Dog cat Stories - 59


Freya has so much personality, and attitude in one cat. Shes extremely long and muscular but she typically just eats and lays around. She does love to play and attack her sister though!
She lives up to her name she’s a piggy when it comes to her food
Little Cat
Little Cat, which she got that name because she was substantially smaller than our Bengal, is the sweetest girl who loves to cuddle every night with her mom. She makes little bird noises all day long as well!
Jenna had a rough start in life and didn't find a forever till she was 4 months old in March 2020. She had three previous owners, her first didn't even give her microchip, vaccinations, flea or worming and when she was pick up by her second owner she was covered in fleas. The second owner microchip her, got vaccinations, deflea and gave worming medication. However, jenna second home wouldn't last as the second owner had two young children and a third on the way so they made a tough decision to give jenna up but when the third owner arrived jenna wasn't with them for very long. She was soon brought back as apparently she attacked their male dog. Jenna was a heartbroken, timmed and very shy puppy when I first came to take her home and since that day I could never left her go. During her time with me so far I had not seen her attack another male dog and all I see in her is love. We have travelled quite a bit since June, we have travelled to Norfolk together, we have travelled to Cambridge together and other places too. She is now 11 months old and has found her forever home with me. I am self employed so I can give her all the attention she so needed and she loves nothing more than to sleep just outside my office door, then when I get a break we go for a long 2hr walk in the countryside, then now and again meet up with a few local dog walkers so she can play, run and chase other dogs about the same size as her. She is the sweeties husky ever, even with such a rough start in her short live so far, may we have many adventures together for many years to come~
Maui loves watching Tv and eating peanut butter
Copper Blu
Copper is a fun loving little guy. He loves his hoomuns and wants to go everywhere with them. His favorite thing to do is play tug-of-war with his GSD sister, Meiko.
My name is Karma my moms friend found me in an alley way at 4 weeks old my mom bottle fed me and nursed me back to health. I’m a little bit of a dork and love to sit in front of the heater on cold days
Gabby is a 14 year old miniature dachshund who loves to curl up next to her owner and snooze the day away.
Hercules is a independent, cuddly and loving guy.
Fiona is talkative, outgoing and likes to run the show.
Sammy stole my heart the minute I saw him. He filled a hole in my heart that I never thought could be whole again after loosing my baby girl Daisy. He loves playing with his sister's and is very vocal when he wants something. He is definitely a momma's boy. 🖤
He loves to steal everyone’s socks. He’s cute, lovable and loyal.
Frankie is such a good kitty! He loves his squeaky toys! He cuddles with my mom every night! When he plays a little rough, just say “ow” and he will lick you!
Bumi (Boo-me) was given to us at 4weeks old. He currently still drinks cat milk and Enjoys to be cuddled. Last week he suffered from low blood sugar due to FKS but he’s a fighter and has made a full recovery. He enjoys bathing and rolling around on the floor with us. He’s been potty training and almost ready for dry/wet foods
Miss Dale
When we moved to Oklahoma 12 years ago , Miss Dale and Church made the tripe with us Miss Dale is 18 years old and doing just fine , . I have 52 cats living in the motel . I rent out one side to guest that is what pays for all the cats needs and the other side the cats live in , it is my dream come true ,Miss Dale sleeps with me every night she loves to great the guest
Sansa is such a cuddly bug. She will follow you around and just wants to be with you. She’s also very playful and loves laser pointers. She’s 2 1/2 months old and is a rescue. We named her after a character from Game of Thrones, our favorite show!
Simba is a very well calm cat silly loves to run and play with his sisters when he wants lol loves to cuddle and very soft
Sadie May
Sadie loves to run, play and eat treats.
Summer is a 3 month old kitten. When she is not playing, she’s napping peacefully on her favorite blankie.
Harley loves to play. She meows like crazy and is cuddly and sweet.
Chloe is a cute, cuddly and classy cat...please cast your vote forbher today!
Olivia Mae
Olivia enjoys naps, catnip, and spending time with her brother Ninja who is a 10 year old chihuahua.
Merric is a 6 month old rescue from Alabama! He is one of the sweetest boy on the planet, but I suppose I am biased. He has all the puppy energy to match his loving personality. His toys are his safe haven; he is rarely seen without a travel companion. We are incredibly lucky to be apart of his life.
She loves her Mom and Dad! I got her when she was two. She is 14yrs old now. I love her dearly!
Mister was a rescue cat. He is the most loving boy. He is so happy to be living in a loving home. He will give me a bath by licking me on my face or hands. If he is snuggling with us and someone knocks on the door he will growl as a sign of protection. He is the man of the house for sure! We are the lucky ones!
Otto is our sweet boy that we adopted and Loves to snuggle and play with his kicking styx.
Cute lovable dog Born to bring us joy! He has lots of sisters and brothers, he loves to play and bark!
Lana is the true HBIC. A 7.5 yo spunky, (chunky) independent bitch (literally) who don't need a man; but loves them all. Lover of kids, cookies, toys and treats, and hater of baths, and other dogs sniffing her hiney.
Purcy is 5 months old rescue. He loves to sit and watch the birds, while he talks to them. He just learned how to start jumping up on stuff and wrestling with his older sister twix.
I’m Sophie and I’m the QUEEN, I get everything I want
Miss Squeakers is one amazing best friend as a fur baby. She was abandoned by her Mommy at 3 weeks old. Then at about 2 months old attacked brutally by my neighbors dog. So every day we have together makes both of our hearts happy! Please take a moment & vote and share ! God Bless!
This is Pepper and she is 6 years old. She is a therapy dog.
Nova is the most precious, feistiest pup ever❤️ He will sit, shake paw, rollover and speak for Treats or Balls!🐾
Hi everyone! My name is Milo and I loveeee people. I believe everyone is my friend as soon as I meet them. I love to play and lounge around with my owners. :)
Lulu Bell
Hi im lulu bell but lulu for short, i spend my day sleeping and having fun playing with my brother and sister. I love sleeping like a human. I love having puppuccino. I love going for rides.
An unexpected friend to have .was told that he was a savage of a cat .that he hated all humans and would attack them ..rescued and brought home and k kw hes like a son we never had
Luna is a mixed Tuxedo cat. She means the world to me. Shes only 2 years old. Shes very very petite. She loves hooman affection. She loves snuggles. She knows shes beautiful. ♡
Zhan is a rescue, has been with me since he was six weeks old. He is an ESA who takes his job very seriously. He pets me, tucks me in and talks to me. He has been my best friend over three years
Luna is very active silly and friendly girl. She loves people and other dogs. Shes 7 months old so shes still a puppy. We love her so much.
Hey, this is trixy my bombay beauty. She has just had 6 beautiful kittens. She loves to sleep
Hi! I’m snoop! I don’t like wet grass, I love cuddles, kids, steak and swimming (yes I know I’m a contradiction!) I am spoiled by my dad.
Hi, my name is dusky my mom is my best friend ever! I love the water and love spending time with my mom and dad nothing is better than going out on the boat and having a blast at the sand bar ! 🤍 please vote for me !
This is my Schatzi, she loves to lay in shopping bags. Even plays with them, while growling. Now she does not growl like cat when she plays. Her growl is something different. Plus she just loves to be brushed with a toilet brush (one not used in toilet of course). She has been my world since I lost her big Smokey last year. She loves being the center of attention now. She has the sweetest disposition, very different from other Siamese I have had. The lady I got her from says she is Siamese/Ragdoll. So she has the looks of Siamese with the disposition of a Ragdoll. The sweetest kitty I have ever had. So her name fits her perfectly cause Schatzi is German for darling, sweetheart, precious, or treasure. And that is she.
Grayson is 8 weeks old and a loving and snuggly little baby
We call him snaggle tooth. He is 15 years old with addisons. He can’t jump but is not in pain
Cali is a very playful kitty. She loves playing with her toys and munching on her wet food. She loves cuddles and giving kisses.