Dog cat Stories - 54


Pickles is actually a puggle, he loves running around and being crazy but also loves to cuddle. He has a kitty sister named ivy. His favorite toy is his chicken 🐔
Hi, I’m Snowball. My humans call me Snow. I had a brother when we got adopted but he wandered off and never returned home. As for me, I’m a big baby. I love my independence but I also rely on mom to make sure I’m fed and my litter box is clean. I like to roam outside and I love playing with my new brother now. I also have extra toes on each paw making my feet huge! ❤️ Thanks for stopping by!
Ace came into his forever home when he was just 8 weeks old. He is such a snuggle bug. Loves to sleep, play with his sister, and eat all the food. Don’t let his sweet face fool you, he can be quite the trouble maker. But he’s loved all the same ❤️
I was less than 6lbs at 10weeks old when all of my siblings were double my size. Mommy and the shelter thought I was mixed with boxer and maybe something else, but turns out I’m 💯% pit bull! I’m doing great at 4 months I weigh over 20lbs!
Loves to nap, learn and play ❤️
Bella is 3 yeas old she’s a Schnauzer-Yorkie mixed. She's affectionate, loyal, and very smart. She likes to roll over ,give high fives, and Sit Pretty. She also loves to play with her toys.
Socks loves to be held and carried. He is very vocal and meows at you. He also loves to sit on his daddys lap and play with strings.
Stripes loves to cuddle and loves to play.
Barney is the most loveable perfect puppy in the world. He is very mischievous and loves to destroy everything in his path. He loves long walkies by the beach or forest, but specially loves his food!!
Her full name is Finn Storm Kelly and she likes to play with pipe cleaners
a grumpy little kitten that loves cuddles 🥰
Morgana loves to attack feet, and can go from running around, up and down the couch- to fast asleep in your lap in a matter of moments.
Takeda loves to sleep, snuggle with his dad, and play with his brother cayde in the middle of the night!!
Scarlett Rose
Scarlett is a 2 month old silly little princess who loves to cuddle in laps and play in the leaves. She is a border collie golden retriever mix.
Simba loves to play and cuddle and give kisses. He’s a big 🧸
This is little ludo, my beautiful little fur baby. Ludo is a night owl, loves her food and loves to play with everything she shouldn't.
Starla is our 12 week lurcher pup , loves to howl at us when she sees us drinking a cup of tea ! , she’s a little angel 💕
Lix got his name cuz he comes up and licks you like a dog anything he could lick your face your fingers anything he is the sweetest little boy in the world
Ben is full of spunk. He loves to play and enjoys Chicken flavored Temptations.
Corabell is 4 years old. She is quite and loving. She enjoys laying around and snaking on Temptations Snacks with Tuna. Not to mention an occasional whiff of Catnip.
Very friendly guy, always looking for a hand to pat him, he very smart
Mewbacca is a fuffy angel who loves his momma and cuddles!
Leo loves to play and he's very vocal when he wants something. He also likes to hog our king size bed while laying on mine or my wifes pillow.
Toby And Stitch
Stitch and Toby are both boys and absolutely love each other..i had Toby the one on right 2mos and found stitch at a store and was no bigger than my hand when I brought him home and they have been inseparable since ❤💙
Tootsie Roll
She is a Boykin Spaniel, 4 months old. She loves the outdoors and jumping off the boat into the water. She is a mess.
Max is a big loveable boy! Loves outdoors and his toys. His personality is developing into a wonderful companion. He is still young at only 9 weeks, looking forward to our life together.
Did some say afternoon nap?!
When mum and dad say no more treats😱😱
Bob is an ex street cat who walked into our home and hasn't left since. We named him Bob after the famous street cat. He loves to go to bed and play with his toys.
Dude made me a cat lover. He is just awesome and always brightens my day.Vote 4 Dude!
Snickers was found at a dumpers sight when she was a kitty, we got her a brought her home and she is one happy cat now
Lexi turns 1 in April 2021, her ideal toy is currently socks that are left on the floor or absolutely anything she can find 🤣 She is so loving and loves cuddles! ❤️
Onyx is a hyper pup filled with puppy cuddles !💜She loves long walks with her humans & her brother Valor. Her favorite thing to do is Play tug of war with just about any blanket in the house but when she’s ready for a puppy nap her favorite place to be is with her humans cuddled up😊
Lynch is an amazing puppy. He is the fast learner. He knows sit, down, shake, high five (paw), roll over , and we almost have play dead ... Lynch said vote for him please
Hi I'm Pepper, I'm an Australian shepherd that lives life to the fullest. I love playing soccer, chewing on antlers, playing with friends and my family.
Yo I’m homeless help a brother out.. p.s. chonk is pretty hot
George is 3 months old he loves to play with my hair, eat, and run around the house. He is super sweet, and playful. He loves attention and loves to cuddle.
Cali And Mittens
My baby girls are from different liters but from the same mom. They always have to be cuddling with each other they are such sweethearts.
He loves to cuddle and his very lovable cat
Hello im Theo and I run the house. Im top dog and Love to be center of attention. I love to fetch and I stand tall. I might be small but im mighty. Im pit bull and blue heeler
Ollie is a lab, pit, and shepherd mix. He's a big goof! He loves to give random face licks and jump into laps. He does a funny hop like a rabbit before running to get a ball or toy.
Tiger loved snuggles. He loved anything to do with me. He was my best friend and i will forever remember him❤️
This bright eyed cat is very affectionate and enjoys cuddles and snuggles. Her favorite snuggle buddies are dogs. She is very inquisitive and loves to chase after butterflies. Reina's big blue eyes and gentleness is sure to melt any one's heart.
Sophie’s brother and sisters was Abandoned on the side of the street from a horrible person, She was the runt; now in a beautiful loving home
Best Buds
Sam is a year old while Apollo is only 7 weeks old. They have been inseparable since day one! Both are so incredibly well behaved and love people!
Sam is a pit bull/Labrador mix. He is the absolute most docile and well behaved dog I’ve ever seen! So loving and not the least bit aggressive towards other dogs and especially other people.
Curious and playful with a wild but loving personality