Dog cat Stories - 77


bud is a very snoozy sir. he loves to sleep and eat carrots. he also loves bacon. bud loves to crawl from one area to another as his daily exercise. Bud also love his crazy toy who is infact a monkey 😳😱✨ please vote for bud he really does deserve to win. he will do a backflip if he wins to celebrate.
Lola is a relaxed kitty who loves to stick her tounge out!
Chaplin is a mischievous kitty with a great moustache!
Judge is my best friend! I saved him as a puppy and ever since we have been connected. He comforts me in any situation and he’s a great big brother to his little corgi brother. He’s playfully, well behaved and loves to swim.
Mac is a rescue who came to us from Cyprus. He is all legs and ears at the moment and is trying desperately to best friend with our resident cats Magnus and Bella (much to their disgust)! He is slowly learning not to be scared of everything and that he can trust his hoomans.
Lily is a typical lab, bouncy, playful and loving
Kova is definitely a Diva, she walks around with sass and loves to greet people with a little roll on the floor. She wears her dresses and bows well 💜
Lincoln loves watching T.v. and a warm blanket, he's so caring toward his Brothers & Sisters and always lets them eat first before he eats. He's the heart of our Family.
Teddy is a fun, loveable, playful and cheeky little boy that loves to go for walks and have lots of cuddles!🐾💙
Theodore is the most lovable cat I know he loves neck scratches and belly rubs, he is a domestic medium hair and he is so soft! He also loves himself some catnip 😉🍃
Hallie is the cutest little sprocker at 16 weeks old she's full of mischief and fun and thinks she's an ornament,she sits on tables,window sills but loves nothing more than cuddles and tickles!
Dexter has an affinity for learning new commands. He listens so well and is the sweetest cuddler. He loves his humans deeply.
Hi , my name is Smokey and I'm a Persian Blue Feline. I love listening to bluegrass music and eating 🐱... I was adopted from our local humane society and still have many friends there can you help and give them a home?
Daisy is a pug/Jack Russell cross
Oliver loves to sleep, eat treats, and play! His instagram is @oliver.the.whoodle follow him for cute but crazy pictures of him!
Champ is a mix breed, Chow Chow and Golden Retriever. His favorite things to do is playing with his lamb chop toy and sliding down a grassy hill on his belly. He loves life and never meets a stranger.
Luna loves cheese and onion crisps - that and running around the house for hours on end!
Gracies is a 10 year old cockapoo. She is also my service dog and best friend.
Hazel is 3 years old! She loves to cuddle, play with her toys, and watch her fish friends swim around the tank
Kylo Ren
He a fiesty little character, loves playing and jumping in washing baskets and drinks water from the tap x
Hollie is the most hyperactive little puppy dog you will ever meet. She doesn’t like being non her own but when she is with others she is always a delight
Gunny is a 5 year old Golden Doodle, a gentle giant that loves to play soccer.
Xena Rose
She is a blue nose pitt bull and love life and getting into stuff
He is a sweet teacup Maltese who just LOVES to play!
Hi, I'm Ruby! I'm love my humans and would love to plop in there lap all day. I'm an easy going sweet girl! And im 100% a mutt.
Toby is a 3 month old jackawawa and is the most laid back puppy you could ever meet. His little face could melt anyones heart 🥰🥰🥰
Clark Griswold
Clarky loves car rides, walks, snuggling and balancing various things on his nose. He's been the perfect final addition to our family.
Mia loves car rides, long walks on the beach, and playing frisbee.
My name is PJ and I am 6 weeks old!! I love playing with tennis balls and being cuddled !
Someone call heaven, ‘cuz I think an ANGEL has gone missing! 😇 This darling girl has an adorable face & heart-warming eyes that just makes you wanna go “Awww!” She loves to play with cardboard boxes, bags, blankets, and toes! 💕 her kisses when I come home are my favorite part of the day!
Lexa Mae
Lexa Mae is a fun loving German shepherd cross border collie who has limbic epilepsy which she doesn't let stop her having a great time exploring and playing.
Ginger loves kisses and cuddling!
Hugo is an energetic loving puppy ❤️
Theo is a sweet little boy who loves to cuddle and play! He is 1 year old and is very rambunctious!
Apollo loves to cuddle and enjoys watching the birds. He’s my best friend and he loves sitting on my keyboards. He’s a lap cat and he is always sitting on my lap through the whole day of remote learning.
mya is a sweet kitty who loves treats, exploring, looking at the window as well as cuddling. she is super adventurous but also affectionate.
Butterscotch is a Super chill, gentle Giant & rescued stray 🧡🐈 He's a total poser & loves sprawling out, giving love & looking adorable😻
Cheeky, happy Romanian rescue puppy, who loves his food, cuddles and playtime! 🥰
A pumpkin! A potato! A peanut! A princess! Ember was adopted from a barn as a skittish kitten with fleas and worms, and is now a super friendly cat who likes to play fetch with bottlecaps and crumpled paper (: she has a variety of nicknames but most of all she’s my little sweet potato!
Big clumsy lovable dog aways wants cuddles and kisses gets upset if he dont have either truly amaxing dog
Henry is a rescue,very smart,loving personality. Love tug toys.
Loki's name suits him perfectly, he's the God of mischief!
Bronco is my Grandpup. He has the sweetest nature and is always getting into mischief for his Mummy and Daddy. As you can see he is very handsome too. He loves spending time at his Nanny and Grandad's house as he gets spoilt rotten. We love him so much!xxx
Murphy is 14 and is such a little character! Imagine having a grumpy old man... combined with a toddler .. that’s Murphy! He has 9 lives, the amount of things he has done that should of killed him already is ridiculous 🤣 he’s really more like a cat to be honest. He’s blind, has arthritis and the worst breath of all time but how can you resist that face. Unless you’re my dad (his fave human) trying to take him for a walk is more of a drag so you’re better off letting him sleep. Dogs are just the best! Love you murph!
Wagon Full Of Pancakes
W.F.O.P was presented to us after he was found confused in the middle of the road with no mom in site. He is probably one of the teeniest tough guys you will ever meet. He loves to sneak attack his new siblings and suckle fluffy blankets while he falls asleep. 🖤
Peesha was the runt of a litter from a stray Mama cat i fed during the winter last year when she showed up at our back door. She spends her days getting into mischief amd loves to play fetch! Yes you read that right. Peesha plays fetch! Bottle caps, toys, and anything we throw that she can fit in her mouth. She will bring it back and wait for us the trow it again! Shes absolutely perfect!