Dog cat Stories - 59


Someone found her in a puddle after her mom was hit by a car she was the runt of the litter I had to have her!❤️
Palermo is a 10 month old orange tabby. He is super cuddly, adventurous and feisty at times! He is extremely vocal (: He loves to chase lasers, demolish his string toys and to nap in his cube :) Please consider voting for this angel 🧡
Pepper is a Highland Lynx who has a bob tail, 7 toes, and bent ears! She is super smart and loves to take baths and loves to cuddle her baby sister Toastie.
Binx loves to play fetch with her favorite soft red ball. She also likes to look out the windows at the people walking by and any animals passing by.
Nala is a sweet mush! She loves to play with her toys and her brother Ollie (my dog). She loves to nap, look out the window, play in her tunnel and keep me company.
Blooberry is a fluffy grey and white kitty. She loves to play fetch and hide and seek with her candy corn plush and take long walks with her owners as well as have conversations.
Haze is a loving cat, he is going to be 3 this year and he’s the first cat we got out of the 4❤️
We bought mazey in Texas as a puppy after we lost our jack russel . She is a great dog on the farm loves our granddaughter.
Amso, for short, is suchs sweet and mischievous girl with a strong personality. She is polydactyl, meaning she has extra toe beans! 6 on each fromt paw and 7 on the back ones. She will be 2 years old in June yet she is just barely bigger than a kitten
Rattlesnake Jake
RJ for short, our cat was found off the side of the road full of parasites. It was a tough week but he's all better and loves to run and play. His name comes from the wrestler because he loves to jump and pounce and he bites hard like a snake
Sassy is an understatement, Balto has personality for days. His favorite things are treats, playing and his daddy. He hates brushes, when his dad deploys and not being the center of attention.
Boo Boo
boo boo loves to mess with toilet paper, loves sleeping, and enjoys playing with his toys❤️
Willow Mae is a 6 month old tuxedo kitten! She loves to play and play chase! Please consider voting for this cutie ❤️ she’s famous for her cute little marking of a mustache and even has a instagram!! @willowmaethecat 🥰
UPDATE: Unfortunately, this afternoon my mum, who clearly has no brains anymore, killed Bruce and all our other fishdogs. 🦈🙏🏼 Bruce is a British sharkdog, he was born on 4th July. FREEDOM! 🇺🇸 He loves listening to the American national anthem and he loves his Statue of Liberty by his tankhouse. If you vote for Bruce I’ll add a video of him dancing to the national anthem:)🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Hello! This is Abena. I traveled 1600 miles to bring this little angel home.. If you could vote for this munchkin kitty, it would mean so much to us. Every vote counts. If she wins it goes toward vet bills, toys, and treats! she is the best cat ive ever owned. She shows me she is fearless: loving car rides, walks in my arms, rolling around in the sand, playing under shower water, meeting new people/ animals, and eating all her little tummy can hold. Her meow is so tiny, Abena becomes a bigger part of my heart everyday. She isnt certified to be an Emotional Support Animal but she makes me so happy I want to give her the longest best life that i possibly can
Meatball is a dog stuck in a cats body! She likes her walks and she loves her sisters !
This is our 21 year old kitty tigres. She is very sweet and loves her food and treats. Her favorite thing to do is sun bathe . She loves pets and people. Tigres passed on thursday night Feburary 18th 2021.
Grandma Kitty
Grandma kitty was born on our farm 14 years ago she is the only one left on the farm she is very loving and a great mouser .
Hi! My name is Cleo. My mom recused me when I was 2 weeks old. I have a reputation for being very sassy but I’m actually a very sweet girl. I love my moms and I LOVE sleeping.
Callie is the newest member of our family. She is pretty chill and just likes relaxing.
Peanut is the best little puppy ever. He is 5 yrs old and doesn't like the word dog, so he will forever be a puppy. He loves snuggles and kisses all the time. He follows me everywhere. I could not have asked for a better baby. He also thinks he is a cat , and he likes to rescue all stray cats outside.
Mi kiki es una gatita muy alegre le gusta jugar mucho es cariñosa y le gusta tener su espacio nos encanta tenerla en casa 🖤🤗
Chewy is the most lovable dog! He’s playful and always makes me feel so comfortable! And everyone adores him. He spends his days working hard as a therapy dog for autistic adults. A cute pup that also makes a difference! ❤️
He is so sweet and he likes to give kisses! 😘
Tink is an absolute love bug! She has helped me through a lot the past 7 months. She is a very special girl
I'm Oreo, that's because I'm a black kitty with a little bit of white! I love to play and my best friend is a dog named Jinxee!
This cutie is a 4 yr old Pomeranian. She is such a joy to have around. She is the cutest little puppy and she needs to be show off 😍❤️
A spunky chiweenie, Rico loves chasing lizards, basking in sunlight, and cuddling all day. You’ll often find him trying to wrangle up the donkeys or riding shotgun on a kayak. His best friend Radar, a senior chiweenie, taught him everything he knows about “being a dog.”
Boba Tea
sweetgirl from staten island loves other pets and kids 🥰
Wiley Kat
Wiley Kat is the most loving and affectionate cat. He gives lots of kisses loves belly rubs and comes when you call his name. He lost his sister Wiley Kit in October and even in his grief he's remained so loving. He still comes to me for food when hes not hungry and sits by his bowl waiting for his sister to come. He loves to be held and cuddled like a baby. Hes the best Kitty ever
Belle is a long haired tabby rescue cat we rescued her at 9weeks old. She’s very playful Loves catch and anything g that dangles or rustles she loves pets and cuddles to and giving nose kisses she is an attention loving playful wee beauty!
Very playful, smart and lays on his tummy with legs stretched out!
Harper J Dogg is the best dog I’ve ever known. She’s cuddly, smart, and has never met a stranger.
Bubba, aka "Bucket Baby", was one of my foster kittens, we fell in love and he became a "Foster Fail". He was found sealed in a bucket of water, he survived by standing on his deceased siblings. Bubba has promised to share his winnings with cat rescue so others can be saved.💕💙💛💚
Lea is my happy cat. She loves playing with any thing she can find around.
King is sooo funny. He lays on stuff he isn't suppose to. He lays in boxes, litter boxes, and napkin holders. Is real name is Sullivan but we named him King Sullivan because he thought he was the king of my house.
Moana Brown
Moana is the most adorable and cutest dog in the world! she likes to make people laugh, she loves sleeping, and she’s the best movie partner you can get! Moana is a dog that you can love to death!!
I swear he is such a flort on camera, he is a natural and jist loves to do cute stuff when people are watching! Hes also very vocal and sometimes get sassy when were talking lol
Thumbs is very vocal, she loves to pick up toys with her mouth, especially stuffed animals and brings thems around the house as if they are her babies, she has the cutest blue eyes!
My loving , playful , beautiful , spoiled, does with me what she wants , living her best life at her owns steps, Siberian Husky , Akira 6 years old. She loves to sleep, loves peanut butter after a long walk and she loves trying to play with cats :)
She loves her space but when she wants to cuddle she sleeps with you and has a lot of energy also. She plays with my other cats tail a lot lol
She loves her brothers and sisters which are dogs🥰 and she is very playful with the kids and loves snuggling taking naps with mama🖤
Juicy Bear
Juicy Bear is the Queen of the house!!! She loves dressing up, taking pictures, going on car rides. She is an Attention getter! Always stopping traffic! Napa cabbage & any cheese she is begging at your feet. Juicy’s the best cuddle buddy in the world .
Coco And Chanel
Hi, I’m Chanel the big sister but I’m smaller than my brother Coco. We were adopted a year and a half apart but people think we are from the same litter. I am a princess, and my brother is the more lovable one who will lick you to death. I tell him to stop but he doesnt listen. I love attention from my parents and especially from my grandpa and grandma when they visit. We just got a brand new human sister and everyone loves her. Sometimes Coco tells mommy and daddy when her diaper is stinky. Our daddy trained us really well and we love when he lets us do tricks because we get treats!