Dog cat Stories - 82


Lady Luna
This is Lady Luna I rescued her an hour before she was to be killed, they were going to put her down because she is old. She is in perfect condition just an old lady. How cute is she not to love!
Hi everyone, my name is Cadbury but you can call me Caddy. My bday is July 20th and Im about to be 15 months old. Although I'm just a little guy both age wise and physically, I got a BIG heart and an even bigger personality! Sometimes my mom even accuses me of being half human. I love cuddling as close to my mama as possible even if it means I'm pushing her off the bed! I love all of my toys, my chewy sticks, and my little balls that I either hide around the house or wait til someone throws them down the hallway so I can fetch them. But I HATE when my mom puts these things you humans call "clothes" on me. I just want to be naked and Free!! Can you tell that my mama is my favorite person in the whole wide world??? Theres so much I can tell you about me but I just want to thank you for voting for me! I love you guys! Love, Caddy🐶
Ms Buttersworth
Ms Buttersworth is a 3 legged beauty who has been adopted by a loving mum and dad. She loves nothing more than rubbing her chin on anything she can.
Keke loves, long walks, dog parks and hoarding all the dog toys to her self. She loves attention and being cuddled! Her personality is beyond spunky and hyper!
Sebastians brother & leader of my cat crew, and a big baby💕
Sebastian is shy, 2yrs old but when he warms up he is a big ball of love💕
Teddy is a gentle soul. His favorite toy is his green gator. Loves his treats. And he won't let anyone wear sock, he nibbles at your ankles till you give them up.
She is 6months old and she's a diva & knows it😻 Loves to eat the others food, thinks it all about her💕
Stan Stella
Stan is 3 and Stella who's 7 mnth big brother They both like adventures long walks and balls love people
Hooch is 25 weeks old he loves his toy and going out walks
Dinky And Mars
These too are mischievous, this is the only time they get along, in sleep.
Olivia runs the show. If she wants to be near you, she will, if she doesn’t, she won’t acknowledge you. She is a Princess and knows how to get what she wants.
Kiara Boots
She wants you to know she has a very soft belly and she promises not to bite you if you pet it (not too hard anyway) 😻
Sevy is my baby🥰. He's very chatty and follows us everywhere around the house. He trots around the house like he owns it but lets be real, that's because he does😀. We adore him like he adores us 💜
He is energetic. He eats like a pig. He loves playing “tag” with my other fish Wonder Woman.
Lolli can break dance, her favorite snack is cheese & she can cheer up the grouchiest of grouches. She lives the true pug life. 😎
Oliver has a short tail. Loves to talk. Loves car rides.
Simba is 9 weeks old playful and very cheeky when he sneaks up and jumps on you .
Sheba is a hot mess! I raised her from scratch!! She loves to play with Lucy, Socks, and the Cats! Minnie is jealous of her because Sheba gets all the attention!!!
Sugar is a cat who loves to hunt, play, sleep, and eat! She gets on our scales and tries to weigh himself!! Drives the dogs wild by walking on the pen for the dogs or lay on top of their dog houses!!
Cooper is a red fox lab; also known as "baby elephant" or "the big lug."
Phoebe loves nothing more than playing hide and seek, she is a very loving girl but loves a bit of mischief
Minnie should have been named outlaw!!! She loves to chase cats, squirrels, and who knows what else! She loves to wonder if you let her! She is such a loveable baby ❤️
Maple is a 6 month calico kitty who was rescued from a shelter in Upstate NY! She loves to climb curtains and play with her tunnel! Her favorite toy is a tye dye string that she carries around. And when she is done she likes to suckle on a blanket and sleep with her mom!
We found Kohle in August 2011. I was going to Target to buy a suitcase and instead ended up with a cat. I saw some paws running under a car and I got out and was able to pick him up. We've had him ever since. He's very intelligent and keeps us busy with his antics. Black cats are the best and should not be overlooked as pets!!
Doodle was dropped off as a kitten last year ,, he’s really smart, lovable , and gets along with my other cats
Hello everyone!. I'm Sabrina. 12 years old. I know, I'm older than you but I still have a young spirit!. My mom found me when I was around 2 months is a parking lot, starving, alone and beging for some love. I follow my mom till her building and she says why not? . She took all the fleas from my body, the fleas where all over the house, including her bed, but she did a good job killing them and feeding me. Now we have 12 years together and I protect her with my life, I clean her sometimes and We sleep together. I love chicken, ham and treats!!!. And I think Halloween is my favorite Season, you should know why🐈🖤🎃
Simon Fisher
Simon, was a rescue from Georgia. He loves cuddling kisses and craves attention.. he enjoys exploring the outdoors.. he loves chasing leaves and climbing trees.. he puts a smile on everyone's face wherever he goes..
Tucker likes being an only child, playing with bugs, watching birds and squirrels, treats, being brushed and playing with his toys 💕
Milo is a crazy crazy doggo who is obsessed with tennis balls and loves long walks on the rio grande💙🎾
Es un chico dulce simpático y sobre todo muy amoroso y le encanta jugar,dormir y comer y le encanta que le tomen fotos sólo pesa 3 libras y media es como un peluche si vas a salir el té espera en la puerta para que sepan que el también quiere ir si te ve vistiéndote el quiere que le pongas su ropa aunque no lo creas el es así
Frankie is a 2 month old puggle who is enjoying Halloween
Bali is a rescue cat, who has already had 2 litters hence why she is so small!! She is now enjoying being a kitten again, playing, schnacking and snuggling! She likes nothing better than to crawl up under the covers and purr you to sleep!
They didn’t have my breed guess I’m too different 🤷🏽‍♂️ Just a baby Pomsky with a exciting life ahead of me, I like car rides, and lots of walks vote for me ! And follow my Instagram @Amiri_Exclusive
Noah is a loving, affectionate cat. He makes friends with any animal he meets, such as bunnies, ferrets, pet rats( many of my daughter's pets she's had). When we're ill he stays by our side to comfort us till we feel better. Noah's the best cat I've ever had!
Scrappy Doo
I love snuggles. I love to wake up and bark at all the bedroom doors in the morning to wake up my “brothers”. If I am up, they should be too, right?! I love staring with my puppy eyes, while anyone takes a bite of yummy food. I love to bury all my toys around the home, because I love finding them later, I love surprises! I love to chase bugs flying around my head outside, I am a pretty good hunter! My family thinks I am a good boy, they give me lots of kisses and scratch behind my ears which makes my legs move uncontrollably....I don’t mind at all, feels good! My mom says it is the year of 2020, where anything is possible right?! ❤️🐾❤️
Jasper is the most loving dog. He has brought me lots of joy and happiness. He loves to jump and lay with his Mommy
Murry is a 5 year old Golden Retriever/Border Colie who is a rescue from Phoenix, AZ. Murry is very calm and loves to chase squirrels, rabbits, and cats. Currently Murry provides service to his owner Anna as she suffers from depression and anxiety after losing her family. Please vote for Murry as he deserves all the votes and love he can get!
Zena is so playful and loves to run laps of the house 😂
Jake is a fatty at heart who loves to destroy tennis balls. He has floppy puppy ears for life
Beni loves to sunbathe, cuddle, meow loudly for no reason and drink from any water source in the house.
This little guy was adopted from yhe cathouse here in Louisville. I actually picked him because he was the least adoptable. He hissed and was scared of everyone and everything. Its been a little over a month of working with him. So far i am the only human that he will let pet him but hes finally come out of hiding. Hes playing and climbing the cat tree. He is getting along with my other cat snickers. Slowly one day at a time, hes learning to trust. One person at a time, hes starting to come out and let people in. I dont see how anyone could have surrendered and returned this guy. I dont know what happened to him to make him so fearfull but his progress is amazing.
Fluffs is a very gentle lady, she does everything softly. She comes running when I rub my index finger and thumb together and sits on my lap until I have to get up. She rolls around and meows when she wants her belly rubbed. She loves her green toy that she’s had since she was a kitten (8 years ago) and She is my best friend
Murphy is a 3 year old Chiweenie. He loves the car, sleeping in his spider and cuddling with his Momma. He now has a baby sister, Daphne, a 3.5 month old German Shepherd...he's getting used to her. His big brother, Duke, is also a GSD. Murphy is a little dog, that thinks he's a GSD. He's the best!
Bagheera is a sweetheart. He is very loving and loyal especially to my daughter who is his actual owner. He needs to be by her all the time but he loves pets from everyone.
Apollo is a loving caring little pupper. We all love him so much. He is an energetic playful pupper.
Sir. Chub'S
Sir. Chub's 👑, 1of 3 Son's .. Brother of 3 Sister's To Mama DogDaisy 1 of the Lucky 6 still living home with our Hooman's, as we're the 6 Looked overs Leftovers of Mum's Litter of 11 Pittpup's. I'm a lover of All food and I know it too and it is the same as my 5 sibling's and MamaDog Daisy too. Love to play in the Little Blue pools, Love my Dayla Mom, Love walking leash free in the fields with mom, Love Birdies,they're my friends, Love the life my mom's given me and I will be here for my family Pod living in loving Loyal HAPPY FOREVER. Connecticut is great to see if you want to relax in the country,or Drive over to Rhode Island to see the Atlantic ocean Miles of Endless Beach's as Mommy loves to swim in ocean, BEAVERTAIL is her ❤. Winter's Cold,White, We still use both our 2 Little Blue Pool's when They freeze Solid, Fun exercise too when we Bust em Up into big Big chunks of Ice and knocking ice all around and down into the courtyard area and Tunneling through 3 feet of Snow that is PAWSITIVLY perfect and keeps us all clean too. Im Sir.Chub's 👑 Proud to say I love Representing The State of Connecticut USA 🇺🇸 PLEASE VOTE FOR ME Thank You so much! From us all here in Thompson CT USA We are all just so excited to be here and we're.. The Lucky "7"🍀at The Bates Dog House 🐾
Tucker is a 14 month old Golden Retriever. Tucker loves belly scratches, tennis balls and treats.