Dog cat Stories - 62


Hello! I’m Louie the cockapoo and I’m almost 4 months old! 🥺
Bronx likes to lick people and jump on them. Very pretty, but the smartness, Ehh.... He sat on his sister when she got in his spot. He is spoiled and well loved. He also farts a lot. It’s smells like rotten eggs. Hope you like his humorous self. Bye!
Rosco loves being outdoors whether it is sun bathing, hiking, creek walking, or climbing rocks! He also really loves snuggles!
Toby is 1 years old. He’s shy and really cheeky. He loves playing chase 🎾 And loves to pose for the camera 📸💙 He is currently recovering from a surgery 🥺💙
Gib is a happy, quirky, and patient boy. He loves to play with his sister and snuggle with his mamma and he is never shy to meet new people. Gib puts a smile on everyone’s face :)
Delly is an adorable, rambunctious and one of the sweetest little pugs I have ever met. Unlike her brother Delly takes her time to get to know people but once she likes you she won’t leave you alone. She loves following her mama around the house and helps clean the kitchen floor. Delly loves putting on dresses and taking long naps in the evenings. You can’t get over this big pile of cuteness
Cali is almost 3 years old, she loves butt pats and then proceeds to make biscuits 😸
This sweet beauty is OCD, (has to lick her leash 3 times before waking and has to lick her bowl 3 times before eating! She is autistic also! Sweetest girl ever!
This girl just has it all!
Meow, I'm Puma and my human Mum thinks that I'm very cute and I'm not sure if you think that as well but anyways me and my twin sis Simba love spending time with each other and our humans.
Hello I'm rosie, I am the most outgoing and loving dog out there! I absolutely love to work if you put any farm animal in front of me I love to herd them, i also love chasing after sticks into the water boy is that so fun! But i will say my #1 favorite thing to do is get loved on and cuddles i could do those all day but i have a job and jobs come first. So please vote for me!
Luna is my companion when I get anxiety! She brings me calmness when I need it and helps me in time of need. She’s the sweetest and kindest baby girl.
Hi I'm Kicia or my friends call me Kitty, I'm a rescued cat found in the bushes and my loving family took care of me. I'm very energetic and love to play xx.
Hi, I’m Tetris! My favourite hobbies include darting around the house, redecorating the walls, bopping my brother on the head while he sleeps and jumping as high as I can up the curtains! My tenants don’t like me doing this but they never stay mad at me too long because... well... look at me!
Pearl was adopted from my local animal shelter and since my life has gotten brighter. I have anxiety and PTSD and when I am having an episode she will come over and sit on my chest and lick my face ❤..She is extremely vocal and such a love bug.Pearl reminds me of a dog occasionally because of much she craves attention.
Quentin Coldwater
Quentin Coldwater is true to his name (I'ma magicians fan.). He's a sweet sensitive boy. Who loves to be curious, which gets him self in trouble.
Grizzly is a 8 month old German shepherd puppy. He has a very cute personality and loves to talk. He is full of energy and very smart. He is loved by his family and is adored by strangers.
Piglet attracted us because as a tiny pup he turned pink like a baby piglet. Very happy well blanced little dog.
Nellie is a chihuahua jack russell mix. She likes to go for long walks.
Hi im Romeo Im 6 years old and i like to play with my hedgehog toy. I ejoy the sunny day on the sofa and the nice chesee treats
Tucker is a border terrier. He loves walks and playing fetch. He loves to gives lots of kisses.
Izzy is the definition of what a pet is. She has her own human like personality, she likes to get her way, but turns out to be really sweet.
Likes to cuddle, run around, loves treats
Blossom is 7 weeks old. She loves falling asleep on you, playing with her toys and tapping your head in the morning to wake you up to play
This girl is little, but has mighty powers. I have Lupus and had to medically retire from a job I loved back in 2013. I was feeling lost and broken and decided to adopt this cute little thing I saw in an online ad, even though I had never had an indoor dog before. Let me tell you, I was smitten from day one. She gave me a purpose, a reason to get up every day and get going, and kept me smiling. And, she still does. We love our Gracie girl!
He’s a sweet heart loves his belly rubbed and Is super sweet with our familys dogs! In the morning he loves to give love to me and my girlfriend he’ll purr for a long while and just sit on us while we cuddle we sometimes grab him to cuddle too tho. he love getting love! And getting his belly rubbed,held and cuddled, Just all time attention kitty but is definitely the buddy we love around! He also loves playing with his toys, and loves to bathe and get his fur brushed.
Ruger was found on a police call - he had been abandoned and clearly malnourished. He’s is now the sweetest and cuddliest doggo there ever was. Gets alongs with kids, cats, and dogs of all ages and sizes.
We rescued martini after someone dumping him on the side of the road. Before he got to us he spent the weekend at the nascar races. He is a happy puppy and loving life in Florida
Hank is 2 1/2 yr Shepard mix and joined our family 8/15/20 as a county rescue. After loss of our previous dog, wife and I agreed to adopt another one. Well, we fell in love with the first one we met and it’s been a solid family since. Hank has been an amazing dog, eager to learn, play and please.
Mamba is a 1yr old Merle Bully. Contrary to the breeds reputation Mamba loves people especially kids. His favorite past time is a a game of fetch ,followed by a afternoon walk and a post walk snuggle😊.His favorite treat is Peanut butter 😋!
Finan is a mixed breed of mostly Border Collie and German Shepherd. He's a rescue pup that is really sweet and smart. I trained him to play dead by pointing at him and saying, "POW!"
Petey was given to me by my neighbors when he was 1 they had to move amd couldnt take him with them he is now 13! Petey loves tellling me about his day when I come home from work he loves his blankie and snacks
My mom and I visited our local shelter in 2012 and found my beloved Joey. He has been my best friend ever since. He is very loving and adores attention and chin scratches. My favorite thing about Joey is that he really knows when I am upset. Recently going through a break up, I fully believe Joey knew that I was not well. He didn’t leave my side until I started to feel like myself again. Truly one of the most loyal creatures I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning.
Cleo is such a sweet and happy girl! She is a miniature dachshund. She loves giving kisses and playing with her toys. She is learning new tricks and commands weekly. Cleo is such a good girl! Please give baby Cleo a vote!💖🦴👅
She is really playful, and she really likes when you pet her and give her belly rubs. She does not care if you take pictures and she is well trained.
Close the blinds, mom! It’s too bright!
Moo Moo
Moo moo is a pit mastiff mix who is most likely the sweetest doggy you’ve ever met
Kali is a very lovable little baby. She loves playing fetch and giving everyone kisses. Don’t forget going “bye-byes” haha. Kali would love you guys to vote for her so she can get more of her favorite toys and treats! One vote = unlimited kisses from Kali !!😘.
Loki really lives up to his name, he is a trouble maker. Albeit a cuddly one, he loves playing fetch and being chased. His favorite thing ever is the snow.
She received the name Radiant for her blue eyes.
Hulio is a very fun, active&protective dog. He is very loved. He's the humor of the home.
She is 9 weeks old. She is a very fun loving energetic pup. She loves her family and welcomes everyone around her. She enjoys long walks with mom and dad.
Mr. Binx
Mr. Binx was found crying on the streets of Elizabeth, NJ. by a nice lady who reached out to my daughter’s ex boyfriend who brought Mr. Binx to us. We fell in love with him! What a character he is. He’s hilarious when he’s in his play mode. Gives us hugs and kisses. We’re so thankful to the finder and We just adore him!
He got the name Biscuit because of his big head which makes him beautiful& unique.
My husband found Angel 6-1/2 years ago on a rainy night in the middle of a dark road. He got her out from under the car and brought her home. Beautiful, scrawny, all white, blue eyed and totally deaf! It has never been a dull moment with her around since then! She rules the roost in this multi-pet household. Even against an 80 lb lab.
Hi my name is bambi! i’m a year and a half old maltipoo. my mommy named me after the disney deer bambi cuz i run and hop like a deer ever since i was little🙄🙈 i’m a little shy at first but super fun and friendly. im protective over other beings and don’t like to see them hurt❤️ (ex. i bark at fisherman cuz when i was little i saw fisherman get whole bunch of fish and they were still moving😔
Though Casey is a very senior dog, he has the energy of a puppy sometimes. He loves to run outside and still wants to cuddle on a soft blanket. This rescue dog has been a fun part of our family for many years!