Dog cat Stories - 92


Chip Chief Martinez
Chip is super curious and needs to be where the action is! He loves playing with his toys, and love his snuggle time too! He loves carrots! His eyes are mesmerizing, and loves to stare right back at you almost as if he know exactly what you are thinking!
Named after the football star, Brady has such an awesome personality!
Lilo is a very hyper cuddle buddy. She just loves to run around and just love everyone.
Calleigh Lynn
Little miss Lynn loves snacking, her favorite late night snacks are creamy deserts. Cheese cake keeps her coat healthy and fluffy. She has learned to sit on command for snacks. She will melt your heart
This is Fluffy and he adopted us about 6 years ago.
Loki is a lab dachshund mix. He loves attention and food!
Gator is a hyper dog who loves to play and eat bubbles but lays down to eat his food 😂
Pretty is a small Siberian husky with a big attitude! She is red and white with bright blue eyes. She’s a crazy little thing but we love her! Lol 😆
Rocky Rhoade
Rocky just turned 5. One of his favorite activities is to herd and lift his 8 lb bowling ball with his neck!! He’s a very loving boy and loves going on serious hikes in the Rocky mtns. He may have chased a moose once!!!
Our prince. A little shy from his past but soulful and handsome. His favorite food is anything except romaine lettuce.
Riggs is the sweetest, happiest boy in the world! And he obviously likes wearing hats.
Buffy the the French Bully, a mix of Frenchie and Jack Russel, makes her unique 🖤
Zuko is a sweet boy with some serious attitude. He came to us with a damaged left eye that required surgery to save. This sweet 7 month old baby loves playing with his dog siblings more than anything and lounging in the bed his grandma made him.
Diesel is a smart, lovable puppy that is full of energy and life! He loves meeting new people and getting all sorts of pettings. Such a huge cuddle bug, and always up for a game of fetch.
Ziggy has a crazy character and loves to be pampered and looked after by her owners. She loves waking us up in the morning at 5am for her breakfast. And she loves to chase away all the spiders and flies around the house!!
Most amazing green eyes in the sunlight!
Ladybug is 1 years old sweet dog he loves to give you kisses he stands up on the bed to give you huggs she gets so upset when I leave out the door she tries to take off my coat when I come in she does flips and you can hear her say Mommy it is so funny she loves going out she loves playing with her toys she loves to growl and make you think that she's going to bite you it too funny what she does, she's just a fun dog I don't see myself without her she has a best friend she's in the picture with her her name is Bella they play Everyday they love each other she has a cat while so that's her best friend his name is Sylvester as you can see she was reaching in his bed to where he was my dog is just a great dog I hope she wins
Droopy is 4 years old my only boy dog I love him that's my daddy he loved his toys K-LOVE barking all day to get your attention to play with him soon as he wakes up in the morning he wants his Toy he loves going outside he never wants to come back and all he wants to do is play all day long he makes the funniest faces when anyone goes near his food he loves his family he's the Big Bear of the family everyone loves giving him hugs my baby boy loves you riding him droopy is the best to have gold droopy we love you I hope you win Papa
Precious is 4 years old ever since she was born she is the light of my life I love this store with all my heart and soul what does she like oh my God she likes licking you all day long she loves Rub's all day long all day long she loves to go for her walks she loves getting dressed she loves getting her nails painted she thinks she's a human at times I can't see myself without her she makes me so happy she cries when I leave out the door when I come in the door she just jumps up and down so happy her mommy is home I have to leave my coat just so she knows I'm coming back well got to go here she goes with the licking I hope she wins
He is a very loyal and sweet Pug
Juno is a loving, friendly girl who gives big licks and hugs 🥰 her puppy dog eyes are killer! 🥺
Walter’s personality is bigger than he is! Always entertaining our family. I think he thinks he one of the tiny humans!
¨Cats undoubtedly have nine lives,¨Gino takes this to another level. In his life, he has faced a multitude of life-changing events that have shaped him into the cat he is now. He was shot and ran over a couple of years ago, shattering his jaw in the process. He was feed through a tube for several weeks until his jaw had healed properly and a metal wire was set in place. He now is thriving and keeps himself as clean as can be as well as playing with his siblings.
❄❄❄ Snowflake is a siberian husky full of energy and enthusiasm! She loves to frolic in the snow and go for walks! Snowflake would appreciate your vote! ❄❄❄
Furry Murray
Murray is such a fun furry friend. He likes to bury his face in the water dish then come to me to dry it off his chin which includes scratches. He greets us at the door when he hears the garage door open and reaches up to give kisses. He is fun and playful and loves to try to scare you by jumping around corners half way up the wall and "tagging" you. You are then "it" and have to chase him. He is truly our furry friend and baby boy.
Bentley is an 8 year old now retired service dog! He spends his time helping his mom and playing outside! He loves his tennis ball and belly rubs and definitely prefers his people over other furry friends.
We also call her sweet pea she was born on in October halloween month.Her best friend is bon bon the fish she plays catch while he's still in the tank.shes berry happy all the time.she loves sit in my lap for her calm down belly rubs and she like to model and show off her beauty.she lays in bed with me and if I acedenty move her she nibbles on me until I move and then she sleeps.if she's not in the room at night she meows at the door.because she's so sweet cute and energetic she gets my dresser to play pick a boo.she loves to pose in the sunshine when I comes out at times.she is very shiney in the sun.her favorite toys are my toes,and her yarn ball.shes a berry good climber and she loves watching the ceiling fan while sitting on my chair.
Fluffy just loves to chill at home with her favorite toy feather pole.shes a cute cuttlebug.
Just the cutest kitty you ever did see 💗
Elio is a LaPom half Pomeranian and Half Lhasa Apso, he is a very playful pup with lots of personality, look at those puppy eyes what’s not to love!
Luna is our newest pack member. Is extremely playful, fisty, cheeky. She loves to lick faces.
Bailey is loves rides in the car, loves to be pampered. Not a fan of baths
Bailey Moore
Bailey is a very special boy. He enjoys sleeping and eating treats when he is a good boy.
Jack Black
Jack is a frizbee champion, loves boat rides, long naps in the sun, and apples!
Camo is a lovely cat he comes to me when I whistle.when I'm hurt or sick he sleeps next to me and doesn't leave until I'm ok.if he's hungry he nibbles my nose when I'm asleep to wake me up.he does cat tricks for me when he's full of energy.when something bad happens like bad weather coming or someone in the family is going to pass away or if a bad person is around he can sense it and he will come to me and jump up and hide in my arms.ii love him because he's beautiful and he is a caring cat that is there for me and I'm there for him.the thing he loves most is watching tv with me or playing cat tag with his family.his favorite food is kitkaboodle.his favorite toy is the runaway mouse.
Coco Chanel
Our baby girl Coco is 16 weeks old and is a real cheeky character she loves shoes, slippers and laces! She really is a beauty and loves walks with Belle & Henry her fur family xx
Peewee loves family, fetch, walks in the woods & campfires.
A very cheeky, mischievous explosion of floof and attitude. Best friends with a chicken.
Rusty is a cute little ginger boy who loves cuddling with his mom and dad and dreamies treats!
He much prefers being inside by the fire, we can’t find ear muffs that fit. 😍
Am a handful but brings so my family with so much love and joy. :)
Miss Priss
The most lovable patient cat ever she walks with the dogs because they’re her BFFs lol and her protection. Sadly though after 3-5 yrs on city streets before coming to us and now 13 years with us she has a cloudy eye. Vet says looks like a scratch. But after 2 years it hasn’t healed. 😢we hoped it would but age was also against her. So she’s semi blind. Now she stays close to home and comes in with the dogs. No more longs adventures in the nearby woods alone, no more climbing the tall trees. So we’re looking to save enough to build her a big catio with a good roof and heated cat cubby off between the back bedroom windows with tree like branches and lots of space.
My name is Trevor. My hoomans say I am a nomad. I was born in Slovakia and I live in England now. All I need in my life is food, sleeping and somebody to play with. My life is just great.
Arthur is a rescue pup who I’ve had since birth. I’m a veterinary nurse and had to resuscitate him after an emergency C-Section! - He is now 2 years old and has grown into a sweet, loving and handsome little munchkin.