Dog cat Stories - 81


I am a lovely little cat who loves to lounge and show off my belly to everyone. If you're lucky, I might stick my tongue out too.
Banner is an "Incredible" dog! He loves his Mom, Dad, and sister Marvel!
Butters is a sweet girl who will always be by your side.
She was found at a week old. She melted my heart from day one. She is my little princess. Her name is a play off of Mui Mui which means beautiful feather.
She was found with two of her sisters. She is a bottle fed baby. She is very affectionate quite the talker. She is definitely a cuddly purr bug.
Very loving!
Loves to play!
Hi! I’m Wolfie. I’m a Himalayan and Persian mix. My family tells me that I’m a sweetheart. I will gladly warm your lap or give you entertainment with playing with my favorite toy.
Thanos is a very loving silly boy. We rescued him from the street when he was a kitten ever since then he filled our house with joy and more love
🐕 January/February 2021-To those who’ve voted: Thank you so much for the love and support! 🐾 —This here is our handsome boy, Apollo. He’s a long haired, fawn merle chihuahua. Right now Apollo is having the time of his life because it’s his favorite season — winter time! He loves to hop in the snow like a rabbit and he enjoys racing his brother and the love of his life (sorry he’s taken haha) throughout the yard and dog park. Check out some of his adventures below:
My name is darcie I was seized under the law called breed Specific legislation on the 29th April 2014 I was just 10 months old at the time What did I do I hear u ask the answer is nothing in the eyes of this law I just looked the wrong way In the eyes of this law I looked dangerous so they took me and held me in kennels for 10 long months while my mummy fort in court to get me back Just imagine being taken away from the people u love and the ones that love u locked away when u have done nothing wrong I got very poorly in kennels to I almost didn’t make it through My mummy fort a long hard fight for me and she won I was allowed to go home as an exempted dog But I have restrictions to my Exemption I’m not allowed to run free off lead in a public place and I have to wear a muzzle even when I go out in the car My mummy has to have yearly insurance for me I’m am free but while this law stands I will never be safe they can come for me again We also lost our home and had to move far away from our family and friends Hundreds of dogs like me go through this each year some of us don’t make it home this law kills us We need u to help us fight this law we need u to be our voice Please vote for me if I get placed the money will be going to a fantastic team who fight to get dogs like me home and to get this law changed and hopefully gone for good I’m a loving loyal fur baby with a family who absolutely adores me as do I with them 💓
Sir Versace Rupert Allen was brought into this world on a chilly April day in 2020 and we brought him home 5 weeks later. He was saved from a neglective breeder that pulled him away from his biological mother way too soon into his life. But my partner and I knew God brought Versace into our lives for a reason. We not only saved him, but he saved us. He brought so much love and happiness into our home. I am so happy to be his Mummy and him be my darling son. He is so photogenic and so natural in front of a camera. I just had to enter him into this KingPet contest because we know our baby deserves a chance! Vote for Versace as much as you can luvs, pretty please. And remember, puppy kisses are COVID-FREE! So for however many times you vote, Versace owes you a kiss! ♥
Minnie was rescued after being abandoned in a rain storm from under a bush. She is learning to overcome her fear with our love and interactions with people. Show her some love
Max is a snuggly boy
Lola Renea
Lola loves to play with her toys, she plays so hard that I have to clean up after her everyday like I have a toddler 🤣🤣
Hello his name is Meeko and he is a 8 month old husky. He is a sweet, precious boy who is very loved by his 2 mommies. Meeko loves car rides, and dog parks to play with his friends. Loves tummy rubs and stuff animals with squeakers. He hates the vacuum, will bark at it if his mommy is cleaning the house or if the vacuum is just standing there. He also hates the rain, won’t go outside potty if it’s raining. But during the summer time he loves to play in the water Lol. He’s just a bundle on joy. Blessed to have him.
Skye is my rescue, she was very skittish in the beginning but once she knew she was safe and warm she became the sweetest lil love bug. Her defence mechanism seems to be rolling and showing her tummy to everyone who approaches, although she does love to prey on unsuspecting toes (as I’m sure most do). Everytime a camera is pointed her way she poses as if she knows I’m going to show her off to everyone (which of course I do, just look at her precious face)
Pinkie is the sweetest lil cutie, loves his snuggles but has the speed of a cheetah 🤣zoomies after he’s had his favourite snacks
Mabel is very loving and affectionate cat, she has the most gorgeous turquoise eyes, how can you not love them !
This silly boy loves to play, loves peanut butter and loves to cuddle! All around best boy ever!! I mean c'mon look at that smile!!
Chico is a 4 months old border collie. Hes such a sweetheart. He has one white paw and a white chest.
Paige is 1 of 10 pups that one of my drop offs had...Her and Fred are brother and sister..she is the cutest thing ever! She is pigeoned toed only her back feet, but when she walks she just twist her luttle behind...and she will talk can say time for bed and she will look right at me and say no..she and her best friend whisper love chasing eaxh other around....she loves her momma best of all..
Fred was a year old on january the sixth...he is one of 10 that one of my drop off had..he is a gentle giant, but thinks he is a lap dog..he love to run and play...and hunting deer...he got one the other day...
Whisper again is one that loves the lovin...she wants to be right next to you at all times...she is extremely smart...once again a drop off, but then someone tried to shoot her, and would have if i hadnt stepped in, and she has been with me ever sense...she is just alittle over a year old.
He loves to play ball and cuddle.He is a big talker he has alot to say ❤️He is just a big goofy cat that loves to be loved he and his sister Gemma are very intertaining ❤️
Norman is another drop off out where i live...oh my goodness he is the sweetest thing ever, i just cant imagine someone not wanting him. But im the lucky one. He loves to play ball he loves running after the ball, but then he wants me to go get it and throw it again...but most of all he just want to be loved on...
Sargent Stubby
Stubby is a drawf Lab...he is very sweet, and also very hard headed..He loves morning loves alot..and his belly scratched..but what he loves 2nd to best is beung outside, and his #1 favorite thing is eating..
Snoopy is a loving family dog. He has a loving & fun nature. He loves long walk and exploring new places. He is a very gorgeous boy!
Poppy is a loving family dog. She loves playing with children, long walks & lots of fuss! She is a very beautiful dog, with such a kind nature.
Lil Bit
Lil Bit came to us from a girl giving kittens away. We immediately fell in love with each other and after 4 1/2yrs still don't leave each others side! She's my precious baby ❤
Jack is the most loving and caring animal ever he is so chill and loves to relax with you he loves to run on the beach in the sand and make new friends
Gibbs is a rescue Dog from Hungary and is also my service dog. He loves walks, and cuddles and chasing pussycats x
Frank is a rescue. He came from a horrible situation. He came from Michigan to live in Ny. He is adored by his family and friends. Frank goes to work with his Mommy on a regular basis. He visits the folks at an adult living facility and LOVES his job of being a Companion dog. Hes the true meaning to a Gentle Giant. Being a rescue we dont know his date of birth. We guess hes about 8 years old. His gotcha date is june/2017. Please vote for Frankie.
Winter is a rescue dog. I was out looking for an apartment Arizona with my daughters I saw her running down a busy street. I said a prayer for her. I prayed that God would sent her to someone who would love her and take care of her. As we were moving into the apartment she showed up. Little did I know that someone was going to be me. She was dirty underweight and her fur was matted badly. I decided to get her cleaned up to help her feel better. So I took her to get her shots and cleaned up. And what a big difference that made. Anyway she’s been with me 6 years now. She is such a blessing to me. Winter likes to be in charge. LOL she loves her treats and being outdoors. She can be grumpy at times. And there are two other dogs in the household and they know Winter in charge. Tryy to find the owner unsuccessfully. So I took her and got her her shots and got her groom.she has been a part of my heart and life since we got her.
Hi my name is Belle. I love to give kisses and snuggle up next to you all night long.
Holly is a german shepard lab mix. She is 3 years old. She loves to adventure and goes anywhere with me. Her favorite thing to do is play hide and seek with my kids!
Scotty is a fluffy little man and loves to cuddle! He has Cerebellar Hypoplasia but is resilient. Vet told us him and his sisters wouldn’t have a chance or much of a life. All of them are proving her wrong everyday! He loves walking and running with his sisters! He is learning more everyday!
Hi there! My name is coraline and i'm actually a pomsky! That's a pomeranian and husky mix but I also have a little corgi in from my moms side :) i'm a very sweet little 7 month old girl who loves nothing but giving hoomans kisses and snuggles. I love being held but can be a real wiggle worm in your arms! I just have so much energy I need to expell! I also love chasing my tail and doing zoomies in my parents living room with all my energy. I would love it if you guys voted for me because mom and dad thinks my cuteness needs to be shared all over!
He's got a great personality very sweet playful very unique he plays with my husband so cute he follows him
Ajax loves to run and play until he can’t anymore! His favorite toys are anything that squeaks, especially squeaky tennis balls! His favorite things to do are cuddle and dock dive which he just started last summer and came in 2nd in his first competition! His biggest fear is missing out on anything so he is usually within 2 feet of his family all the time.
Maxx loves his adopted momma Harley, he loves to chase birds, and likes to be a baby and whimper when he doesn't get what he wants. He sleeps on his back all the time, and never misses his meal times. He is the sweetest boy, and he loves to be cute. Especially when he is in trouble.
Loves to sleep, eat, play
Star loves to sleep She loves to play a lot She’s the cutter cat ever
I love bathing in the sun, especially in this spacious humon kayak! 😊
Oliver is a lover and always wants to be by your side. He loves to play fetch. His eyes will melt your heart!