Dog cat Stories - 76


Very playful and supportive. Definitely loves her belly rubs and treats! If you stop giving her attention she'll make sure you give her it again ;)
Jack is loving and loves his bones that he holds like a cigar in his mouth!
Kiki was rescued from a farm and has settled really happily into our home. She’s gentle and loving already but does have some mad days! 🥰
Dumpster was found at 3 weeks old by the dumpster behind my house, I never found momma or her siblings. She is now 5 weeks old and extremely rambunctious. Her days mostly consist of eating, sleeping, and tons of playing. I wish I could upload a video of her zoomies, y’all ever seen a kitten try to run faster than their back legs? To be all honest, she came into my life when I was at an extreme low spot, but having to bow down to all her kitty needs brought me back together, I’m very thankful I found her when I did because without her tiny meows I wouldn’t know what todo with myself these days! I’m very allergic to cats but all the sneezing and itching is worth watching her sleep in a warm bed. So, her is a picture of my baby girl dumpster, sleeping with one of her favorite sushi toys<3
A small survivor who's had his fair share of bad luck yet still manages to always take his naps and stare me down for extra treats
Lady is a valley bulldog, she is a rescue dog who was found on the streets. She is completely deaf but she doesnt let that get in the way of anything! She's the most loving, cuddly, cheeky companion i could ever ask for. Vote for my beautiful Lady!
Hello my name is Belle, i would appreciate if you vote for me, as im only a 5 month old baby. I have to admit i am a little bit crazy and im full of energy and i love looking out the window seeing what i can chase outside when im a big girl but in the evening there is nothing I love more than having a cuddle with my mummy on the sofa and dozing off ❤
Cheddar is so sweet and so smart! He loves horror movies, watching his mom make candles and hanging with his brother and sister!
Yoshi born July 2018 & 3 months in pumpkin photo. She is the runt of her litter and a tiny Lady! was the last one to be born in her litter out of 4 other brothers and 1 sister: Yoshi is full of energy and loves to socialized ly: yoshi is named from the dinosaur in Nintendo Mario, means good luck in Japanese which is the country the breed is from. Fav dog treat Is a 🦴 ! She loves to talk to her toys with a muffled bunch of barks at her favorite rainbow 🌈 ball. She has a cute curly tail ppl say looks like a cinnamon roll. She lives with me and my two cats, Patriot and Alex. She has a loud scary bark that you would be surprised with when someone is at my door!
I have been rehomed during lockdown and I love my new family! They must love me too 'cause i keep getting new squeeky toys which I love burying in the garden or tearing apart in split of a second and 😂😂 I snore like a chainsaw fighting a grizzly bear driving a bulldozer!
Valentina & Luna are the best of friends! They enjoy cuddles in the same cat bed and clean one another countless times a day! Luna can be a bit high energy for Valentina, so when Luna's not jumping on top of Valentina, Luna is climbing the curtains! They both enjoy making biscuits when a soft blanket is covering their mommy or daddy!
Kailo "aka little sh*t" likes to get into anything and everything. He loves water, playing in the toilet, and eating toilet paper. When he sleeps, he SLEEPS, you can literally pose him in any position you want and he won't stir.
Kovu is a rescue and he's about 4 years old. He loves to snuggle and nap in the funniest positions. He is the most affection and loving cat I have ever met.
My girl Sugar has learned how to catch fish out of my pond. My black lab Cody tought her this. I feed the fish bread and she grabs them. She would provide one to Cody as he got older and couldn't catch them anymore. She stopped trying to catch them for a few months last summer after he passed away. I was glad i had my boy Spice to still keep her company
Spice is a great Husky. Walks without pulling on the leash and loves to play with other dogs and very gentle with my cat Gypsy. Loves to go swimming in my pond and playing with my other Husky Sugar. He will be 2 this November 13th.
Bobby was a rescue cat we got from a shelter. He was very scared at first and hid for a week under our bed. But eventually he turned out to be a loving, adorable, cute kitty. He loves sleeping on his back. He likes looking out the window at birds, squirrels, and other cats. Hates taking a bath.
I would like for you to meet Gypsy. She enjoys being a goof ball, attacking our toes and eating her treats. Gypsy loves to cuddle and is super super sweet to her humans and others. Playtime is a big deal and top priority. Gypsy not has a cat brother Sabre. They are best friends and enjoy chasing each other and grooming
Sabre was a feral cat that was incredibly scared when we saw him at the Shelter. Because he was so scared, I had to pick him to give him a happy life. Now he is an acrobat who loves to play and cuddle up with us and his best friend Gypsy. He loves Turkey, pom-poms, and his scratching post the most. He may be tiny, but he has the appetite of a lion. We love our Sabretooth.
Ruger is a 3year old male American Staffordshire Terrier who loves kids and loves playing Tug-of-War (he always wins). 😁
Cyrus is a lover of cheese and belly rubs. But mostly cheese.
A very good boy, who loves saving his family from the mean grass and leaves in his yard🥰
Hi my name is chaos I love to go on walks and play fetch. I have a lot of energy and like to make messes I guess that’s why they call me chaos lol. So please don’t hesitate to push that vote button thank you
Thor is a mixture of drive, gentleness, determination , dependability, sensitivity, intellegence and love. His years of service as a guide dog led my life to places I never dreamed I could go. I will love you forever, my big puppy!
He’s the goodest boy. Haha. He’ll love you to death, and sit with you late at night. If you take him near water he’ll swim forever.
Scooby is a loving dog. He is just like a teddy bear and he is a very nice dog to be around. He loves going for car rides and stealing the front seat. He also loves playing with his toy hamburger or hotdog! If you ever got the chance to meet this sweet guy he would steal your heart!❤️But he does throw stinky farts!😂
Millie is very cuddly and very sassy. She knows how to get what she wants and thats why we love her
Chuckie this sweet loving kitty. He loves to snuggle and play with his sister Ike
Chuckie this sweet loving kitty. He loves to snuggle and play with his sister Ike
Hi my name is dusty I am a very loving cat that loves to trip my mom every time she heads to work, but love sitting on my moms shoulder an will my heart out cause I love the pets from her
Meet Ambrosius! He’s 7 years old and he loves his toys . He Dosent like going to bed without at least one of his toys . Recently , he picked up is plastic toy chili pepper and took it outside so he could go potty . He set it down right next to him and went . He started to cone back inside when I said “don’t forget your chili pepper !” He instantly got an “oh yeah !” Look on his face and turned back around , picked up his chili pepper and trotted inside . He loves his toys much more than treats . He even picked out his own toy turtle ! But that’s another story ...
Thea is my White Little Snowflake she is my everything, she’s to protective with her little humans. she is one lazy and funny dog. She loves balls and loves to run and gives us attitude but I love it lol
Luna bug would love your votes
Marceline is a little ball of fur and fury. She was found outside in a park in the dead of winter as a tiny little wild baby. She keeps her mom and dad on their toes everyday.
I adopted Elton in January of this year (2020). He got me through quarantine and is the sweetest and also sassiest boy. He loves to greet me at the door and to trick me into rubbing his belly for a sneak attack.
Sir Tyrion is a little lion man. He is the best, sweetest, most unique kitty there is. He is a rescue. I believe he rescued me as well. Tyrion always knows when to comfort me. He has a sense of humor to boot. I love him. Furever 💕
Dante Crazy Paws
AKA 'Vampiro' as his mustache looks like little fangs. He is the king of the mousey toys with more personality then I've ever seen! Such a monster child!
This is my spunky, energetic, affectionate no tailed kitty cat Morty!! 💚
She’s a 23 year old plus size kitty. My best friend my companion!❤️
Clover likes walks, spa days, her bark boxes, and her siblings (z the human, juniper the cat, and Jada the pittie)
Juniper loves fancy feast and running through the house at 10:30 at night
Missy is the most friendly and loving girl you could ever wish for . 🥰😘
Murphy thinks he is a dog. He is one cool cat. Had a rough start in life but overcame and is now 12 years old
Ash is my spunky little guy! He is always ready to play and loves rolling around with his brother, Obi. He is very loving too and will be content in your arms until a ball rolls by😊
Hello, my name is Sesame! I am a 4 month old male Russian Blue and Maine Coon mix. I am extremely affection, handsome and love to play with my feather toy. My mom got me this bow today, do you like it?
This is Max! All he wants is to say hello to everyone he sees! He rarely ever barks, UNLESS he wants you to give him attention! He’s so smart, and so very spoiled!! He joined our family 3 months ago
I adopted her from lollipop farm when she was 9 where they told us she was left alone a lot and must of fed her a lot of human food. After we got her she adjusted instantly and was happy as can be and she’s now 13 and still acts like she’s a puppy here and there with running after toys to just running outside. She always greets everyone and loves everyone and all animals.