Dog cat Stories - 57


This is my crackhead cat Venus. She likes attacking you for no reason and sticking her paws in your food like an asshole
Poppy is a rescue kitten, born on Christmas day. She follows me everywhere ❤️
Raider is a Pomsky. He may look intimidating, however, he’s the sweetest boy. He loves to be around people and be held. He’s extremely playful and loves to run around.
Beanz is an 8 weeks old mix-breed energetic kitten. He loves to play with many toys but his most favourite thing in the world is climbing anything and anyone!! He is learning to live with 2 older dogs and a young cat but he has certainly made himself at home with us. Beanz loves to take naps and can fall asleep almost anywhere. He enjoys belly tickles and play fighting.
Apollo is very loving and loves to be cuddled . he’s so sweet and is so loyal to his little family.
Bruno is a loving dog which loves to cuddle, he is very energetic and fun; he is an anxious dog due to other dogs being mean to him, he gets scared but eventually starts to trust the dogs he sees everyday and get excited when he finally gets to see them
Russle is an elderly cat he used to be a big hunter in his earlier years he is 18 years old
Duma was born (delivered by my son) on April 1, 2017. She and her sister, Gidgette, were the best April Fool’s joke ever 😹. Duma means”cheetah” in Swahili and my little girl zips through the house chasing little treasures she rescues from the trash bin or my jewelry box! She loves anything that crinkles, sparkles, or wiggles. She is not very brave, and startles herself constantly-running straight to hide next to me. She was certified in August as an Emotional Support Animal and is learning service skills through training and emulating Pippin Rose. She is very affectionate and sweet and designates herself as guardian of my bed. Like a cheetah, Duma chirps instead of meows. Since I am an amputee and have a brain tumor, she is an amazing little friend. Any money won helps with medical bills, vet bills and pet food.
Hi there, I’m Dave and I am a very mischievous puppy! I love eating all of my brothers and nieces food and chewing everything in mummy’s house :) I haven’t had chance to go for walkies yet as I only just got my second injection but I’m so excited for my first walk!
Mouse it a lovey sweet boy but we recently found out he has diabetes he has dropped almost ten pounds since he fiirst had symptoms
Bailey is my 4 year old Beagl/cocker spaniel mix
Tink can be a sweet kitten but she is very energetic she likes to play and mess around with my other cats mouse and russle
I rescued this beautiful kitty from the street as she was by herself. She now loves to play his and seek and cuddle and play with her big sister Akira (husky)
Miss Kitty
Miss kitty loves to be by herself . She will Battle the with the other cats over the window sit
Adonis is a spunky playful kitty. He loves to zoom around the house and bath in the sun rays. He's the antagonist of the group.
He is extremely playful..he loves to attack calvin. At times im not sure he knows hes a cat..he is a rescue, and normally im not a cat person, but this little guy has stoled my heart..
Zues And Aphrodite
Zues is a wild and energetic kitten that was hand fed from birth. Aphrodite i the mama bear, always grooming the other cats as well as people. She's a loving girl who lost her eye due to having a ruptured cornea, which has never stopped her from living her best life.
Mika is a Himalayan. She enjoys car rides, treats, and hanging out with people. She’s a social butterfly who loves snuggles.
katDennings is a vary beautiful and adorable cat, she loves a backscratch:) She is the kinda cat that needs attention. I entered this contest because I need the money to help her get fed properly and to help her allergy on her back. She just need a little help, and I am glad and happy for all your support for KatDennings 🐱Thanks for your votes😊❤️
Kash is a 10 month old mini Aussie. He loves chasing his ball, sitting in your lap, and most of all his little human. ❤️
She likes fish and likes chicken she likes with her mouse pls vote because she want the money to save her and save the poor
Loki is part Bengal & super energetic. Loves playing fetch & running around the garden. He’s growing into a perfect playful & cuddly boy.
Henry loves tennis balls, hiking, and cuddling ❤️
Mya is a sweet senior girl living with diabetes, but that doesn't stop her from living her best life! She loves long walks, just to smell every bush we encounter, and long naps. She's had a bit of a scary past, as can be seen with the chip in her ear, but she's thrived in her new home with us!
Banjo is a fun loving, crazy, adorable, and the sweetest little guy. He is 2 years old and loves looking out windows. I adopted him in 2018 and he's living with my grandmother right now. I can't wait to have him home again.
Blaze is a adventurous dog and the biggest friend of mine ever since the 01.04.18 🐕🐶
Stew is a good dog who loves to play he is a bulldog who loves walking 🤎🤍 he also loves to sleep 💤
Bruschetta, my lady cat made her kitten under my bed one night and this is Spyro my gorgeous love of my life 😍😻 We love him so much 💗 THANK YOU for your Vote 🗳 👍 🤩
Very unique in every way. And did we say CUTE!?!? Out of all her toe beans all are black except one! Fur is as soft as they come too. Adopted with her 2 siblings from a local animal rescue. Her birthday is January 19th!
Grady is such a fun loving dog! All he wants to do is to play and love on people! Since coming into our lives, he brought so much joy into our home! Even in the morning when he wakes up, the first thing he does is to grab his toy and bring it to you even if you’re still sleeping, LOL!
Mika is a 3 month old Ragdoll who, despite having many toys, entertains herself by chasing her tail!
Lemon is a professional when it comes to dock diving, flopping around in the mud, finding swimming holes, & exploring the great out doors. When we got lemon from her breeder, we discovered her kidneys were abnormally small. She is our lemon. Nonetheless, Lemon has come so far in her training, obedience, and is living her best life. ❤️🍋
Zoey Pike
Zoey is a Blue Heeler/Husky mix. She is the kindest and most energetic pup you’ll ever meet. 🖤
Lola is a snow wolf and is at her happiest out in the blizzard!
This is Kojak relaxing after a long day of climbing the curtains and riding around on the dog's back!
Hey guys this is my dog bruno hes really epic and sweet so like vote for him or else ill send him to bite your dick off
Sophie is a gentle loving girl. She enjoys lahing around and always watching out the window waging a tail!
Star is just star lol she super smart intelligent been house broke since 5 weeks old was winged from mom at 4 weeks due to lack of milk born on September 25,2020 she sets crawls stays paws will not touch food unless given to her rolls over stands up very super intelligent loving soft hearted fragile baby MOMS BABY :-)
Candy Aka Monkey
Candy is a medical baby girl she can identify when her mom is about to have stroke she will alert until someone responds or i wake she is also her siblings sister and absolutely loves any CHILD/BABY she is a genuine love lap baby
Luna is a playful growing puppy. Loves the snow, and loves snuggling on the couch smiling!
Barbi And Bella
Hi I'm Barbi on the Left and I'm Bella on the right we are 2 1/2 yr old little Chihuahua sisters .
Hi I'm Tasha an American Pit Bul I might be big But I'm as sweet as a Chihuahua .
Hi my name is Harley Diggy Dog . I'm a Chihuahua :)
Cherry Pie
Cherry pie loves looking at herself in the mirror and dressing up.
Wizard gets his name because as you can see he looks like a wizard.
Bisquit gets his name from the dog in the childrens book series "Biscuit".