Dog cat Stories - 76


She wants me to get off the computer
This has her 1st day at her new home. She sitting on my bed trying to figure me out I think.
She setting in begging to get up on the bed
Baylee thinks she’s a dog and loves to play with her brother, Yoshi (dachshund). We call her princess, but she’s also “killa” because she’s a great hunter that leaves presents at the back door.
Our treasure is from cat rescue Center and born 10/10/2020, she joined us on 18th December and definitely brighter our Christmas
Moka is the sweetest girl except with her feline sinblings, she loves to nap all day and groom herself.
Brewsky And Cloud
Brewsky and Cloud are the best two dogs in the world! They love to play together and sleep together!
Love to dig holes,love to take nap alot.always kisses ur hand to greet you and when she is super happy wags her tail in circular motion is very funny and cute.
She’s weird, and acts more like a person than a cat. She’s absolutely off her rocker without a doubt, but she’s cool.
Leroy's favorite season is winter, once he Sknows its out there, all he cares about is getting outside to play and POSE.
He is a sweet, lovable ragdoll mixed cat, he loves to snuggle, loves a belly rub and has a cute squeaky meow, he loves people and other animals and was a stray kitten when I took him in, 2 years old
Tucker is a Border Collie who loves long walks and eating sticks. He has a calm temperament until he gets his daily 8pm zoomies.
She loves cuddling
Lynx is the most loving cat I've ever seen. He loves to snuggle and give kisses. He's also absolutely gorgeous. He and Onyx are brothers.
Fiona is a smart, lovable and sweet kitten.
Starr is an adorable puppy that we rescued last year. She never sits still and really keeps us on our toes. She has a lot of spunk and determination! Her Instagram page (written from her POV) is located here —@starr_the_cute
Our sweet, loving black smooth chow chow. 💗🐾❤🐾❤🐾💗
Hank has a heart on his chest and when he puts his front legs together they form a heart!
Dorian is one of a kind! He is smart, fashionable, affectionate, and full of personality! He is a true King 👑
He’s a teacup chihuahua, as equally needy as he is cute.
Amelia thinks she is too dog but still loves belly rubs and snuggles
Marley loves being loved and playing with his fur sister. He howls along with sirens to give his support.
Bear is British short hair cat but he was born fluffy and he is different from all his siblings and parents
Flo is a loving girl, who loves belly rubs and tuna.
Wendy Lee
Wendy lee is named after my mom who passed away... she is so loving and caring and knows how to cheer me up.. she loves belly rubs and treats and she loves her furr family...
He has cheesy feet and loves cheesy biscuits. He sleeps all day and love to knock your phone out of your hand
Nova is the sweetest mommas boy you will ever know. He sticks by my side. The loudest purr you will ever hear. And he’s a bubbler. Nibbles on everything. it’s too cute not to like! We found this special boy on the streets malnourished. Saved him and made him the healthiest happiest boy now!
She’s an 8 month old Poodle terrier mix! I call her my little sour patch (she’s sour then very sweet)! She’s my burst of energy daily❤️
He zips around the house faster than anything I've seen, hence, his name Zippy.
She's a gental red head. My baby girl has been there through thick and thin. She's absolutely fantastic,1000% perrrfect, and the smartest fatcat.
Tibi is a 9 month old kitten. He’s named after the Roman Emperor Tiberius, and he sure acts like the Emperor of the house🤣. Underneath all that he’s a sweetheart though.
Baby Girl
Shes daddys girl
My name is Teddy. Laser is my life I can play nonstop for hours. I love my paws tickled and my older brother Freddy!
Merlin is the puppy president of Oregon!! He is full of energy and is just all around the go to dog to make you laugh!
rex is obviously not a cat. But he is a loveable lizard. He is a rescue from my little cousin. Loveable and cute is how he spends his days.
Is an adorable dog that looks so big like a beast but she is amazing.She's very cuddly and very playful. We run around with each other all day! Soon we will be moving in with her brother and sister. She loves to play with her balls the most but she also enjoys running around with me!
Belle is a teacup chihuahua mix that loves sitting on your shoulders and sleeping.
Tyler was rescued from a feral cat clan. He loves mac and cheese flavored treats, snuggles, and sharing a pillow while we sleep!
Rescued Skittes from the shelter. Actually she reached out to me thru her cage and snagged her claw into my shirt crying for me and the rest is history lol
He likes to be in control & watch over the household if theres another animal around he protects us & his sister !
Theo loves all the cuddles, running around like a maniac in the grass and munching on my slippers. 🤦🏻‍♂️🐾
We rescued Loki in May, and he sure lives up to his name! He’s a mischievous little boy and LOVES to play and give kisses. He even plays fetch!
Rai is such a well behaved puppy. She has a personality that oozes friendliness and manners and the willingness to love unconditionally ❤️