Dog cat Stories - 89


Coco is our little TeaCup Poodle. He is so cute and cuddly. Since this Corona stuff, I am now working from home. Coco is my lap dog while I work.
Bourbon is a very loving and protective dog. He belonged to my brother who 3 months ago passed away after being in a motorcycle accident. Bourbon has grieved a lot for my brother. Every night, I will give him 2 bacon strips before putting him in the bedroom with my mama. He loves taking car rides and going to McDonald's for a hamburger.
A pupper that’s all about tennis balls 🎾 and being absolutely adorable 😍
He's half lounging house cat and half ball of playfull teeth and claws. He loves to play and come along with dog walks to play in the field and doesn't need a lead he just comes along for a walk with us
Jaxson is a cane corso!! He was the runt of the litter!!! He is very playful!!! He loves going for walks and playing with his toys!!! He loves playing with other dogs !!!
Overly loving, costume wearing woofer!
Always a beautifully manicured dog until he's let outside! Then he tries to dig to the center of the Earth 😁
I’m Starr, I’m a staffy cross terrier. I love cuddles, playing with my toys & other dogs and going for walks. I’m a loving 2 year & 3 months old dog.
Hey I’m Zeus! I’m 3/4 Maine Coon 1/4 Persian. I demand snuggles with mummy before I can eat my food otherwise I will just scream at her until she picks me up.
Jinxx is a very small lynx point simease don't know yet but it's leaning towards he may be a drawft cat. He will be very small please vote for my baby
Fat two year cat that loves the wild side, knowing my niece is featured in the picture thought it was a cute photo
Hi everyone, meet Salem❤️ She’s a domestic shorthair! Salem is the most loving and energetic 5 month old! & She to be on camera!
Our beautiful girl Peanut has had us wrapped around her little paw since the day we brought her home! She loves cuddles in the morning, cheesy treats and sticks bigger than herself!
Year old mini labradoodle who is a total clown. He is delightful and into everything but a total mummy's boy
Kairi is a German Shepherd Lab mix. She is an energetic little cuddle bug who loves belly rubs and zoomies
Celli is a playful and loveable parti-eyed husky. She loves to give kisses and she also likes to talk back to her mom and dad.
Nala can be shy when outdoors, she still finding her feet. But loves nothing more than cuddles and eating the furniture.
Roxy Chanel
She Is the most exuberant puppy you’ve ever met. She likes to put her paws on either side of your face and kiss you!
Puck is a handicapped dog with skeletal issues but he can walk now which is a miracle.
Arlo is a sweet puppy who loves to play with his brothers.
Piper is a nice dog who loves to spread joy. She loves to bark and go on walks.
He is growing up so fast and is leaning the way of farm life and loves his cuddles,
Lil Man
Hello everyone this is my baby lil man! He is a very big baby! Loves cuddles loves kisses &’ hugs ! He loves his clothes lol! He loves kids! He loves to eat all the snacks with mommy! There’s a lot to him!! He’s just a beautiful baby! 💕
This beautiful little blue boy is barely 3 months and yet is one of the smartest, loyal and obedient dogs I have ever come across and we’re so happy to call him ours.
Phoebe is the most sweetest loving puppy.💞
This is Bear. He was rescued from the feral cat program of Georgia where he enjoyed hanging upside down in his cage as a kitten. Now he likes to sit around the house as if he’s a person.
Stella is a sassy 9 week old Maltese with a big heart.
Sadie Mae
I've had Sadie Mae ever since she was a puppy She is so loyal and loving We live in the woods and she loves playing in the woods She loves going with her human Daddy in the woods She tries to play with the squirrels and whatever animal she sees But she doesn't understand that they don't know she is playing She isn't trying to hurt them In March of 2020 she was hit by a car Thank God she lived through it We thought she broke her leg because the way it But thank goodness it was just dislocated and she dislocated her hip She was bandaged up for a couple months It's been a long struggle for her she still has problems walking But she seems to not let it bother her She gets around just fine She stays so very happy still full of life She's not fully recovered But she's on her way
Clyde was my baby He wasn't like any other cat He acted more like a kid than a cat He died from cancer almost two years ago this December and I still get very emotional about it Out of all the animals I've ever had and there was quite a lot I have never experienced the type of love from an animal like Clyde had given me before My fur baby
Charlie is 15 he’s deaf and blind in his left eye. His little legs are full of arthritis but he doesn’t let any of these things get him dawn he goes out every day in his buggy barks at squirrels and brings a smile and licky lick to anyone he meets.xx
A mixed breed Silver chinchilla/Persian, he loves cuddles, playing and running around!
I found Zimba underneath a automatic garbage compactor , hearing small cries . I rushed and called 911 and they came to the rescue when they retrieved him they said out loud “ ITS A BOY “ !!! Tears over whelmed me knowing I saved my little boy ❤️🙏🏻😍. I believe he is a Calico and he just 4 weeks old and loves to chew on fingers . Ouch ! But he’s so outgoing and is an expert in getting into holes 🕳 and having to break my sink to get him out 😂❤️. He’s one heck of a big boy
Lexi Grey
Lexi Grey is a sweet, playful girl who loves Grey's Anatomy. She is super smart and knows how to sit, lay down and roll over on command. She is truly a daddy's girl and only loves mommy when daddy isn't around.
Britta was adopted from a shelter. She loves playing catch. She loves exploring the world and car rides while sticking her head out the window. Britta is a huge mamas girl but her favorite is her brother Jax (our older pup). She can’t sleep away from him, she constantly have to be laying on him, she protects him and always kisses him. When Jax isn’t feeling well, Britta sits next to him and watches over him. The funniest thing she does is when she wants attention but you’re on your phone, she will slap it out of you with her paw. She completes our family and we are grateful for her.
Bailey is an 8 week old kitten full of energy loves to play! Also like to climb up you and sit on your shoulders
Lola Belle
Lola just turned a year old, she is a sphynx cat. Full of energy, and loves her cuddles with her mommy 💕
Gizmo is a princess of 17 months old. She likes lots of fun and games , especially climbing the curtains . She's very talkative and loves cuddles and chicken .
Bodhi loves to cuddle and sleep! He’s just a baby! He is also discovering his tail and that running into things doesn’t feel good!
We got her from a rescue centre and her favourite thing to do in the morning is to put her paws underneath the bed covers and scratch your toes!
Huxley, is a goofy,fun loving Great Dane Bull who loves chew bones,chasing squirrels . Big mamas Boy!!!
My name is Koko and I'm a siamese-snowshoe mix rescue kitty. I'm the most playful explorist, so soft, and I give the best snuggles 😻 I was adopted ~1 yr ago, and I have bad hip issues, and my humans plan to use any reward $ towards my much needed hip surgery. My lifespan is currently 1 more year w/o surgery. Please vote for me!!! XOXO
Casper is an adorable kitten, full of mischief and loves to play and climb. He loves sleeping in the cutest positions and is happiest when he is curled up all snug and warm on his his owner's lap.