Dog cat Stories - 8


BOB( Big Ol Beauty) she is a fluff ball of love and affection. She will snuggle up to your neck. Or sit on her dad’s shoulders and go everywhere with him. She loves her food and playing hide and seek with her sister Gracie. Cuddling BOB can take away the stress of any day.
Absolutely adorable boy! He is so sweet and loves to play with his toys and give kisses!
Olivia Storball
Friendly, adorable, cute, fuzzy, smelly, obedient, loyal, protective, smart, ferocious, muscular, quiet, long, lean, Well chiseled, short, strong, massive, square, clean, lively, high-spirited, shaggy, smooth, wiry, intelligent, obedient, knowledgeable.
He looks like Felix he was also a rescued kitten ❤️
9 week old Heeler mix. Loves zoomies, being outside and chewing on his human mom.
Sylvester showed up as a stray kitty. He still likes to be outside but does like to be in the house.He loves attention and his doggy buddy.
Chandler was my grand cat but, was being so mischievous he had to come be my sweet baby. Highly intelligent! He loves playing in water
Hello! My name is Charlie! I am the sweetest boy you will ever encounter. I love cuddles, butt scratches and tummy rubs! My favorite toy is anything that has strings and that I can chase. In my free time, I enjoy looking out my window and making biscuits on my parents! I am so loved! If I win, i’ll finally be able to afford the cat tree i’ve always wanted!!
Cleo aka Cleopatra is the sweetest, sassiest girl and has the best personality! She loves to cuddle, explore outside and gives the best lovings 💕 She also has a younger sister Mio who she sometimes likes but does get scrappy with her if she gets on her nerves 😂 Cleo is always so sweet to others and is down for a cuddle/pet sesh always. She is my best friend and if she wins this competition I’ll use the winnings toward her and her sisters vet bills! #Votecleo2020
I saw this babe on the local animal shelter website, I knew I had to have her! She brings so much happiness wherever she goes. Margaux’s hobbies include: sunbathing, biting toes, attempting to eat human food and laying on clean clothes.
Pomsky puppy that is full of energy. Loves to steal the wee wee pads and have his mom chase him to take them away.
Bella is a cutie she is playful and very curious she will follow you all around the house and she loves attention
Binx is a sweet heart he always nows when im upset and he trys his best to make me feel better, and he is great with my niece loves to be around her.He also loves it when we play with him he likes anything shiney he will tire himself out playing with it and he also plays with beads from necklaces its so hard to just to get them off of him he is a long haired domestic from west Virginia i got him from a good friend from who owns a farm there.
She's the prettiest tabby I've ever had she's vibrant exciting feisty and loving
Cleo loves to laze around during the day with the occasional burst of energy to hang from the curtains or trip us up! Cute as can be - she’s a mischievous one!
Tommy is a very loving kitten , he loves to play and snuggle up on you
Playful puppy! full bred husky! i vote from top comments to bottom! EXCHANGES ONLY!! NO ADVANCES PLEASE! ❤️
Genie is a Pomeranian miniature pincher mix. She loves to run and carry her own little food bowl around so no one else can have it. Nickname: Munchkin
I’m Reggie but Reginald on a Sunday!🐾 I’m 11 months old. I’m a standard smooth hair dachshund. I love walking, exploring new places and I loves absolutely anyone and everyone, i’m such a happy, friendly boy that loves all the attention and I’ll play with everyone I meets. My favourite toy is a ball of any kind, big or small!🎾 My favourite tricks include; sit, paws & other paw, high five! lie down, speak, spin, up and sausage roll!🌭
Crash Bandicoot
Crash is a pit lab mix. He loves to go for car rides and play in the water.
Miakoda (RIP big girl) Rottweiler was born in Germany November 5,2010. We adopted her February 2011and she came to the US in June 2011. She LOVED playing in the water and in mud so I’m 100% sure she was part pig. She crossed the rainbow bridge September 4,2020 from cancer. Her nicknames were big girl and lovey face.
Marley is our gorgeous Cocker Spaniel! He is just too adorable not to share! He loves his reindeer teddy and sleeping at mummys feet. Daddy has been trying to teach him to sit, and lay, but we are getting there! Marley joined our little family on the 9th November, and we are already madly in love with him!
Maicie is a year and a hlaf old, she loves cuddling and following people around to love them. She absolutely is obsessed with fetch!
Mini is a brown border collie with green eyes, she is a bubbly character who also has a naughty side. Her favourite thing to do is dig and chew things she shouldn’t. She also loves cuddles and walkies 🤣💕
Minerva And Alfie
Minerva and Alfie are either arch enemies or best friends asleep they can't stay away from each other but when they're awake they're the new WWE superstars
A really cheeky boy, with a zest for life and stealing food from Daddy’s plate! The most gorgeous boy you will ever meet
We rescued Cleo from the shelter almost dead, it was a long road but we nursed her back to health. Now she is a lazy house cat who loves play with her little brother and taking cat naps. She is the sweetest cat.
Handsome chap who melts my heart everyday! He loves a cuddle and adores people. His favourite game is fetch with his giraffe toy 🧸
Chi Chi
You all please vote for my chi chi she such a sweet dog loves to play and snuggle
Pharoah was a wild mountain cat that we rescued. Now he is the happiest, and laziest kitten ever. He loves attention and snuggles. And is so adorable!
Meeka Marie
Meeka is a wild outrage pup. She’s always running around and is always willing to give you kisses
Peanut is an extremely well behaved dog. He is so cuddly and lovable. Unfortunately, peanut has epilepsy. Watching him have seizures is so heart breaking, so he needs extra lovin.
Leon May
Somali/ Chartreux mix. He had a little brother named Titus (his fluffier twin😭❤️) that was squashed by a trailer when he was 4 months old😭R.I.P. he will be the fluffy baby in one or a few pictures. Leon is a crazy little indoor outdoor kitty! He loves to cuddle with his older brother Pj Mask(black and white cat) He likes to bring alive and dead mice as rewards for his mommy and daddy🥰 he loves cuddles but only when he wants them of course!
Runty is almost a dwarf kitty, she’s so teeny!! She might look angry but it’s just her Mackerel markings, she’s always looking for cuddles 🥰
Hi everyone this is D’Arros and I am a male tuxedo cat who loves my wet food, outside time, his two other siblings, jumping on everything coming and going and finally loves to be the center of attention. He is such a friendly baby who has made a positive impact on his dads life. Please vote for me ❤️🐈🐱
Hi im Oscar,i like to cuddle. my sibling is Milo,We Love to play fight.I also love to look out windows.
Jasper Mccormick
He is mischievous, SMART and loving
Moaning Myrtle
Myrtle is just like what her name describes... She is called this because she loves to talk, she is presious and was given to me by one of my friends.
Theodore is our rescue boy and we are so grateful for him everyday. He’s such a loving goof ball. He loves to go to the beach and play with his squeaky toys but his favorite place is laying on our laps and getting cuddles.
Sally is 10 weeks old, staffy x unknown breed, has teeth like needles, and loves cuddles
Baby Yoda
HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!
Hello! My name is Malibu and I am 1 month old. My momma found me at a dealership all by myself. I love my big brother German shepherd and to cuddles momma!
The most energetic, cuddles loving little girl. Loves to play with fingers and feet. Chases anything that moves
Skye is a clumsy, loveable giant who likes to pounce around the garden like a rabbit. To get our attention she gives us her puppy dog eyes and a paw to persuade us to give in.