im a sweet boy who LOVES to give you nose kisses&I also love to take care of all the foster kittens mom brings home. I also have rescue brother's and sisters that I love!
Sairis is tiny, she was a runt. I had to actually pull her out of her mother when she was being born. She is the first born. She weighs less than 5 pounds. She loves jumping on laps and she use to love riding on shoulders. Yawning really close to her face, she likes to put her head in your mouth. She has a really high pitched meow. She loves squeezing inside of small spaces. She loves climbing into boxes and plastic bags. She also loves chewing plastic, one of her most favorite things to do. Today, April 3rd, at around 3pm, Sairis lost one of her litter mates, KIT, who died at home today.
Keto The Kat
Keto needs to lose weight. Thats why he is in a kitty girdle
Im a 14 week old rescue puppy who just found my forever home with my older rescue sister. I love to run, play, and cant wait to learn how to walk trails!
Mack is 9 months old love to steal moms shoes and run.. loves treats and squeaky toys
This is halo he loves to run up and down the stairs and he knows how to open doors he is a very smart cat he also loves wet food
Blue has webbed feet like a duck. He loves ppl especially kids and females.
Iron Bull
Iron Bull is a rescue from Mishawaka, IN. He is around 5 years old and also has a heart condition. He has Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. In lamens terms that is a thickening of the left side of the heart. He is on blood thinners for life to help prevent clotting. It will shorten his life span, but he will still live a normal life until his heart cannot take it. He is very lived is and is a sassy boy. He likes to “love bite” and “give skin” (giving his paw) he is also best friends with my Chinese Crested Floyd.
Max is have blue Merle Australian Shepard as well as black tri! He has very special markings. Loves to cuddle, very outgoing, he loves carrots!!
Belle is a good girl. She looks after her hamster siblings, steals all of her human’s hair ties and spoons, and enjoys watching movies. Also, she likes to be reminded that she’s beautiful, she certainly knows she is😂😍
Duke is a rescue, however he rescued us! He is the happiest lovable little man, full of life and can always give everyone a laugh! He melts the heart of anyone who meets him!
Baby is a very playful and intelligent puppy who loves to run and play!
Princess is a southern belle who has the nickname "Miss Priss". She loves belly rubs and treats.
Hi my name is Sinan!!! I am only 7 weeks old and I love to take his naps on a king size bed, with fluffed pillow and a blanket over me 🤍🐱
I’m a deaf blue bengal who loves to climb the cat tower and give my mommy cat biscuits during the night. My favorite activity is playing and chasing my big sister.
Hi, my name is beans. I just recently passed away from kidney failure. I know my mommy misses me so much. She was my best friend. I loved jumping in the bathtub with her, and singing to music and cuddle with her. When she had bad days I always made her feel better. I always knew how to turn her day around. And I know my sissy misses me bunches also! She was my other best friend. We always cuddled with mommy when it was time for bed. I love and miss my family but they know I’m always watching over them! 💞💞
Hi, my name is secret. I’m super sweet and loving. I love to play chase up and down the hall. I also love my momma so much and follow her everywhere through the house! I’m a cuddle bug! 💞
Mr. Pib
I’m funny, I love to eat my owners hair bands and jump in her kitchen sink! Meow meow!!!!!
Dizzy is a 5 year old lurcher who we adopted . Shes so lazy in the house i cant get a photo of her vertical!!!! All she wants is love and cuddles
Mabel is a ragdoll kitten from the UK. She has a lovable personality and ultra adorable freckles on her nose which looks like cow-print!🐄🐮💕✨
Rescued from euthanasia at a kill shelter, Beau lives a meaningful life as a service dog and is a great breed ambassador for pit type dogs.
Chief is a sweet Deaf Staffie. He loves to chew sticks and bones and play in his yard. Mommy and daddy adopted him through Noah’s Hope rescue and fell promptly in love! ❤️
Mishi here is a lady of the finest taste, she is as cuddly as she is fluffy. She will win your heart over if she will let you see her. She loves to see the outside which is how she got her own personal chair to see all the birds. She loves to hunt her toys. Her favorite way to wake her human up is by climbing on their back and meow sweet nothings into their ears.
Zep just turned 1 years old. He loves his kids and loves playing ball. He is a Chocolate Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog.
Molly is the most loving, entertiaining and personable dog ive ever had. She is such loved dog by every single person that lays eyes on her. Everyone that sees her wants to take her home. She has a huge heart and is full of human-like personality. She would be so greatful to win this contest due to a ear surgery that she has been needing to get done that leaves her miserable now and again. She has been waiting pationatly for her mommy(me) to raise the money that it will take to be able to achieve that surgery. The surgery consist of taking out the bone in her ear that is "water logged" is an easy way to put it. And put in a artificial bone replacement. Which is needed as the bone is there to protect the ear drums from contacting any moisture and/or germs from her ears. Molly is a 3 year old spunky happy girl and were trying out hardesb; mm t to keep it that way. Molly is a great dog that loves every human and every animal that she comes in contact with, and they love her in return just as much! Say Hi to Molly everyone and let her be your next zote!
He’s a cute pup with a big job ahead of him. He’s my service dog prospect.
Sage is a playful boy who enjoys tummy rubs & cuddles. He loves to play fetch with his toys, enjoys bird watching & playing with his big brother Mr.Poo-Poo. He is very curious & mischievous if you hear ruckus it’s Sage! Sage loves to lay in plastic/trash bags, sleep in laundry baskets & suck on everyone’s soft blankets. Sage has a big personality & is very vocal. Sage asks if you vote for him not to forget to vote for his big brother Mr.poo poo as well, thank you! ❤️
Winter is the sweetest and playful puppets. She loves life and treats. Always ready to meet anybody and everybody.
Stella is a spunky litte girl who likes cuddles. She also enjoys playing with her toys, especially her Teddy Bear!
Lilo is a gorgeous little girl, she loves a good cuddle and snoozing in the sunshine. Lilo lies winding up her brother Stitch, but getting away with it because she's too gorgeous. Lilo is a NZ Huntaway 😍
Stitch is a beautiful little boy, he's gets up to all sorts of trouble, but you can't be cross with him because he's just to cute 😍 Stitch is a NZ Huntaway and enjoys to dig all day in the back garden
Honey Bump
I’m Queen of my home. When my Mommy found me in a foster home I was 6 weeks old and feral. We both knew we were destined to be best buddies forever. Just celebrated my 16th birthday. To this day I’m my Mom’s protector, and she’s mine. Best buds forever. 😼🥰
Beau Beau
I love to play tug of war, go on walks & I go nuts around any kind of ball! I love to lay in my daddy’s lap, ride in the car with my mommy & snuggle under the covers at night with my mommy & daddy! I love people, dogs & food & well, I love just about EVERYTHING!!!❤️❤️❤️
I’m the Happiest cat! My middle name is even Happy! I’m very Lucky, born on St. Patrick’s Day, I’m my Mom’s Lucky Siamese Leprechaun. Though I look like a Siamese mix my mom tells me that I have some dog trapped in me. She guesses a Bassett & Border Collie. I’m very smart, love puzzles, can’t walk in straight line, and love food! I’m her Cat-Dog and I’m loved so much. 🍀😸
Pumpkin, loves to be lazy & sleep in the weirdest positions. He also likes to wake mom up at midnight to play. :)
Kira is such a sweetheart, she loves to cuddle with her momma, play fetch, and pick out the biggest stick she can find on her walks(:
Benny is a 2 year old tabby, he likes playing with the dogs, sleeping and watching the fish in our fish tank. He also loves to play with the laser pointer and bottle caps.
Hercules loves to play and meet people and other dogs. He is very chilled out and is a such a gentle giant.
this is Garcia, one of the most loving kitties i’ve ever met. she’s a brat with separation anxiety, but she’s an amazing cuddled and loves pets. she yells at you if you get too far away from her and comes running to find you.
Leo likes to take up half of the bed, put his toys in the water bowl, sit in the bathtub and play with catnip toys. He also enjoys watching out the front door.
He loves the snow and being cuddled. He’s a big mommas boy and I would t want any other companion to have.
Mufasa is a big cuddle buddy who loves to keep your feet warm, and play in his water bowl
Butterfly is a tuxedo mix. She loves her family. She lost her daddy almost a year ago. She is very loyal and would appreciate your vote!!!
Binks found us in his time of need and just never left! He’s a sweet boy who still doesn’t understand the sound of treats! That will change in no time!
She's a beautiful ball of energy! Loves to hoard sticks and branches twice her size 😂 She's the best cuddle buddy you could ask for 🥰
Diesel is his given name but he’s called Moose on account of his size. He will knock the wind out of you to get some cuddles!