Dog cat Stories - 86


Pepper is a sweet and playful Hemingway cat that was born July 2020. Her favorite toys are a carrot and pig plushie. And like any cat, she loves to steal balls of yarn from her human's knitting basket.
Rovie is a 4 month old corgi with little legs and a big attitude! Her main interests include snuggles, peanut butter and showing off her giant ears
Mr. Milton traveled from Russia to be with us in Washington and now loves the California sun, spending his days sunbathing and hanging with his family who now work from home. He is an only child and loves play dates with his human Grandparents, who spoil him. He has brought so much happiness to our family. 🥰.
Sampson is our trucker cat. He loves to go to work with us in the truck. His favorite spot is on the dash watching everything.
Penny is a cuddley character. Her attitude abs playfulness shine bright! She is the main character in this household and we are all simply living in her movie
Dumpster cat- eats everything, sleeps always, will cuddle you and lay on your face.
This is Loki, he had a girlfriend called Dolly and gets scared when he’s left for too long in a room on his own
This is Oliver he loves snuggles and tongue bleps
Baron is a brown husky with a tint of orange in the sunlight. One eye is bright blue, the other is a bright pale green He loves kisses, getting brushed, and being chased. His favorite snack is “cookies” from the big box. Only eats warmed meals for dinner. Huskies can be picky lol
Charlie was adopted from the Caithness Cat Protection Branch in 2018. We think he is about 4? He's such a sook, a proper diva who has a strict regimen of naps, laps around the outside of the house and throwing his food on the floor before eating it. The fluffiest boy I've ever met, he's a strong contented against the hoover and has the most magestic tail. Charlie is a truly awful hunter, the most exotic prize he has brought home is an empty crisp packet (not ours?), and some dead leaves.
Hue And Jasper
Hue and Jasper are 6 year old litter mates. While Jasper wants nothing more than to roll in the dirt on walks, Hue is constantly on the search for a cozy hideaway.
Lady is a tiny Japanese Chin (only 3pounds) who loves to snuggle and be around people! Her name suits her well because she is very proper and polite, but with just enough sass to keep things interesting. Please vote for her. :)
Andy is my ball of fire but so loving.
Miss Lucy
Fetching fuzzy balls is my special talent! Boxes are my weakness and I love meeting new friendly hoomans :)
Typical border collie. She likes to herd the cat
My name is Gibbs and I love to eat everything that smells good and sleep on my beanbag or curled up in my mummys arms.
Stella.. named by the guys from the rugby club where the favourite drink is Stella!!! She is a lovely and playful puppy. There is no way to be mad at her!
Arthur is very playful and lays about the house. Hes affectionate and loving...unless you are a mouse.
Charlie loves catnip, bathing in sun puddles, and always being next to me. He’s a funny boy who loves his chin scratched and sitting out on the balcony watching the birds. He has been through many of life’s ups and downs and even traveled cross-country when I moved down south. He’s my best pal!
Apollo is a wild little kitten who loves to cuddle and play with his laser pointer.
Munchkin will be 16 this year and is the sweetest most loving dog. When he was 3 he was on a tv news show for being pretty and not knowing his DNA. Munchkins favorite toy was a soft brown football that he used to have. He is so smart I can’t even spell his favorite things.
Georgie loves his treats. He loves to snuggle w mommy and is such a little lover. He has such an awesome personality and loves his belly rubs.
I spend most of my day snoozing or watching the birdies and squirrels out the window. I have a new love for mommy can’t resist my bacon beg face (could you?!)! Vote for me, it means more bacon!!!😸🥓
Loki is cross border collie and shih tzu, lovely sneaky blue eyes dog with piggy tail and cute flat ears. He always wakes me up in the morning just to steal my bed.
Spooky loves car rides and watching tv with us😻 Spooky is also very active & loves playing with his big brother Oreo❤
This little ball of fun was born on the day we sadly had to put our old dog to sleep 😢. It was if she was mean to be ours 🥰
Iris is a Romanian rescue cat, she enjoys sleeping under the duvet with her humans, playing with pens and chargers, and eating her pate!
Inka and her brother both had cat flu at 2 weeks old. Their mum died of this and they were raised by their hoomans. They were very poorly and it did not look good, but with round the clock care they pulled through. Vets told us that Inka has Autism. All I know is she has mad moments and likes to shout at the weather. Inka loves to sit with her daddy. She has access to a 5 mile woodlands but chooses to sit in with daddy snuggled up. ❤️
Aberforth Houdini Fluffybuttocks
Abe came to me as a scared malnourished rescue. His behaviour showed that he had never been outdoors, had never had wet food, and expected to be shouted at wherever he explored. That all changed when his fluffy buttocks landed here. Now Abe has his own trees to climb, loves gravy loaded dinners - which he likes to review, and chooses a new spot each week - balanced on the laundry drier, on the microwave, top of the coat rack, liquid pouring off my knee upside down. My silly boy is the chattiest cat. He comes in talking about his adventures and expects a conversation. He has a serious love of fabric, so it helps that I'm a fabric artist. He loves to unpack bags of fabric, or stashes of yarn. He is made of love and fluff.
Poppy is the best girl, she loves to swim and play with her friends at the park. With me aka mom, she enjoys her adventures to the beach, with dad she is on her best behavior, and racing out to the pond as fast as she can to retrieve the ducks! She is the most loving dog I have ever come to know and will always be the love of my life 💜
Samba has brothers and a sister. She springs and bounces around, climbing big big trees in the garden and flicking her flooofy tail. Samba is really kind and gentle. Smallest in the house she had learnt a new way of getting some 1:1 attention. If you go to the toilet for a sit down, you will hear a tapping on the door. Samba loves to sit on your knee whist you poop! ❤️
Leilani is an ESA (emotional support animal) she is also a service dog in training. She is 4 months and already knows a few service dog tasks. She loves to play in the snow! She also loves playing with other puppies!
Marley loves his walks, cuddling and chasing his ball. He completes our family
Rita is the smartest young doggie! She shares her home with two cats, and they live in harmony. She loves to run in the grass and play fetch. She knows all of her toys by name.
His mum and litter were hit with cat flu. Furgi and his sister Inka were weened by their humans as their mummy was too poorly. He loves people and food. Furgi is a happy boy. He loves to be with his humans and walks with his daddy around the woods..when he can be bothered. He is very vocal and quite a needy boy ❤️
Oslo is so scared of the back doorstep that he skips over it into the house each day. Oslo sleeps on his daddy every night and dribbles a lot. He has a tiny high pitched cry and insists on sitting on your knee just as you are about to eat
Hello there furiends I’m a chiweenie. I love taking walks, playing dead, hide n seek, taking pictures, and playing tag but of course with a reward at the end 😉 can’t forget those yummy treats. I’m super excited to be participating it’s my first!! Woof woof. Break a bone all 😀 as humans like to say break a leg.
Bandit thief of socks and hearts
Hi! I’m Ella, a yellow lab and shiba inu mix. I love love love dressing up and playing with all of my toys and when I’m not doing those things I’m normally glued to my moms hip! I have a had a not so easy life and was born with a congenital defect that makes me walk really funny. I had surgery on it twice but it failed both times which makes it hard to jump up on beds and in cars and after I run too long I get really tired but I am determined to live as happy as I can for as long as I can! ❤️
Chanel is just a pretty girl 🥰 loves her family loves giving kisses and cuddles thinks her people are her chairs ☺️ Lil sassy likes to talk back 🤣
I got my vixen when i started fostering, she was the first kitten i got. i became so in love with her and her personality, that i adopted her, this is definitely my little baby ( in cat form ) . Shes so loving, and gets along with any human, she welcomes you right when you get home with a loud meow or head bump ✨
Hi, I’m Romeo. I love to climb on everything. Eating is my favorite thing to do. And I love playing with my toys. And I am such a snuggle baby!
Theia is the baby out of our three cats. She juat turned 6 months old. She has the loudest pur and LOVES to be loved. She will sleep under the blanket sometimes and loves playing with her siblings. She is very vocal too.
Pablo El Tercero
Pablo is a rescue podenco from Andalusia, Spain. He loves making friends with any dog and human, runs and jumps like crazy, enjoys riding the tube and is the perfect office dog. He is a great learner and his favourite commands are 'hug', 'lap' and 'high5'.
Buddy is dead, loved to lay in boxes that he isn't suppose to, and he loved to be petted.
Max is a super sweet and beautiful Basset Hound. He has the most beautiful eyes. Max loves his mama. He stays right with her when they are outside together. He likes to sleep next to her in her king size bed!