Dog cat Stories - 57


Belle is a 4 year old long haired kitty who absolutely loves cuddles, sleeping in awkward spaces and on uncomfortable surfaces (sleeping in a box of Lego is her strangest to date) and playing with hair bands! She was extremely timid when we got her with her sister Tink (Tink + Belle), but unfortunately, a couple of years ago, Tink got run over by a car and passed away. We were really worried about how Belle would handle it as the were inseparable, but she has come out of her shell in the most beautiful way! 💗🐾
We rescued Byron in April of 2020. He was 1 year old and now going on 3. He is the most loving and funniest cat. If you tell him to sit, he will for treats and BACON!
Flokki is a fun loving very energetic pup that keeps us moving. He absolutely loves sticks and is often seen teasing other dogs with one to get them into a game of chase. Vote for him today so we can afford his Bully stick obsession.
Nobu Was literally a cat falling out of the sky . My fiancé and I had gone on Vacation to Pacific Beach Ca , And as we rode bikes on the beach we had came around a corner along side a runner and he turns and boom accidentally catches a kitten ,she hisses he throws her we look up and down looks like she fell off the roof of a food business and My Fiance try’s to touch her she hisses and then i give it a try she comes to me , And the rest is history she my boo boo , she the most playful , loving cat , the most personality you ever seen ,immediately fall in love , she loves sounds and laser ,strings and things that move uncontrollably , loves bright colors
We’ve had cash since he was 7 weeks old! He is a little over 1❤️🎉 he’s pit bull/blue heeler mix and absolutely beautiful!! He’s FULL of energy and LOVES playing with his toys aka chewing them up lol 😆 oh and he licks everything 😂 He definitely completed our family!
Raider is a sweet, fun loving dog with a playful side. Very much a happy dog who is loyal and friendly. He loves to go out for daily walks and explore his surroundings. Raider came into my life at the right time and has been a wonderful blessing eversince. Raider was once a homeless dog at the shelter. Now he’s living his best life with me.
Jett loves to stare me down at the dinner table as I munch on my food. Ocassionslly I get a little swipe from him... get your paws off.
Crazy rescue pup who's ball obsessed and snores louder than any human 🤣 Often referred to as Bat dog because of the gigantic ears 🦇 Adventures on IG @fidget_thefrenchie
My name is Luna. Mum found me when I was just months old. I'm a little shy around new people but love snuggles when I feel safe. I have special front paws which make it difficult to climb but it doesn't stop me pouncing on things, like bugs and bringing them to my mum to show her how much I love her!
He loves to eat he likes to be the center of attention and only 14 weeks old
Handsome slobbering lapdog 😂
Hi my name is Pat. I enjoy long cool nights doing what I’m trained to do. I’m a treeing walker coon hound and one of the best at my job. I enjoy long days basking in the sun resting up for my long work nights.
My name is Tonks, mum and dad like to call me their bimbo as I'm not the smartest cat there is (I often get stuck on the balcony). I love cuddles and my toy octopus but the thing I love most is food! I really enjoy trying to steal mum's pizza when she's not looking!
My full name is Arlo Collosal's Parti-n-Mardi. I am Standard Poodle. I am a parti poodle because of my two colors. I work daily as a balance mobility service dog. I love to play ball, chase lizards and most of all give hugs.
Oliver was a stray I rescued. After getting him healthy enough and some life back in him he's the most loveable, playful, sweetest cat ever.
Sadie is the runt of her family & she’s one of my emotional support animal I have 2 cats but she’s my baby🙏Please vote!!
Britt is a 10 year old 81 pound of pure joy.she loves to wear her daddy's hat.she loves being outside but she also likes to follow her mom( me) every where I go.
Alta is nothing but sass. She loves to chase after buckets, and her favorite treats are blueberries and cow ears. Alta will be giving mlems to the voters. If Alta wins, we'll use the money for our business! Check it out @jemastickers on Instagram.
Lady Bug
Always into to something, she loves to be in high places, and loves her hedge hog, she picked me! She was alone, and running stray and jumped in my car, and wouldn't get out, so I brought her home. I had her checked for a chip, looked for her owners, and no one responded, she still had stitches from being spayed and a tattoo when I got her. My vet checked her over, and she is home forever. She is a Bassador.
Snocap is a sweet girl. She loves to snuggle and play with her toys. She likes to chase her sister cats around the house. Snack time is her favorite part of the day after her many naps.
“Choo Choo” Loves to bark, fart, eat and sleep. What a man! If we win we will use the money to pay for Chuy’s much needed stenotic surgery to open his nasal airway. Chuy has a severe narrow airway, more than the average pug, which causes him to struggle to breathe. Thank you for any votes or just stopping by! 🐶❤️
Marley loves to swim and jump in the water off the dock. She hunts, enjoys a run at the park. She’s the sweetest dog ever!!!!!
Meet Denali🥰 his love is sure to melt away the longest days💕. He loves playing games & watching any cartoons
Ollie is 2 years old, he is a lover not a fighter. Besides following me around the house, he loves playing with toys and going for walks. He has the most loving eyes and should be voted for because he is more than a pet, he is family and one of a kind.
The most content little ball of fluff, perfect content nature and loves little head tickles 🖤🤍🖤
He is a big baby! He was the only puppy until his little brother Meeko was born so naturally he is spoiled and thinks that everything that comes in the house is his. He loves sleeping in between mom and dad and fitting as many toys in his mouth as he can so he doesn’t have to share.
Sadie is 7 years old and will be 8 on may 1st! Her favorite things to do are steal treats, smack around dogs and sun bathe. Sadie may not be to young but shes still got sas!
Raven will melt any animal lovers heart, she loves to play and watch tv
Meeko is a sweet cuddly puppy, who loves sleeping on top of all the pillows because it’s the softest. He plays with his big brother Mowgli all the time and is totally spoiled by his human sister.
Puddles is my angel I lost him nearly to years ago now but I still love him dearly I believe he’s up there watching over me he will always be one of the most beautiful cats in my eyes ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I named him Kodak simply because he is picture perfect and is the best cuddler in town!
Kona is 12 weeks old he is a Akc registered Golden retriever, he loves to play and be goofy and also loves lots of attention and always wants to give everyone love!
Sadie is probably the most energetic 6 year old baby you have ever met! She loves all people (yes that means you 😉) and cuddling! She thinks she’s a lap dog but she really isn’t 😳 she also loves adventures and going places with the family! <3
Diego is a 8 week old Purebred French Bull Dog Puppy. He is very silly and loves to observe his surroundings! If you think he’s cute give him a vote so i can buy him clothes!
Queen Bella
Queen Bella is a 7 week old Canary bullmastiff/Pitbull. She has a ton of energy after napping. She loves sneaky toys, milk bones, and cuddling.
Ollie’s such a sweet kindhearted gentleman. He likes naps, his toy lamby, his brother Toby and keeps an eagle eye on who’s coming and going in the house.
Tank is a very happy dog! Loves when company comes over and is very protective!
My girl Bertie likes beer just like her human parents. Travels the world and loves pretty much anyone she meets. Don’t set your beer down around my girl, it will be drank. Cheers 🍻
Peanut is Woodle. He is half Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and half Poodle. He is a very sweet old man, he is almost 13, and is my shadow. Wherever I am, so is he. He is a bed hog at night and likes his own pillow. Lately, he has become very vocal. He thinks he is the boss and sometimes he is.
Sadey boy is are 2 baby he is about to be 4 years old he is the king of the houes! He loves play time and naping with his brother & sister
Lexi is my youngest cat! She loves cuddles and nap time. Loves anyone and everything. She is a calico kittie about to be 1 next month🥺🥰
Piper is the sweetest little puppy. She loves to cuddle and play. I hope to train her into a very well mannered dog. She is very food motivated so she is easy to train. She loves playing with my families senior dog (even tho the senior dog doesn't love it). If I was to win any money, it would all go to getting whatever Piper needs, vet visits, food, etc.
Gunner has came a long way, since we got him. We got him when he was 3 months old and 12 pounds. His very gentle and he loves balls and of course food. He has a habit of putting our hands in his mouth, he doesn't bite, we just don't know why
Bentley is my 5 year old gray tabby! He les his mommy and daddy only🤣🥰 Isnt a fan of some people because he was found in an active warehouse! But he loves snuggles & cuddles only on hos own time
My sweet Dexter is a shy young man. He is a rescue and was kept in a cage the first six months of his life. He just looked at me with those big green frightened eyes from his enclosure and we knew he had to come home with us. 3 days under the couch and he finally peeked his beautiful face out and decided we might just be on his side. He is a sweet, lovey boy of solid muscle and he loves chasing his little sissy. He flops down for belly rubs and loves to sleep on the ottoman in dad’s man cave. He’s a sweet, shy beautiful little feline soul.