Dog cat Stories - 87


She is super soft and fluffy. She loves to lay on her back. She smells like fabric softener.
Maisie is a energetic loving kitten. Who does the funniest things. She is little sister to Milo.
Loves going out...likes his soft toys..and loves football
My cheeky little monkey 🍌
hello I'm Sky I like to conquer all people with these wonderful blue eyes like the sky and my parents gave me this fabulous name I'm a little naughty I can't stand still, I run everything and my favorite season is winter I like to play on snow and take my parents for a sleigh ride🍗❄️🛷
Rescue puppy came over from ireland after being abused and beaten. Most loyal and cuddle dog ever
Hi I'm Sasa I'm not very loving because this is my way of being I have my moments of love for my parents I sleep on my mother's pillow and I play all day I really like paper cubes😌😂😻😽😽😽
Mako is very rambunctious. She loves to play with cords and take care of her two mommies at home ❤️
Patsy Baby
Patsy baby started living with us after one of my patients had a stroke. She spent the first 2 weeks hiding on top of the kitchen cupboards and fridge. But she is very lovey with us now!!!
Sweetest Dog, loves babies and people of all ages Adopted from Chattanooga Humane Educational society 7/19❤️
Zander is an almost 2 yr old american pit who loves car rides. He is training to become a helper dog for the quadropedic that he live with.
Mr. Meeseeks
I'm Mr. Meeseeks, Vote for Me!
Diesel is a cuddle bug that loves his brother and sister he thinks hes bigger then what he is
Benny is a baby still but at 35 pounds he is the biggest baby I’ve had. He still is a bit scared of the world but loves his families and his plastic baseballs to play soccer with.
Tallulah or Lulu is a ball of energy and light always wanting pets and always giving kisses. Not normally the best picture taker due to her inability to sit still this old pic is one of my favorites.
This is our newest pet Cali, she loves to play and climb with her other seven siblings. Really cute watching her grow. Please share share share
6 month old Mantle Great Dane, loves long walks on the beach and crossword puzzles🤓
My name is royal, im 5months old. Love to play fetch , takin baths and layin by the heater . Im loving,sweet,kind,and have a heart of gold.
He’s mischievous, a dickhead and ignorant🤭 but he lives up to his name and is adorable to watch🥰💗 Posted on behalf of the owner💗
She thinks she's a Lionest..Gurrrr lol
Hi I’m Henry Pig. I like long walks on the beach and crossword puzzles.
The most sweet dog 🐶
Muddy is a rescue dog. He has had a very hard life. But he stays positive and makes it possible for myself to be happy as well. He loves unconditionally and loves to take naps, and eat his treats. He is getting better with going on his walks and no matter what happens I will always be proud that he is my dog.
Sweet tiny girl with huge heart
She is a very good mouser. She is my garage cat and loves hunting for mice.
Piper died at 13, she had a talent of holding multiple balls in her mouth at a time and she was incapable of greeting you before she ran around the house to find and give you a bone.
Hello guys, I’m the youngest of the family. I love to jump and play with my little sister. I love looking good at the camera.
Murphy was born in July 2020. He howls and yips in his sleep and loves (tearing apart) every stuffed animal he gets. I'm thinking about breeding because you could never get enough of him.
I rescue him from previous owner cause they couldn’t take good care of him and thank God I found him. His such a precious dog. Very protective in a good way.
Oliver Atwood died at 14 in 2019. He was a happy boy and lived his best life.
Oliver Atwood died at 14 in 2019. He was a happy boy and lived his best life.
I rescued her from previous owner that is homeless but now she found her true home. Even she’s deaf. She is one of the sweetest dog.
Brutus And Beefcake
How would you like to sleep with these two
liley loves to go on walks and she definitely loves to play with her brother mayson the cat.
Jax is full of energy and loves to meet new people and other dogs! But he is never not down for a good dog nap in the sun. 💙
My lil baby boy is a lover and loves to snuggle, he loves to chase rabbits and squirrel’s but never catches them....I think he loves to think he can! He is soo smart and does have a sassy side to but I wouldn’t trade him for the world!
Mae is 3 months old, She can be the sweetest girl! BUT she also loves to chew on her mom's slippers and eat sticks twice her size.
Max is a cuddle bug who also loves to eat paper.
I love being part of the party 🎉
He’s got the cutest rabbit looking feet and if you even whisper the word squirrel he goes nuts
Bert And Rio
The brothers 🐶 rescue dogs from Puerto Rico the same town but different time they might be related! Bert is little chihuahua mix, Rio is Labrador mix. They love being outside enjoy the sun especially summer time 🌞
Nano loves playing,running,eating and smiling!!! His smile makes everyone happy!!
Milo is a mixed breed of American Bully and French Bulldog. He's a mighty little man who loves to cuddle and play.
He loves long walks, fishing,and dry humping his stuffed animal 😂
A pup with a personality bigger than his ears, named after your favorite character in Cheers, Norm Peterson.
Luna Marie
Baby Luna is my world.. she is the most lovable and cutest puppy ever! :)
Spike is the sweetest Chihuahua I have ever met. He loves to cuddle and is an excellent listener