Dog cat Stories - 55


Hi, I’m Dahlia! I’m a very playful and hyper cat. I love running and playing with my family. I’m also very cuddly when I’m tired.
Hello I’m Daisy I’m a a friendly dog my best friends are Chucky the Cat and Blue & Oreo The Guinea Pigs I love to eat Sleep and Play I have An Older sister called Millie the dog
I love snow, food and sleeping
She's a sweet and loving cat, that acts more like a stuffed animal than anything! She loves belly rubs, and sitting by the window. We treat her like royalty!
Hi! My name is Nevado, I am an American Eskimo, I love to cuddle and play. I am very protective with my owner and very alert! They call me the neighborhood watch dog😂 I have lots of energy all the time!😄 I love treats and do tricks. 💎😘🐕
Hi! I’m Tinker, i love cuddles and my rabbit friend!
Da'baby is a character! When we rescued him he was barely 3 weeks old, had been trown out a car window and his chest was crushed. Now 11 tears later he loves making funny faces, lounging on his back in the sun and head butts when he wants hugs 😻
Bella is as active as a puppy. She is very healthy, very happy and most of all very loved. She's been a family member since she was 4 months old and our love for her only grows with the years. A lot of times when we take her out to the mall or for a walk people will think she's still a puppy. She'll always be a puppy to us.
Meet Henry! He is a 6 month old Brindle Great Dane. He loves everyone and has a heart of gold. He is very energetic and playful! Henry is the most gentle and thoughtful. He always seems to know when someone or I need some extra love. He also tends to be a bit stubborn as well (like his daddy)! He is my best friend and I love everything about my handsome Henry!
She's very active, loves running around. She barks at her own reflection for some reason. She looks good in every dress i buy her.
Loki is an amazing cat! He’s a big baby!! Loves to love and be loved!!
hey i’m charlie, i’m a very cheeky and playful boy and i love going outside. i’m very territorial and protective of my family and my home so i tend to pick fights with other cats, however my mummy always stops me. i may be cheeky but i’m a big sook at heart and i love a good cuddle
i am maya, i’m a big sook and i love sleeping in my mummy’s bed 🤍
Blaze is a 1 year old Siberian Husky who loves exploring!
Ghost is a 1 year old Siberian Husky who has bundles of energy & a killer smile!
Im Cassandra, I'm very adventurous and outdoors dog. My mom takes me everywhere. Im only a pup but you've got to live while you are young. I have seen so much of America at 5 months old. Ive been to Colorado, Nevada, Mexico, California, Arizona, Utah.
He came in one day and never left ever since
Boost also goes by senior big paws. He’s a two year old German shepherd Saint Bernard baby.
Polly is our one year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. We adopted her when she was three months old after being returned by another family due to a facial nerve injury that required surgery. Polly has been our beautiful baby girl ever since. Polly was recently diagnosed with a liver shunt, or a malformation of her liver, that has put her into liver failure. Polly needs surgery to correct her liver shunt. The surgery itself has a high success rate of 90% and she could be back to normal liver function and a normal life in 4-6 months after surgery. However, this surgery is very expensive as it is a specialized procedure that not many vets can perform. We have pet insurance, but the insurance has denied our claim because it is a "pre-existing condition." Polly is a happy, silly, cuddly and sweet dog. She makes fast friends with everyone she meets on the street, including other dogs, children and all strangers. She loves hopping through sand and snow on her little legs. She loves to cuddle and give kisses. She also loves whipped cream as a special treat after medical procedures. My fiancé and I feel incredibly lucky to have Polly in our lives and experience the joy she brings to not only us, but everyone she meets. Polly has had a tough first year of life but I am so hopeful knowing that she could finally be a healthy dog after this surgery. It would mean everything to us if we could do this for her. I can't imagine life without her. Please help us pay for this surgery by voting for Polly!
Layla Grace
Layla Grave is 6 months old, She weighs only 4 pounds! She loves cuddles, loves her toys, and wants all the attention on her! She is very talkative, she loves to play outside!
Born Dec 4 she is growing like a weed. Follow us at Astrid_the _wolfhound on Instagram
isa is a German Shepherd long coat, she is 3.5 months old. This photo is of isa while we were practicing ball retrieval during sunrise hours, hence the glow behind her from the sun. In this photo she wanted to retrieve the camera/iPhone!
Pumpkin Roll
P-Roll is tiny for a Norwegian, barely 5 lbs. She follows me around the house talking, and loves whipped cream
Bruno is part bengal. He loves cuddles and play time with his fish.
This sweet girl was a rescue. When we received her we had just lost our Main Coon of 18 years and was devistated. While out shopping one day though we found Kallie at Pets Mart where she was scared, skinny and under obvious disress. After one look at each other she immediately imprinted me! Sadly we learned that her human momma had just passed and at that moment we just knew that this a little angle was sent to us from heaven to fill the void in both of our hearts 😻
Moxie is a spunky 10 week old Scottish fold. Her main hobbies include playing with her toys and climbing as tall as she can go. Her favorite place in the house is where the sun shines bright.
My name is Marley I am 3 years old, I love to play with my toys and go on long adventure walks but most of all I love to have cuddles 🥰
A little feisty beast who loves going for adventures
So many people love Sydney she so lovable and beautiful!
Rosie is an anxious cat, she loves playing around when she feels comfortable and cuddling at night. She loves to lounge about and hide in dark quite areas. She loves to lay on the grass or decking in the sun and is very attached to her human 🤍
Mila Mittens
We found mila in an abandoned house in Detroit and she’s been our furrever friend ever since. 🥺 She loves eating our house plants, sitting in boxes and climbing anything! (Even trees) She’s also special in the sense that she knows when we’re sick or injured and will not leave our side!
Yuumi is 1 year old and her birthday is in April 16. She’s a very playful and adorable cat!😻😽
A real good boy that loves his toys, and knows how to let windows down on car, and blow horn. And days in the dog park. Gets along with other dogs in dog park. Very popular boy with the ladies. Human and K-9.😍
Bubba is our youngest boy. He helps take care of any kittens we adopt or rescue. He helped sooth the youngest baby we had rescued until she sadly passed away after a week. He has his zoomies every hour and has the highest meow that makes him sound like a kitten still.
Everybody met Reef! Reef is an 8 week old Siberian Husky with stunning eyes, one blue and green hense his name. Reef loves snuggles and also has a very cheeky personality to go along. But dont be fooled his a known sick thief.
Oreo loves cuddles and playing fetch
Hi I’m kamo ! I love my human & boneyards. Mom says I’m ms sassy pants . I like to talk.. a lot oh and crawl into my humans pants while they still are wearing them 👌🏻
In this pic it was hot outside and i turned around to check on her and this is what she did to cool herself on her own! She is fun to be around and she is spoiled rotten. She also is very intelligent and understands everything I say.
My Vali is a mixed Persian and Turkish Angoran rescued from Dubai. Her first year was tough, but she loves the attention and likes to be treated like a queen.
Hope is an incredibly snuggly kitty with a touch of diva:) She gives me little kisses on the mouth and falls asleep on me if I lay with her long enough. ❤️
Nala loves to have her tummy rubbed. She loves a tuna loin 😍
Hello my name is Lukas! I love showing affection and playing with my stuffed animals.
I love long walks to the dog park and neck scratches
Hello I’m milo I enjoy cuddles, chasing after the dog, and attacking your feet when your not looking ❣️
Norman is a walking burrito. He loves to stick his tongue out, play statue dog, act like he’s part human and just love up on anyone who will give him attention. He doesn’t care for facebook, so this Cape Cod chimichanga is out on his own.
Jax is very playful and cuddly at the same time. He loves playing with his laser pointer
I’m a havapoo! I love to snuggle and run around with my big brother Captain who is 120lbs while I’m only 8lbs!