Dog cat Stories - 57


Jasper is the cutest most handsome cat, he has a so many personalities and he seriously loves his box 😂
Simba is the young age of 4 and loves treats and hugs at night. He is very loving and affectionate with a great personality. He is simply adorable.
He is so sweet and playful and full of joy. I’ve had him since he was a puppy and he’s always had a joyful personality. He’s so smart!
Tabby was a stray up until she was about 8 (maybe 9) months old. She was very skittish and refused most contact until finally a break through and not a moment too soon! Just 3 weeks after being rescued from the cold she gave birth to 4 babies on Easter! ( Jax and Luna are her kids) who have all since found their new homes (2 of them stayed with her) shes terrified of new people but she knows who her humans are and loves being with them and playing! Shes really coming out of her shell! Until a new person comes to visit. 😂 her birthday is a rough estimation based on what a vet said she could be age wise.
He has a great personality. I think he thinks he's a cat, loves to lay in the bay window. Loves his kid. He likes to talk back. But he is loyal to the bone!
Luna was also born on Easter! Another surprise! She was the runt of the litter! LOVES her spring toys and the occasional cuddle. Shes super shy at first but opens up real quick!
Jax was born on Easter and was a huge surprise! He's a super cuddle buddy. Loves to play. He loves all soft things and will steal a new fuzzy blanket before you know it!
HI my names Nyla, I’m a big girl but don’t let that intimidate you I love to cuddle and talk back. I am an emotional support animal for PTSD.
He is the most loving kind gentle sleepy little boy
Orla is a 6 month old Tabby cross. She loves cuddles with her mum and dad, her toy cactus and cheese flavoured Dreamies!
Winny is a miniature piebald dachshund with a kind and funny personality..she’s loving and energetic and she’s 7 months old
Salem loves to play with the laser. She also enjoys beating up on her younger brother who is a bunny named pancakes.
Jinx likes to fetch, eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, sleep between his humans in their bed, catch flies and bugs, open cabinet doors to find his treats, bother his sister cats.
Storm is a 12 week old border collie. Storm loves cuddles and playing with balls.
I love to play with my brother and sister and annoy them like any other younger sibling
Pumpkin is a 4 year old Pomeranian. She loves barking in the window and squeaking her toy. She also enjoys going outside and for car rides.
Hi my name is Loki, I love going places with my mom and chewing everything up. I love playing with my best friend Winnie too!
Bean likes to play tug of war with his sis. He also looooves to eat ice.
Ash loves to snuggle, and hunt with her daddy. She also likes to sit still and look pretty.
Charlie Boy
He loves to watch me do the dishes and hunt for lizards
Mikey is my family’s silly yet sweet baby! She loves to go outside and sniff around, and play with her favorite toys❤️
She is a lovable cat and very good
Lillian (Lilly) is a big sweetheart and she loves to cuddle! She loves the snow and she loves to run. But beware if you pet her she will bug you until you pet her again!
Juno Walter
Hi! My names Juno Walter, and Im a short haired Kitten whos 6 months old! Im very onery and love to tackle people but Im the sweetest about it! I love going on adventures with my mom in my backpack she carries me in! I get all the treats, even little icecream dishes😍
Hi, my name is Charlie. I am the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. My favorite thing to do is cuddle with my daddy and steal the blankets at night. Vote for me!
Hi, my name is Tank. I am a big dope and like to chase my ball around the yard 100 times and annoy my mom. Please Vote for me!!
Nyla is the perfect beagle/doxin mix. She loves to sleep in any position. She loves to be around her mommy. She’s small but has a big heart
John Doe
John Doe is a 2 year old maine coon who loves belly rubs and his siblings
Jennie is a 12 year old Pointer and she loves to go for walks, go on car rides and run around at the dog park!
Rocket is 7 months old and super energetic. He always flops over for belly rubs and he loves stuffed animals, or at least destroying them lol. He loves to cuddle and he barks at EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING.
Beans is a 10 lb Dachshund/Chihuahua mix and she loves to eat, cuddle and play with her toys!
Adorable frindly precious beauiful she loves to play and bark
Scarlet Jane
Scarlet is an adorable puppy who is love playing,naps,and eating she loves to cuddle with other dogs she likes to chew On just about everything she is very silly.
I believe that Pepper is my guardian angel he has a heart on his head he loves to play and he loves to eat a weird thing for a cat but he loves to go outside and explore he cuddles with me at Night and he’ll do anything to get your attention.
Sheldon is a big boy he doesn’t know how big he is he loves cats he loves other dogs he’s a big cuddle bug his favorite thing to do is take walks and play with his toys he doesn’t like tennis balls but his favorite game is tug-of-war which sometimes can be hard to win at because he’s super strong
hi i am Penelope i am a black and white kitty i am about 5 months old i love attacking my human mommy's feet and also trying to connvince my older brother lucky to like me we are almost there
My name is Rio and I am a year and half years old! I am a very loving dog and I am obsessed with having cuddles and being tickled! I crave human attention and won’t stop until I get the attention I deserve! I absolutely love going on walks and I get extremely excited when I hear the word ‘walkies’. I love being pampered, having a nice warm bath, being brushed and even having my ears cleaned! Anything to do with being touched I absolutely love. I can be very stubborn and sometimes only listen when I am being offered a treat. I certainly know how to get my own way!
He is a five month old rescue dog who has a big personality. He acts like a goat with his jumping and eating grass. He is a total lovebug and we could not ask for a better companion.
Hi, I’m Waylon I’m a 4 month old Blue Tick, but I’m a little different then you average hunting dog. The only thing that I hunt for is attention and cuddles. My favorite thing is cuddling and howling to show how much I love life.
Hi i am lola a 6 month baby girl who lives with her big brother Barney in herts, i love rolling in the mud and being very naughty , Lola Thanks you all for the much appreciated votes xx
Bowser is nice he listens to what people say
Freya loves jumping around like a bunny, and she loves her people, she’s a snuggle bug
Hi! I’m maddy! I am the most cuddly, playful, and sweetest dog! But the thing is- if you don’t touch me at all times, I will hit you with my paw until you do!!
Mowgly was found in Summer 2018 , he is very kind and loves caresses ❤️ Thank you for your vote ❤️If he wins , the prize will help goes to the animals (dog) in Romania. Who are being massacred and killed every year with their government consent .