Dog cat Stories - 60


Simon ‘the Love Bug’. He’s a gentle soul who loves to cuddle and play with his brothers and sister. Very energetic, loves to curl up in the bed and sleep right beside you. An angel!!
Khaleesi is fun loving happy girl, who enjoys lots of raw and canned cat food. She partakes in bird watching, staring at squirrels from her catio, and loves lots of pets.
Izzy loves cuddles, her blankets and long walks in the park. She showers everyone she meets with kisses and still acts like a puppy at 11 years old x
Rescued at 3weeks not even a pound in late October on the water and been my heart since. Vote for Samantha ❤️❤️❤️ she just celebrated her 18th Christmas! Show some love please ❤️
She came from Japan and now going on 18 years old...a very special and different cat!
We rescued Darrel at 2 months old, and within days of bringing him home, he had become a regular at my office, the Alzheimer's Association. He spent his days offering comfort and emotional support to his parents and "coworkers". When COVID-19 sent everyone home, we started training to stay active and keep our minds sharp. We noticed Darrel was getting bored so we started testing out new hobbies. Come to find out Darrel LOVES skateboarding! We found that skating was a great way to practice focus, balance, and a time for our family to bond while getting exercise outside. In the meantime, Darrel became certified as an AKC trick dog and continued raising awareness and funds for Alzheimer's. Darrel demands attention as he walks down the street, he brings joy to the everyone he meets and makes everyone feel special and loved no matter how long he has known them. He smart stubborn, smart, and the ultimate cuddler. Our life became complete the moment he came came into... he is my heart dog.
Danni loves to go outside😻 and make friends🐶🐱. He enjoys running down the stairs 🐾🐈, and playing in his cat tower🏰.
A precious gift from a homeless man who named her for us! Barb loves hide and seek, talking back, and stealing bras from the laundry
She loves food & playing out in the sunshine. 💛
Wally is a Maltipoo (Maltese- Poodle) mix with an attitude that clearly outweighs him. We got Wally when I was a junior in high school. His breed in general lives from 4-5 years, but he'll be 8 in just a few weeks. He's crazy spoiled and was the runt of his litter. He was also the only one that was ever born to the parents that had multi-colored fur (white, cream, tan, brown, gray, & black) and a straight-haired maltese torso with a "curly diaper" backside, stemming from his poodle dad. Wally is a survivor of what we were told was parvo, and lived off of spoon-fed peanut butter mixed with chicken for 2 weeks due to being too weak to eat on his own. When I'm at college, he tries his darndest to break into my room and snag whatever stuffed animals I have on my bed and hides under the bed so no one can get him if he gets caught. Wally is extremely sassy and back talks quite a bit, including him either huffing or putting his paws up and throwing himself on the floor if he doesn't get his way. He's my parent's third child and my proclaimed fur sibling, and we wouldn't trade his hatefulness for the world.
Miss Marmalade
She loves to talk, go for long walks and play with her dog sister Peggy Sue
Rescued Harley at 6 months old, she’s a sweet and sassy kitty who loves all.
Bella loves to take very short walks before she’s out of breath and then goes home and sleeps the rest of the day, she lives for, sleep and food
She’s 3 months she’s a bundle of energy so tiny loves a treat loves to sleep and go on walks I have gotten her a rabbit harness 🙈
Winstons favourite things are listening to Jazz, sleeping and sleeping on pillows! ❤
My name is max, I have my very own quirky personality, lol. I Love playing fetch with anything hours at a time. I read my mom like a book. I know what she is going to do before she does with that being said i am always by her side.i love car rides so plz vote for me so she can take me on a trip that we would both love. Thank you
Hi, I’m Calli! First off, I gotta say that my mom spoils me rotten and I love it!! I know a bunch of tricks and I love to get my treats when I’ve done them all right. Oh and I know Im a cutie and would love to get your vote 😉
He was antisocial as a baby but now is loving! You can’t hold him for more the 2 minutes but he doesn’t miss the chance to always come to you for a kiss or show you how much he loves you! He is the trouble maker of the family and will pretend it’s not him😂He’s my loving baby who I love to annoy! His favorite mischief is opening my drawers to sleep in there while he has 2 beds he rather sleep in my cloths
He was rescued from the streets at about 4 weeks old! He has grown with us & now is the spoils loving kitty he is today! He talks back to you when you talk to him loves you and is your personal alarm clock😂He is always where you are and is very social cat! Loves everyone and everyone loves him!
Penny was a rescue found in a mud hole and couldn’t walk. She had so much determination and was so full of life. She’s very outgoing and loves to be cuddled. Please vote for her!
He loves snuggles with his mummies and makes sure he always shows us werw his food is because hes always hungry
He's the most adorable boy and loves snuggles with his baby brother, he loves his dreamies
Furgie loves her toy squirrel and hair ties! She has a little lair under our bed where she hides some of her favorite things and shes full of energy. When we got her she was in a bad way with ear mites, double eye infection, uterus infection, a huge amount of fleas and being anemic.. But shes come a long way with lots of love and some vet visits❤
Clove is a very energetic and playful kitten. She enjoys using her cat tree for climbing as well as a scratching post. We also play hide and seek at night with her when she's most active. The cat tunnel is one of her favorites as well. Clove loves to play with just about any toy, she isn't picky at all. She loves her people and a major lap cat. Oh and almost forgot, she LOVES food!!! Lol
Loves to be outside, especially when its cold. Huge bundle of energy! Listens to mommy when he has to.
Mini Goldendoodle owned by us @ Sunny Ridge Doodles
Sparrow is a family dog who likes her human sisters the best. She is a sweet girl who has brought much love to our home
Toy Aussiedoodle raised & owned by us @ Sunny Ridge Doodles
Mini Aussiedoodle raised by us @ Sunny Ridge Doodles
Tigger Griffiths
This is my baby boy Tigger. Hes seven years old.He is the softest cat in the world and loves nothing more than cuddles! He loves attention and sitting on peoples laps and purrs all day long. He can also sit and do paw. Hes extremely loving and patient and is more like a dog/ fox ! He loves chasing feathers and baubles from the christmas tree and his favourite food is tuna !
Irma is blind, but she is living life to the fullest !!
This money if we win will go towards her vet bills if she needs them when she gets older
Lola is the biggest baby she had never barked and you could do anything to her and she would pit up with it
Hes 15 years old. Hes getting a bit fragile. Hes partly bling and partly death due to his age and he loves attention and fuss
Hello, my name is Juniper. I am a very silly girl who LOVES to play and get attention! I really like playing with chew toys and love to fetch. I love snuggles with my favorite humans (mommy and daddy). I am always trying to be involved in every thing my humans and my sister macy are doing, because i just live them so much!
My name is Macy and my favorite thing to do is snuggle on the couch with my mama and my daddy.
Cleo loves to snuggle with her grey blankie.
Two Different Eye Color Predominantly All-Black Kitty🥰 She’s Something Magical🎀
Kiko loves giving kisses, cuddling with her pseudo-mommy kitty Rose, and playing all day and all night long. She cannot be away from her two friends Bambi and Rose for very long without forcing one of them to wrestle or asking them to give her a bath by bathing them in return or giving them a little nip on the neck.
she is s very cute cat
Bambi is a rambunctious, almost dog-like cat that talks back whenever you talk to her. She loves playing and being with her kitty friends, but most importantly treats and cuddling under the blanket with mommy. She is very friendly but has RBF. She likes accessories because she knows they make her look cute.
shes an awesome Alaskan Husky/Lab mix she just turned 3 on Dec 7,2020 and she loved her Kitty Mittens !
Rose loves her daddy and being held on her back like a baby. She spends most of her time grooming Kiko (because Kiko demands it) and playing with her and Bambi. She screams in the kitchen when we are in there because she likes being our sous chef.
She is the best mother....
I love to run, dig, fetch and take naps!