Dog cat Stories - 53


My name is Gypsy Rose. I enjoy digging holes, the size of me, in my humans back yard. I love love to play with huge tennis balls.
Bright blue eyed female catahoula leopard dog . Just loves to play and cuddle. When she goes for kisses she can be a little much. She just won't stop loving you
Loki is definitely the master of mischief. A very cool thing about this little devil is that he loves to play fetch.
Earl is the sweetest cat! He snuggles up on my lap & keeps me company. I love him so much!
Meet Clyde! The best cuddle buddy in town who is also always down for a good hike or the dog park. Clyde is very curious and loves his hooman boy so very much! His favorite activities include chasing birds, belly rubs, hanging with the neighbor dog and sniffin farts.
he's the youngest of my 3 cats. sookie, my black cat, and the oldest, loves to coddle him, and babie him, and he loves to let her. jasper, my middle cat, loves to rough and tumble with him. he loves settling in between mine and my husbands legs, (he cant choose who he likes best!! ) he loves to find little places to curl up in, and he's so intrested in evreything, and evreybody.
She loves to play with her brother Merrick. She's sweet and loves to play with balls. She loves being petted.
He loves to play with her sister Tsunade. Loves to sleep next to me. Super sweet kitten. He has freckles on his tummy and love them being rubbed.
He walks on a leash to go outside to the bathroom. He understands sit, stay and give paw. He also knows do love. He works at a grooming shop. He was trained tty o greet the clients, and also to stay with the grooming digs on the table to keep them company. He is verybsmart, and very loveable. Loves meeting people and attention
She is really sweet and wants attention all the time.
Rocky is a Lab/Pit mix that was rescued by us last year. He is reactive to other dogs and strangers, but once he’s comfortable, he will never leave your side. He is very smart, and overall a good boy.
Buffy is a newly rescued girl who enjoys taking naps and sitting on the balcony! She loves cookies, her best friend Rosemary the cat, and ear scratches.
QQ was named for the gaming term QQ'ing aka being a winny baby. QQ is very vocal and won't hesitate to tell you what he thinks
Bella Rena
Meet Bella Rena! She is my beautiful SPOILED 11 month old American Bully. She is the most fun loving puppy with a mind of her own. She enjoys the simple things in life like sun bathing, playing, and expects belly rubs from anyone that makes eye contact :). VOTE FOR MY BABY BELLA RENA!
Jax is the smartest, funniest pup we have ever had in our family! He loves his friends (which he has many), treats and napping in the sun or on mom & dad's bed.
She’s a chocolate lab/wimerimer mix. She’s the sweetest and cuddliest dog you ever met. She’s also LOVES retrieving and fetch♥️
Smokey is a 7 month old ragdoll, he loves snuggles and running around mad!
Blue loves everyone she loves playing with her parents shes sweet lobes chewing on sticks and chases the laser light more then a cat
Jameson is the friendliest dog you will ever meet we refer to him as the Walmart greeter. He loves everyone and is just as cuddly as a teddy bear.
Mary Jane
She loves playing w/her toys and she loves dancing! She greets customers where her Mama works at! And she loves making friends with people and animals too! She can steal your heart! Just love her so much!
Ice is a siamese cat he love his food and to play with his pineapple toy😂 He loves attention. He also loves pictures and likes to pose💕
Ebony was a lovely girl . She was a very special girl she was with us for 13 years . She was crazy in her youth , running and trying to flush out the birds . Though as she got older she became one of the greatest companions to my mum .
Patch is a very old boy at heart , loves a tummy tickle but on his terms only . Patch is a lovely boy who wouldn’t hurt a fly and protects his sister Ava-Rose
Reaper loves to run and play with kids and loves laying around in the shade 😎
Tara loves chasing chickens, snowballs & frisbee. She has 1 prior for attempted theft of takeout 🥡 Loves learning new tricks. Oh, and she dances. When tired, she rests her head on fluffy paws. Her job: protect our palace & pack from all threats domestic & imagined.
Because I am deaf I do not know how loud I am when I talk to my family, hence my name. I rely a lot on my sister Valkrie, and my humans have been helpfully - and quite comically - using exaggerated hand signals to communicate with me. Thank you for your votes! Each vote helps me support my furry brothers and sister; paying for vet bills/medication and most importantly my cat nip kitty toys😸🌸
Jamalo is five years old and is a rag doll he loves to play string and go outside he knows how to lay down and roll over when you tell him
Kujo is one of a kind, with his clumsy ways, and big smile. Yes, he smiles on command most of the time for dad...he also was a rescue and I've never owned a dog so smart and amazingly sweet
Melvin is a sweet, adorable 3 month old pup with lots of energy who loves to play. As he navigates his puppy stages, his favorite activities include finding mischief and putting every object he can into his mouth... but who wouldn’t love a face like that?!
Sandy is 3 weeks old and loves to play. She carry’s her ball and meows the loudest she can if nobody plays with her
Karma is a small and fierce. She survived against a bad start. She was a rescue and is now the leader of our pack. She's not a girly girl, pretty mad about the pearls and flapper dress can't you tell?
Wesley is a happy, go luck Irishmen, he love his toys, his bed and his momma! He’s honestly the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet! #westheirish 🍀💚
My name is Miller and I am a 12-week old Blue Heeler who has two dog brothers! My favorite activities include chasing mommy, eating left over pot roast, and going for car rides. I’m getting big and soon I’ll be allowed to play in doggy day care with all of my friends! I consider myself independent and I’m sure that any task that needs done, can be done on my own; for example I’m always ready to help mom get ready for work by taking her clothes under the bed, exactly where she finds them every time! I love my life<3
Rebel is 4 months old, full of love, and Energy. He loves to cuddle and take naps❤️
Active, protector of his fam(kitties included), loves his best friend Ollie(our friends dog), and loves seeing his daily visitors from Amazon:)
Bella is a black Labrador retriever mix she is 6 years old and still full of so much energy! She loves being outside as long as there are no fireworks or bonfires lol. This girl is obsessed with anything that squeaks doesn’t matter what it is . She loves looking out the window and barking at anything that passes by . She really is my best friend and mamas girl 🖤
he likes to cuddle with his mom and dad🤍🐾 instagram~theodore_the_golden21
Felix Felicis
Felix played real life Frogger when he was a stray kitty, and he was lucky enough to get to the other side! This story inspired his name, which in the wizarding world, means liquid luck. His dorky yet photogenic self has entered our lives and WE are the lucky ones!
Medusa is very adventurous. She likes going on walks,car rides, swimming. Medusa loves getting all the attention. She’s a big baby
Hi! I’m a 2 month old German Shepherd King and my parents will spoil the bajeebies outta me with treats and cool harnesses and lots of water gear!
Bambino is the sweetest 🐶 He’s bilingual knows English and Spanish And loves to sit on your lap all day
Kodi Barker
Kodi is a ham, he loves to sing (howl) at us when it is dinner time or when he needs attention from our guest, he has a talent and is not afraid to use it to get what he wants. He is the most people friendly (and any pet friendly) dog you would ever meet. At the dog park, he chills with the humans because he knows that is where the lovin’ is really at. He has the best smile and even for a dog is the most jovial anyone has encountered. Everyone falls in LOVE with Kodi, our rough and tough exteriored, Jelly filled Kodi. He’s 4 and I adopted him from the dog pound at 10 months, he was a favorite among staff and the first day we had him, we understood why.
Missy And Ax
Missy is a rescue, she is a true roaddog, her and me hitch hiked from Tampa Fl. to San Jose Ca. in 2013 and her son Ax is disabled. He was injuried as a pup. Buthe still has a heart of a lion.
Hi guys,I’m Lora. I was born on the streets, in a quite dangerous area in Bulgaria. Although my life wasn’t easy, I managed to steal a stroke or a treat from good-hearted people, but remained invisible for the most time.I also got myself pregnant 😸 (we,the strays don’t get spayed) Until one great day, a lovely girl found me (more like saw my big belly) and called a little rescue organisation, which took me in and found me a great home after a while. Right now I’m living like a queen, but I do wanna give back to them - they saved my life. Now for the best part - If I do manage to win all your votes and 1st prize- all the money will go for donations to the same cat rescue, that gave me a home! P.s if you still want to support the rescue, so they can keep saving my friends, I have made a little fundraiser for them (well, with some human help), you can make a donation (even a £1 helps!) on -www. (you can see more photos of me there, aswell as my friends😊)
Pinkie is a very spoiled kitty who came to me 8 years ago as a semi-feral. Now she is a Princess.
Dust Bunny
Dust Bunny, a.k.a. DB, is a lap kitty. He like to spend his day lounging on a sheep skin rug or flicking his fluffy tail on a high shelf until someone sits down. Once a lap is available, he hops right up and presents himself for pettings, purring like a lawn mower all the time. Winning this contest can help us pay for his seizure medicine, which is almost $100/month now.