Dog cat Stories - 63


My strong spirited baby was found with an infection, but now that she's healing she's super energetic and loves running and exploring.
💙💚Hi! My name is Nina! I am a 2yr old Female Khao Manee mixed with Turkish Van. I was adopted by my mommy and have never been any happier and felt so loved🥰. Not only are my cat naps special to me but I love going out for nature walks and cuddling with my favorite hoomans more🥰. I am known for my beautiful, big colorful eyes as well as my sassy personality. Here's an interesting fun fact about my eyes: I have what is called complete Heterochromia Iridi which is another way to describe color differences of the iris, but can also be applied to color variation of hair or skin. I can see quite well and will have this set of peepers👀 for the rest of my 9 lives. I enjoy taking pictures and to be rewarded with yummy snacks for my puuurrfect bahavior in front of cameras🐾📸
Geri came into my life along with her brother Ben. Sadly Ben was hit by a car a few months ago so now is in her own. Ben was the dominant sibling and she missed him greatly. But as time has passed she has turned out to be one loving and caring cat. My best friend.
She was a rescue who came my way and saved my life. She stayed by my side when I went through a bad patch and couldn't see the sun through the trees. She amazing, she's forceful, she's a diva but I'm lucky to say she's mine ♥️.
Myra is very friendly, she likes going outside to play and walk. She also likes riding in the car. We got Myra from a animal shelter in Atlanta GA.
Finn is the sweetest boy! He is a 3 month old Aussiedoodle who loves to play hard, then nap hard! He’s learning new tricks every week. He sits, lays down, and shakes on command and we are working on stay. He’s doing great at leash training currently and you know he’s happy and proud of himself when his little bottom is shaking on overdrive, which is pretty much all the time! Sometimes his excitement to meet people is just too much, and his back half greets you before his front half because he just can’t stop wagging so hard! He’s brought so much joy to our family!
Groot is a little adorable cat with a dogs brain he knows how to play fetch and chase his tail as well as give you his paw and half way through the day he will bring you his favourite toy mouse to through him to chase
Leo Crumbs
He is obsessed with plastic bags! Will get into any bag. Has his own little scrap corner of a bags and boxes. He is such an affectionate cat. Gives us kisses and cuddles soon as we’re home. Scared of the doorbell. Will hide under the throw on our sofa or run upstairs and get under the duvet of our bed so he’s a little lump lol. He loves to eat all foods (we don’t let him). Loves McNuggets. Loves to try and play the guitar.
Hi! I’m Chance! I’m a 5 year old Husky/Pitt Bull Mix. I’m an extremely energetic boy who loooooves his momma! I also loves car rides, walks in the park, and LOTS of treats. I hope you think I’m handsome!😊
Rocco is the best cat on the planet. He may look sweet in this photo. But he’s actually a little devil. Always on the attack. He guards our house better than any guard dog. He’ll lure you in with his good looks then attack. But hes always super loving and affectionate with his family. 10/10 Awesome boy.
Kush loves watching birds fly outside and he loves playing with his pineapple toy. He’s very independent but can use his mommas help catching flies around the house. He’ll cuddle when he wants to but overall a very mellow kitty 😌❤️
Sky Hernandez
She is 14 weeks old, she is friendly and cute, if we win, i will spend the reward towards her food, clothes, treats, toys and much more because to me its for her!! She is my world and my best friend and she is very loyal!! There is so much to say about her, but she truly is a very good puppy and to me she is always there for me especially through my hard times i have had recently! She does several basic tricks and has a sense of humor. All in all she may be a pitbull but she is my baby and she makes me happy and places a smile on everyone else's face when they meet her
Duncan is a therapy dog who is the friendliest and happiest dog you’ll ever meet
Shea is a therapy dog who enjoys chasing baseballs in the backyard in her free time.
Please vote for my wild, loving & caring Simba 😻🐾
Being this cute must be so freaking ruff
Leonidas is a super energetic, fun, and just a big lovable baby who is obsessed with his toys and absolutely loves to get in some cuddle time with his mom and dad
Half German Shepherd and a mixture of a bear and a land shark.
Charlie... a young girl and her brother Koda. Who needs her college mom to save her and the other (hundreds) Great Pyrenees in our area. Our rural location gives a significantly hard time to my breed and I want all my brothers and sissies to end up okay and in homes! If mommy wins this money it will go to GPRA (Great Pyrenees rescue of Atlanta!)
Emmie Lou
Emmie Lou knows she is pretty. She is a mink ragdoll who loves to look in the mirror and prance up and down the hall. Funniest thing I've ever seen. Especially, for a cat!
Rex is an 8 week old rambunctious heeler pup. He loves to frolic & chase butterflies 🦋
Hi my name is Pixie. I was born in January and I'm 3 months old. I like to run around and play with Angus my boyfriend. I'm a good girl, I go outside and potty and I play with my toys. I love to snuggle with my mommy.
She will be 6 years old on May 1 and is more like my child than my pet! She's my sweet angel!
Hi my names Cudi!! I’m only 9 weeks old and already love playing with my toys and chilling in the grass. I have 2 brothers and one cat sister! There’s nothing more I love then playing with my brothers and sisters. Please give me a vote while I represent the border collies everywhere ♥️ #gocudi #livinlife
Ranger loves all things pumpkin and snuggly! He can usually be found either curled up with his blankie or outside rolling around in the sunshine. He’s the sweetest boy and so loved!
Azul LOVES to sleep on soft blanket and dislikes sleeping alone every night. He is afraid of strong gusts of wind plus rainy days. We have a few nicknames for him: 1. BooBoo, 2. Baby Kitten, 3. Mr. Cutie, and 4. Mr. Gatito among others.
Hi my name is moose im a 3 month old golden shepherd. So far I have learned to sit and lay down. My favorite things to do is play with my brother who is a cat.
Coby is a loveable Goldendoodle that loves to give hugs, he also go to the hospital to make the cancer patients feel good. His face is hard resist.
Buddy Bailey
Buddy is our rescue dog. We found him in a shelter and now he is the most amazing family member. With his floppy ear and his great personality he is a man, woman, kids best friend!
Mondae loves soft blankets, meeting new friends and FOOD (human or otherwise) Favorite foods: broccoli, carrots, raspberries, chicken
Jax is a Belgian-pit mix. He’s a character to say the least!
Milo is a hyper, friendly, and loving dog. He loves food and playing tug-a-war with his family. He’s always up to meet new friends, human and dogs alike. He hates geese with a passion. Loves long car rides.
Stanley is a cute calm Black tiger cat who loves to cuddle and eat🥰
Tiny is the most beautiful Chihuahua in the world! I rescued him after his fur baby brother got shot by a crazy man! One of the best things I ever did he is just amazing. When my husband had cancer tiny knew he was not well and would not leave his side made my husband's last days better.
Bentley loves to play fetch with his humans and go on long walks. He gets the zoomies all the time and loves making new friends!
Crowley is a solid black short hair domestic he’s fine he’s loving he plays fetch and he likes to lay around and get love all day
8 years old, Loves guests, playful and wild at times and loves to be next to his mommy and watch tv.
Hi I’m Dottie. My best attribute are my massive fat rolls around my neck. All the boys at the dog park love them. They also tell me I have a beautiful figure and I could be the next plus size model for Bassets. My hooman says I’m stubborn but I keep saying that I’m just a great negotiator. I say it’s always better to be rewarded with a treat than not to be. I have a wonderful sense of humor. I think it’s hilarious when I bark to go outside to take care of my lady business only to fool my hooman and just stand there looking at birds! It’s great fun! I love my toys so much I want them to be a part of me so I try to eat each and everyone. Just a FYI, I’m not being rude to anyone who votes for me in my bio pictures by sticking my tongue out, I was just trying out different modeling poses I can use next time I’m at the park for all the boys! Im thinking surely I’ll be discovered eventually. Since my big brown eyes are so captivating beautiful I’m confident you’ll vote for me. After all I wouldn’t be a Basset without my abundance of self confidence. 💜
This is Autum and Garfield! They’re quite the duo. They live playing and climbing anything and everything
He loves playing with his rope and duck. He is a service dog in training.
Loves Costco and going to the park and loves salmon treats and human food.
Abbott R.i.p
Our sweet boy fought so hard, but was taken from us a few dsys ago. Our hearts are broken, but he will be our boy forever. 😇😇
Hi I’m tux, I am and aussiedoodle and i am 1 year old. I love to play tug of war. I also love to run and go on walk. My favorite meat is salmon. I also love cheese.
This baby was rescued from the parking lot where his mommy had been hit. He is so sweet and fiesty.. and adorable ❤
Blue is the biggest sweetheart loves to cuddle great with kids and photogenic all around the best dog you can ask for
He’s not scared of anything. He’s the alpha out of our two German shepherds and our pitbul he’s the coolest dog you will meet in your life
Remy James
Hello world I’m Remy but the humans call me REM. I aspire to be a French Model Pup, please vote for me and follow my Instagram. Remingtonjames_thefrench
LilyRose loves to chase her doggy sister Bambi around the house and cuddle with mommy.