Dog cat Stories - 90


Mobi is a 2 month old Shiba Inu. She is special because she was the runt of her litter. The name Mobi is short for Amobi which means “you never know a man’s heart” in Igbo.
Dumbledor is a very sweet boy. He is 14 years old. He is my best buddy and emotional support. He always knows when I am having a hard time due to PTSD and he always comes to me to help me get through it. He loves playing with his catnip sacks and loves being outdoors in his enclosure. He is also a very good bodyguard when my husband and I are fooling around playing, tickling if I screech he comes running ready to defend me. His favorite hobby is napping in the sun or on his fluffy blanket. The black and white cat in the photos was his best buddy who has since passed away. Dumbledore always slept next to him and would put his arm around him. Dumbledore loves human food and will eat just about anything but I think his favorite is sharing ice cream with my hubby.
Hello I just want to say a few things about blue. He’s a great dog and loves to play everyday I learn something new from him he’s such a great friend and great with people that’s why I think You should give my My furry friend a like 💕
Hector is 6 mths old blue merle short hair chihuahua, he likes running around chasing his toys sleeping and chasing his tail. 🐾
Sweet and super smart!
Oor Jeff is a wee Glasgow kitten and his own guy. He likes climbing ladders and joining you in the shower and loves chin scratches!
Likes to sleep,eat and run like crazy at night like a nut!
This is Minnie she’s a jackchi and she’s 4month old 🥰
Rocket is a laid back sweet heart! How can you not love him!
He loves treats in likes to take pictures and he loves to take long naps 🐶 very sweet
He loves to wear bandannas In clothes he loves treats very happy all the time loves to play with his toys he is 6 years old he is a big mommas boy 🐶
Cute and lovable boy. Loves all people and animals. Loves going on hikes.
Very lazy cat. Loves pets and attention but only on his own time. Loves to sleep with/on you every night.
This is Bulma doing her best impression of a burrito. Likes: - Cuddles - Treats Dislikes: - Anything that involves her getting anything less than 100% of the attention - Her brother Morty (she says hes smelly)
I adopted Avery from the shelter back in January she is one year old. She loves to play and is very loving.
Reba Rae
Reba Rae is a 11month old chiweenie. My wife and I got her last mothers day. She is our very first dog ever. She came into our lives when we needed her the most. Such a sweet loving little girl. 100% Loyal. Please vote for our little baby. Ty
Charlie loves to play fetch,run,and learn new tricks
Loves To Play And EAT!! Sweetest And My Loyal BestFriend You Can Have
Bear Bear
Bear Bear is a Chihuahua Tibetan Spaniel Fox Terrier mix who loves playing with his family! He likes to sleep and eat lots of treats! He’s quite energetic and loves belly rubs.
Chomp was abandoned by his mother under a trailer. He was alone, sick, hungry, and in pain. His eye was ruptured and all at just 5 weeks old. We saw him through a gap in the skirt of the trailer and swooped him up. After a trip to the vet he was down an eye, foot, and the tip of his tail. We fell in love with his little warriors heart and just knew he was a part of our family. He has a hard time walking on his nub and if we win the money will go towards a custom shoe for his nub.
Bailey is an adorable lab mix. He loves hikes and walks around the block. He is well known around our neighborhood by many people.
Wags is a Catahoula Aussie Pitbull Mix. His litter was rescued from a dumpster on Christmas Eve in Oklahoma. Wags is such a sweetheart and we are so lucky! We adopted him January 27th, 2021 at 9 weeks old and he is now 16 weeks old! He definitely fits his name and loves everything and everyone. Sticks are his favorite of course. Best thing about Wags is no matter what he can brighten up anyone’s day! 😀
Peek A Boo
He was a rescue for me 1 year ago. I guess his owner decided they didn’t want him anymore. He’s blind in the right eye, partially blind in his left, he had multiple teeth that had to be pulled and he had a large mass on his right ear. He’s sweet and loving. I can’t imagine why no one wanted him! He’s definitely found his furever home with us.
She's very quiet and very intelligent. She's been such a good friend. She chose me at the Humane Society and I said yes.
Piper Rose
Piper rose is a very sweet loving girl. She’s a fighter she had a stroke a year ago but it doesn’t stop her she’s a fighter. ❤️
Hopper is a very energetic and loveable, loyal doggy. He enjoys going for walks and playing fetch and meeting cool people with good vibes! His new thing is car rides, he just loves them He's the best dog ever and loves to cuddle and watch TV with his daddy and I before bed.
Duke likes playing with his Kong ball and sticks! Loves when his humans give him human food (happens rarely) and watching out the house windows. Duke hates baths and being told no! His daddy is his favorite human!
Diesel LOVES to be outside and playing! He loves cuddling and rope toys! He hates playing in water, baths, and swimming in lakes. We don’t know exactly what breed Diesel is since his mom was mixed and his siblings looked like blue healers, labs, rots, and pits. Diesel loves his human mommy and was there for her while pregnant with his sister!
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo is a 3 month old Frenchton, 1/2 French Bulldog 1/2 Boston Terrier. He is the friendliest pup ever who is obsessed with cheese.
Vegas And Reno
Vegas and Reno are like brothers. They are adorable. Playful and loveable. They are inseparable. They love getting their picture taken.
Theo is a beautiful 6 month old puppy. He's playful, lovable, and loves to cuddle.
Lady May
Lady May is very sassy and smart. She never fails to outsmart me.
Fun, loves rocks, stuffed toys and taking up my bed!
Lucy is a very cuddly and loving kitty. She loves to lay on your face. Shes very silly and doesn’t act like a cat at times. You will always be entertained when shes in the room.
Miley is a chug. She loves the river, coffee runs, shopping, and snuggles.
My name is Cash Money, I'm a Snow Marble Bengal. I was named Cash when my mom took me in but "Money" was added because i cost my mom lots of $$$ in vet bills. Things are a lot better these days I'm happy, healthy and have two brothers now, ok, they are dogs but I've grown to love them.
Blue Merle Love fruits & veggies Love the outdoors
Meet Milo the Pom! I am almost 4 months old and my mommy & daddy got me from a family that could no longer care for me, so I love them very much. Likes: meeting new people, walkies, chasing after leaves on a windy day and SOCKS, definitely loooove socks. Dislikes: The broom is my worst enemy... there is literally nothing worse than the broom! Grrr!
Hes our Fluffin McTuffin, The chicken McNugget with extra breading because hes that extra cat. The chill dude that gives you the peaceful vibing chills. If you dont give him the pets he gonna give you SASSinations, its love or be sassed at. We give him the loves he desrves and he politely meows that you would vote for him please! :)
Danny Devito
Named after the famous actor Danny Devito. My daughter likes to call him Midget Man. He is built like a pit bull. From the side you can see how buff and shredded his little arms are. Devito loves to play with any and everything. His favorite thing to play with are shoe strings. He wraps himself up in them and runs around the house. His legs are really short, so he often has a hard time jumping up on furniture and falls lol, it’s cute. If he is super interested in something, he will stand on his back legs to get a better view. He loves all food, his favorite is anything we are eating. His absolute favorite thing on earth to do is cuddle.
Charlie has more personality then he knows what do with it. He is affectionate, loving and devilish all in one.
Kittlins is a fiesty girl with a lot of sass, but when it comes to her father she melts. Kittlins is the definition of a Daddy's girl.
Neko is a sassy little sweetheart! She is 13 years old and is quite the ball of energy! She loves cuddles, blanket forts and of course tuna & treaties! Her favorite toy is a fat fluffy rat & She’s a big fan of hide and seek!
Golden Hour
Hey i'm Stormy :) i love cuddling, fighting and eating Sometime i can be bipolor but overall i'm a funny and photogenic also energetic , Chill cat🐈❤️
Goose is a fun loving puppy who loves to play and go for walks. She loves to cuddle up to you. I love this puppy.
Trooper is just as sweet as he looks! Im in love!