Dog cat Stories - 91


Beau Beau
I love to play tug of war, go on walks & I go nuts around any kind of ball! I love to lay in my daddy’s lap, ride in the car with my mommy & snuggle under the covers at night with my mommy & daddy! I love people, dogs & food & well, I love just about EVERYTHING!!!❤️❤️❤️
I’m the Happiest cat! My middle name is even Happy! I’m very Lucky, born on St. Patrick’s Day, I’m my Mom’s Lucky Siamese Leprechaun. Though I look like a Siamese mix my mom tells me that I have some dog trapped in me. She guesses a Bassett & Border Collie. I’m very smart, love puzzles, can’t walk in straight line, and love food! I’m her Cat-Dog and I’m loved so much. 🍀😸
Pumpkin, loves to be lazy & sleep in the weirdest positions. He also likes to wake mom up at midnight to play. :)
Kira is such a sweetheart, she loves to cuddle with her momma, play fetch, and pick out the biggest stick she can find on her walks(:
Benny is a 2 year old tabby, he likes playing with the dogs, sleeping and watching the fish in our fish tank. He also loves to play with the laser pointer and bottle caps.
Hercules loves to play and meet people and other dogs. He is very chilled out and is a such a gentle giant.
this is Garcia, one of the most loving kitties i’ve ever met. she’s a brat with separation anxiety, but she’s an amazing cuddled and loves pets. she yells at you if you get too far away from her and comes running to find you.
Leo likes to take up half of the bed, put his toys in the water bowl, sit in the bathtub and play with catnip toys. He also enjoys watching out the front door.
He loves the snow and being cuddled. He’s a big mommas boy and I would t want any other companion to have.
Mufasa is a big cuddle buddy who loves to keep your feet warm, and play in his water bowl
Butterfly is a tuxedo mix. She loves her family. She lost her daddy almost a year ago. She is very loyal and would appreciate your vote!!!
Binks found us in his time of need and just never left! He’s a sweet boy who still doesn’t understand the sound of treats! That will change in no time!
She's a beautiful ball of energy! Loves to hoard sticks and branches twice her size 😂 She's the best cuddle buddy you could ask for 🥰
Diesel is his given name but he’s called Moose on account of his size. He will knock the wind out of you to get some cuddles!
Charlie Chaplin Brown
Charlie Chaplin Brown is our handsome lady that is full of spunk. She drinks water from the sink even if she’s sleeping in it!
Hercules loves to lay around and give kisses to all who live in the house ❤️
Lucy loves attention but not more then she loves food she likes to play and sleep on you
Apollo has the most personality I’ve ever seen in a cat. He’s literally afraid of nothing. He loves people, everyone in his cat family, and adventure. I’m pretty sure he’s part lion 😁 with the way he walks and how big he is. He has orange eyes to match his fur. And he absolutely loves love! 🥰
Starscream And Aphrodite
Starscream and Aphrodite are brother and sister.
Sweetest cat ever
Eliza is a very playful 11 month old kitten. She loves to go outside in her harness and explore the world. She can be very loving as well. She loves to curl up and snuggle with anyone with a blanket on them.
Milo is a border collie that loves to play and cuddle!! He enjoys walks,treats and long naps!
Muñeca is a 3 month old Golden doodle. She loves chasing leaves, belly rubs, meeting new people and dogs, and snuggles.
Hi I’m Cali-kitty! I was adopted by my momma after my old owners put me up for adoption in a Facebook ad. I lovee cuddles, nap time, salmon flavored cat treats, and my toy eggplant. I’m an old girl (10 years!) but I have the energy of a kitten! Vote for me so I can get lots more salmon treats 😍
Kona Bear
Kona Bear is 3 months old. He loves people. When we walk him at the park, we call him our Ambassador since he must say hello to everyone he sees.
Bruiser is a rescue from Texas that I got in December 2020. He’s approximately 11 years old, but acts like a puppy. He has a little hop to his step and recently found a tennis ball and brought it to me. He dropped it in front of me which tells me he wanted to play. I threw the ball for 20 minutes straight and he continued to retrieve it and drop it in front of me. It’s been fun getting to know him.
Pepper is a sweet, smart 8 year old Yorkshire Terrier who loves outdoors. Her favorite things to do are cuddle and play and she loves to go on car rides
Lucy is the sweetest dog I have ever met! She has gotten me through the toughest times in my life. She is so good with children, and she is so so smart!
Fiona is a beautiful and intelligent Shepard. She is the sweetest girl to everyone. We absolutely adore her ♥️
Scooby is a 15 year old dog that looks and acts like a puppy! She was rescued from Puerto Rico in 2005! She is a mix of a rat terrier, Jack Russell, and Dachshund. She loves people, belly rubs, walks and lots of yummy food. She can do a few tricks and loves to be outside. VOTE FOR SCOOBY!!! ❤️ 🐾
Im 8 months old He loves everyone including cats lol loves good long walks an playing fetch he loves to shove mom off the bed too lol its a king size bed diablo here my hoomun says im high matience i say french kisser of loves i love 3 mile walks
Big and snuggly!
Tiny but feisty!
Loki is a very mischievous puppy who loves the outdoors!
Bramble Jelly
Bramble Jelly loves cuddles and is always wanting attention. She’s getting older but she still loves to play, her favourite toys are some little mice and her laser pointer. She likes Sheba cat food and don’t even think about opening a tin of tuna without sharing with her!
Torvi loves a sleep on the bed, guaranteed that's where you find her. Or she's in a little sunny patch watching the birds out of the window. She loves feeding time and pinching water out of your glass.
Jackson loves to play!! He will bring his toys over to you and look up at you with the softest meow. He even likes to fetch/retrieve! He is super sweet and always full of energy!!
Jasper is the most loving, playful kitty I’ve ever met!! He begs at the door to go on walks and always wants to be outside. He’s my adventure baby!
Rogue became part of our family when we rescued her from the local shelter. She is as sweet as pie and everyone who meets her completely adores her. She’s the best hockey goalie in the house. When we play street hockey, she loves going after the puck! A very good soccer player as well, favorite toy is a ball for certain. Most of all, she spends every moment with the kids of the house, inside and outside. She will let you know when you’re not giving her enough belly rubs and is an avid cuddler.
Koba Shake
Koba is a ball of energy. He loves to go outside and this little man is super smart. Has learned alot of tricks. He has kept us sane during lock down and is a son not a pet in our home.
Vote for chicco he’s a loving funny and a handsome little dog, he loves to play and he loves his food.
Pandora is the sweetest cat you will ever meet. Her favorite thing is playing chase around the house, after she gives you your cuddles
Hello, my name is Blue. I love playing in my garden and climbing up the trees. I always sleep on my back and love belly rubs from my owner. My favourite food is beef and liver pate.
Milo is the sweetest dude ever, he is my sunshine 🌞🐾💕
Ralph is so playful, he has a favourite pink ball he takes everywhere with him. He likes to tell a story and enjoys cuddles every morning.
This is Toby! Some things he loves doing is playing with his brother Yoshi, sun bathing, playing with ANYTHING that has catnip involved, and getting soft treats from Walmart!