Dog cat Stories - 91


Huxley, is a goofy,fun loving Great Dane Bull who loves chew bones,chasing squirrels . Big mamas Boy!!!
My name is Koko and I'm a siamese-snowshoe mix rescue kitty. I'm the most playful explorist, so soft, and I give the best snuggles 😻 I was adopted ~1 yr ago, and I have bad hip issues, and my humans plan to use any reward $ towards my much needed hip surgery. My lifespan is currently 1 more year w/o surgery. Please vote for me!!! XOXO
Casper is an adorable kitten, full of mischief and loves to play and climb. He loves sleeping in the cutest positions and is happiest when he is curled up all snug and warm on his his owner's lap.
Monkey love to play cuddles and she doesn't know she's a cat her best friend was a pit bull
Hello! My name is Bane! I'm a St.Bernard/Malamute mix and am 9 weeks old. I love belly rubs, making new friends and cuddling with my dad. ❤🐶🐾
My sweet loving cat bandit is a young male, loves to play & sleep alot 😅 very cute & smart loving cat!
Kiki is the sweetest cat in the entire world. She loves cuddles. This cat, wants cuddles all day everyday. Snuggle monster. She’s 10 years old and isn’t sick of humans yet!
Kakashi is such a goofy puppy. We got him when he was only 5lbs! Such a tiny little runt. He’s a German Shepard/Husky mix. Such a smart, but stubborn, little nugget.
After losing our 20 year old cat to cancer, my fiancé and I bought Suki and her brother, Zuko. The woman we bought them from had put them up for sale and taken them from their mothers too soon and they were sold very malnourished and very sick with worms. Unfortunately Suki’s brother Zuko passed due to seizures, and we are investigating what the cause could have been and doing everything we can to keep little Suki healthy! Suki was fighting to gain weight, and is slowly catching up on her nutrition, and she is doing amazing! From .08 lbs, to .33 lbs, to 13oz, to 1lb 8 oz all within two weeks!!! We are hoping since we reported the woman and the rest of her cats were taken, we can adopt one of the others to come and be her friend after losing poor Zuko. Suki loves playing, biting anything she can get her teeth on, chasing us around the house, and now loves climbing up and down our legs and furniture so she can come to us for cuddle time! She loves to sleep with us and loves food - both kitten milk, wet food, and especially chicken! Her favorite is the scary kitty pose and wiggling her bum before pouncing! She has such an active personality and is so photogenic! She has the cutest surprised/“I’m Gonna Bite You” face around!!!!
She is very playful girl and a great mommy to her five little ones. But she does not like mail.
Jack was rescued in mid September from a feral colony. He has to have one of his eyes removed and he was also diagnosed with Delayed Gastric Emptying. He also has an enlarged liver. Jack is a very sweet lovable goofy boy!! Thank you so much for voting for Jack!!
Zorra loves her tennis balls more than anyone or anything in the world, except for maybe her human friends. Shes sweet, protective and ornery.
This is Leo hes 3 years old, he likes to eat and sleep and play. He’s gorgeous I just adore him ❤️
Dozer is a lovable caring pup, he loves to play and cuddle. He love all kinds of food, he love walks and to run around, his favorite game is fetch and he loves to chew on things. Please vote for dozer 🐕💙
This vocal guy loves to snuggle up and lay on any open lap in the room. He’s a Manx so he doesn’t have a tail and that doesn’t stop him from being his mischievous self (even if he doesn’t always land on his feet)! He’s the friendliest little guy and would love your vote 💕
Apollo is 1.5 years old. He is a special needs kitty. He is diagnosed with Feline Asthma and had knee surgery in April to correct his luxating patella. Through it all he remains the sweetest baby ever. He is almost majestic.
Tyke and Binx, both rescues and playful brothers.
Salem our rescue cat is a very smart kitty that came to us a few days ago. In just a short time she has captured our heart and has befriended our spunky cattle dog.
Bella Evelyn
Bella Evelyn or formally known as Betty out of Pebbles apart of the Flintstone gang is our newest addition. We adopted Bella from Danny & Ron's Rescue last month and she finally arrived to us on August 29th. Bella Evelyn was born on June 25, 2020 and is a Pointer/Bulldog/Staffordshire/Pitbull mix, once she’s of age we will be DNA testing her. Although one of her puppy siblings has already been DNA tested by their owner whom was gracious enough to share the results, it came back as American Staffordshire Terrier and American Bulldog. Bella is the smartest, quirkiest, cutest, mushiest, most cuddly, eager to please, playful little lovebug there ever was with a personality to boot! She also loves people and other doggos and is not shy when it comes to giving endless kisses! When naming Bella I wanted to incorporate my newfound heritage and honor my birth father along with his family. Bella being beautiful in Italian to honor my fathers ethnicity and Evelyn was my Great Grandmother’s middle name. She’s become her human brothers best pal, she warmed right up to her human stepsister immediately, she adores her kitty brother Smokey, and is a complete Mama’s girl. We are head over heels in love with our newest fur-ever family member and cannot wait to share her growth and adventures. Here is our little Southern Princess! 🧡
Why have a parot when i have Splat. She loves to sit on my shoulder when im sitting our walking around. She is spunky and full of energy but when she is calm she is a lover.
Peanut Butter
I am Peanut; I hate it when my humans wear socks around the house! I’m a big bully to my sissy, and I like George, my favorite crocodile!
Hi my name is Kai and I'm super sweet and love to play with my toy mouse. Please Vote for me.
Wax is a loud boi who loves cuddles, food, and his brother Wane!
Wane is a ham, loves his brother, and loves naps!
Mila is a cuddle bug at night and crackhead at 5am. She loves to catch us Mice for breakfast then sleep it off the rest of the day 🥰
Sugar Is a rescue Female Dog, Since we rescue her she has been the happiest and lovable dog, Just the cutest.
She loves her unicorn 🦄 toy and carries it everywhere with her. She is a cuddler and a licker! A very fast learner because she learned how to sit, shake and stand at 7 weeks! She is very respectful and waits to eat her food until told. She loves going to the park to run and to roll on the grass!!! An absolute joy to our family.
In the spring of 2015, I found myself living in a rural part of SC and wondering if I had made a huge mistake. I had just hit the 2 year mark of my big adventure to move from home in the Hamptons to a 50 acre farm in the middle of nowhere to start an animal sanctuary. The start up didn't quite go as I had imagined and it was really beginning to take a toll on my physical and emotional health. You see, SC to me was like "Ground Zero" and I was in an industry that was founded on a mission to save the lives of animals. The phone was ringing off the hook. I was unwillingly being brought to my knees daily and questioning how I would ever have a "normal" life again. As I laid in bed with the ever piercing sound of barking dogs sounding off in the background my phone rang. It was a CT area code so I answered it thinking it might be a friend from home. Instead I was bombarded with yet another cry for help from a woman who was just in SC visiting her daughter when she noticed that the family next door was packing up. As she watched them drive away she noticed their dog still in her yard cage and their little dog chasing their camper as they drove away. She said she watched and waited for them to return but by the following day she knew they were not coming back. She said that she phoned the counties "Humane Society" but when they told her that they would likely euthanize the dog in the cage because she looked to be a pit bull and they were only interested in getting the little dog she told them not to bother. That's when she called a local vet and they provided her with my cell number. I could hear her disgust for the very disgusting and very common practice of valuing one breeds life over another and once again found myself rallied to the call of justice. I dragged my tired worn out body out of bed, threw on some clothes and jumped in my car. And as I pulled up..... there sat Percy!
Most vocal cat,loves nothing more that meowing at anyone
Millie is aliitle crazy ( wouldn'thave her any other way),also loves cuddles and walks.
Jax is a staffy cross he is 2 Years old next month he loves his human brothers And playing hid and seek with them when out on a walk. He’s the best wee guy❤️❤️
Peanut was found as an abandoned kitten on the highway. She weighed 3 pounds, was full of worms and near starvation. We brought her home, got her well, and she is THE SWEETEST cat I’ve ever known.
Tumble is one years old. She love cuddles and definitely loves her food and walks. She loves to play
Sora has been with me only a few weeks. A dear friend posted her as needing an adopter to save her from a high-kill shelter in Miami. Older and blind, the odds were stacked against Sora leaving the shelter "through the front door". I offered my home and Sora was pulled right off the euthanasia line to go to a wonderful foster. Literally 11th hour and 59 minutes. My friend is a stewardess and when she is not working, she is on the streets of Miami feeding strays and helping homeless humans or flying special needs animals to homes or rescue. I won't reveal her name but she is a true angel on earth. She flew from Miami to Reagan International with Sora in tow one Saturday. I'm not sure who I was more excited to meet in person. I would love for Sora to win. With a number of rescues here, I can use any financial help available. Although she will argue, I also want to share any winnings with my friend to further her work. ...["Surely you realize that there are miles of beach, and thousands of starfish. You’ll never throw them all back, there are too many. You can’t possibly make a difference.” The boy listened politely, then picked up another starfish. As he threw it back into the sea, he said, “It made a difference for that one.”] ~ The Star Thrower ~ Loren Eisley
Just a big cuddle monster. Greets us every morning wanting strokes
Theo whines 24/7 when he wants to go outside. Every time I cry he will comfort me by meowing and rubbing me so much until I calm down and he lays like a dog, hunts rabbits and mice and squirrel
Pearl is a 3 year old Shih-Poo. I adopted her when she was 3 months old. She's very shy, but very sweet. She's still my baby girl even as she ages.
Cici is a Shih-Poo. She's 7 years old. I got her when she was 2 months old and 3 pounds. She's incredibly smart, but also very sassy when she wants something. She loves to smile and show when she's happy.
Mr. Noodles
Mr. Noodles is a love bandit that really enjoys his toys.
Angel And Alfie
Angel on thr right is seriously ill in this photo, so big bro Alfie is looking after her.
Ivy is a little miracle at a very young age she was hit by a car and broke her leg and is loving going on walks in her pink pushchair. Ivy is a little Princess she loves sleeping and playing with butterflies outside and makes a cooing sound when she needs help or wants picking up. She loved cuddles and will get to the highest point of wherever you are to give you kisses.
King Cheeto Da Bruce
This lil guy is 6 months old and the most loving kitten ever. He is addicted to noodles and flaming hot Cheetos
He costs a lot to feed. Send help.
Charlee Jean Dehart
Mine name is Charlee. I love to run and play. I like chewing on anything & everything right now, lol. I love snuggling with mama & daddy.