Dog cat Stories - 61


Winston in an Olde English Bulldogge. He loves kids, long walks, and bubble baths. His favorite past time is a long afternoon nap and a big bowl of dog food.
Maple is 7 months old and full of spunk! She loves to learn new tricks and has her toys spread all over the house - always a party with Maple 💕🐶
Loveable, she loves tug of war and she has a cute nubby tail, she's sassy, she sings, and loves her treats!!!
Monkey is 10 years old and a mama's girl. She is so loving and never leaves my side 💕💕
All earned winnings will be donated to animals in need. Luna was a stray living on our street that adopted us. She loves to bring her toys into the bathtub, play hide and seek, tag, snuggles & boxes. She’s like a spunky lil puppy.
Indy is a shorthair cat who loves his family. He can be a bit shy around new people, but once gets to know you he will become very protective. His favorite activities are sleeping, eating, playing with his plush candy toy, and sitting with his family.
Valentine adopted me a few days before Valentines Day...he showed up on my back porch during a rainstorm and decided to stay ❤️ So I named him VALENTINE ❤️ He is extremely loving and playful! He sleeps on my chest, please Vote for the handsome VALENTINE 🥰any money will go towards feeding and spoiling 5 cats...see pictures 🐱
Miss Hazelnut is a diva! She’s a Shitzu yorkie mix that has a huge personality. She knows that she’s cute and loves all the attention. She’s definitely a queen 👑
Joey is a lil jumping bean with adorable Baby Yoda ears. This baby fluffer likes bones, snuggles and stuffed animals, the squeakier the better.
Weller likes playing tug of war and fetch with his toys. We call him the nibbler because he loves to nibble on anyone that pets him. He gives the best hugs & cuddles, especially if you're his meemaw.
Hi! My name is Cosmo, I am 6 months old 100% Siberian Husky 😊❤️ Please vote for me!
Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel is lady of the Manor. She loves to curl up on the sofa and get petted. She especially loves being petted under the chin.
Babi is a playful doggy that loves dressing up, going for walks, cuddling, and ice cream! He loves kisses and hugs too and his favorite treat is cookies (dog biscuits)
She loves to run in the backyard,go on walks and loves people.
This sweet little guy is 7mo old. we just adopted from a rescue! he loves cuddles and playing with his laser pointer.
Maddie is a Miniature Schnauzer, almost 2 years old! She is so smart, sweet and cuddly. She is so spoiled and everyone who meets her, loves her right away and want to take her home with them.
Lilo, is a little Pomeranian/shitzu mix with a huge personality. She loves going to the dog park and to run with all her best buds! She is always ready to show love and affection to anyone who walks in the door but when it is time for bed this fluffy ball of energy will curl up right at the top of your head ready to cuddle(and also take up your whole pillow) LOL. Please give us a vote and share with your friends!
The brattiest and smartest cat you’ll ever find. Is feisty with her attitude but truly loves kisses and nap time. Has such a yearning for the outside environment. Loves to eat grass!!
An extreme cuddler, loves all sorts of attention and never stops until she receives a pet. She’s extremely photogenic. Her fur has a mix of orange black and grey, some leopard patterns can be found on her as well. She’s such a beautiful and exotic kitty!
Mighty Max
Shalom! I am Mighty Max and I love snacks. I like to pick on my baby brother, Chance... it’s all in good fun, usually. I love to go on adventures.
HI! My name is Chance. I have a brother named Mighty Max. He and I love to wrestle. My nicknames include Chancasaurus Rex, Chancarella & Chance the Man. I am an Olympic-level fetch’r and I love to chase squirrels. I love treats.
Jonesy is a black and white tuxedo cat. He has big green eyes that are always big. jonesy likes to catch birds and bring them home as gifts. Jonesy likes to sleep on his back with his paw covering his face so nobody sees him snoozing. Jonesy likes to play in long grass outside and loves to sit on top of the fish tank. Jonesy likes dreamies has a habit of stealing them when his hooman isn’t looking, he also likes to play with fluffy pens and his cat laser pen.
Hi, I’m Luna! 🐶 I’m an 8 week old F1bb Mini Goldendoodle! I love chewing everything & cuddles!
Archie is a little sweetheart who loves to snuggle up on his humans lap and have a nice nap. He also loves playing with his cat tree and posing for photos. Vote for me 🐈😘
Dixie is nearly 3 & a half years old. I love her so much, so do me & my partner, she likes fresh vegetables & her nutrition calcium powder to keep her strong. Her tank is kept at 30-40 degrees & she loves looking at her pictures that I printed out for her onto her tank, she watches what happens at home & enjoys listening to what’s going on around her. I remember getting her & telling my partner how excited we both were to bring her home, she was nervous to begin with but eventually she settled in nicely & ate a minute of dried sunflower leaves, rose petals & nettles, gradually mixing it into her bowl safely. We showed her a whole mango once & she was quite scared of what it actually was but when she tried a piece of it she knew it was nice bless her. Please vote for Dixy she is a lovely animal. :)
Smores is a her way her terms but loving cat. Sneak foot attacks give her joy!!
Hes a cute ass mf you cant lie
She likes the outdoors she’s really hyper she loves cuddles and she loves people and she has a really fascinating personality and she’s kind of crazy she loves to adventure and she’s the best cat I could ask for💖
Hercules is a big cuddly sweet dog who loves to show off for people!!
Gretchen loves to be up high, top of cupboards, Refrigerators, etc. Loves looking outside at all the other animals. And loves cuddles and lots of pets 😊
Darla Puss
Darla purrs herself to sleep 💤
Kane is such a teddy bear! Loves his family. So gentle and sweet.
Pebbles is a chiweenie! She loves to play with her toys. She loves going on a walk, and she likes hanging out with mom and dad.
Chicken Nugget
Hi Hoomans! I’m Chicken Nugget! I have 1 cat sister, 1 dog sister, 3 dog brothers, and 1 Hooman brother who is more wike mi uncle! I am VERY loved and thot that if I won this contest or at least got some money from it, it could help my famiwy! We need the extwa monei to by me mor cat tweats! Also I lik food A WOT! And I am VEWY CUTE😍
Luna is a Toy Poodle 🧸 She is so adorable ☺️ and happy 😃 She is 4 months ♥️
Colby is a ragamuffin mix that likes belly rubs, sitting in bath tub water, and playing fetch with himself using a paper ball.
Felix is an adorable little helper he is very smart, sweet, and an AMAZING emotional support doggy! He loves everyone but can get a little protective over me! He is the smartest doggo ever! (even tho sometimes his brother and mom get in the way of training!)
Kayla enjoys watching for squirrels. Playing with most dogs and loves her best friend Tom cat
Loki is very treat motivated and will do anything for a treat. He is a goof ball always stops to smell all cars for some reason🤷🏻‍♀️
Kiwi is such a gentle soul. She loves to love. She always greets people with a huge smile! Shes the perfect cuddler and protector of her brother Maynard. She is so full of love, and such a great companion! Kiwi was born on New Years day and has been a huge light in my life ever since.
Lilly is the cutest and chubbiest cat out there. You’ll always find her lounging around and taking naps frequently. She loves watching birds and catching mice.
Little Maynard has those big brown eyes that will steal anyone's heart. But dont let him fool you! This little fur missle is mischievous and comes with such a huge personality in that little sausage body! His favorite hobbies are fetch, snacking, and tearing up beds. Vote for Maynard man!
I'm a super social, super energized, super fluffy, and super sassy little dude. My favorite past time is keeping my human on her toes.
Hera has a goofy personality and loves all animals!! It’s never a boring day with her. She loves eating ice, going to the dog park and cuddles.
her is a Catahoula rescue :) she loves kisses and cuddles, dog parks, car rides, she loves birds and frogs