Dog cat Stories - 77


Hi my name is Pikachu or like my mom calls me Pika, I’m a lazy ball of fur. I’m not just a pet but I am a support animal and a family member.
Thalía was adopted from a rescue shelter two days before Christmas as a surprise for her new mommy. She was always with her sister Maple until she was adopted by another family just hours before. Despite being all alone in a new place she was brave enough to approach me with a happy tail and ready for belly rubs. Now, Thalía is 5.5 months old, 28lbs and a super talented pup!! Give her a slice of cheddar cheese and she will Spin, jump and give you a high five ! Once play time is over she’s all about snuggles and cuddling with her favorite stuffed Elephant.
Mia is a very shy but loving cat. She loves snuggles and always takes the best pictures.
This is Kaia. She is a German Shepherd mix. She may look like a good girl but don’t let that fool you she can be a handful some days but she is my bestfriend and don’t know what I could do without her
Brownie is a 3 month old puppy! He is very energetic and loves other animals. He loves to play with his toys but his most favorite thing to do is sleep! He eats alot. When he sleeps he snores its just the cutest thing ever. He loves to go on adventures and loves to be outside.
She adores her Mummy, must have at least 20 hours of love and cuddles a day and cant seem to end her rivalry with the birds outside. Ohh and shes munchkin sized 💜
Oreo is an 11 week old pup. He enjoys cuddles, snoozing and loves squeaking toys!
Sweet girl who loves to climb, she is so loving and cuddly and her fur feels like velveteen. Malice was the only kitten in her litter of Siamese that was this color.
Lola Simone
Hey y'all! My name is Lola Simone and iI'm a sweet southern belle. Who would have thought that my mama and Chris Rock would have the same taste in naming their beautiful girls!?! I enjoy double treats on top of treats and more treats!!! I also like to chase squirrels but mom doesn't like for me to chase kitty cats. One of my boyfriends is a horse named Prince and sometimes he gives me kisses😘. Other than that i luv luv to ride shotgun with mom and shake my money maker on walks. FYI: Who cares if my punctuation is not up to par....this girl is no dumb blond!!!
At 11 years old, She loves laying down most of the day, but we try to avoid that. Lately she enjoys afternoon walks by the creek. Kareese loves to play with her ball and hanging outside, she really loves riding in the car and hanging her head out the window. All around loveable dog and member of the family, she also loves to stare at her husband pic on the wall and occasionally smell the urn which contains his ashes
sassy sleeps all day and plays at night. she is a great fur friend to have.
Petey was 5 weeks old when he died in my arms. If he wins, any money will go toward researching "Fading Kitten Syndrome".
My names bear! I like snacks and naps. 🐶
Rolo from the day my son got him has been amazing..he gets away with way too sofa being sat on by family boils me inside but rolo seems to get away with it..nobody can wear shoes in my house but he runs in my living room (expensive carpet) dirty paws..its fine..scrub the carpet 3/4 times a week but he Rolo and we love him
Cute and adorable.
Zeus is a 1.5 year old pitbull mixed with black lab & rottweiler hes loves to take car rides hes loves to bark at all animals including himself in the mirror lol hes loves sitting for treats and adores everybody
our little sooty loves his belly rubs and is the softest cat you’d ever meet
Hi, I’m Rex! I’m 12 weeks old. I already know how to sit, shake, lay down and crawl. I love to meet new people and I also love to chew on everything! My mom and dad love me very much! Please vote for me! 💕
Blaze is a sweet puppy that loves to cuddle and give kisses 😘
This is Taco who is spoiled rotten. He loves watching The Simpsons, loves to cuddle and his best friend is our neighbours cat. He is extremely vocal and loves getting his paws massaged.
Pepper is a Purebred Russian blue he has extra claws he is the sweetest cat he loves to be loved on
Shyla is spunky, gentle, and very loving. She loves frolicking in the yard with her brother Wally (He's a 4 yr old Boston) She doesn't like to be left alone and has no qualms letting you know! She loves her brother and follows him everywhere. She also invites herself into his bed while he's sleeping to steal his warmth!
My name is Jayzee, I am 8 years old and the most indecisive cat you'd ever meet. I can never make my mind up about whether I want to be inside or outside. I also eat... A LOT. I am persistent about being fed and will meow in different pitches until I am fed, I've been told that makes me a smart kitty. My humans adore me, they are sure you will too. 🥰
Teddy is such a loving cat and full of energy. He adores humans and can’t stand being left alone. Fun facts: he loves bacon, bread with butter (Royal Canin is not enough) and drinks only from a glass.
Tristan is a stunted Flamepoint Siamese, he is a rescue he sleeps on his head loves attention and his favorite food is pasta salad
Boo is very old now had since a pup loves cuddling up going out on my mobility scooter loves his panda bear teddy he’s my baby boy
Batcat Wayne is a fearless crime-busting lookilikey feline. He's a black and white male, with a distinctive black face, which looks like a batman mask. Batcat eats a lot and isnt fazed by any big dogs normally chases them away. When he gets hungry is quite stroppy until he is fed. After meals purrs and very grateful and he also loves and protects children. Not many can mess with this superhero cat he is a true one and only.
Cosmo Kramer
Cosmo taught himself to use the toilet and he has a major obsession with toilet paper and paper towels.
Koda is a very beautiful Siberian Husky with beautiful blue eyes. He loves running and playing ball. He is the sweetest baby ever. Vote Koda
Haus is a very loving dog.Full of energGives lots of kisses too.y and eager to please you.
Ck And Kb
Ck is a white Turkish Van and Kb is a black Siamese mix. They love each other and are constantly doing goofy things together.
Genie is a beautiful little kitten who loves bobbles, playing fetch and having cuddles.
Apollo is a big baby he weighs about 90 lbs and he thinks he's as baby so we nicknamed "baby puppy" he is the sweetest soul there ever was. He was a foster and they never came back for him and I'm so thankful for that.
Peanut came to her forever home June 2020, all the way from Dubai rescued by the amazing Every Cat Matters organisation. She’s super affectionate and LOVES belly tickles. All she wants is love & cuddles and loves playing with her laser pen and people watching! She greets you at the door and has a chat before flopping over on the floor for a belly rub! She’s my best friend and has saved me - I adore her and she deserves all the appreciation she can get 🥰.
Guen can never decide between cuddles and playtime. She taught herself to play fetch with her favorite yellow ball (and only that ball haha). She’s very talkative and demands that she be the center of attention at all times. The only time she isn’t yelling at me is when she’s asleep. Her favorite place to sleep is on whatever blanket I can currently using.
I’m currently going through my terrible two’s. I love sun bathing and eating treats and playing with boxes
She’s super playful and loves making biscuits and cuddling
Garfield Niece, Twilight’s little sister, she is both lovable and carefree we don’t know what we do without her.
Hi, my name is Jewel. Im a fun loving little girl who loves to party, after all, I am a New Years baby! I love going for car rides, playing with my many toys and harrassing my two big sisters, a Red Heeler and a Chihuahua. I also love meeting new people and playing with my friends.
Hi, I’m Gypsy Rose. I’m a Border-Aussie born 4|20|2020. I love walks, stealing socks and playing fetch. 🎾🐾🧦 ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ GYPSY INSTAGRAM: @gypsyzawosky
Leona Josephine
Ascended to the throne on First of January, Anno Domini 2021. Queen of the Ragdolls and Main coons, first of her name. Fides🐾Libertas 🐾 Ungues🐾 Find her on Instagram at Leona.coondoll
Brie was a breeding dog for four years before I adopted her. She had never felt grass beneath her feet or played with a toy. Brie wasn’t potty trained or know any commands. She will be eight years old in April. I have given her a good life. Brie has learned some commands and tries really hard to use the pea pads. She is sick now with PLE. There is no cure but can be managed for now. With everything she has gone through and the expenses of treatment I still am happy I saved her and have given her a great life.
My name is Penny and I’m an 8 month old kitty from Scotland! I’m super sassy and have my mum wrapped around my little paw with my big bright eyes!
Hi everybody my name is Kitsune!! AKA DROP IT! I am husky puppy who loves terrorizing everyone in the house my mom is constantly telling me NO DROP IT! To which I drop whatever I have and beet feet out the doggie door! I am stubborn and awnry but sweet as can be. Over all, I'm a typical Husky puppy 🐶
Hi! I’m Apollo! I’m also the oldest out of my brothers and I think I’m the best! I love to nap but once in awhile I’ll pounce on my brothers just for fun. I would love to win because this is not only a pet contest against all cats, but I’m fighting against my brothers. Please vote so I can win!