Dog cat Stories - 81


Princess was abandoned by her old owners when I was petting sitting for her they never came back and blocked me on contacting them but ever since she has been my best friend
yoda was born on september 6 of 2020 and we got him when he 5 weeks old because his mom was abusing him and his siblings. yoda was the quietest baby ever but now he likes to yell/scream, moo like a cow, and have the zoomies. he is also very loving and fun to be around.
Sasha is a 4 year old Chiweenie (chihuahua/dachshund mix) rescue. She is sweet, loving and protective. She always has to be where her humans are, especially her momma! She is definitely a lap dog and loves to sleep under the covers with her humans. Her favorite games are tug of war and fetch (though you have to play tug of war to get the ball back after you throw it to her). She always makes us laugh and loves us as much as we love her💕
♥️L’il Bit B🐶LT⚡️🐾🐾 thinks that he has super powers just like the Disney pup Bolt❣️Bolt is always making us laugh 😂🤣He loves to run fast 💨 and play with all his pack & chase kitty 🐱 cats‼️He is a rescue dog & therapy sweetie that has stolen our hearts💞✨We are still paying a huge care credit on the veterinary $$$$ for our beloved Mustacheio,so it would be awesome to help pay 💰 some of it off.😘 TYSM ✨💋 kisses👅✨💖💫
Huey B
Huey B is a Mini Golden doodle. He is very outgoing puppy! He loves to run through the grass. He also love to sun bathe. Huey B really enjoys going to the dog park and having fun with the other pups. He is less than a year. He will be turning 1 years old on APRIL 20th.
Hi my name is Patty, I have an insatiable love for water. My Mum struggles to keep me out of even the smallest of puddles. I give amazing cuddles, I am the youngest at home, I have an older brother and sister who are both ironically WAY smaller than me. It’s my job to protect them and be the Alpha of the pack, I do an amazing job. :)
Well just look at him ❤️
Flash is a good old soul
Shilo heels, he prays before dinner and he respects the parents!
He loves bubbles and leaves!
Chubby loves to rides the motorcycle with his daddy,,he loves to run..very loving and gives equal amount of affection, very loving and very loyal to his owners..he does a few tricks and listens very well...
Banditt loves to play ball and loves to play with his stuffed baby's and is a hard working sevice dog he loves his mommy so much and boy does he know he is handsome
Casey is certainly my hero. After being shot multiple times and my only child Tyler, being killed by his father, I was terribly empty. My boyfriend surprised me with this precious baby. I’m blessed with these two Hero’s!
Fergal is a 3 year old Ragdoll. He enjoys sleeping, running around the house, eating & playing his his favourite toy ‘the pepper’
Bowie is a complete goofball. He's sweet, funny, loving, and a total treat monster. He'll do anything for food, so training him has been a breeze.
Stevie loves sitting in the weirdest positions haha, he loves his little rubber whale toys and chews them to pieces and adoressss catnip!
Reign is a sweet loving little girl. She has accomplished so much over the week she has been home with me. She is very smart and outgoing. She loves to give morning kisses to her mommy. Her nickname is happy feet 🥰🥰😍😍
Rona, is half persian and half calico. He may look like a fluffy cat but don't let him fool you, he is actually a dog in a cat's body. Rona, loves to play fetch with his jingle balls, he loves belly rubs, he is harness trained and goes for walks outside and in public, he cries for attention constantly and he chews on everything he can get in his mouth. Rona's favorite treet is mini marshmallows, but of course he doesn't get them often since it is not healthy for cats. Even though he is clearly a dog, he also shows some cat behavior. He will put his fluffy butt in my face, especially after using the litter box, he is a wiz at stepping on keyboards and pawing at your feet as you walk up or down the stairs, and sometimes he just freaks out and runs around the room for no reason. Rona is the best cat I have ever owed and the best cat I will ever own.
Hi Guys I'm Chewy🥰 A Couple Things About Me Is I Love Spending Time With My Mom & Family. I Love Running Around Outside & My Favorite Thing To Do Is Bird & Squirrel Watch Through The Window
Sweet Pea
SweetPea is an older chihuahua mix rescue, I picked her up from a local police station in WA state. The police thought she might have been abandoned at a local truck stop. In this photo She was smiling enjoying a comfy chair by electric fire place, when, her 2 year old chug brother started rolling around next to her. Smiling yet not in the perfect state of happiness any more. Brothers will be brothers!!
Armani is a new addition to the family. Armani is exploring his new home as we are enjoying watching him grow. He is a loving and cuddly little guy who loves his parents as we sure love him.
Gracee wears her heart on her sleeve and befriends any living being thing she meets, even cats! She has a fear of rabbits. She also gets grumpy when she is not getting pets. She is 15 years old believe it or not.
Nicky is the loving and fun pup in our whole family. He was our lil miracle born on Christmas of 2020. Every day is amazing with a playful puppy like Nicky!
Odie is a two year old dog who loves going outside, playing fetch and chasing squirrels 😂.
Spidey is such a majestic and honorable cat to have. He is the protector of our home and family. He doesn’t trust easily but he is loyal to you for life if he does. He enjoys catching bugs and playing with his toys. He can be a bit of a goof ball and tries to sneak up on us to scare us. He loves naps with his family, being brushed, and sitting in an open window looking at the birds and people passing by. We just adore our Spidey!
Alma is a 6 month old cavapoo. She’s the sweetest baby. She loves to play with other dogs (big and small) and chew on her toys. She’s always got to be touching her humans when she’s sleeping. She loves cuddles. And her favorite thing in the world is belly rubs. She is our whole world.
He’s a giant teddy bear
Sita is a rescue . She's a chiweenie that's loves toy's gets so excited to get a new one.
Ivy may is a year old. She loves to play dress up and lots of snacks . Her favorite toy is Doug the pug stuffed animal.
zander loves kisses and meeting new people, also he loves his brother (soon to be here 👶🏼). he’s full of energy and will steal your heart!!
Mooshy loves to play and cuddle (:
I am a Pomsky. My name means wolf🐺 and I like to hide my treats like a squirrel 😋
Ansel came one night in the pouring rain...we have never had a cat and never wanted one ....but there was something about him and WE adore him and he has been with us ever since!! His "brother" from another Mother loves him too!! Clay is a Yellow Lab :)
Lincoln is a full time co pilot to his truck driving owner. On his days off he enjoys playing with his favorite ball, napping, and seeking constant attention and affection from anyone and everyone.
Sir Chadwick Scare D' Puss
Chadwick is my daughter's cat that I somehow got tricked into taking care of him and I miraculously fell in love with him! He loves to cuddle up to my neck make it easier for me to rub his head All Night Long he is quite the Chatterbox and he will yell at me when it is bedtime from my bedroom to make sure I come to bed with him. He's a Hemingway cat. He has six or seven digits on each paw, opposable thumbs, and he can open cabinet doors and loves to hide inside. you never know where you'll find him.
Brooklyn is 7 years old and love long walks and riding in my lap every car ride.
Gloria Parker Bassett
September 2020 we fostered 6 kittens Gloria had been afraid of her pool until the kittens used it for awhile. She became very close with the kittens. We kept Danny and his sister Tess Gloria has such an adorable bond with them❣️Best friends forever
Lando Catrissian
I found Lando Catrissian in the trash behind the pizza place I used to work at as a kitten and now she's my best friend in the world. She likes tummy scritches, laser pointers, and hearing her own name while watching Star Wars.
Boe is a beautiful Australian shepherd red Merle, he’s about 9 weeks old and loves to play and chew on things, with treats he can be a very photogenic pup, he’s very intelligent and loves meeting new people!
This Lilly she has heart on her nose and loves to be cuddled and she crazy some times
He likes to play outside,he likes to play with ropes,he’s friendly,and he loves to play!
Bailey Bailey
Bailey is a mix breed of a boxer lab and Shar pei mix she is about 13 weeks old she loves to play she's very feisty. She loves being around her kids... She loves toys she loves to go for walks goes to the park goes to the store.. your favorite place in the world is going to the vet she love the vet
My name is Koop and my birthday is June 10, 2020. I am a caring, lovable, playful and happy dog but I'm a big momma's boy! I really enjoy playing outside with my younger brother, Ryder, my favorite thing to do is taking naps outside soaking up the sun.
Sweetest lil guy