Dog cat Stories - 89


I'm a Mountain Feist, I'm going to hunt squirrels in the woods when I grow up a little more. I love my chew bones and playing outside with my friends. I can't wait for Christmas to open my presents.
Phoenix is a special needs shelter kitty. He was born cross eyed and with deformed feet. But that doesn't slow him down! He is a precious sweet boy who is perfectly imperfect 💗
Bullet is my sweet 9 1/2 year old senior girl. She has fostered over 200 shelter animals with me! She is currently a foster sister to our 2 shelter foster kitties. Bullet has a heart of gold. 💗
Sophia is a Havenese, she likes to learn new tricks. Sophia loves the camera and loves to make everyone smile.
Is my friends dog he has since grown into a gorgeous young stud
Rescued Panda Gsd. He is a lover. Learns quickly. Looking forward to doing more with him. He is a working dog.
Roxy likes playing and swimming
Pepperoni is my newest baby. She’s a lunatic and she loves to chew on me but she still has my heart ♥️
Hi, this is Rosie. She is a 2 year old adopted last year from Cyprus! She loves to dig and eats anything and everything !!
Milo is a 3 year old long haired tabby. He's a very friendly kitty. He loves to play with his brothers and sisters and if you are feeling down he will cuddle right up next to you.
Poppy is a lovable little chihuahua puppy who loves to have fun in the sun! Her favorite food is chicken, and her favorite toy is her bone stuffy!
Dutchess is a fun loving doge that loves swimming, playing fetch and eating peanut butter 😋
Alfred Fitzgerald Jones
This is Alfred, he’s an oddly large Siamese. He loves pets and belly rubs. Will cry for attention and treats. Just wants to be appreciated 🥺👉👈
Miss Mini
Mini loves to cuddle! She also loves to bark and unstuff her stuffies! She loves treats and to get belly rubs from all humans!
Dale loves chasing the ball and gives the best doggy cuddles.
Banjo is a mix breed- blue heeler and Alaskan husky. He is a busy little guy with tons of energy. He loves to chase the chickens and ducks, sometimes a little too much. He is the new addition to our family and has fit right in. He will be our homestead guard dog.
Tucker is an adventure berniedoodle learning to explore and love the world!
Pippa is my 4, nearly 5 week old puppy. She comes home in January and we cannot wait to start our lives together. She is just starting to get her personality and she is obsessed with baubles so good luck to us next year! She loves playing with her siblings!
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Tim Tim
Hi, I'm Tim Tim ☺️
Gigi is a 4 month old pup and loves running around, playing with her toys and eating treats! :)
Uno Winterton
Uno Winterton is a very playful puppy and loves to meet new people! Uno is missing an ear because as a baby his mom accidentally bit it off causing the whole ear to be removed. This doesn’t stop Uno from being cute though! Oh and Uno also loves his naps!
Meet Oscar, the cheekiest and most adorable kitten ever! He is honestly my best friend and I don’t know what I would do without him!! Please vote for our little Oscar ❤️💗
Bailey is a newly adopted rescue dog from a high kill shelter in Mississippi! She made her way to the DMV and has been living the good life ever since! She loves to cuddle and follow her new owner everywhere! She loves bath time and of course getting snacks after doing a good job with house training & obedience!
The best cat ever. Vote skeet today, For a better tomorrow.
Chorus without the yap and all the love.
loves to try and steal my food and never stops wanting to play and get attention.
Sunny is a very good boy who loves his family, his brother (Cookie the cat), playing, walks, drives, and everyone he meets. He is a very sweet, happy, fun loving golden retriever that is 5, and turning 6 in may.
Charlie is a tiny Chorkie with big personality! At barely a pound, he’s just the sweetest most lovable little guy! Please vote our little Charlie 💙
Bella is a mixed breed rescue and she loves to play fetch!
Rebel is female!!!! She is feisty and daddy’s girl and we love her!!! She doesn’t have a tail!!!
Jiro is a Japanese Akita very playful and actually looking like a polar bear. He is so loving ❤
Milo is an angel and she loves her toys. She is a rescue and absolutely loves to explore
Chewy was found on the highway many years ago and is now a sweet little cuddle bug
Greyson is quite the character. His big owl eyes and grumpy face makes everyone laugh. He loves his treats and follows his mom everywhere she goes.
Louie loves to play with his little sister. His favorite toy is his ball. His most favorite activities are cuddling and going for rides.
He is quite the character, he love his mom follows her everywhere. Loves temptation treats.
I’m a curious and mischievous cat who likes to cuddle with Mama and Papa. I get FOMO all the time, so even if I’m sleepy, I try to stay awake so I don’t miss out on anything that my humans do!
Tom Sawyer
Tom kitty is Chibs brother and enjoys hunting small creatures, snuggles and lots of naps
Chibs loves wet food treats, hunting in the wild and sleeping on cars
Orion is the newest addition to our family as he explores his new home
We're not sure what Hunter's birthday is but we brought him home on October 18th, 2017. Hunter is around 4 years old. Hunter loves to lounge around and cuddle his family. He likes small toys and feathers. Hunter loves treats and sitting in the window. He's a bit skiddish but he's very loving and so adorable!
VooDoo is not as spooky as she sounds 🐈‍⬛ In fact, this Ragamuffin can be a downright scaredy cat! When she first came around, her favorite spot was underneath the bed. Now, at a year old, she's always on the hunt for the highest perch 😸
Cali is almost 10 months old. She is a German Shepherd Pitbull mix. She is very friendly and playful. Cali loves taking walks and going for car rides. She loves to play with other dogs. Her favorite toys are squeakers and stuffed animals. Give Cali a big bone and she'll be occupied for hours.
I'm a fat trans cat.
I’m a lean mean heeler machine who loves cuddles, chicken and being told I’m a good boy😇