Dog cat Stories - 84


Harley is a 4 month old Greater swiss shepherd mix who is full of energy and loves to play!
Hi my name is Gizmo I am 1 years old I like taking walks on the beach and going on fun adventures with Mommy. I love my dog treats, cuddles and playing with my dog friends please vote for me.
I rescued Mace in May 2020. He’s since had 2 surgeries, one major saving his life. He is happy and loves to play with his humans the most.
living the life or Riley. Riley just loves to think she’s a lap dog!
Tucker is photogenic and a little social butterfly.
Bella is a rescue. At 8 weeks, a college student bought her. She was kept in a small dog carrier in a dorm. When mom came to visit her daughter, she found Bella in a dirty carrier. Mom thought, no way am I leaving this dog like this, so she took Bella home with her. By this time, Bella was about 4 months old. Bella was not trained at all and mom had no time to properly take care of her. Therefore, mom took Bella to an acquaintance she knew had a yard. Hoping the man who lived there would eventually fall in love with the dog, she asked the man to keep the dog until she could find a better home. The man reluctantly agreed. Needless to say, mom never came back. Because Bella had no training, she was pretty wild. She poo and peed in the house, stole things off counter, chewed things. The man lost his patience and would hit Bella. He finally had enough and tied her on a runner in the yard and left her there. Friends of mine noticed Bella was abandoned in the yard during snowstorms, rain and cold. February 2020, they couldn’t stand it anymore and told me about her. My husband went to the mans house and asked about Bella. The man told my husband about Bella’s story (leaving out the hitting part) but said he didn’t want her. My husband asked if he could have her and the man said yes. It wasn’t easy for my husband to even get near Bella for she was terrified of him. We later found out she was terrified of all men. Eventually he did get her in the car and brought her to me. She was 9 months old. It took a lot of training, a lot of love and a lot of socializing for her to calm down. She still has some anxiety but she has come a long way. May 2021 she will be 2. She is my everything.
Hello my names Apollo I’m super friendly and always smiling :)! I love playing with toys and belly rubs please vote vote vote !!
Alfie (AKA Mr Fluffy Butt) is a fun loving, yet lazy ginger Tom who enjoys his catnip and treats and eating way too much 😂
Oscar can be shy but loves cuddles and spends most of his time napping in a bed 10 times the size of him. He is very vocal especially when it’s dinner time, he loves his food.
Ollie is a very sweet cat. He loves sleeping all day, making biscuits and giving people grumpy stares.
She is the most loving, independent, and spoiled fur kid! She knows she is spoiled and eats it up!! The best ESA a girl could ask for! As you can tell, we love cuddles!
Wilderness loves to take walks she is leash trained loves to play with her sister blessed whos a chijuajua a dog wilderness loves to give kisses and is very sweet and loving she hates tuna fish .
Toby enjoys zoomies, and hiding all his toys around the house. He’s a little bit chunky then most, because he enjoys whale crackers and grandpas jelly beans❤️❤️
Cleo is a cheeky girl who absolutely loves cuddles and attention and gets it by constantly standing on her back two legs and begging until she gets what she wants! And of course she always gets it, because who could say no to that face?!
Found under a deck this little man fought for his life but passed away at 10 weeks old
Rescued at 2 1/2 weeks old bottled fed and now he’s my baby for life!! This little boy has such a huge personality!!
Found out he has chronic rhinitis, so hes been on antibiotics for about a month now. Any money will help pay for his vet stuff. *Theodore is such a sweet boy and meant to be part of my household. While working in Alaska he was brought into the animal hospital I worked at and surrendered as the care he needed could not be affordable by the lady who rescued him. Seemed he had been hit by a car in his face. He had/ has a broken jaw and palate. He had to have a feeding tube put in and he has gone through it. The day he was brought in I was not at work, but when I finally met him he meowed at me and was reaching through the kennel. My coworkers were surprised as he had not meowed at anyone, and from that moment I decided he had to be my baby. Hes so playful, he cuddles with me at night, asks for me to pick him up and hugs me. Hes a sweet sweet boy.
This is Maui! He is a beautiful Australian Shepherd who loves upsies and always being by our side! He is a really big player and will win your heart over with all his kisses!
He is kind of lazy so here is him in his natural pose 😂😂
Edgar is a fun loving boy. He enjoys belly rubs and playing with his sister Mabel.
Bruce is a 4 year old chihuahua. He enjoy’s cuddles and getting loves from his fur momma chichi! He’s also is VERY VERY VERY active and loves to play with his toys and try to communicate with others !!🐾💙 Ps. He also can’t control his kisses lol 💙
My name is Bailey. I’m a miniature dachshund and I’m 5 years old. I rescued my mom and dad just a little over a month ago. I love to eat and to play with my brothers and sisters. I would appreciate any votes I might get!
Lehe is Rhodesian ridgeback mix she is very playful, loving and kind she loves to be outside unless it’s raining we believe she is about 8-9 years old
This is oli-fur or Oliver. He’s a cute little cat that’s about 11 years old for how much arthritis he has he still loves to be held and cuddles and to play with his best friend that just recently turned 1 years olds, my baby brother!
Miss Frankie is quite the character. So funny how such a little kitty can be so dramatic . She sure knows how to make your mama feel guilty for a snack 🥰 But I wouldn’t trade her personality for anything.
Mabel is knows she's gorgeous. She's playful and sassy.
Georgie is half Maine Coon. She loves to cuddle with her sister and has a purr box on her like no other. . Lots of energy with this little girl, she sure enjoys her egg chair
Scooby loves to go for rides ina car
Morgan is spunky and a little crazy! She loves her toys and her sister more than anything! She is a mommy's girl like no other!
Kensley is a sweet and friendly doggo. She's sassy and funny. She loves to go fishing with her daddy and loves to play with her sister
Sky is a 4+try old boston terrier who loves to play inside the house for the most part she loves her lil sis luna( sphynx cat ) she takes very good care of all of us as small as she is , she gets punked by here sis here and there but all love
Hello! My name is Nova. My favorite toy is frisbee. I love playing every day! My favorite thing to do is swimming at the lake or beach. And I love to take all my toys to bed with me every night
She is such a loveable & caring dog, extremely friendly, she loves to play with any toy, she loves to eat & she's the best hugger ever & she is very vocal. She follows me everywhere. I move she moves. She's AWESOME!!!
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones AKA Indy loves to take rides in daddy’s camaro! I love the wind on my face!
dymonnd is very cuddly she loves hugs n kisses she lays on top of you if you don’t cuddle up to her
Nikko is 9 years old. He likes playing with his doggie friends, car rides, going for walks, swimming, chewing bones, and meeting every person he can.
Hi im Haus I may look mean but really im a big baby
He’s crazy that’s all I could tell you he is crazy,but a sweetheart. He’s like a teenager that say that he can do whatever he wants, has me wrap around his paw 🐾
Mufasa is 6 years old. He enjoys napping, eating, having his chin scratched, and bossing his doggie brother around.
Milo 🐾 the fluffy nugget of joy.
Hi, I am Argos. I am a sweet and loving Husky. This year my paw-rents have been working from home so I have spent all my time with them during the day helping file papers away when I’m not napping. I love chasing squirrels, getting treats and my stuffed elephant Larry. Please vote for me so I can get more treats. Hehe
Hi there! I am Missy I love to play with my brother Simba and Cat Brother Tiggy. I love treats and napping on a nice soft pillow under the sun.
Hi there! I'm Chiko! I love naps, chasing the soccer ball, and interrupting my family with my random zoomies moments and squeaky toys. I also love chicken and peanut butter!. Thank you for voting for me :)
But mom, I'm still hungry! Oh, hi! I'm Mars, an 8 week old Bully who loves food and treats. I also love trying to play with my kitty siblings. Aren't i a cutie?
Lady Marie
This is my precious little 10 year old lady Marie she is a mutt but she is beautiful and brings me happiness when I need it