Dog cat Stories - 64


Im a 16 week old chihuahua. I am the sweetest snuggler, but have a fiesty side as well. I love to play with my doggie friends, chase the cat and snuggle my mom.
Daisy May
Daisy May is a sweet mini pin. She loves her toys especially her rubber ball and stuffed reindeer. Some of her favorite things to do are. Cuddling on the couch to watch some tv. She loves to watch me play video games. And she loves to run and play with her cat brother (Crowley) she also loves to dance and do tricks for her food. Or sometimes just to show off lol. Daisy May was a rescue that came into our lives just a few months ago. But in reality. She rescued us.
She is very loving and loves walks and playing!
He is lovely, friendly and a wonderful Dad.
Wrigley is a 2 year old blue tick coonhound mixed with a black lab. She’s a sassy, feisty girl who loves to play with her rope toys and run around in the back yard with her neighbor buddies! She knows many tricks including shake (with both paws), high five, speak, whisper, and she can even play dead.
She’s like a little bunny she loves to hop I adopted her from a neighbor that was selling her litter of mini schnauzers after her dog had babies
I want food, sleeps, more food, naps and more sleeps... in that order please and Thankyou!
I hate everything about kittens! Dam pests!
Hello rocky small 7 pound of puppy love he can come when called sit high five stay says no mama loves chicken
I’m the sweetest pup you will ever meet, I’m very shy so my mom is my favorite person and I’m usually very sad when she is not around. Also my entire bloodline are bread to become show dogs.
I am the regal king of the house. I reign over my hoomans.
I love to cuddle my hooman as you can see.
15 weeks old, loves to play and run
Cooper loves cuddles walks and is always looking for a friend to play fetch with! He’s such a sweetheart and so gentle! Cooper has a great love for peanut butter! You should definitely give him a vote!
Halo is a big cat who never misses a meal! We call him a cat-dog because he frequently gets his personalities confused and acts more like a dog. He is rather nosy and has to know what his people are doing at all times. He loves to play and then sit in the sunshine and relax. He has a black marking on his head that looks like an angel, hence the name Halo. But don't let that fool you he is always full of mischief!
Nevaeh was named for the cross on her chest (heaven spelled backwards). She’s a soon-to-be gentle giant with a huge heart. She has two best cat friends that she adores. And she is known to LOVE snuggling with momma under a fleece blanket. She’s a one in a million kind of puppy that we were so fortunate to get. ❤️
Maverick is a German Shepard who loves his morning snuggles and will make sure everyone knows that he’s not happy if he doesn’t get them.
Nova loves to meet new people and dogs! Loves to wrestle with her big brother despite being 1/6 of his size.
The sassiest long nose boy ❤️
This picture was taken on the day that we adopted her and truly shows the joy of finding her forever home!
super energetic and sociable
Diesel is extremely smart and well trained. He is so loving and caring towards people and knows when someone is upset or isn’t feeling well. He is an important part of our life and wouldn’t trade him for the world.
Max is a super playful, loving dog. He loves to play outside but also loves to cuddle! I was able to rescue him after his mom was poisoned and give him a lifelong loving home.
Baby is a cute & adorable 3 month old American short hair Tabby mix kitten. She is very playful and loves everyone. She also loves to eat & cuddle😍
I’m coco, I like to pee on the floor, snuggle with mommy, and suck on the blankies. ❤️❤️
Hi, I’m Lilly. I love to lay in the bathtub, scratch my dads gaming chair, and scratch the walls after I go potty! 🙄
The sassiest pizza topping you ever met! Most notorious for protection the bathroom
Binx is a very sweet & playful boy! I recently went through a huge process to adopt him from a humane society! But it was well worth the wait & I love him so much🥺 I’ve always wanted a black cat & he’s perfect!!🖤
Bourbon is a 2 year old pug who enjoys watching tv. He is excited to see other animals on tv and particularly enjoys Puppy Dog Pals
This is my playful, energetic Ozzy. He loves playing with his toys and taking naps next to mommy. He makes the world a better place. He is mommy"s boy. ❤❤
Jinx is a lovely cat, She was abandoned and found her way into my Daycare center and now she's a loved house cat. She loves to be playful, she loves taking pictures and loves sun bathing. She’s the Queen.
Kai is a german shepherd/pit bull mix who loves to run at the park, snuggle anytime he can, and always likes to fast pass his treat routine (sit, paw, other paw, lay down) to get what he wants
Woof! My name is Milo and I am a 3 month old black and tan Shiba inu! I love my stuffed toys and chimkin and belly rubs! My pawrents are teaching me how to be brave and explore the world! Give me treats and I will RUFF u ❤️
Cleo loves the outdoor life, hiking, walking, play time at pet park. She has gone from Philadelphia to California. Her home is now Walnut Creek ,CA.
Brody has been the most loving Doberman. He has been a fantastic friend and buddy. Loves the outside play, Running, jumping and walking.
Hi, I'm Mickey, I am a lovable kitten, I like to play with my toys, sleep and just be your lovable little kitten, please vote for me.
Bernie is a lovable Mountain Dog, loves the outdoors and play time.
quirky little guy that thinks hes 10 feet tall. he loves blankets and homemade treats ,and likes going in the truck for drives. he may be small, but his personality is very big . vote for jasper :)
Hi, I’m Benji! I am a 7 month old Smorkie, my mommy and daddy tell me I’m a mix of a yorkie, Maltese and a shih tzu. I am a very happy pup, I love to run around and play with all my toys. One of my favourite things to do is running, mom and dad always take me to big fields and we play catch until they are too tired to continue trying to catch me! Everyone tells me that I have a big ego and that I know how to get my way with my big puppy dog eyes ( the best way to get any treat you want). My favourite pass time of all is sneaking into the bathroom and shredding toilet paper, it really makes mommy angry but I do it anyways. It’s fun to watch her chase me around while I have a big pile of paper in my mouth. When I’m not running laps around the house, I am snuggling up to my humans and making sure that they know I am so happy and so loved. I love my humans very much and even though I am a handful at times, I know they love me too. Please vote for me!
Sully (Sullivan when he’s naughty), is a 7 year old chihuahua who loves to cuddle. His job is an emotional support dog who loves to run to your aid when you are in emotional distress. He’s been by my side since 2013. Here are some photos of sully’s good side! ❤️
In 2016, sadly our family’s two previous cats past away, we believe they may have been poisoned. Within the same month, Olive randomly walked through our back doors as if she already lived here, she was not house trained or used to people but after a few weeks she soon settled in and now loves to sit in my arms like a baby. We named her Olive after her large green eyes and she’s still the happiest can alive!
My name is Geri (short for Geraldine) and I’m the friendliest catto in the world. I love chatting to my hooman, jumping out of nowhere to scare my hooman, cuddles with my hooman, playing all day, watching tv (Stuart Little is my favourite), and treatos. I lived in a shelter til my hooman came to take me home last March and I couldn’t be happier, I love hoomans and walking on my lead. Please vote for me. :)
Libby is a certified therapy dog. She is missing her regular jobs during COVID so I take her to stores where she works her Libby magic. Once at Lowes she met a 52 year old lady who is afraid of dogs and within 10 minutes she was hugging Libby and crying at having missed this experience for so long.
Apollo is a Labradane who loves playing in the snow (it’s hard to make him com inside when it’s snowing)
Hi my name is Princess!! I love to give kisses!
Murphy is a Chorkie. He is 7 months old and still cute as a button and full of love ❤️
Rock brings so much joy to our home. He has a sister and a brother that look Siamese.