Dog cat Stories - 88


Despite being involved in a hit and run, losing an eye and breaking his jaw in 3 places, he’s still a nutty cat trying to catch everything and anything that moves (and usually does catch them!)
an affectionate cute kitten but also a little crazy and naughty 🥰
Gun is a 6 year old male Savannah F1, he’s very energetic, very cheeky, and loves eating things like bell pepper and carrot. He loves jelly babies too.
Chloe is a rescue. Many people thought she wouldn’t make it because she was in really bad conditions when they found her but I knew she would be just fine. She is a warrior...she fought for her life. She is smart beautiful and loving.
This is Dexter, our 15 week old miniature dachshund. He is a mischievous little pup who loves stealing socks, nibbling toes and has a new found love for strawberries.
Diamond is the sweetest puppy I know. Love all dogs and cats. A champ at the dog park not afraid of anyone. She love to sing along with her squeak toys. She loves to sleep in bed with her mom's and her sister feline.
He loves water, and will be by your side if you're in the shower or tub and he loves to cuddle
This is the youngest of my two crazy cats. Her name is Skeeble or as we call her "Skim Beebs". She's a maine coon mix, loves her wet food and Milk temptations. But most of all she loves her family. Her best friend is an 80 pound dog who protects her like his baby!
Montana aka Monty is mommy's sweet little buddy. Monty loves playing with his ball and hanging out with mommy at work. Monty is very unique with only half an ear on his left side 💕 but it doesnt stop him from being the cutest little boy.
Tuko Walker
Tuko is a “Cockapoo”. Mad, mental & mischievous.
Grandpa is a sweet, cuddly BSH boy who loves playing and cuddling with his mom! He loves chicken and rattle toys!
Princess is a love bug,she is also my daughters best friend.My young teenager is obviously going through changes and Princess is her comfort blanket when she needs her. I couldn’t picture my life without this lovable girl.
Garwood is a fast, zoomy boy, who loves chasing squirrels! He is very energetic and loves other animals. If we win, I would use all the money to buy Garwood food, treats, toys, and even a companion.
Shy guy but SUCH a sweetheart! Enjoys food, playing with siblings & getting into stuff he shouldn’t. 1 year old!
She loves climbing, playing and her favorite thing to do is cuddle 💕
He is a sweet kitty and beautiful brown color
This is duo, she's mine and my husband's dog she's about 6 almost 7 and she's a rescue. She had some really bad homes in our past but I can tell that she is the happiest now because she is with us. I love her unconditionally her separation anxiety can get pretty bad but we manage and we do our best to make sure that she's happy and she is a major cuddle bug who loves her momma and makes her dad jealous. She is a bulldog pit mix
Mabel is my puppy she's about 6 months old and she is always at my hip, she's so hyper and curious and she LOVES to run around. She also loves playing with my other dog duo
Bear is my 7 year old, forever 9 pound fur baby. She came into my life in June 2014 when she was a shy and very anxious 1 year old. I took her and her brother into my home as a favor for some neighbors as they were young and just had a newborn baby that the cats were struggling to get used to having around. I offered to temporarily watch them as they adjusted to their new family life. A week later, Ham (Bear’s brother), had to be put to sleep because before I found him outside and offered to watch the cats, they left him outside in the summer with no food or water and he drank some antifreeze that was in the parking lot and went into kidney failure. About 6 months later, said neighbors told me to keep Bear because they felt that she was happier and less anxious with me. In the past 7 years, she has been one of the absolute highlights of my life by her love and silliness. She has flourished into a social, playful, silly, loving cat. She has provided me with so many smiles and laughter with her shenanigans and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. 😻😍
Kato is 6 years old he loves going on walks, loves peanut butter, loves all types of dogs and cats, and loves kids. He is the biggest best friend and protector to my little boy! He does have a little cross eyed and we thinks it’s adorable and he isn’t the mean doggy off of Balto 😂
There are multiple pictures for you to look at. He is a crazy and cute little cuddle bug who has a lot of energy. I've had him since I was about 9 or 10 I'm 24 now so he's getting pretty old but still acts like his kitten self. I love him so much. He's a maincoon ragdoll mix
A rambunctious 8 month old German Shepherd who loves to argue with his mother about everything!
My name is Nola but people pronounce it wrong so my momma spelled it on here as Nala. I am very energetic, nosy, and smart. My daily activities include running through the house like its nascar, constantly needing attention, and getting into everything! I am polydactyl which means i have 6 toes on both front paws. Extra toes mean extra fun !
London is the most cuddliest cat ever and a big fat lol london loves eating and is so caring and a big softy
Bee is my adorable baby boy with the most kindest hard and ever so playful ❤️ Bee recently had to go through a rough time by having its tail amputated as another cat had attack him whist chilling in the garden love you bee bee
He loves attention. Very friendly. So loveable
Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty is a 14wk old kitten that is already showing she rules the house having to live with two rokksky's.
Kyle Broflovski
Kyle is named after the ginger jew in South Park. Kyle has two much older siblings called Erica Cartman and Kenny McCormick - Safe to say we're fans of the series! Kyle is a 4 month old Maine Coon who was rescued from a family who couldn't look after him properly. Ever since being with us he has grown so much and at 4 months weighs an impressive 3.2kg - Only 200grams off our 4 year old cat Kenny!!! (Still has a long way to catch up to Erica who weighs an impressive 6kg) Kyle loves long naps on my chest, and dipping his paws into his water bowl. If the lights are out, he gets scared and will not sleep unless I open the door and let him in to bed - which in that case he sleeps like an angel all night. Erica and Kenny are certainly not happy with the special treatment Kyle gets. We love him so much!!
Paws is a 9 yaar old rescue that has a permanent old man face. He loves kids, his animal brothers and sisters, and of course naps. Hes not a very good mouser, but he is great at head butts. Paws is a wonderful supervisor while mom and dad build their first home!
Lucy is so cuddly and does not let you forget snack time! She has the cutest meow and the softest fur.
My Luna bug is a sweetheart. A total social butterfly. She loves snuggles and laser pointers and play fighting with her little sister Maggie ❤️
Yükon is one the most lovable dogs around. He gives the best snuggles and always knows how to cheer people up. He’s full of personality and a very sassy boy!
Alpha Bravo
Alpha Bravo is both blind and deaf but that doesn’t stop him! He loves being our fire station mascot!
Junipurr(Juni) is my precious little companion. She is an emotional support cat and helps me with anxiety and depression. She loves to curl up on my lap and purr. She chirps at a laser light, but her favorite toy is a flag on a string from catlady box. She is beautiful and has a playful yet kind personality. She is instant friends with anyone who comes to our home. Everyone falls in love with this precious kitty! I hope you do to! 😸💗
Maui And Lanai
My rescue kitties met at the shelter and could not be separated. I adopted both of them on the same day😁
This beatiful 16 year old girl loves to eat ice cream and play with shoestrings!
Timmy Walker
Rehomed to us as his owner didn’t want him anymore at age 1. Timmy arrived with a Hip full of puss, Ear Infection & skin & bone. He is now happy & thriving. Most loving wee Cat imaginable. Nutz. Can’t imagine life without him. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
She loves to play with her cat toys, very playful
Simba loves playing with toys especially her favorite blue ball that she loves to carry in her mouth.
Peek a boo
She's a shy rescue and is slowly coming out of her shell and is becoming one happy loving kitty!
She very loving cuddling kitten loves affection alot.
Rumina was saved from the scary world after being abandoned by her previous owners. We were witnesses to her being left to fend for herself. At first, she was scared and attacked every cat. Now, she does the same but because she knows she's the main boss of the house. She always sits on the very top of something to observe the beings in her land. You can also follow her instagram! @rumina784 😺💗
Bernie is a cheerful, handsome fella. He loves to talk and will have conversations with whoever walks by.