Dog cat Stories - 9


Hi guy! This is shadow, hes 6 yrs old, he was rescued with his 4 siblings walking the streets at 3 months. We should win because 1. Hes just a big cuddlebug 🥺 2. Hes a bit on the older side so i feel like winning would really help people understand that dogs of any age can be cute too! :)
Meet Parker, a German Shepherd, Border Collie mix! Parker is one of the best dogs you could own, he’s always there for you and is always by your side no matter what.
My sister and I rescued him out of a yard. He was chained up an abused very hungry, dirty, cold and lonely. We couldn't leave him there any longer so we borrowed him lol and he has been our little troublemaker ever since!! But we love him with all of our heart he is one of our siblings. He lives at my sister's but he visits me on the weekends. Because my kitty that I also rescued don't like him a whole lot they get jealous of each other. I think its cute puppy love!!! Please vote for our Trouble!!! Thank u n God bless u all!!! 😘🐩
Italy is a delightful little boy kitty. He is Temperance's half brother. They both have the same dad, but different moms. His mom's name is Chicken Butt and he's one of 9 kittens ofnher first litter ever. He also enjoys mangoes, honeydew, orange bell pepper, pinto beans and tomatoes. Unlike Temperance Italy isn't shy at all. He loves attention and he loves to held. He rough houses a lot more than his sister and can be a bit of a food theif lol. He is is the little man of the house.
Beautiful and playful girl.
Scooter is an adorable, playful kitty that loves to play, loves to purr and be loved on!! She’s also a bit mischievous! Her nickname is my little “Sour Patch Kid”! 💜
Kona is the most lovable dog, ever! She loves her mommy and daddy, her two sisters and all her nieces and nephews. Her favorite things to do are running, using her nose to find things, playing in the sand and getting lovings from everyone!!!
Fizz loves cuddles and is a purring machine, he loves playing with our older cat and loves himself some treats
Daisy Mae
Daisy is the most personable fur baby I have ever owned. She loves her family, going for rides and to snuggle. Shes a beautiful Blue Brindle and she is my world. If i dont have a model to test out my lightning i just use this babe♡ Please check her out on IG too at Daisymae6083 🥰
Boot’s loves naps and bread making all day long, he also loves cuddles and when he has energy runs in circles
Mia Mae Lee
I’m 5 and I have epilepsy. It scares me a lot, but my mommy helps me threw it. I have 3 siblings that are crazy. But I love them all. I love playing and hiding under blankets with my mommy and daddy.
Zeus Bennett
I’m almost 1, my birthday is May 20th. My mommy and daddy rescued me and my sister from an abusive home. Now we’re a happy family, I have 2 new siblings and they are no fun. I love chasing leaves and biting my butt. I’m very protective of mommy and sissy.
What can’t I say about Giovanna? I got her when she was 10 and at first she was so afraid she stayed under my bed for almost a month until she finally started to come out on her own. I remember when I first realized it; I woke up to some small pressure points on my chest & I opened my eyes to see a black figure on me, we both got frightened that night 😂 At the time I was living with a couple roommates & one day one of them was pulling out a tray of clicker tenders & fries from the oven. Not knowing Giovanna was hiding for the fear of her life in a corner in the kitchen she saw an opportunity to dart, she ran over the tray & everything went flying 🤣 To this day she still has high reactive anxiety for something small, like someone laughing out loud 🤦‍♀️I just try to keep her calm if anything ever gets rowdy. Though contradicting, shes able to comfort people when they’re under a lot of stress. In a depressive era she never left my side while I was fighting my battles ❤️ And she was able to alert my family when my brother fell into a panic attack; she kept pacing around making off-meow sounds. We checked up on her to see what’s going on & she kept leading back to my brothers room & that’s when we noticed him. In a small yet significant way shes my hero & i dont know what I would do without her. More than I could ever express I’m so grateful we found each other. I love her with all my heart ♥️ even when she finds it makes sense to throw up on the carpet right next to the hard floor 🙄😅
Josie loves to cuddle, loves fuzzy blankets and chewing! She also loves her cat brothers!
Miss Kitty
Miss kitty loves lasagna and naps!
Estrella is a loving and adventurous cat, she's the best spider hunter and loves snacks! She loves to play in the grass, belly rubs, and her mom.
She is soooo sassy
Barley is the sweetest doggy ever. He loves cuddle time and will nibble softly on your elbows, lol! Vote, vote, vote!
Such along day
My Santa baby!!! This little girl is about to be 1
She a fashionista with her winter sweater! I swear she poses for the camera!!! ❤️ Her
She's the cutest puppy in the world, has photographers stopping on the streets to take a picture, this little celebrity. Looks like a snuggly bear, and gazes up with warm liquid honey brown, sad eyes. She even hops like a bunny when she fetches a ball. Generally, she is very relaxed and doesn't bark. Her name means "spark" but is short for "Kaytzak" which means "lightning" in Armenian. She is a royal and loyal Japanese Akita.
Blue is a very energetic and loving pup. She loves to cuddle and is my best friend.
Leza D. She makes me laugh! I love this girl.
Barry is a 9 month old "lap dog" He loves to eat, cuddle, and counter surf. Currently in school learning how to be a good boy ♥️ He is so sweet & gentle ♥️
Milo loves to play and LOVES people. He is my sunshine!
Gizmo is a awesome puppy, 9 months old and full of love , I love him so much
Mextli’s 12 but he doesn’t looks a day over 10 🙄 He loves the Sun so much he just stands outside forever. Hates baths.
This little fuzzy baby can do anything he puts his mind to, (or so he thinks)I plan on using the money to help my mom with bills and donate to the animal shelter
Oh Emmers. She went from being found in the middle of the road at just 4 weeks to living the spoiled life with all the toys and unicorn bed. She loves curling up with her humans and playing with her most prized possession, a Christmas penguin mouse.
Loving and crazy! Snow is his favorite thing ever!!!
This is Oaklen! He is an Australian Shepherd, only three months old! He loves to play outside in the snow, one of his favorite things to do! He loves his Mr.Banana toy, brings it almost everywhere with him! He is hoping you’ll take notice and kindly vote for him!
Gerald love food and is very playful
Loveable cat
Hi all! My name is Binx! Yes, my mommy named me after the cat in Hocus Pocus 🙄 Ugh can you believe her?! Anyways... I’m a pretty cool cat once you get to know me, but my mom says I’m full of myself!
Miranda is a one year old Maltipoo. She loves going on walks. She is very playfully and loves kids
Sage is a German Shepard lab mix, full of personality and cuddles!
Meet Sasuke.. I hope this little Havapoo pup puts a smile on all your faces.. his name is pronounced sauce Kay. Currently rocking out to Jimi Hendrix and loving every minute of his carefree pup life!! Vote for baby Sasuke! ➰"Learn a lesson from your dog — No matter what life brings you, kick some grass over that sh*t and move on." 🐾🐶❤️
Our little Russian Prince!
Onyx is a smokey tabby, he is only just coming up 10 weeks, absolutley loves kitten milk 🥛 he also loves to cuddle and play all day
Cooper is a Vizla. He loves to sit in the grass and soak up the sunshine!
Tubbles loves water and she enjoys playing with her three other siblings. She is very playful but ornery at the same time. She was rescued the day she was born as she was abandoned by her mother. She needs lots of love!!!
Whiskey is a 1 1/2 year old Basset Hound who loves cuddles and spending time with his Mom and Dad🥰
He loves to play, sleep and eat. He is an adorable rescue adopted 3 month old kitten
Hi My name is Mojo! I'm 7 months old. I love to pest my 11 yr old sister, but it's a secret i really love her. I love my mommy and daddy, and i can't forget food! I love food! Actually i better go i think i hear someone in the kitchen! Lol!
Marley is a fiesty girl. She likes to do her own thing most of the time, but every now and then she becomes VERY vocal for attention.....or food. Her favorite is getting a bowl of milk!
Chonky & lovable, eyes for days