Dog cat Stories - 83


Mouse lives to cuddles with mommy and daddy while they take naps. And in the middle of the night drive them crazy playing with noisy toys. But she’s loved to pieces.
Pepper loves playing with leafs!
Moo Moo
This is no ordinary cat she more like a dog
My fur-baby and my fur-mate. She's the sweetest pal a lady could ask for. We're the human and animal verisons of each other; we both enjoy peace and quiet, naps during the day, sweet treats and cuddling! Worth more than diamonds...a girl's true best friend.💝 I adopted her on Memorial Day just over 4 years ago from Lowell Humane Society, and couldn't be happier to provide her her first forever-home. Love you to the moon and back!
Just like boxers he loves to play and “box” one of the best cuddlers you could ever ask for.
Felix is a 7 month old kitten who loves his little brother fritz and his cat tree
Kora is definitely a wild child. Loves running around and giving everyone she meets love and kisses.
Kaya is a 3 year old YorkiePoo ❤️ She is the biggest cuddle bug DIVA you will ever meet!
Bella is the most loved and cherished not to mention spoiled pooch on this planet!! She is my heart. She is my ride or die. Bella is so smart and extremely funny!
The cutest little ball of fluff I’ve ever seen! She’s very feisty as you can see from her ‘growl’😂😂 she loves belly rubs and toys that resembles food lol
Tinkerbell is a funny Scottish Fold. You can see by her pictures that we find her in all sorts of weird positions...she is a mess!
A spunky little kitten full of love, energy, and curiosity. When she is isn’t playing with anything she finds, she enjoys snuggling up to her humans neck and falling asleep.
135 (give or take a few) pounds of fluff! Loves to run away and eat $5000 laptops. Acts like a cat, hates water and attention unless it’s on his terms. Will definitely suffocate you at night by laying on your face.
Loves treats, sleeping, and cuddling with her mommy.
Lucky was found abandoned in the laundry room of a hotel on 10/22/20. He is the spitting image of my fiances cat that passed about a month ago. He is very loved already.
My name is Archie, one of my cute little hobbies is having my tongue out all the times and just being cute :)
Stubby is 2 months old but he already full of life! He loves to play all day and enjoys his daily naps! He is a bundle of joy!
Suge is a rescue from a puppy mill! He’s an energetic pup! He loves attention and loves to torture his big sister! He’s two and he has the actions and mind of any toddler! Hell capture your entire heart 😍❤️🐶
I am Harley! A one and a half year old Beagle. I have a ton of energy and I am so playful. I love chewing on my people's shoes, sorry guys!!! I love to cuddle with my family and enjoy playing with my big brother Wheezy!
Hi my name is baby, I’m a total foodie and I absolutely love a car ride! I love everyone so don’t hesitate to vote for me!
Charlie is a 2 year old, German Shepherd rescue, from Cape Breton, Canada. We call him 3 'O Clock Charlie, because of his party ear. He's a country pup. He loves to go to the barn and help with the chores. If we could keep him out of the horse manure, that would be terrific ...but...not likely. His best bud is a 9 year old Pitbull mix. They love to wrassle. When I'm sad, he knows and nuzzles his wet nose in my neck because he understands it makes me laugh. Everybody that treats their pet well, loves them as family members and thinks their pet is exceptional. We think this way about Charlie. He is the best thing that's happened to our family and we wouldn't trade him for the world. ❤️
Misty Mae
My name is Misty Mae, I am the sweetest kitten. My mommy loves me so much! I do have the zoomies somtimes and go crazy with my toys, but what kitten doesn't??
When she's not sleeping or chasing leaves, you can find Mollie posing for the paw-perazzi.
my sweet drexel baby loves to chew on everything but his toys 🤣 he is always ready for food and loves to nap.
Caesar is a fun and very lovable beagle he loves to run and play with the jids and drops down and rolls over for his belly rubs.
Brutus was adopted on March 7, 2020 after being out in the woods for 3 months with no food or water so my wife and I adopted him from the Preble County Humane Society
Theodore is a 6 months old Portuguese Water Dog.
Requires: -Boxes -Food -Sleep
This beauty was adopted last Monday and has been brightening my days! Her owner went to hospital and could no longer look after her; she was about to go to anshelter. She's a 5 months kitten who loves playing hide-and-seek. She follows me the whole time and when I'm working, she sleeps in her bed, right next to me. I can't stop telling her how much I'm glad to have found her. She's adorable!
I was a rescue! I was brought in from outside! Now I live with my momma and my sister Meeka! I dont know how old I am but im happy and healthy!
I am 4 months old! I love to run and play! And i like to annoying my mom when shes trying to sleep! I love to cuddle! My mom was a tabby cat but i dont know what my dad was. I think tuxedo cat.
Freyja loves to curl up on your chest and nuzzle your neck❤️❤️❤️. Always knows when I’m having a panic attack, and knows how to calm me down. ❤️❤️❤️
The most affectionate cat I've ever known. He is always happy. He is my son's emotional support and mine. He can read your emotions and know when he's needed, even when you don't know you need him.
Rudy is 10 weeks old so very playful. His favourite thing to do is nibble toes and snuggle with my other staffy, Dayzee.
After a hard fundraising activity session, Ed loves nothing more than cwtching with his favourite blanky
Bruno is a 9 week old Frenchie!!
Chase is a funny , energetic, loving dog ❤️
Kona loves to talk and have conversations especially when you take her toys! She LOVES the dog park and playing with other dogs.
Tai is a bundle of Joy. Little girl with a big personality. Loves people and children and the occasional treat. Sleep eat and repeat. Lives for Sausages. 💛
Bella is VERY playful. She loves a jingley Ball, And a Chewy Chicken treat, She has a attitude, Wants the kingsize bed to herself. But a very unique character. My best friend. Wouldnt change her for the world ❤
Hi! My name is Tango! I’m a Pomsky! My mom is a Husky and my dad is a Pomeranian. I definitely think I got my mom’s good looks! I like to play outside and chase leaves. I also like to play with my toys and take walks with my new family. If you think I’m cute please vote for me!! Thank you! 💙🐶
Oreo Nicole l
Oreo was 8 weeks old when her Grandma and Mom mom got her. I cat sat her for them July 17-25 2016. She Officially became mine on July 27 2016. History was made and I will never Regret my Decision about Keeping Her. She is my Light of my life my reason to smile 😊her birthday is October 19th 2015
Princess is the main entertainment around him you never know where she may be hiding.
She’s really shy but she’s the sweetest cat ever! Even though she’s shy, she loves when you pet her stomach:) She also loves looking out windows and laying on shoes👟
Chico is the most loveable, snuggly, perfect pooch! He is 7 months old and already has such a personality!❤️
Hi, my name is Luna! I am an American Shorthair Cat. I live in Illinois with my amazing people. I am really playful and love to cuddle!
I’m an 8 month old Boxer/Pitt. I was recently adopted from a rescue and now live in my forever home and I love it here! I like to cuddle, play, and go on walks!