Dog cat Stories - 66


Vinnie is fearless, plays with anything, loves running and jumping and wrestling his brothers. Very chatty, extremely loving🥰
Mochi is a funny and happy boy, he loves watching the birds, laying in the sun, snuggles with mom and dad, and his daily zoomies!
Hugo, loves to hide and pounce on his brothers. He's the boss of the house. He loves to play fetch 🥰
Leo loves to chat, and answers back with a 'hello' He loves drinking from the taps, fascinated with water 🥰
Moss is a rescue dog from Northern Ireland, he was barely a year old when he chose me to be his mum. He has severe anxiety, a rib that was broken & slightly sticks out & has 2 bullets lodged in his skull that can't be removed. Despite all this he is loving & very silly, he loves his giant tennis ball & his cuddly unicorn. I wouldn't be without him.
Cosmo is the sweetest daddy's girl follows him every where. She loves to terrorize her dog sister. And she loves to sleep in her stroller.
Milo loves cuddling and sleeping, he must touch a part of your body when he naps, and will follow you around everywhere! Favorite toy is a plastic water bottle. Loves car rides! Cute bark offs with his own reflection via mirror.
Bandit Bear
Bandit loves his walks and playing with his toy pig he loves his cuddles
Leo is a rescue dog. There are no better dogs than what they call a Mutt. I will not pay for a animal when there are so many beautiful animals that needs homes and someone to love them as they will love you unconditionally. So even if my Mutt does not win....., he is a winner always in our eyes and lives. God Bless You All
She is a princess through and through (all the power, no responsibility). She is the smallest cat we have and she rules the roost.
Wednesday was born on May 20 2020. She was abandoned by a stray. She was in a litter of five. Lucky is her brother. Puglsey was the third but sadly passed away at 5 days old. The other two were still born. I found her in the front yard hidden in vien. I heard her faint meow. I along with family took care of him and his sister since newborn. I love them more than life. They are my children. Her full royal name is Princess Wednesday Pissypot
This is churro my sleepy girl! She is a service dig in training because I’m an autistic teenager who could use the money for training. She is a double doodle (mini labradoodle mixed with mini Golden doodle). She helps me with my panic attacks and is working a medical alert, autism support and medical alert service dog in training 🐕‍🦺.
Lucky was born on May 20 2020. He was abandoned by a stray. He was in a litter of five. Wednesday is his sister. Puglsey was the third but sadly passed away at 5 days old. The other two were still born. He was hiding in a very grassy area. My brother in law found him 2 days later. So May 22. I along with family took care of him and his sister since newborn. I love them more than life. They are my children. His full name is Prince Lucky of Circles. When he was little and learning to crawl, he only moved in circles.
Spoilt boy gets his own way, absolutely loves the beach but isn’t much a fan of grass 😂
Shia was born 1st August 15, both parents were German shepherds but one of her ancestors was a husky, so she has the energetic personality of a husky and the eyes 😍 About 4/5 weeks before her first Christmas she became gravely ill and we nearly lost her but the same week as Christmas she got healthier and was able to come home and she has been twice as energetic, very faithful and loyal and protective and stalks me everywhere. When ever she hears the word biscuits she goes running towards the cupboard for a treat She is food mad She lives with 1 other dog, as sadly lost 2 of them in the past 2 years and lost her friend guinea pig
Sadly lost this boy now 10/01/19
Oyster is a Bugg. He loves his squeaky bone & treats. He is shy but quickly warms up to people. He will never turn down treats. He is 10 years old but still acts like a puppy most of the time. Oyster's name started as a joke that just stuck. He's our Oyster-man.
Sadly lost this beauty 16th Oct 2019
Sadly lost this boy 19th Oct 2020
Daisy had a rough start to life. She was found when she was a kitten near death in a dumpster by my neighbors. They nursed her back to life then asked if i would take care of her. Daisy is the sweetest cat. She is curious about the world around her and loves to curl up in my lap. I can't imagine my life without Daisy.
Cora is the most loving, fun spirited dog I have ever had. There is not a day that goes by that she doesn't make me laugh or smile, she truly brightens my world!
Baby Charchar is a Napoleon Minuet who loves little crumbled up balls of stuff. This always-hungry boy adores his hoomans and follows them into every room. His favorite game is fetch and his favorite food is anything that’s on someone else’s plate. Follow him on Instagram @charchar_kitty.
Axle is just over a year old and over 100 lbs! He enjoys chasing his tail, playing with his friends, destroying all of his toys and of course snuggle time!
We found Seska with a broken back outside a restaurant. She was 6 weeks old & had a ferocious will to live. A few expensive trips to the nuerologist & she is happy & healthy. She is still wild at heart but loves to snuggle, play & eat. Her sweet meows are the joy of our hearts.
Hank is a heat seeker & loves to snuggle. He destroys paper products with a vengence. Hank also likes to play fetch with his toy pickle & terrorize his pet siblings.
Leo is a wild boy who likes to run and loves the snow! Leo is one of a kind, wild but so loving. Vote for Leo!
Miss Ivy
Miss Ivy is a lover. Super chill until its time to play. Tennis balls are her favorite. 💜💜💜
Bear is a havanese puppy. He just started losing his puppy teeth so he is biting everything. Bear’s favorite food is chicken. He loves snuggles and being the center of attention.
Instagram @sainttuxedo 🤍
Teddy is Beautiful inside and out ❤️
He was rescued cat. He is sweet handsome boy.
Stinky Doo
She is loving and sweet! Her favorite toy is plastic ring ( from gallon of water)!!
Pablo is a crazy box loving Persian living his best life.
Gizmo gives loud purrs and chirps when he is stroked. Very adorable and loves any kind of box!
A derpy floof/silly snowdog that hates the cold weather. Can usually be found covered in mud or mlerming something she shouldn't be!
Bella Sirena
My beautiful baby Bella passed away on November 16, 2020 abruptly from HCM. A heart condition that is actually hard to detect unless during a check-up there is a heart murmur or something like. I'm beyond heart broken & maybe this will be something sweet dedicated for her...she was the sweetest, happiest & most spoiled baby, my love. We were so connected.
Brody was born in a dryer. The people who had him didn't hear the meowing until it was too late and he was the only one that survived. As a result of this, he has a short tail, gimpy ear, and fused together paw pads. In spite of his rough start in life, Brody has been the absolute sweetest cat. He was then given to my parent's neighbours as a cute kitten. A few months later they left him behind, abandoning him when they moved to a new place that didn't allow pets. He found me on my parent's driveway one night and we've been inseperable ever since. In March 2020 he was diagnosed with diabetes. He has been in and out of the vet every two weeks since as we try to regulate his diabetes and increase his insulin dosage. After 8 months of increasing his insulin with no response, it was recommended to do a genetic blood test. He came back positive for Acromegaly. This is a tumor on his pituitary gland causing an excess of growth hormone. He needs surgery to remove it, or he will 100% soon die of heart failure. He is only 6 years old and the surgery has a 90% success rate, with a 70% chance he won't even have diabetes after and can return to a normal life. This surgery could potentially give him another 10+ years with us. This surgery is rare and is performed in the states by specialists at Washington State University. It is not done anywhere in Canada. A family member is willing to fly there with him to seek treatment since I cannot miss work. He needs this surgery ASAP as he is at risk of dying of heart failure without it. Please vote for him so the money can be put towards his surgery!
Hey all you cool cats and kittens! This is Max. I adopted him from Petsmart’s national adoption weekend this September. He came from Adopt A Discarded Animal Society shelter in San Jose, who helped to evacuate pets from shelters due to the California wild fires! He was a stray, and was found alone with no brothers or sisters. But that’s okay because now my 6 year old cat Brody makes the perfect big brother for Max! I originally wanted to adopt Max to give Brody a friend, as he was recently diagnosed diabetic and I wanted him to have someone to play with while I was at work, instead of just staring at his food dish all day. We also just found out that Brody has acromegaly which has been causing his insulin-resistant diabetes. He needs a very expensive pituitary tumour removal surgery to survive, or he will soon die of heart failure. I hope to win this contest so that the money can go towards that. Max loves his brother, food, snuggles, and playing in my Christmas tree!Plz vote for us!☺️
Bella Ghiassi
My beautiful baby was disgnosed with lymphoma. She has so much personality, she greets me with meows every morning, she leads me to what she wants, water from the sink, treats or dinner time. She makes me follow her and guess. She talks to me when I am doing my makeup, a whole conversation. When I get out of the shower, she is on the rug cleaning herself, like it's shower time too. She lets me hold her when I am on the treadmill. She pretty much is my shadow. I love her so much, she brings so much joy to my life.
Storm Ghiassi
Storm turned 20 and had a zoom birthday party. She ate her favorite treats, whip cream, cheeses, ranch and butter. I've had her since she was 8 weeks old. She truly is one of a kind. She also is a bed hog for being the smallest cat. Lol
Atreyu is the best cat ever. He knows how to sit, stay, shake, give high fives, kiss and "reach for the sky." He sleeps with his blanket and his stuffed dog. He plays goalie and fetches hair ties, his favorite. He's such a joy to have in our family.
Duchess is a sweet girl with the attitude of a teenager. She was found in a field, hungry and neglected, but she has a forever home now. She's my baby girl. ❤️
Gizmo and her siblings were found in my aunts back yard with mom just weeks old. As soon as I saw her I knew she would be mine. Gizmo came into my life at a time that I really needed her. I almost lost her after I got her fixed. She has been by my side. She is a very wonderful kitty. She is very loved ❤
The most loving and beautiful cat!
I’m a cheeky Wauzer puppy.
Murphy James
Murphy likes watching paw patrol and chewing on literally anything he can get ahold of.
The happiest dog you ever did see. Just look at his birthday face(: Dallas is certainly a love bug, he loves to cuddle!
Tank is the funniest little guy with so much energy. He likes to do parkour, wrestle his sister and play fetch.