Dog cat Stories - 75


Missy is a rescue dog that was near death When we got her . She is now 115 lbs king Shepard /saint Bernard mix . She loves to play with her baby monkey and hog the bed at night . Please vote for her
Sofia loves to be held and stroked. She loves cuddles and also loves being fed treats, she even eats out of your hand. She is 5 months old and loves to play around with the dog Rolo.
i accepted 2 border collies from the south. i actually wanted his mate but ended up with Shaun. he didn't eat for a week and only wanted a crate or to lie in the bushes. he dug this tree and would go in and bark. i called it his talking tree. it's where he went to decide how to live in his new world. he is still nuts but i can actually pet him now ,5 years later. he has taught me more than i have taught him
Rolo loves attention and loves to be cuddled. He loves playing with his toys and running around in the garden. He is the sweetest little dog and is always happy to see people and he is so friendly. He is very affectionate and absolutely loved children.
This is Almoust Famous Olive she’s a great girl and she is a huge Kate Hudson fan😂
Gunner Jackson
Gunner is, by far, the funniest guy around! He always has a binky in his mouth and voices out loud when he sees one under the furniture until we get up to get it! He always walks around with a smile on his lug head face!!
Hi my name is Sprite, i am very hyper and like to run around. But i am a very loving kitty too.
Spkies is 11 years old. We had him since he was a puppy
Chiko is an amazing dog, he is very friendly and loves kids, likes going the park and beach!
My sweet Olive girl loves to swim, play fetch, and bring random items to me when she greets me at the door. She is the best!
Kirby is a Bernadoodle and is 8 months old. She loves playing with any toy that squeaks. She is very smart but also has a stubborn streak.
Ben is the bestest boi ever. He is very smart and well behaved and a great big brother to his kitty and giant puppy brother. He is EXTRA friendly, like the time he broke out a second story window to visit the neighbor dog. 🤣🤣 He was totally fine and landed in a bush.
Hi im Samson. I love to play ball. I hope you love me.🥰🥰
Hi im Delilah🥰. I love belly rubs. I also like to snuggle. Sometimes I get a little cold in the fall and winter so I wear my little sweater.
Luna Marie
Luna Marie is the sweetest girl you will meet, but extremely protective of her mom and their home! When we are out walking and at parks she absolutely loves meeting new dogs and people, but at home she is on alert! We love her so much and her sassiness!
My boyfriend found Lewis a little over 3 years ago. He is the sweetest pup you will ever meet. If you pet him and stop, he will grab your hand and move it up to him so to pet him again. He is extremely smart and can almost say i love you back to us as well as do numerous tricks for treats! Vote for Lewis because all he wants is love!
Princess Rose
She love my four year old daughter and loves attention
Barry was born a cat but wishes he's a dog, he constantly has his tongue out and loves his tummy rubs! The only thing he can catch though is roast chicken.. He loves roast chicken! He's our big fluff ball and we love him
Mack is 3 months old love to steal moms shoes and run.. loves treats and squeaky toys
Simba is a very sweet, affectionate cat. He loves to be petted and will grab your hand if you try to leave him. He also gives hugs and loves sitting in windows to watch the ducks outside- which he happily communicates with through friendly meows. He also loves suckling on blankets, just like a kitten.
Coco is six months old loves playing with the cat and sleeping with mom. She likes her walks. Coco knows how to sit, lay down and come. Loves just lying around on Sunday afternoon.
Milo is ready for Halloween! He's wearing his candycorn bandana and even smiling for his photo. Such a cutie!!!
ozzy is a senior pom-chi who doesnt realize that hes an old man. His favorite things to do are play tug of war and chase the chipmunks. Hes such a happy little dog!
Cooper is half Boxer half lab! He loves squeaky toys and ALL the food! Please vote for him cause he would love some new snacks and squeaky tennis balls! 🎾
Hi I’m Roxy...I’m a very shy kitty, I like to play with my brother and lay down with my mommy!❤️
Everest loves to play with his squeaky toy. He’s so full of energy and loves to run around a lot!🐶 He’s such a good boy!❤️
Hi I’m Riley! I love my treats! (Tunaaaa🤤😋) I will make my self noticeable when new people are around me and I love to sleep!!
She loves sleeping in bags and boxes she eats Oreo cookies marshmallows and Cheerios and she likes Reese‘s peanut butter cups.
I’m Dexter the Airedale Terrier! I love socks, flower pots and cardboard! My gorgeous looks melt hearts and I was born with the best puppy eyes 💘 follow me on Instagram for more cuteness, @dexters_airedays 💓
Scrappy was a street cat when he decides one day 8 yrs ago that he wanted to live with us. So is our kitty for the rest of his life. He loves all 3 of our dogs & all our kitties. He loves to snuggle with the dogs and u can find him spooning with all the other animals. He loves everyone!
My names cookie, i love outdoors, love my treats as well🐶❤
Adopted him 7 yrs ago , I'm a Desert Storm veteran he was in a kill shelter and was going to be out to sleep that day .. you can say we saved each other.. great buddy. He has medical issues under control I guess like father like son 😅
5 month old Annie's favourite way to wake me up (very early, I might add), is by hitting me in the face, biting my lip & sitting there purring away like an angel 😇 😂
Hi my name is marvin, your blue russian ☺ i love cuddles, and my treats🐱❤
My name is kuro im very lovable,i ❤my treats im about 4 years old! 🐶
Paisley is the most laid back little girl and she loves the outdoors.
Pickle is a pit boxer mix that we adopted in March! We have been so lucky to have found him and now he’s a spoiled spoiled boy! We don’t know what we would do without him! He loves cuddling and suckling on his blanket and stuffed animals and chasing after balls but sticks are his favorite!
Clark is 14 weeks old and very smart.
Kody is our 17 1/2 fur baby who has recently been promoted to big brother! He is stubborn, loving, smart, and brings so much joy and toddler like antics to our lives every day.
Watsit is a little ginger and white tabby kitten, he is super cuddly and loves treats, every vote we get, gives Watsit a treat! ❤
Beautiful hammy called Cookie, Also this is an old picture we have upgraded her cage. :)
✪Red is a border collie pup, he is only 21 weeks old and his TikTok is Red.The.BorderCollie