Dog cat Stories - 86


Bella is a sweet girl that loves to play & meet new people 💗
Meet Miss Chloe, our gorgeous Himalayan kitten! She is sweet, affectionate, friendly, and absolutely adorable all in one! She was born on October 25th of 2020, just in time for halloween, which makes her just about 5 months old. Anyone who meets Chloe instantly falls in love with her as she does the same with them. Her best friend is named Milo and they have a very strong bond. Chloe loves to play, nap, and surprisingly go for car rides.
She does tricks and and chases cats.
Apollo is a German Shepherd wolf dog. He is bilingual, he knows German Commands as well as English 😊
Mystie is a spitfire who loves doing the zoomies and sitting on mommy’s head!
Lucy is a bit of a spaz
He's a fluffy butt
Likes a nice warm lasagna and cuddles
My big eared puppy!
Fritz loves to play fetch and lay in the sun on his back. He also loves to go to the McNeese football field to play
Lucky is a 6 year old Shorkie🐶💙! He loves to cuddle💤, loves blankets and clothes👕! Lucky also loves going out on adventures and on outings with his mommy! Born and raised in Detroit, Mi🐶❤️
She is a pain in my rear. She is buck wild. Super smart and she is spoiled rotten.
She is the sweetest and funniest little Tzu. She has the mannerisms of the baby goats with her jerky jumps and body movements. Always makes me laugh. I nicknamed her baby goat
He absolutely loves his belly rubbed, loves to play with his nerf balls, and he is a very sassy cat sometimes. He loves his treats and always likes to lay upside down.
He's a silly kitty! Very energetic and loves to run around and chase things. He loves the temptations treats the best!
Rin is a spunky, cheeto loving goofball! She spends her days bullying her cat brother & getting treats all day at work.
My little Calico kitty. She can hold a conversation like no other, especially if she is hungry. She has a purr that could melt any heart and loves to be the star of all my zoom calls. She’s my little companion, making quarantine a little bit more bearable ❤️
Savannah Rose
Savannah Rose is a Rhodesian Ridge Back Dog! She is so Lovable 🥰and likes Snuggling! She is loyal and looks after us, our tabby cat and our other two little dogs. I believe she thinks she smaller than she really is. She loves diner time, going for long wakes,and playing in the snow! Her breed in Africa was known to protect people from lions! She’s very devoted to our family! We ❤️ her very much!
Lulu is 14
Elvis is 7
Daisy is 9
Axl And Shadow
Axl and Shadow, the dynamic brother duo! Axl, the brindle pitbull is a little shy at first but once he warms up to you, he is the sweetest boy. Axl enjoys going on walks and taking naps. Shadow, the husky, is a lovebug; he constantly wants to play. Shadow enjoys going on walks and playing in the snow.
Princess warms everyones heart and gives doggie kisses to all.
My name is Dottie, I'm a little girl, only 15 weeks old. I'm a Frenchton. I love to play with my mom and dad, but most of all I love to bug my big sister. I'm already potty trained, and I love my toys. Please vote for me.
Kai is a two year old Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute Mix. He is goofy and has a heart of gold! Vote for Kai Kai please!!! Have a pawsitive day 🐾
Bronson Grey loves, loves, loves to play! Frisbee, fetch, hide and seek. Bronson Grey equals all play, all day!
Moon Py
He has a light blue sparkle in his eye and looks like a hyena but he is an aussie mutt. His mom's the blue merle aussie, Dad is pit/lab. Py is such a calm and easy going baby, loves to lean up against you, a velcro pup! Best family dog ever, such a gentle giant 💙
Brewski is a very lovable fur-baby, and our side kick. He loves other dogs, goes camping with us. People love him. Such a wonderful, loving grand-doggie. ❤️
Simba belonged to my friend Sasha, they came into each other’s lives at a very difficult time and helped each other to cope. Shortly after Sasha bought , she became aware of health conditions but also the fact that he had had a sad life with the person she bought him from (an unscrupulous breeder). Despite setbacks in her own life Sasha gave Simba a wonderful life where he was so loved and so cherished albeit brief. Thank you Sasha for loving this beautiful boy and thank you Simba for helping make your hooman strong. I wish you endless bones over that rainbow bridge. Please please rescue rather than support breeders that do not care about the welfare of the animals just the £££. Do not go through the heartbreak that Sasha is now going through
Bodie is the love of my life and has saved me in so many ways. At just five weeks old, I fostered him and quickly fostered failed and made him mine forever. Bodie just turned a year old and is the sweetest boy. He loves to run and play in the water, but mostly just wants to be around mom and cuddle 24/7. He would love your vote!
Brodie loves belly rubs and he gives high fives!!!
BamBam is the sweetest boy, he gets along with cats too. He will be 14 years old on the 20th of March.
Sophie had a rough start in life. She lost all of her litter mates, with the exception of her sister, to parvo. She was only weeks old when the rescue brought her to Colorado. We adopted her at 10 weeks, she had little confidence, and fearful of everything and everyone. Today, she's almost two - happy and content. Her best buddy is our otger chihuahua, Leo. We love them so much.
Loves kisses and snuggles but not more than food. Just 6 months old as of march 9th 2021
Smartest boy ever. Loves his rope toy. Scared of his own shadow 😂
Little Bear
He is s lovebug and super smart and kind and super fluffy.
Presley is the cutest, sweetest, dog in the world! She is so fun and loving and always wants to play with anyone who wants to play! Her nickname is piggy! She’s my little piggy!
Hello friends please vot for me !Kisses from Freya the fluffy paws
Hii! I’m Hugo! I am a kelpie cross border collie! I looooove attention and my brother Ollie
Sits on my lap always because she was the rut of the litter almost died at birth I have three others but she runs the house wakes me up at 530-600 every morning
Hello there, my name is Bear. I'm a bold and brave Newfydoodle! My dad is a Newfoundland and my mom is a standard Poodle, so together they! I know how to give 'bear hugs' ...I love tennis balls, the dog park and cruising in the car...Please vote for me. Thank you! So much!
“so, when you leave the house it’s only to get me donuts right ? Hi, My name is Miss LadyBug , lady for short. Yes , I am a lady. I might look cute and very goofy, but I’ve been told a time or two I can be EVEN cuter. I pride myself on afternoon naps and barking at the mailman, he comes everyday you know. I have 3 friends, they’re a little smaller than me, mom calls them kitties. We hang out though, sometimes they let me chase them and sometimes we take naps together. Mommy let’s me have as many soft blankets as a I want , and daddy gives me whatever food I want ( don’t tell mom tho ). I figure anyone new who comes to the house is only there to be my friend, bring me treats, and pet me unconditionally. Do you want to be my friend? If so , I like donuts.”
Hey fwiends👯‍♀️I’m just a loveable Bichon Pomeranian mix that loves to play with my little brother Teddy🐻 who also is in the contest. I love to roll around and play in the sun🌞 and get belly rubs😁🥰 Pwease vote for meee🙃😘😝
Biggest baby who loves to make her humans happy!!
Zyra is the name. Making mischief is the game. The whole house is mine, a castle you could say, there’s two other cats, they don’t like to play. Some call me a loner, fearless and brave, to be honest my best friend has four paws but WOOFS and drives me insane. I run out the house whenever I can, but I just want to hunt chipmunks like the brave little kitty I am! When I’m ready to snuggle , believe me it’s true, I’ll MEEEOOOWWWWWW at you until you brush my fur and make me purrrrrr the way real kitties like to do.
Cory will be 11 years old on April 1st, 2021. Loves to play with sibling Shadow, age 4 April 1st, 2021.
Shadow loves to play!!! And hang out with mom poolside! ❤️😍