Dog cat Stories - 72


Maverick is a thirteen week old Saint Bernard, Great Pyrenees, English Mastiff mix! He is silly and clumsy and looks like a marshmallow when he runs. He is such a happy floof and keeps our family smiling and laughing all the time! He loves water and will flop and roll even in the smallest puddle he finds! He has 2 human siblings, 3 doggo siblings and one kitty sister.
This is my lil girl Aztec!! She loves to talk and tell you exactly what she wants😋 As most huskies do! She is a sweetheart and loves to go for walks and to go outside just so she can scratch the door to come back in. Show her some love y’all!!
Cupcake is my best friend, my saving grace! She came into my life at an extremely difficult time and I am forever in debt to her for that! She would love to win, so mommy can buy her lots more toys and laser lights! 💜
Diesel loves to eat sheba "sticks" and she loves sleep under covers night with her mommy! THERE IS ANOTHER PROFILE THAT IS THE RIGHT ONE FOR DIESEL. PLEASE VOTE ON THE OTHER ONE. THANK YOU
He was the last kitten at the shelter and melted in my arms the first time I held him. His favorite toys are anything that rolls, bags to hide in, and feet...especially while mom and dad are sleeping
Georgie is a therapy puppy in a care home and has made a real difference to the residents lives during the pandemic
Mica is the best ground score i ever found. He was on the side of the road as a starving puppy in Idaho, and i flew him up the Alaska with me. We are now back in Spokane, Washington. Closer to home, for both of us. 😁
Molly Mai
Molly mai is a little cheeky missy ! She loves toys and cuddles
Ina is the most lovely rescue cat. She is kind and caring and became my best friend
One word to describe fizz... queen👑 she loves her food as well as a big bit of chicken (has to be with the gravy as it’s a luxury)😼 Fizz is 14 years old and loves to sleep all the time unless she is on the catnip having a crazy moment🤪 go follow her Instagram page fizzosborn2006_x 💖
Sadie is a Karakachan and is already so Sassy... She will be our Guardian Livestock Dog and we just adore her
Hi, my name is Sophie and I was adopted from Lakeland Animal Shelter. I am a sweet and loving cat with a fun, adventurous personality. I like to ring bells, cuddle, and cause trouble. I love my family very much and I know that my family loves me dearly too!
Deputy Dutchess
Dutchess came to me as a owner surrender and she has been my sidekick, best friend, and helps me with my anxiety on a daily basis. She also shows love to all the new dogs at the shelter showing them they are loved and safe!
Nyla us only a month old Out of 7 kitten she is the only one that made it through
Artie is really an amazing dog. His best friends are his 3 brother cats. He loves spending time with his moms and his grandparents. He loves car rides. As soon as you bring his ball out he will play fetch for hours.
She is only 6weeks old. She is very outgoing with her personality. She lets my 2yr old manhandle her she is such a daddys girl.
Baby D
We found this prerty girl in our backyard as a small kitten she is so friendly qe has to keep her ,she loves her catnip fish
Finn is a German Shepard/Malamute puppy! He has LOADS of energy but his favorite thing to do is cuddle up with his mommy!🐶💙
I am a talker, I love to meow and follow my favorite person around the house. I’m always by your side! ❤️
Shes a rednose pocket pitt who absolutely loves cuddles and naps. Shes almost 12 and her best friend is a 2 year old pug
Smokey was a stray my bf brought home late one night. Smokey was left abandoned when his owers moved and left him in the cold. He now has his furever home with unconditional love.
My name is Thor. I like kisses and snuggles the most. I love to run and sometimes i dont stop until i run into the furniture.
Kitty Girl
Kitty girl has the biggest attitude and loves to play! She does not like getting in trouble but always seem to be doing that😂 She loves treats and new toys. She also does not miss out on anything and is always finding a spot to soak up the sun.❤️
Little Bit
Little bit is almost 1 years old. She was a resuce from Alabama. She was brutly bettin when we got her. She was only 2 months old and weighed under 2 pounds. She had so much love in her heart. She developed epilise and autstic traits. She love her doctor and she is for sure a mommy girl. She is like having a 2 year old running around. Sh poves to get into dish towels. And chase the cats. She loves her pinky pie mouse that she is holding in the photo. She goes to the vet every 3months but there are always toys involved. She has finally be able to go to the doggy day spa but only with her bubby little bear my other pom. She has so much love for everyone. It breaks my heart to see the photos of her went we got her. She still hides food. And she refuses to wear a leash because of the chain scars bitting from her back. But she is pee pad trained and full of love and a crazy little spirit
Malibu is a feisty little pup and she’s very friendly and just came home 10/18, hope you guys fall for her just like I did!
Rusty loves to sleep and cuddle, he certainly loves his tummy too lol he’s a very energetic kitten 🐱
Bandit is my heart dog for sure! He is your typical Aussie...energetic,loving and full of personality! ♥️
Hershey is such cute adorable dog. She is very playful and has a great personality.
PeeWee and her cratemate Simba were 2 foster kittens I had. Both were very sick, Simba was younger and smaller, fight as we did to save him Pneumonia stole his life. PeeWee was touch and go but pulled through. In his honor we are dedicating this contest. We adopted PeeWee she is now Matriarch of our herd, but sweet and gentle.💖💙💔
Dylan is our rescue baby, he’s a mixed breed, he has the most amazing kind and gentle soul, after such a bad start in life he still gives everyone unconditional love ❤️
Dakota Kay
Dakota has won our hearts with her craziness and fun loving attitude. She knows what she wants and she knows we will give it to her .
Milo is a Japanese Akita x Staff. He likes cuddles with mummy and playing with his big brother George! He is 11 weeks old and cant wait till he can go out for walkies :) x
This is Tokyo, a beautiful blue bi ragdoll💙 One of his hobbies is to pose for photos🐾 Isn't he photogenic?🐾💙
My name is Belle. I was lost on the streets of California. My mom and dad came from Vegas to foster me, but decided to make me a part of their pack instead! Best Day Ever!
This is Ralph, he is a 5 month cane corso who is extremely nervous of people due to his past home, however, once you gain his trust you'll see the cuddly, crazy and loving side to him that we see! He loves chasing balls, staring out the window and doggy pancakes!
Hi, my name is Belle. I am a rescue dog who loves nothing more than a cuddle. I think im a lap dog but in reality im a bit too big. I havent had the easiest start in life from having puppies from a young age, to being abandoned by my previous owner. I didn't know how to play when I found my new home. But now I love nothing more than a ball or a teddy 🐻 ⚽
Willow is 12 weeks old and absolutely amazing!!! She can lift your mood immediately. She has slept through and toileted outside since day one!! We start training tomorrow, not that she needs it. Just for social side of things. Can't wait ❤️
Hi, this is Dipdip. He enjoys to make biscuits on soft blankets and being a big chunk.
Maxamillion Maximus is about 6 months old and he is definitely quite a character.
Stitch loves to play, he is very mischievous and jumps out on you from behind doors, he’s also very lovable and gives kisses
Mago is so curious and loveable. He loves to play and also loves chasing digital fish on cat tv. He has a sweet purr which he turns on instantly as soon as you pet him. When he chews on his cat grass, he goes bananas!! His name means "wizard" or "magician" in Spanish. Please vote for Mago!! 💗
She loves to sleep and play but most of all she there when youre sick and there when youre upset laying on you're lap she has big love for just a kitten and it would help me get her and her three sisters shots
Meet Octavia! Tavia is her super cute nickname. Tavia LOVES the dog park & playing w big & small dogs. She is the best at cuddling and the cutest/weirdest sleeper. Tavia is 3 months old and is learning new tricks everyday! She is also the most spoiled lil pup!
This is petunia and we just rescued her last week! She is the sweetest girl! She loves her toys and her big brother Brutus. Give her some votes!
Sergei The Girl Cat
Sergei is a rescue from Boulder, Co and shes obsessed with her mama, she gives the worlds best snuggles and loves running around and knocking over plants, shes very loud but a can of wet food and shes out like a light. <3