Dog cat Stories - 53


Eleanor Rigby
Eleanor is a sweet little girl. Her most favorite things in the world are cuddling up on a warm lap, rubbing on anything velvet, and chicken flavored anything. She’s scared of most people but loves warming up to people she trusts. She loves playing with her two brothers and she loves playing fetch. Eleanor is extremely vocal and will have a conversation with anyone. This little fluff ball is the cutest cat in our house and I am biased in thinking maybe the cutest cat ever!!!
Jack Jack Dumb dumb. Hes is the funniest silliest sweetest. Loves his old chihuahua brother who does not like him. Loves when you come home and when recliner goes up. Named after Jack Skellington
Finard Smith
He is very sweet he loves to run around and play with his toys and cuddle.
Hi everyone! I’m Copper! I’m a one year old female orange tabby and my people found me wandering outside their apartment and took me in! Life is good and I couldn’t have picked a better family to live with. My hobbies includes sleeping & making the best biscuits. Don’t let Arias bio phase you, she’s nice sometimes (kinda rude most of the time though.) 🤷‍♀️
Hi everyone! I’m Aria, I’m a one year old domestic shorthair. I’m everything sugar & spice, anything but nice. I’m small, fiesty, and only cuddle on my terms. My favorite thing to do is play fetch with twisty ties and pick on Copper 😈
Bobbie Brown
Bobbie Brown is outgoing, sassy, and all around best cuddler 🤗
Lucipurr is a true halloween kitty as it is his birthday and he loves to follow people around or stare out the window trying to click at birds.
Zazz is a sweet kitty who loves to dress up in costumes and play fetch.
Stripes loves to get fat sleep traumatize my puppy and snuggle with me and my sister. Try to find the kitty cat
Wrigley is so playful, if she could talk she would be a valley girl. When she was a kitten I called her spidy kitty, she would scale with walls, she’s loyal and always wakes me up in the morning for a treat of wet food. She’s a alpha kitty the leader in her pack. So gentle and sweet with my daughter who she is very protective of since she was a kitten.
Princess Leia is 10 weeks old and as her name suggests an absolute princess! She loves going crazy and playing and then having a long deserved nap on the back of the sofa or the window sill! She loves climbing and treats!
My baby girl is 10 years old. She loves everybody and every thing. She would clean Teddy (mouse in the picture with her) and try to nuzzle him.
Night Wiker
Night is an amazing cat, he follows you like a dog, he is so loving. I found him, his mom had abandoned him, so I had to take care of him, but he ended healing what i needed, I so missed it having a pet, and here he shows up on my first anniversary, he just attached himself to me, and follows me everywhere. I would say he is my little angel.
Sailor just turned 3 months and is the sweetest baby boy! His favorite toy is his little grey stuffed mouse and he loves chicken flavored squeeze treats. Vote Sailor ⛵️
Arya is our new playful member of the family, she loves to eat, sleep and play with her big cat brother.
Hugo is our year old crazy boy, he is full of energy and loves to play! His best friend is his new puppy sister, they have the most loving bond and both love to cause mischief!
Roger is an absolute character! He is very affectionate and friendly. He loves nothing more than a squeeze and a kiss. He is also pretty manic, his energy knows no bounds! Roger has been my saviour through lockdown. I feel low /cry, he snuggles in immediately. If only an animal could just be human.....
Hugo is a 7 week old paralysed kitten who loves life! He loves playing, eating and sleeping!
Fridget was born on 8/13/20, she was the only puppy, she is a shitzu mixed with Chihuahua, she loves to play, she loves to give kisses, she loves to be held, she already uses the puppy pads, she love going for car rides, she loves her toys, she is so spoiled, she is a good puppy
Lucy is a 6 month old Springerdoodle! She has such an amazing personality and is so smart!
She steals the show where she is even in my wedding. She loves mom but be a daddys girl sometimes. She wants all the love and attention you can give her and more
She is a sweet rescue that has already stolen our heart. Her little meower is working right yet so all she does is squeak but she is a little fighter and getting healthier every day
Symba is more than a cat or a pet. He is my child, a big part of our family. He's so cuddly and very affectionate, Smart, entertaining and charming. He loves to go for car rides and walks. He is loved and adored tremendously!
Maxi is a 4 year old cat who has the personality of a person. He loves to play, loves to run outside and chase anything that moves, he even sits on the side of the tub when Mom is showering. He is such a precious boy and loves his catnip more than anything. His favorite food is Fish and his favorite treats are Backyard BBQ. He is Moms best friend <3
Sasha is 8 months old and loves her family. She enjoys camping, going to the beach and especially riding in the golfcart.
A fiesty kitten that loves to steal socks and jump off walls
Pickles is actually a puggle, he loves running around and being crazy but also loves to cuddle. He has a kitty sister named ivy. His favorite toy is his chicken 🐔
Hi, I’m Snowball. My humans call me Snow. I had a brother when we got adopted but he wandered off and never returned home. As for me, I’m a big baby. I love my independence but I also rely on mom to make sure I’m fed and my litter box is clean. I like to roam outside and I love playing with my new brother now. I also have extra toes on each paw making my feet huge! ❤️ Thanks for stopping by!
Ace came into his forever home when he was just 8 weeks old. He is such a snuggle bug. Loves to sleep, play with his sister, and eat all the food. Don’t let his sweet face fool you, he can be quite the trouble maker. But he’s loved all the same ❤️
I was less than 6lbs at 10weeks old when all of my siblings were double my size. Mommy and the shelter thought I was mixed with boxer and maybe something else, but turns out I’m 💯% pit bull! I’m doing great at 4 months I weigh over 20lbs!
Loves to nap, learn and play ❤️
Bella is 3 yeas old she’s a Schnauzer-Yorkie mixed. She's affectionate, loyal, and very smart. She likes to roll over ,give high fives, and Sit Pretty. She also loves to play with her toys.
Socks loves to be held and carried. He is very vocal and meows at you. He also loves to sit on his daddys lap and play with strings.
Stripes loves to cuddle and loves to play.
Barney is the most loveable perfect puppy in the world. He is very mischievous and loves to destroy everything in his path. He loves long walkies by the beach or forest, but specially loves his food!!
Her full name is Finn Storm Kelly and she likes to play with pipe cleaners
a grumpy little kitten that loves cuddles 🥰
Morgana loves to attack feet, and can go from running around, up and down the couch- to fast asleep in your lap in a matter of moments.
Takeda loves to sleep, snuggle with his dad, and play with his brother cayde in the middle of the night!!
Scarlett Rose
Scarlett is a 2 month old silly little princess who loves to cuddle in laps and play in the leaves. She is a border collie golden retriever mix.
Simba loves to play and cuddle and give kisses. He’s a big 🧸
This is little ludo, my beautiful little fur baby. Ludo is a night owl, loves her food and loves to play with everything she shouldn't.
Starla is our 12 week lurcher pup , loves to howl at us when she sees us drinking a cup of tea ! , she’s a little angel 💕
Lix got his name cuz he comes up and licks you like a dog anything he could lick your face your fingers anything he is the sweetest little boy in the world
Ben is full of spunk. He loves to play and enjoys Chicken flavored Temptations.
Corabell is 4 years old. She is quite and loving. She enjoys laying around and snaking on Temptations Snacks with Tuna. Not to mention an occasional whiff of Catnip.
Very friendly guy, always looking for a hand to pat him, he very smart