Dog cat Stories - 90


Myloh loves playing fetch and is very energetic
Piper gives good hugs and is very friends( she loves cuddles)
Zena loves little bites of apple for a snack and she makes a cute raccoon sound when she wants a treat!
Nugget is a 5 year old bobtail (born with it), orange and white male cat, who acts more like a human child than he does an animal. He has the absolute biggest personality of any animal I have ever met or owned, and wants nothing more than to always love and appease his owners. He’s truly one of a kind, and if you know him, you know exactly what I mean by that. He’s chatty, LOVES snacks (and knows exactly where they are stashed), he has a brother bearded dragon named Rex whom he spends his days with while he waits patiently for mom and dad to get home. There’s no cat more deserving of a vote than our Nug is!
Hi my name is Charlie aka Charlie Bean! I am a 7 month old Maltese who loves to run zoomies and play with my mom and older brother Odin! Please Vote for me! Every vote counts 🐶😁💕
Louis is an almost 9 month old mini dachshund who loves cuddles and playing with new toys. He loves to go shopping and buy new toys each week. He’s a spoiled boy who loves to be by your side all day!
Just like his namesake, Gnocchi is small and puffy, but not edible, lol. Just a young man thriving in his cozy environment!😸 Gnocchi’s goal is to use the entirety of his winnings to help his feline friends at Chicago’s Anti-Crulety Society 💙Now would be a puuuurrfect time to give him your vote!
Hawkeye Pierce
Named after The beloved Alan Alda character, Hawkeye too likes to play lots of pranks! Like pretending he is tired and then running the moment we try to bring him inside! Hawkeyes favorite thing is sticks!
Allys has stunning blue eyes. Look at her pictures to see how beautiful they are.
Stella May
Stella May loves traveling this is a picture of her at the beach in Florida! She is an Australian shepherd lab mix. She was a rescue and now is an emotional support animal and loves playing with her stuffed duck. Please vote for Stella May, she will Iove you forever!
shadow is more like a dog than a cat xx
This is Chanel ,she loves cuddles , food ,and she like catching sun from the window
Angel Radgie
they were the most loving dogs you could have xxx
Jack is a fun loving little kitty with lots of energy!
Im Beasley and I love to be Petted and scratched. I love my mommy and will cuddle any chance I get. Im smoll but i eat like im a big kitty. Please vote for me!
Trigger is a Catahoula mix that loves to chew on pig ears (fitting if you ask me). Trigger also enjoys truck rides and naps on the couch😊.
His back legs don’t work. He’s an insatiable licker.
Rex is a German Sheppard, Collie, Rottie, & Akita mix! He had a rough start at life. No matter what he endured. He is the most loving, loyal boy. He loves his schedule!... Lol. He loves company and being the center of attention! He poses often, we tease him calling him "sexy rexy" as he saunters around his kingdom of cats, and lets you know when he needs some extra love & attention. Which we shower upon him everyday♥
Lincoln is a 6 mth old boxer, likes to play with his sister Bella the cat who is 5 yrs old but she is not having it
Holly is a sweet, loving, cuddly kitty. As soon as she walks in a room and sees somebody she’ll start to purr. She loves playing in boxes, even the boxes that are too small for her, she’ll make herself fit. She has huge blue eyes, which are super stunning. Something about her just makes you never want to stop petting her. She loves getting attention, but hates being held for too long. She is truly the best, she will forever be my best bud.
Milo is a rescued Main Coon. He loves his nap times, it’s his favorite thing to do. He also enjoys running around with his puppy brother & eating every treat he can find. Milo loves car rides & exploring outside!
Jax is a loving and playful pup! He cuddles and loves to be outside ❤️ When we bring him outside to play he loves to bring in pine cones it's the cutest 😂, He also enjoys being in his crate and napping ALOT! Vote for Jax! I'm sure he'd be happy for any vote 🥰
He is a big scary lovable goofball!
Mocha is a very loving fur baby well until hes hungry yikes, which means his bowl has to be ready 24/7, he prefers wet food though, yes i know hes to spoiled... he for some odd reason likes to take baths, loves laying in the sun and sitting out on the balcony, i hope mocha brings light to your day like he does for me everyday.
Vader will be 1 yrs old in March and hes 12lbs and the most loving boy ever.. Dont sleep without socks on cuz then your feet are his!!!
Mel love's my husband. She thinks she is the wife. She enjoys chasing me and trying to bite me while wagging her tail the whole time.
Magnifique golden labradors, elle adore les gens et les autres animaux. Elle n’a aucune malice. Je l ai acheter a des gens qui s en occupais vraiment pas. Elle etais pleine de tic et de vers aujourd’hui elle est heureuse et pleine de vie 😘
Alex is 5 month male puppy. He loves to play and he is very friendly with humans and dogs.
Franny And Arthur
These two are my world. The sweetest doggies ever. ❤️
Buddy is an 8 week old yellow lab
I fell in love with Jax the moment I saw him on the Humane Society website. He has such a huge personality. He is both very loving and super playful.
Bella is 5 years old. She is not all about her new brother Lincoln who is 6 mths old boxer.
Turns out he is the rescuer! Vote for Oliver!
Bruschi is an 11 year old boxer he has the sweetest heart. He is in a wheel chair but it doesn’t hold him back from anything he is a very determined pup. :)
Benno loves people and he loves to play he’s a good spirited and brave little guy
Bingo loves to chase squirrels and mice but not the kitties!
Pokie (aka pok-a-dot) She is the most spoiled cat since she is the only one, the most curious cat when a Amazon package arrives, she’s the first to lay on top of anything she comes across. If you have socks or hair ties laying out watch out they will be gone the next day in her hidden stash. She loves to hunt my feet every time I walk by her she thinks ankles are prey. Q-tips are the most fascinating object she plays with if you accidentally drop one she will go ballistic and think it’s alive and moving. When you want to watch tv she will be your other spoon (cuddle buddy). Pokie cannot live without her cat bag that has been around since she was born, it’s her most sacred place for her to take a cat bath and to nap (which she does most of the day). When she is not in her bag you will find her roaming the house entertaining herself with her own tail thinking it’s following her. When night falls, you will find her in a peaceful sleep, dreaming of catnip & mice.
Thor is a 1.5 year old German Rottweiler. He loves tennis balls and snuggles!
Lj is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross. He’s a very hyper but loving dog. He loves everyone especially people who give him attention 😊 he loves his cuddles and his big walks. He’s great at making friends with other dogs and he the best friend everyone needs 😍😍
Albert was a stray cat for 6 years, who has finally found his forever home. He’s a big boy who loves eating and snoring!
Tess is no longer with us she lost her battle last year, she was the sweetest dog who loved people and children. She was very enthusiastic but knew when to calm herself down
She is a Texas Heller Cattle dog. Mix blue heeler and austrailian shepard. Very smart and very loving
The most well behaved and loving companion
She is a blue Heeler. Or some say cattle dib. Full of life puppy
He got his name at shelter bc thanksgiving time and he was a talker. He is loving and very fun.
Tiggy is a crazy bean! We got him in September 2019 😸 He's loves cuddles and watching his owners when they are cooking or baking 🥞
Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper is a very sweet loving shiba Inu who loves to play in the snow