Dog cat Stories - 52


Meet guinevere she is very sweet and sometimes gets a little over excited she behaves loves to run and jump she is very cute
Meet guapo he is cute small and loves laps he is a bit aggressive to other dogs but when they are not here he likes to play with the cats isn't he the cutest?!
Captain Marvel
Meet marvel her real name is captain marvel but we like to call her marvel or marv she's cute energetic a step sister to our other 4 pets if you like her please vote
Dingy was taken into our home February 4th, 2016. I was nine at the time, we pretty much grew up together. We have a bond that you can’t replace. He’s a very supporting cat and loves to cuddle. But let me tell you, he also loves to eat 👀. But that’s what makes him special. He’s my big baby❤️.
Tiger is a very sweet kitty. She is a Tortoiseshell cat. She loves to play
Nala loves to steal her brothers toys, sleeping on dads bed when he’s not home and chewing on table legs!
Diamond is the most loving dog and very loyal she loves cuddles and hugs and kisses . She also loves laying in tbe sun and playing with her sisters in the yard .
Quavo is my first foster to adoption love story. She was just 3 months old when brought from Tennessee to NY. Last year she overcame a skin allergy and infection where she lost much of her fur 😢 my beautiful girl is now strong, healthy and healed and almost all her fur has grown back in. Her sister and best friend Truffles took 1st place in NEW YORK states cat contest back in January, now it's Quavo's turn!! ⭐️🥳
Fp Jones Aka Jonezie
she’s named after FP Jones, from the show riverdale. sassiest diva cat you’ll ever meet. & the cutest.
Meet Simba 🦁 Man of the House 🏠 Brother of many siblings 🐈🐈‍⬛ Holder of the cutest beans 🐾
Millie is a hit in our house. She’s insane, but SO adorable! I can’t stay mad at her for more than 3 seconds. She loves squeaky mouse toys and her wet food. She’s so tiny!
Chloe is a rescue. She loves to bask in the sun and lay by fireplaces! She is a wild child she loves to catch little chipmunks and run around with them in her mouth 🖤🐾
Miracle was the runt of her litter, so she’s a little smaller than most dogs of her kind. She’s sweet and playful, and LOVES food! Compared to her body, she has a small head. We love her!
Charlie is just so much joy! He has the cutest personality! He loves his Mama, loves to play, get treats, go outside and so much more! He is a ball of energy at times and definitely a snuggle bug! He is such a blessing to our family and everyone who he meets!
Gary Cooper
Gary Cooper was rescued from a shelter in LA County back in 2016. I had him for four short years. Gary was one of those dogs that nobody could ever replace. He went with me everywhere including work. I never left without him. He would also go to the long care facility and visit all of the seniors including my mom, who you see in the picture with Gary Cooper. They were both in wheelchairs. Both have passed. Gary Cooper on 6/9/2019 and my mother on 4/16/2020. He was such a grandma's boy. I know they're together up there. Looking down at me. In Loving Memory Mom and Gary Cooper.
Hey Cooper! You know you are our dreamboat...come on and vote for us!
I recused Aloy from a guy I used to work with. He had no interest in taking care of her, so I took her from him. She is more reserved and sassy, only wanting you to love her when she wants. But, I would never change that.. its always amazing when she does love on you. She loves boxes most of all lol
I adopted Kip from a rescue event. When I first seen him, I just knew he was meant to be mine. He loves me more than anything, and even knows when its time for me to come home from work. He loves naps and food time. Hes a sweet soul.
Noctis was abandoned outside the nursing home my mom works at. She brought him to me at 4am on a saturday, since then I have been in love with him. He grows bigger everyday, and weighs easily 15lb or a little more pure muscle. I wish i knew his breed, but its ok. He loves to lay in my arms and cuddle!
Sage is a husky/hound mix. She enjoys running, playing and getting warm in the sun.
Meet me-me, very funny girl! Found the poor girl sitting at a gas station ALL night wanting love and of course I ended up taking her home💗
Minnie is 7 weeks old she loves to cuddle, play with her toys & chance her big sister around the house.
Precious is 11 months old she loves to play, cuddle & watch TV. She's a sweet loving cat.
Shiro loves treats and being cuddled. He’s got the most beautiful blue eyes ever. Super sweet, fun, and loving 🥰
Gizmo came from a situation where he was abused. He suffers from cage rage and the staff at the shelter he was at tried to get him out of the cage which resulted in him being choked until the blood vessels in his eyes broke. I worked with Gizmo for 8 months to gain his trust. He now happily lives with me and is a huge lovey dovey!
lilah is a very playful cat but also likes to sleep a lot... i know, boring!!! but on the bright side, she’s super cute. i got her over quarantine so she’s attached to me like hair!
Hamish last week, just 2 weeks after some sort of accident which broke nearly every bone in the right side of his face 😔
Josie Maggie Brimmeier
Josie is so gentle and patient. She is a Pomski. She loves the snow and setting on the air conditioning register. She loves children and would like to train her to visit children in hospitals.
They call me Coop
A very playful German Shepard mix that loves her frog toy.
Sully is a 3 month old golden retriever. He’s so smart already and loves cuddles 💕
Ginny is my shadow. She follows me everywhere. She is sweet and funny and loves to snuggle, even though she is 45 pounds now. She loves to annoy her “little” brother and sister, but they let her know who is boss. Haha!! She loves treats and is very smart!
Hi I’m Leo and I’m a very friendly, loving and playful puppy. I love to go on walks and do many fun activities since I have a lot of energy I need to have fun in order to let it out. Sometimes I get a little crazy but I’m very funny and cute.
He is a super sweet! He is my lil catdog!! He loves tunnels and treats. He sleeps on his back! My lil mann
Hagrid loves to play and even though he has 100 actual toys his favorite is balled up paper. He is sweet and loving and weights 7 pounds at just over three months.
Bentley is a year and a half old Goldendoodle who loves living life on the edge!
Doug is the newest member of the family! He is a poodle shiba inu mix and he’s the sweetest lil puppy! He loves to run around and play! He’s very needed and clingy so he always has to be around people❤️
Mugsy is a two year old rag doll, I swear he is the funniest cat ever! His facial expressions are priceless! He’s a very loving cat and our dads best friend. Mugsy loves people and other animals🤍
Maxx is 1.5 years old this year. He is so sweet and is full of energy! He loves blankets, being outside, and napping! He appreciates all of your votes!🐾
Willow June
Willow is my absolute best friend. She is the completion to my soul. I have had her for about 6 months and she already has an extremely huge piece of my heart. I came home from the army and a family member needed me to take her off her hands. She needed a LOT of love and TLC, but she is now the best girl in the world! Little did I know that she would be everything I didnt know I needed. If you've never seen a dog that is just grateful to be alive, now you have❤ If we win, the money will go to getting the back yard turned into a completely fenced, safe, and FUN space for willow and her brother and sister. ❤🥰 I want to give them the little doggie Heaven that they deserve!
Senna loves kisses and to cuddle 🥰
Sir Humphrey Chuey
Sir Humphrey Chuey (aka chuey for short) is a CHEWEENIE. He LOVES his family and going on walks. He is very energetic and loves laying in the sun. The only things he hates are strawberries and cats🤫
Barrel O Bourbon
Barrel is my absolute best friend. I have had him since he was born and rescued him from a horrible home. Little did I know that 5 years later, Id owe HIM my life. He has gotten me and my family through things that were literally life or death situations. If we win, the money will go to getting the back yard turned into a completely fenced, safe, and FUN space for barrel and his sisters. ❤🥰 i want to give them the little doggie Heaven that they (especially Barrel) deserve
Willow is our youngest baby, she is so sweet and mellow, we cannot wait to see what kind of awesome fur baby she will be!
She can be a stinker at times, u hafta catch her in the act when she actually goes IN her tower
I am a 1 year old golden retriever. I absolutely LOVE belly rubs, snuggling, long walks and taking covers off my daddy every morning!