Dog cat Stories - 82


Deo is a Pomeranian-Yorkshire Terrier with a giant ego. Leaf killer, toilet paper destroyer, ultimate cuddler.
A dapper gentleman
Just a baby baked Potato
Peppet is a whole character. She is always sitting up like a perosn ready to have a conversation with you. Shes a rescue thats been through a lot but shes a fighter. Shes looking to soon have her arm amputated due to an altercation with another dog but for now she stays thriving.
Charlie is the sweetest dog! She feels empathy for her humans and her animal friends. She’s also the bionic puppy and has two metal arms after breaking both front legs before she was even 1 years old!
Sasha Michelle
My name is Sasha! Im a 14 wk old Husky mix rescue that LOVES to play..going to work with my mom at her salon and getting into EVERYTHING! Im very sassy and love to talk... i never let anyone get a word in..especially my sister. Im spoiled rotton...i definitely keep everyone on their toes!
London is a black and chocolate something. She just adopted us and we love her. She is my whole world. She is very shy and chill at 11 months old!
Drogo is just another shelter dog with a rough past. Originally when I adopted him I hated him. He was difficult and never listened. I kept working with him and even joined group classes. Once he started getting used to me he started naturally alerting. We ended up becoming extremely close. I ended up dropping out of in seat college to train him as a service dog. I was at an extremely low point in my life and didn’t think I’d make it through alive. He helped change that. Overtime he learned more and more. He was my best friend for years. He never stopped learning new things. After he was fully trained and started working him and I were inseparable. He has been by my side for years. I’ve never been without him. Drogo has gone above and beyond to save me everyday by tasking. He is only 4 and just recently was diagnosed with end stage kidney failure. He is showing no symptoms but is retired from public access work and is only being used at home for tasking. He isnt skipping a beat in his job which amazes me. As he is sick but still wants to save me every day. I think that is a dog who is an absolute hero.
Figaro is always dressed for the occasion in his tuxedo. He is tall, dark & handsome. He would rather you wait for him to greet you first. If he is feeling particularly flirty he will have a gentle gnaw on your finger whilst you stroke him.
1 yearold red husky 😁
Ellie Mae
Ellie Mae has been a Super Hero this year from all she's been thru. We almost lost her June 2 & has had over 40 ICU, ER, & Vet trips. Her lil buddy Moose is always by her side, everybime
Jack And Diane
Hi, Julie here. My owner says I’m a Jellicle cat. Whatever that means. Im a magical cat. Like socks, fur example, you see it one moment and then it is gone then you find it one day laying out on the lawn! There never was a cat so clever as magical Mrs. Julie!
Tanker is our Lover Boy!! He loves everybody he gives you a look 👀 sweet loving look & you can’t help but just to pet him he is so so soft because he is a smooth coat chihuahua.. He loves to give you Hugs too, you just say hug & hit your chest he would put his head down on your chest looking at you w/those sweet eyes!! He will also dance on he back legs, so graceful at it to moving is front legs one over the other. ♥️😇🙏🏼🐾
Denali is actually a Pomsky! Her breed wasn’t available as a choice so because she looks more like a husky over a pomeranian I choose to list her as a husky! She loves chasing after leaves blowing in the wind! She likes long walks and grabbing a stick or two on the way! She also loves her afternoon naps! They are a must! Favorite things to do with Dad are, driving in the car and playing fetch!
LillieBullyBean is 8 mos old & loves to antagonize her sister Princess (poodle yorkie mix) she LOVES to chew on marrow bones, cruise in moms car everywhere. And wait for humans to drop whatever they are eating. Follow us on TikTok @ ali_docious78
Maverick is such an energetic happy boy! He loves to play and loves people! He will steal your heart as soon as you meet him!
Casper is our lover boy cat! He hugs and kisses non stop! He is one big boy with a big heart! He greets everyone. He is one special cat!
He is sweet and fun. Very loving and loves everyone he meets. He has a big heart and a big personality!
such a big baby, loves cuddles, & loves to eat EVERYTHING :) he loves people & will love you too if you vote for him 🥰
Luna Aka Attack Cat
Luna is my forever kitten, still only 6 lbs at 3 years old. She’s silly, loves her lazer pointer and climbing everything.
Molly loves to play with her toys, she loves to play fight with dad. She is a little diva. She loves to go for rides in the car she is so spoiled and our little princess.
I am Sebastian, and i am a rescued jit from a litter of a stray tabby! Don’t know who my father is, but thank you for my beautiful eyes! My mom saved me & my 2 brothers from the trap house. Now i’m an inside cat. Real boujee. Nap all day PSSSS PSSS PSS all night. Vote for me if you’re a cool cat😼
She loves to be brushed,run an play! Gets along with other dogs an out cat!
Mocha is two months old and she loves to play! While she can be go, go, go at times, she also loves to cuddle! Her mom is a lab/pit mix and her dad is a boxer/shepard mix so it will definitely be fun to see her grow up!
Well what can you say except that she is absolutely a character in person. One thing is the size of her head from all the compliments she gets! She has to say hi to absolutely everyone she comes in contact with and plays with ALL the dogs. And when she’s home, you can find her running around chasing the cat! Or going they every single toy in her toy box!
Mocha is the sweetest, fiesty, greedy, playful, loveable, baby I’ve ever know! Everyone loves her! She enjoys being rubbed, pampered, taking baths, and getting cute to prance around! She loves to eat, rest, go for rides and play with her toys!
Nala Is a American bully Blue Fawn puppy with a great personality & very Good Listening skills... .... Her breed Is A Rear Breed And Very Hard To Come By ... She Has A Tan Coat With White Under her body... Nala is a very beautiful puppy Her looks will dazzle you and leave you in aweee with a Face that BEAUTIFUL she deserves every vote she is sooo adorable 😍
The only male from a litter of eight, Mason was adopted by a first time kitty mom. Mason loves going on walks, looking out windows to creep on the neighbors, and making friends with every new person he meets. Mason is a handsome spoiled boy who knows it.
Pogo is his name because he jumps like a pogo stick....not kidding LOL
Minnie Mustache
Minnie is a spunky little kitten.
Simba is 3 months old now. Enjoys being outside running around in the grass, playing in water, and cuddling right up next to you!
Beanie is what we believe to be a Malchi... Maltese & Applehead Chihuahua mix. He is a lil ham and a mamas boy to say the least! He is also 1 of 4 furbabies the 3rd oldest of 4. And even though he is the smallest he is like the big brother of the bunch, lol. He looks out for everyone! Especially his (twise his size) littermate twin Louie! Those 2 are inseparable. But my Beans is just adorable andy lil shadow! 😍
He bows his head before each meal. It’s adorable
Princess is a rescue and cancer survivor! She is such a sweet girl 👑
She is a very good dog and she listen very good and she bring joy to my life.
Matilda is part hound and part lab. She loves all of her stuffed animals and loves pulling the cotton out of them even more!🙃 She loves attention and is also very vocal.
Mr. Bubbles
I found Mr. Bubbles during a home visit I was on for work. He ran to me, being chased by his owner that was yelling and asked if I wanted a free dog. I could see his ribs, he was mistreated and ran to me for help. So, I took him home, we went to the vet and took care of all his needs. He is a loveable, sweet, handsome boy that has all the love and care he can get now.
Layla is a loveable, sweet girl that joined our family a year ago. We bought her to help our beautiful daughter be more active as she has Down Syndrome, JRA and heart issues. Layla has been everything we had hoped for and more!
Ko-ko Fly
Hey guys 😊 this is Ko-Ko, he was born January 21st, 2021. He loves to play outside, he’s small but full of love and energy. Ko-Ko is very friendly and he loves meeting new people. Please vote for our baby 💙
Frisk is the MOST clever boy. He loves watching tv and napping by the window after a long day of running or chewing on his favorite toys. He knows SO many commands and all of our daily routines as well. Frisk is such a baby and the only bad thing he ever does is steal my spot on the heating pad! Honestly, he deserves the world and I intend to give it to him one way or another.
Lulu came in at a time when our hearts were absolutely broken. In many ways she is a lot like her sister in heaven. She is an absolute nut job with absolutely zero respect for personal space, and I wouldn’t want her any other way. This morning I woke up her her sleeping on my head. She loves her pawrents, her nana, @theventuringvet, and is OBSESSED with her sister. Fetch is her favorite sport, and she gets really offended when neighbors play catch without her. She falls asleep the moment she gets warm. She enjoys sitting by the window and people watching on sunny days. She is incredibly fast, mischievous, and impossibly light on her feet. We are working on confirming if is in fact a wizard as she appears to teleport from place to place at the sound of food and squeaky toys. She may just be hiding in plain sight with us Muggles.
Dudley is my Dad’s best friend, my little brother & my moms little buddy. He has filled their home with love, joy & kisses. Good luck to everyone. Every pet is a winner her❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nala is the sweetest little kitty with a funny personality, she loves attention and cuddles!
Koda is a rescue pup that was found at a demoing site. He was sleeping in a pile of trash. Ever since getting him he has come out of his little shell. He loves to play and sleep. He also really loves the beach. His favorite toy currently is a little stuffed cow that goes everywhere with him.