Dog cat Stories - 80


Benji is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy who loves playing, eating treats, and giving lots of kisses and love to everyone. He is just the sweetest!
Magic is a 3 month old Yorkie. He is very smart and his favorite thing to do is lick your toes! He also loves to cuddle and loves kids!!
Monty is a very sweet and loving boy. He is almost a year old. He loves to play with his toys, especially his little mouse. He is cute and sometimes stubborn, but will always show you love. He is loving towards everyone no matter if you are new to him. He is sometimes clumsy and just all around amazing. My little baby boy!
Louie loves to play with his ball squeaky toys he loves mommy homemade cookies he loves to play with sticks in the yard and go for car rides as well
Teddy Bear
The sweetest big Tabby you’ll ever meet. Loves being cuddled and with his hoomans at all times ♥️ His name suits him, he’s our baby bear (Teddy).
She loves to romp and play and is a smart and feisty little one!
Otis has saved us from a lot of things. One time was a bear was right in front of us while we were walking him at night and he wouldn’t let us go any further.
Genesis Temecula Jones
I came to Temecula in October 2014. My Pet Parent became a widow in May 2014 and knew she needed a friend.I would like to share my winnings with Puppies not as blest as I am. Most people say how good their pet companions are but Genesis since birth is the most lovable dog you can find. Even the Vet and Groomer say she has the best personality they have ever seen. She even loves going to visit them. We belong to a pet friendly church. If I didn't know better I would think Genesis understands every word because she quietly sits until time for a blessing. Genesis knows SHE truly is a blessing.
Hi, my name is Bruce! I love snuggles, and my favorite treat is peanut butter!
Kobe love to play, spend time with people, a good trained happy puppy!
She's a little Duracell puppy, full of energy.
Hope is a 2 year old American Longlegged Staff cross Bullmastiff she is is extremely playful and affectionate and loves nothing more than a nice cuddle on the sofa and playing with her toys , she is a very smart girl with all of her tricks and her best friends are our four budgies who she plays with when ever they are out of their cage.
A white German Shepherd boy. (Still a baby).
hello my name is fancy I like to play I like to scratch and I have a scratching pole and I have my own bathroom to myselfand I have a dog that I like to play with and she likes to play with us me and my sisters and she likes to play with Mouse's her toy mouse.
Im a Mackerel tabby named Dutch, I like to fetch like a dog and climb trees.. Im adventurous and loving but also very protective. I also love to talk
Ember is a Diva. She loves Starbucks, dressing up, her blankie and chips
Loki is a very lovable Husky/Shepherd mix, who is playful and gentle. He loves kids, and will do tricks for treats.
Our crazy awesome Blue Merle Aussie
Silver is a handsome 7 month old bobtail. He is a complete love bug. He loves falling asleep in your arms and his fur is velvety soft, so he is the perfect napping buddy! His favorite food is fish and has a bit of an addition to catnip (he finds the catnip bag and claws it open).
This is Guido! Guido is a 1 year old frenchie with the best personality. He loves running around at the beach and finding seashells with his best friend, Lando a mini schnauzer.
Tiger is very territorial kind of a jerk at times and is the clumsiest cat I've ever known he never lands on his feet. He is very funny and loves to snuggle. He thinks there's never been a box made he can't fit in. He has been leash trained since he was very small.
Daisy is very loving she loves cuddling up under duvets and she’s very vocal, and loves playing with her toys and is food mad
Oscar loves cuddles, water, he is very loving and affectionate and loves eating, he is playful and very protective of his 3 sisters!
Mysteri loves people, she is super friendly. Her first love is whatever she sees you eating because she looovvesss FOOD ❤️
Django is very shy cat however once you get to know him he is as energetic as a kitten. He loves bird watching during day time and has fun with my family at night playing with his favourite toys.
Nala is a St. Bernard, Rottweiler, pitbull mix. She's a sweetheart, loves to snuggle, and enjoys chasing leaves.
Lyla is a domestic short hair ginger and white bundle of cuteness.. She loves her toys and little hidey places😊
Henlo friens my name is Pj im a 1 year old girl im a mix breed of husky, lab, pit bull and treewalker coonhound my birthday is Feb 9th 2020 I am very smart i loves cuddles, car rides, hiking camping, swimming and my favorite toys are my blue squeaky ball and my monkey. I steals the eyes and heart of everyone i meets. Even people who not dog people love me. They say i am welcome to their houses too im such a good girl i make everyone proud
Ikki is a very energetic little kitty! She loves to climb and play with anything she can find. This cuddly cutie would really appreciate your votes so that she can go on more adventures and continue to be fabulous!
Lucy Loo
My little lucy was a rescue. Shes very happy now that shes got a mommy that loves her so much. She loves to play fetch(for hours) and she adores my grandsons-as she gets depressed when they go home.
Sassy Roo
She loves kids & TREATS! Shes not a barker & shes the most beautiful-inside & out.
Hi there, this is max his insta name is mini_doodle_max 🐾 he is a mini goldendoodle puppy that is so loving, kind & eager to learn! He is such a blessing for our family! His photo has helped so many family members of ours during a hard year! I hope he makes you smile! He’s a real life teddy bear! God bless to all😃🧸🐾
Puppy is a year and 4 months she is my love .she loves to play with her toys and she loves to run when she goed out..
Kiesha Marie
Kiesha is a 12 year old malimute shepherd......she is so loveable and is just a big old baby.......she enjoys playing with our 1 year old cocker spaniel and she is also very verbal
Lucky Winter
She loves humans❤️Whip cream her favorite! RIGHT EYE HALF BROWN. Has 2 toes on each leg. RESCUE ❤️
Gauge Shotgun Lebron James Andrews is a 8 years old Catahoula Cur and Great Pyrenees mix. • He is a college dog. With honors and everything.🎓🏅 • He adores hiking.🏞 • He has every holiday spirit.🎊 • He loves sports,🏈 snow, ❄ destroying his toys🧸 and ice cream.🍦
Blue may be small in size but has a huge personality! He loves to run and play as much as possible! He is a happy dog that loves to snuggle!
I’ve had Josie since she was 4 months old and she’s 20 years old now. She’s the light of my life. I’ve had health issues since 2010 and that’s when I got her ❤️ I’ve been through so much health wise and I’ve relocated several times and she’s seen me through it all. I couldn’t go on if it wasn’t for her. She’s my best friend, my beautiful Lil girl, she’s my angel in every sense of the word. Well we’ve come from Queens NY to St. Paul Minnesota and we’re here now in Bruce Wisconsin where I have the best friends who love both me and Josie so much and peace for once. I feel like Josie deserves the best life and she sure loves the country. I’m just now recovering from another surgery and she’s like my little nurse. It’s amazing to me that little her takes care of big me ❤️ I’m the luckiest mommy in the world to have been blessed with Josie. She’s the sweetest girl ever. Loves everyone and she lives for carrots. She’s hilarious... she’s got a personality that wont quit!! I wish all of you could meet her. She makes an impact on everyone she meets. She’s so passionate.... Especially annoy her carrots 🥕 🤣🤣🤣 Our story is long. All I can say is she’s the reason I don’t give up!! God made her perfect as he does all animals. But I mean I know he made her for me ❤️❤️❤️
Buddy is a bossy and, spoiled Dog who loves car rides and, walks in the Park. He loves playing with his toys and, treat time. Buddy is not just a Dog he is Family and, I love him very much. He has helped me make it through some of the worst days of my life.
Miliana doesnt feel small, she has a life of adventure. She loves walks rides and loves from mom. She has quite an opinion and loves to eat lol. Shes spunky and sweet and lovesss love...
Novah Rose
She is a year old, she loves to play with her older brother(my son) and she’s very protective of him which is why I’m so happy shes with us!! Everyone who meets her loves her.
Leopold is a Pomsky, mix of pomerian with a husky, is a medium size dog, he is only 4 months now, really good companion, and really obedient, he is just a really sweet dog