Azul is the most loving chihuahua i have ever met. He is not a yappy dog. He is very well mannered and listens extremely well. He can roll over, drop dead, beg, sit pretty. He can always convey his message as to what he wants. He is more like a human and i love him very much!
Most photogenic kitty EVER! Loves to pose for mommy😻
This is pepper. He loves to eat everything. Gives endless love bites and always needs to touch you! Very clingy. He loves the outdoors and is very talkative!
Im 10 weeks old, I love all my toys & treats!
Willow loves to play with anything that hangs or moves and she loves to sleep sprawled out
This cutie loooves food, napping, and snatching anything and everything he can take from your plate🤣 But also looooves to play just as much❤
He’s the sweetest most loving pet I’ve ever had, when your sad he comes to comfort you and when your happy he LOVES to play with you❤️😻
Hey there, I’m Rya. A pretty chill lady with a big heart and a silly personality. I love to go on walks and I’m here to remind you to always stay hydrated and protect your eyes with some cool shades!
Maya is a very sweet kitty. She is very sassy too, loves snacks and loves to be very very active. Her best friend is Kobe our little French bulldog!
Rascal likes yogurt cheese and being with with his brother plus he's a mama's boy
Fred is a goofy boy who loves to cuddle and will ask for hugs when people come over❤️
He likes shrimp hide and boxes and he's a skittish cat he likes to play with his brother rascal
Macchiato Bean is 4 years old, he loves playing with his fur siblings. He hates getting his nails cut. His most favorite thing to do is chase his tail in the bathtub.
He is my senior rescue boxer. Hes almost 14. I love him..he is the boss of the house...loves cheeseburgers
Mushu is a rescue and was found under a house at 2 weeks old. He is now 9 months old. And with a huge attitude
Zip Code
Zip codie was thrown in the trash can at a post office, she was only 2 days old. We have to bottle feed her as she has no sense of smell and she also is blind in 1 eye. She is now 3 years old and gives everyone so much love. She travels all over the U.S. with us and we take her to nursing homes and she loves to give kisses. She requires a lot of care and 3 to 4 people to help feed but we all love her, she is a true blessing from God.
Millie is the sassiest of cats. Sometimes she's referred to as mow mow, because thats what she does. She goes MOW MOW! She carries around a stuffed horse she's had since a wee baby.
Loves to cuddle and enjoys nose scratches, she's the Best bird hunter!
A sassy 2 year old boy obsessed with ice cream
Mimi La-moo
Mimi La-Moo was the most overlooked puss cat at the rehoming centre. She was given up by her owners. She was sad, lonely and craved some love. She had to have an operation and most of her teeth removed which put lots of families off…… but now she’s found her forever home she’s really found her vibe! She’s a queen!!! Rules the roost, confident and full of sass and snuggles. The most beautifully affectionate old girl, living her best 9th life!
Bruno is 1yo and full of energy, he loves to play with squeaky toys and love belly rubs .
Phoebe is around 1 year and 4 months old. I got her when she was 8 weeks old. She has changed colors over the year and is now black with a white belly. Everytime I see her sleeping she has her tongue sticking out. She loves being outside and playing with her feather toy. She’s a great hunter and has caught a couple mice we had last winter!
She is 11months old! Will be 1yr on July 3rd❤️ She loves tennis balls, car rides, play dates, walks, and going to her sisters house!
Chaos is a year old Staffordshire terrier, he loves to play with his favorite toy ( a deflated soccer ball⚽).
Dude is a 6 year old Bengal cat but acts more like a dog. He enjoys playing with his doggy sis Tipsy, napping, and eating treats. Dude loves sitting in any window he can reach to hunt any birds or animals that happen to be outside.
Tipsy Lou is a mix of a bunch of breeds, but mostly Newfoundland and Australian Shepherd. She is a crazy, playful, loving girl who LOVES playing with other furry friends. She enjoys spending her free time at doggy daycare and looking out the bay window at home.
Kia Lia Sweetpea
Rip lia❤️ I will be deleting all other profiles for the cats and this will be their main profile❤️
Chia is a shibador (Shiba Inu & Labrador Retriever). She LOVES it when humans pet and scratch her. She’s super friendly and wants to play with every human she encounters.
Very hyper and a spoiled princess ❤️ little dog with a big attitude, 👑👸
Cotton Kennedy
Cotton is a loveable, opinionated therapy cat,she has been with us 5 years now,and has helped my daughter alot emotionally ❤ 💙
Loves to play with his brother 🥰
loves cuddling with mom❤️🫶🏼
Quinn is a 9 months old bundle of joy and love! He adores mud and water and watching TV. He likes to sleep on the sofa and loves his walks in the woods! 💗
Loves to roll around in catnip🍃
This was taken my first full day out of a weeklong hospital stay after a 12 foot fall at work. He had never layed on or curled up on be before this.
Chip just turned 1 yrs old. He is a mixed pitbull terrier with another breed.. Very smart and energetic baby.. He lost his right eye when he was a little pup.. Never changed the way he is.. Another dog got ahold of him and we thought we were going to lose him but with his fight he came home to us.. Thank god we still have him
Buttons has a mind of her own. This is her world and we are all just living in it. 👑
Bruce loves to play in his kiddie pool all day and chase after his tennis balls. His favorite part of the day is going on walks and saying hi to all the other dogs in the neighborhood.
Stitches weighs about 30 pounds because he loves his snacks and treats! We love every ounce of our boy so much!! ❤️
This is suzie shes a beautiful cocker spaniel age 2 she is so loving,tame wouldnt hurt a fly she is very loved and our fur baby...
She is a momma’s girl. I can’t go anywhere even the bathroom with out her next to me. She loves laying next to me and singing. You can always find her sleeping on her back with her feet propped up.
Elvis is a beagle cocker spaniel mix.
Zeus is your typical Goldendoodle, he loves to destroy everything he can get into his mouth. Zeus is also loving and knows when we need love and cuddles. Just look at that face, what’s not to love.
Cooking kitty - food thief- child avoider- nighttime door knocker- morning alarm- biscuits maker- head scratch demander- Boyfriends bff 🙄- and only yellow tabby in the house
She's a brave but scaredy cat, she loves holding my hand when things become loud and she loves her nightly cuddles♥️
Snicker’s is 17lbs of fluff and treats! His favorite activities are playing with strings and nap time. Not only is he a great cuddle buddy but he is also a great company in the bathroom.
Crackers loves being both in door and outdoors. He loves dog toys (won’t play with his cat toys😂), Temptation cat treats and loves a lot of pets on his head!
Ruby is a very friendly baby dog, she loves company from her owners and just people in general! It would be a great if you were to vote for her, so she can win and get so many toys and some money will be donated to the shelter we have got her at! :) ♡♡