Dog cat Stories - 6


Ruger is the most compassionate dog, the caregiver of the pack. His favorite color of toy is Blue.
Dabbing Captain Buggles
Dabbing Captain Buggles is PURRRRRFECT
Hi, I’m Lucki! My favorite pass-time is poking my head out the window on car rides & soaking up in the sun ☀️ I love the cuddles & all the attention, gimme some love 🐶
🅝🅞🅡🅦🅔🅖🅘🅐🅝 🅕🅞🅡🅔🅢🅣 🅒🅐🅣 I am only 1 years old but I am a very loving and intellegent Forest Cat. My favourite game is hide and seek. I like to hide from my mummy and pounce out on her when she walks past... she then does it back to me. Also, i am quite the climber 🙃 I like to wake my human up at 5am but i get lots of cuddles before breakfast. Plus, I have a few crazy moments in the evening so whats not too love?! ᴵ'ᵐ ˡᵉᵃʳⁿᶦⁿᵍ ʰᵒʷ ᵗᵒ 'ᴿᵒᵃʳʳʳ' ᵇᵘᵗ ᶦᵗ ᵏᵉᵉᵖˢ ᶜᵒᵐᶦⁿᵍ ᵒᵘᵗ ᵃˢ 'ᴹᵉᵒʷ' 🐾
Bertie - my little lounge lizard
Izzy - my beautiful little Princess, and doesn’t she know it!
If it moves it's mine *feet included*
Boone is a Plot hound the state dog breed of south Carolina and he took to tracking from the word go. Give him scent and that's what he is doing.
Beretta Bb
BB loves attention, walks, swimming & runs!❤️
Bella was my dog since I was at least six when I was six years old when someone brought my dog in that house she was so playful I loved her and everyone loves her when they get in the house she’s lovable she cuddles with everyone she loves everyone that comes in the house she’ll never bark bite or anything she loves everyone that comes in the house she loves cuddles she loves kisses she loves all that she’s just fur ball of love
Ronan had a rough start to life. After being thrown from a vehicle at 3 months old, my parents saved him and brought him to me. After several days, we learned he had parvo. I nursed him back to health and now, he is almost 2 years old. He is the most loyal, goofy, loving dog- not to mention photogenic. Ronan loves his squeaky toys and treats! Vote for Ronan!
Pandora Marie
We rescued her. She is now my service dog. She is actually a blue nose. Help Pandora beat her Brother Phoenix.
Phoenix Gene
He is a service dog in training. He has a big personality. He loves to play. His favorite toy is his Kong . He is amazing. Help him win so he can enroll in protection training. With the winnings he will use the money for classes to make him a better k-9 citizen, and give him more confidence and controll.
Born perfectly imperfect! Riley is a one year old girl born without the use of her legs or any rear functions, but she doesn’t let anything stands in her way from being a speed racer or a bouncing bunny. She loves people, especially kids, loves her other special needs brothers and sisters, and just wants to have fun! She’s got one mean head tilt game lol
I’m an outgoing puppy. I love treats and eating! My favorite thing to do is play tug of war and sleeping!
I’m a super cuddly dog, I love to run and play tug of war. And I love going on walks!
She is very sweet and loving. The min she was born I feel in love with her. Just looking into her eyes you will fall so in love with her
Pinky loves to take long walks and to do tricks! She has a great kind temperament too! Make sure to look at her other pics below and add a comment if you would like! PLEASE VOTE FOR HER WE NEED THE MONEY TO PAY FOR HER PUPPIES SHE IS SOON MAYBE HAVING! :) Also sometimes we think she thinks she’s a bunny because she hops like one! 😂 Please someone donate 1,000(+) votes! Also people who have Facebook please like Pinky!
Hi! I’m Develyn! I am a White German Shepherd who has been rescued from a abusive family.. as you can can see in one of my other photos how skinny I was when my new family came to see me for the first time from a foster home! Im very loving and accept anyone or anything! I get fed all the time now and I have a caring family that gives me love all the time! My nickname is chewy (Star Wars) because I sound like him when I’m begging to be pet more OR when I see the cat getting more attention! I’m a love bug but I can also be a Diva 💁🏼‍♀️ Please vote for me so I can hopefully get more treats and stuffed animals that I can carry around everywhere!
Hi my name is Eddy 🐀 ✨| I love my mom and brothers 🥰❣️| I also have a HUGE family. I am a proud dad to 12 little ones!🥰🐻 my beautiful wife named faith is my biggest supporter! Cat rhymes with rat so vote for me!🍪 If I win I will use the money on yogies.|🥳🤙|~ Peace out ✌️ Eddy~|
Bear is a loving rat. He is a curly haired rat. Bears breeder was gonna feed them to snakes. Bear is often called an alien 👽. We need this money to show awareness for animals who are special. Bear often has nose bleeds and respiratory problems. Most of the people we know who are vets say it’s normal. I believe that rats who suffer from eye bleeds and nose bleeds aren’t supposed to suffer from that. My poor rats just turned 1 and I want to give them the best life EVER!
💛When U look into my eyes, dont see an animal. See a living being. See a friend. Feel a soul. 🥰💪🏾🐶
Stella Mae
Stella Mae is a mini long haired red dapple. She is the light of my world and she is my baby girl. I don’t know what I would do without this little angel!
Astro is a 4 month old big ball of energy who loves going on walks in nice 70 degree weather, being rewarded treats when he’s being a good boy and car rides, he also enjoys playing tug of ware with his hoomans! 🐶 nothing stands in his way from being a speed racer or a bouncing bunny. vote Astro to show him he’s a good boy. 🐾
"Hi! I love you! Will you play with me?" --- Zanxia --- Perma-kitten --- Born 8.27.20 --- Adopted 2.18.21 --- #xmzx20 --- ig: @xiaomao_zanxia
"If I like it, it's mine. If I don't, then bury it." --- Maji --- Born 8.15.13 --- Adopted 9.27.19 --- #mjnk13 --- ig: @maji_neko
Zeus is 4 months old and a ball of energy, he LOVES cuddling and doing zoomies around the house.
Little dog , big personality
Sir Dude Blanco
This boy is royalty he sits in the front seat of the car with his chest all puffed out head up in the air. While his human sister rides in back seat lol come vote for him
Everybody for for Garfield's son Dandee
Henry loves poo’ing in bushes and trying to eat things he’s not suppose to. He likes to cuddle up with his Fur Mom for naps and tries to bite her butt cheeks when he’s cranked up. His nick names are: Prince Henry of Pawington, Henny, and Henaroo-roo-roo!
Lovable, Friendly, Playfull, Loves to snuggle
Sunshine and fresh cut grass are Gracies favorite.
He is the sweetest friendliest dog. He likes to carry two tennis balls in his mouth at the same time.
This is Carl we found him in a parking lot, we took him in when he was a little kitten. He acts like a cutie but he can be evil in times you wouldn’t appreciate it.
She's a 13 yr old fiesty kitty even though she sleeps a lot.
The sweetest, silliest, playful pup you’ll ever meet 🥰
Gotham favorite actives included napping eating and getting scratches. She loves to be loved and also like her me time 🤣🐈‍⬛
He loves to play,and loves to give hugs
Tiger is a love bug! He always has to be wherever you are at all times. He loves being held like a baby and tends to drool all over you as if he were a St. Benard! Oh yeah and he LOVES pony tails so much I find them everywhere in the house! He always has to be right up against you or right by his older sister (White German Shepherd). He doesn’t like to walk up the steps alone.. he always has to have someone carry him up lol. Although he gives us gifts we wish we haven’t received..he is so lovable and nobody can resist giving him some pets :)
Milo The Shar Pei
Milo is an AKC Chinese Shar Pei. He’s a lilac horse coat and he’s almost 12 weeks old! He snorts, grunts, yips, snores and makes many more hilarious sounds! He’s the sweetest boy and has a growing following on his Instagram page at @milothesharpei
Molly is very loving and very playful
Bentley was born on Mother’s Day. Happy birthday Bentley!! He’s a very proper calm dog. Loves car rides and to lay in the shade. He’s a lady’s man!
Rocco is a fun rambunctious loving dog. Very entertaining to watch and play with. Always as the biggest smile. And can be shy but LOVES his mama and his kitten tinker bell
Yumi is the sweetest most goofiest cat. She has 3 legs due to an accident when she was younger but she is strong and happier than ever!
Jojo is a fierce calico tabby who loves treats and cuddles more than anything else in the world. She also enjoys lounging around on the stack of firewood and taking in the summer breeze.
He’s the perfect dog, he so loving, playful, loves to play fetch, and he listens to everything perfect dog we love him so much..
Mista is a young tabby cat who loves adventure! He even has his own little adventure harness whenever we go on walks! He's cuddly and sweet, definitely the sweetest cat youll ever find. He is best friends with my dog, Sparkles.