Dog cat Stories - 76


Male British bulldog, chocolate Merle,family friendly
Armina is a 4 year old German Sheppard. She came into this family at only a month old. My corgi mix, my husband and I have seen her grow and give us so much attitude. We wouldn't trade it for anything in this world even though she maybe alittle autistic it gives us more of a reason to love her. She's shown us how intelligent and loving she is along with how independent and sassy she can be as well. She's helped bubblebutt come out of his shell and he's helped give her comfort in being herself along with protecting her.
Love to swim and just be with people
Armina And Bubblebutt
These two have been together since they were both young pups. She came into his life when he was about 6 months - 1 year of age while she was just only barely a month old. He's taken care of her since she came home day one. Always been close together and very understanding of her even though she maybe alittle special. My German Sheppard may have some form of autism but no matter what she's loved and cared for properly not just by us but also but her little big brother Bubblebutt.
Poppie here is a energy ball of love! She has a personality like no other. When you meet her, you can't help but instantly fall in love.
Cheeto was adopted from an animal shelter. I searched for weeks to find an orange tabby male because I already have an orange tabby female. It took us a few days to come up with a name for him, but I think Cheeto fits him well. He is a real trouble maker most of the day but he looks so sweet when he sleeps.
Tripod is our three legged companion! He showed up in the garage with a shot gun injury to his hind legs. We could not save the back left leg but that doesnt slow him down! Hes a natural herder and He loves rolling in the mud and getting belly rubs!
harper loves playing outside with her sisters, josie and faith. harper is the best cuddle dog you will ever meet!
Appa is a sweet, calm 15 week old aussie that loves toys, cuddles, and all the attention he can get ❤️
My name is Betty and I am 10 weeks old! My favorite activities include pouncing on toys, sprinting around the house and cuddling with my family
Nala is only 4 months old and likes to play a lot and likes to lick people faces, she also like to play with toys and she is super adorable
Milo is a Jack Russel Terrier and Chihuahua mix and he likes to play and do tricks and sometimes in the sun he likes to sunbathe
Tobi is 8 weeks & 5 days old & a much loved new addition to our family! He's the boss of the household already!
Fazi is crazy 🐱
Hi my names Luna, i love to go for walks in the park to look at fish and to play fetch with sticks! I also love attention and to lick you all in your face
Foxxy Cleopatra
I am one foxy lady! I go by Cleo for short but will answer to anything with a treat in your hand. I love to jump in tall grass, eat the occasional snow and spin spin spin!!!
Tiny kitten 🐱 🐈‍⬛
He is a legend and a wonderful dog so friendly truly built different
Hello human! My name is dahlia and I am 1! My favorite treat is a chewy! My favorite thing to do is wrestle with my big sister!
He loves to go swimming He is my service dog He loves heading sheep and cattle And lives hikes
Ms. Wiggles
Ms. Wiggles found her way to my doorsteps a day after Thanksgiving, and has been a blessing during covid. She loves people, playing games, and taking sun bathes by the window, plus she takes her study seriously as you can tell from the photo! Lost and now found.
Mello is the sweetest morkie puppy EVER! He loves to play and also loves every minute of cuddling 🥰
Precious is a cow cat who loves outdoors!!
Titan is the newest addition to the family! Someone was giving him away on Craigslist and im sure glad i picked him up before anyone else did! Hes still a puppy and growing fast! Hes getting along great with out other german shepherds! He absolutely loves the cold and the snow.
Hi. My name is Bentley. I love to give people kisses. I enjoy being outside where I can run and play with my favorite owl toy. Watch out; I will always give anyone a hug who comes to see me!
Thor is the most obedient dog we've ever had. Picks up on our moods and energy. Sleeps with us every night and is extremely spoiled! Loves car rides and lake swims!
Kona was a rescue!! The humane society said they found him wondering the streets and was very skinny!! We scooped him up and hes made a great addition!
My name is Remington! I LOVE pheasant hunting! I get to run and run through the woods! (My owner tells me that I am super good at it 😃) I love playing with my brother all day. We swim in the pool together and take naps together! Hes a great brother! I LOVE playing fetch and being outside! At night is my favorite time though, I get to lay on my dad (even though I am pretty heavy) and watch movies with him. I am a very happy dog all the time 😊. It was sooo nice to meet you! Im going to run see ya!
Cuff is huge but he is beautiful inside and out he is a St. Bernard x German shepherd he is nearly 2 years old cuff loves to play but most of all he loves cuddles xx
Bubs loves to play with any sock she finda lying around. They are her favorite toys
Hi! My name is Cooper! I am a very relaxed guy. My favorite season is summer! I LOVE the warmth. I enjoy laying outside and sunning myself when it is warm out. It is SO relaxing (and i'm really working on my tan 🌞) . My favorite toy is a stuffed corn that my mom got from petco. I really enjoy naps, I could nap all day, in fact, I do nap all day! I love belly rubs from anyone and everyone! Whenever anyone walks through the door I get SUPER excited and my whole entire body wiggles! My dad wanted me to be a hunting dog, but I love food and naps wayyy too much to do all that nonsense! I have a brother that always wants to play 24/7. He has way too much energy for me. Whenever dad takes my brother to work, mom gives me SOO many treats! It is the best (I like when he goes to work). Well I am going to go take a nap now, nice to meet you!
This is the bounciest dog you’ve ever met. She doesn’t run, she bounces. She’s only almost 5 months old and can jump two feet in the air
Turbo is five weeks old and his new big brother is his best friend at all times
Shiloh August
Shiloh is a 11 week old standard poodle! He enjoys sleeping and eating. He is very shy which was inspiration for his name.. SHILOH!!!
nation is much like his brother buddy. Its like having twins. Nation is the bigger boy. He loves to play and hes very loving as well. I am epileptic and when i have a seizure nation will put his body under my neck to help hold my head up.
Henny is playful puppy who just turned one ☝️ he loves to run around in the yard and play fetch, he can go fetch for hours! He’s a cuddler and super photogenic 🤩
Buddy is very intuitive,and he just wants to cuddle and hes very smart, instinctive, and when he sees me doing something he helps. For example he noticed i was pickkng up branches and tossing them in a bin, he began picking them up with his mouth and dropping them in the bin.
Miss. Phynixx is a gladiator pitbull. She love swimming in the river with the kids and playing with her brother duke. She also love sneaking everyone a kiss when they come over!
Duke is a five month old GREAT DANE! He love snuggles on the couch and playing with his sister Phynixx!
Charlie is a sweet and silly boy. His best friends are goats, chickens and a duck named Freddy. Good thing we have a bird dog!
Spitz is a rescue. He was picked up laying on the side of a 4 lane highway as a kitten, scared to death. He is now living in a wonderful home with 2 torties. Picture was taken by his adopted mom Wendy.
Flynn enjoys playing eith the household cats and cuddling. vote for Flynn because he is cute and lovable
Gracie is truly a blessing in my life. She is loveable along with being very kind. Always making sure my kids and I are safe at night. Gracie is definitely my sidekick. Endless love from our adorable Gracie OXOX
Leo is our handsome, sassy, 2 year old boy. He broke his hip when he was just 3 months young. We had the choice of amputation or removing the hip joint. We chose to have the hip bone removed and his thy muscle took over in supporting his leg :)
Here’s Lilly enjoying my stepdads shoe, probably taking a break from her three brothers (being the only female in the litter). Now being 8 almost 9 years old she still loves to fit inside boxes, bags ect. We kept Lilly because of her calm temperament to me (her owner), strangers and children. She has always been a loving cat who is whole heartedly loved back! Anyone who visits the house always leaves a positive comment about Lilly, and sometimes we’ve even had people asking to take her home with them! Lilly is a very calm kitty but will be playful when it comes to string. She however, like her mother ninja, isn’t very fond of lasers. You should vote for Lilly so we can buy her some more treats and toys as well as donating many of such to our local animal shelter!
Kartier is a 6 week old Bullypit ! He loves to play with his owners and loves warm cuddles.