Herbie came into our lives and home almost 6 months ago . He's such a good boy and has a very unique personality. Herbie loves his mommy & daddy his squeaky mouse from Nana , & his new cat tree. His new thing he loves is playing with hair ties.
Whiskers is a registered service pet. She senses my anxiety and panic attacks and can get help as well as comfort me. She has saved me more than once.
Zena is a rare blue deerhead chihuahua. She is the daughter of Envy that previously won a certificate from kingpet. Zena has an amazing personality. She loves to play ,chew,eat,sleep and hike. Her fur shimmers blue in the sun. I love my fur baby! I also absolutely love her beautiful crystal blue eyes.
Archie is a 1 year old adopted rescue cat with Downs Syndrome! Hes very loving and he CANNOT MEOW! He tries but he has no voice. Hes a Special boy. 💜💜💜
Mabel is a sweet puppy with blue eyes and a sweet personality.
Penny is a 2 year old Norwegian forest cat and indoor cat. she can be very moody but very sweet, she doesn’t really scratch or hiss much unless you touch her paws. she warms up to new people very quickly and she loves scratches and her wet food more than anything. her favorite toys are hair ties and a green sparkly mouse on a string. she loves ice cold water and salmon treats, she doesn’t get along with other cats but she loves dogs and she loves watching the birds on the bird feeder. she has a lot of nicknames; bubble, bubblina, penny dreadful and pennilia.
Smokey was born outdoors. This picture of him was taken outside while he was still nursing with Mama cat. Smokey is now indoors and loves to play. Smokey is a special cat to me. He happens to be a polydactyl too.
Gracie Faith
Gracie Faith brings so much joy, love & happiness as our newest member of our family. We love her so much! Very intelligent puppy 💕💕💕😢
Happy Halloween 🎃
He is super loving and a super cuddler. He is a big little baby.
He is the kindest most loving baby boy you could ever meet. 💚😸
Luna loves to play with a red laser light and bubbles. If she sees anyone she will not let them turn down her cuddles. She loves attention.
He loves his toys and loves his dad. Kai is so smart and intelligent but can be very sneaky. I wouldn’t trade him for the world!
He is a now 6 month old Maine coon/tabby. He loves anything that moves! He loves to cuddles with you for naps or for the night! He loves to be picked up and thrown over your shoulder while you walk around. He also climbs in the bagpack to go on walks outside.
I am a drama king. I likes to lay across my hooman’s shoulders and play with her hair.
Kai is such a smart boy, he loves his daddy so much And listens super well!
I am playful, very rambunctious, and a happy pupper. I like fetch the mostest.
I am 5 weeks old now! I like to chew a lot and I LOOOOOVE ham.
This little bugger loves to keep us on our toes from bringing home live mice to hiding in the house for hours and making me think hes lost. He loves sitting in bags and loves his toys and treaties
Presley likes to sit next to me on the couch. He rolls on his back when he wants to be pet.
Dexter likes to hide under the sink in the bathroom.
Raven comes from Colorado with her sister Callie. She is a Jack Russel/Blue Hound dog mix. She is the runt of the group but very spirited. She loves to talk back and has to have the last word.
Hey! My name is Jewelz and I am a male pomeranian puppy, I am a very active pup who loves to run around and play with toys . I also LOVE my treats.. so tastyyy ☺️. But anyways I’m here to show you guys how handsome and playful I am . I just want to help my mommy by doing what I do best being HANDSOME 🥰
Hank is a year old. He is nothing but a ball of playful energy. He loves playing outside, swimming, and is one increadible watch dog.
Jaxsin is 3 1/2 months old, loves to do zoomies, play outdoors and taking naps!
A tiny but strong little service pup that saved his owners life after they returned from the army.
Diesel is a 10 yr old rescue that is full of life, loves going out on the boat and playing tug of war. His favorite thing to do is bask in the sun and snuggle in bed.
Daisy is a 1 1/2 yr old Golden Doodle who loves attention and snuggles. Her favorite time of day is dinner time and she loves squeaking her ball and playing with her big brother.
Hi, I’m Charlie! I love being outdoors and being an older brother to my sister Tiffany who is a little dog. I also bring presents for my owners 😁
Let’s make some deals
Hello, I'm Jimmy please vote for me if I win I will buy lots of lick e lix 😋 follow me on Instagram @Jimmycat84
Hi I am Barney, I love going for long walks and getting extremely muddy ,i love all my hugs and cuddles , Please vote for me xx
Jax is bully cross boxer, he loves playing with his toys and getting into mischief lol though he still a baby a loads to learn
Oringy kitty who loves her cuddles and cat treats😍😍
Mango is the sweetest little guy, hes only a baby but he is so excitable and loves playing with anything he can get his hands on especially toes! He loves tuna and sitting in the window waiting for people to go past and swoon for him!
Sandy is our very loving (and very fluffy) Caucasian Shepherd. She's 1 year old and is the most beautiful, gentle giant we've ever known. She loves cuddles and her favourite toy, Monkey 🐒
rescue doggo doing her best to trust the world out there <3 insta: @wolfdogsky
Alpha loves to play and get attention, he plays with he’s bowl of food and after eating he yells for belly rubs
Hello my name is midnight i love to run and play outside i love to catch presents for my mom's. When i wanna go outside my mom knows she just has to look at me and lets me run out the door . My favorite thing is to follow my mom when she is walking to work give me treats and ill being you a gift :)
Luna Cardenas
I love playing with my best friend Leo, he’s also a French bulldog, we love going to the park and run around in our backyard ,we take rides in my mommies car and going to PetSmart with her!
Puma is 3 weeks old and was born on October 14th she loves to cuddle a lot shes very talkative loves to walk around all over the bed and most importantly she loves to look at me but also loves to sleep a lot
Jethro is a 4-month old rescue puppy from Houston, Texas, who loves to snuggle, play tug-of-war, give lots of licks, stop-drop-n-roll when playing with other dogs and he adores children!
Kobe is a handful pug he enjoys running and barking at other dogs he loves to ride on his stroller and loves to have a treat whenever possible
Coco Chanel was bought and rescued from a homeless lady. She has a sassy attitude but is the cutest little pup ever. She loves to play with our cats anytime she gets. She thinks she’s a guard dog and will protect our home by any means. She definitely brightens up any room she enters