Dog cat Stories - 5


Essie is almost 5 years old. She’s is a brindle Catahoula leopard hound mixed with pit. She is such a sweet loving girl who loves her twin human boys but is definitely a mommas girl! We adopted Essie from a shelter at 8 weeks old. She was 1 of a litter of 13 pups! She loves playing ball and is addicted to chasing laser lights!
My name is wax. I love the band Kiss and long walks on the beach.
Trixi is a 8 years old cat , I adopted her in 2018 . is very shy and very loving. she likes to sleep on the sofa . she loves to be spoiled. . Is still recovering feom her leg operation 🙏
Hi im Gus! I love snow.
This regal princess is Ruby, she loves warm sleeping spots, soft blankets, chin scratches, and is very active and playful with her little brother, Loki.
This lil cutie is Loki, he's my baby boy. He's a long haired Tuxedo kitty, and is super playful. He loves his soft food, his kong worm, and his stuffed sloth, and hello kitty plush, but most of all, he loves his family.
charles is the cutest ball of trouble. he once walked up to a communal doggy water cooler at the dog park, lifted his little leg, and peed right into the water!
Comet is truly a ball of light with a tail! He’s cute, smart, funny, and kind.
Allegra loves long walks down the beach and playing fetch. Hates the water. 10/10 would not recommend the water part.
He is such a cuddle bug and loves everyone!
Finn loves children and making new friends.
NyXy Was a Rescue....She is the most Intelligent, Loving Creature ever,,,,She is My first Cat :*
Beware the fluff...mitten daggers will appear if you try and take one of her flowers without permission! 🌸😻
She love play with her toys and eating and sleep. She alway think when people come over there here to see her. If we win the money will go to vet bills and to help r local pets.
Neo is The Most Extraordinary Frenchie ever created.
Cali Girl
Cali loves to play
My baby is such a cutie, he sits, rolls over and fetches on command
Hello, My names Odin! I am a floofy puppers who loves the outdoors and playing with my family and younger brother Charlie! Please vote for me! 🐶💕
Oliver is a Lhasa apsa poodle mix! He is very loyal, curious, and eager to please. Making new friends at the park is his favorite activity!!
Our little Sunny... Now twice this size and coming into her own. This scared little being is becoming quite the courageous beauty. I found her on the side of a building, she was the size of my hand, shaking, one eye crusted closed, hiding in some weeds & underneath wrecked cars. She was being attacked and thrown out, as a runt. Scrounging for a morsel of food. She was starving and very sick. Flea ridden, feline herpes... I thank God, I came upon her... She was so frightened and helpless. Sunny has made leaps and bounds. Its taken a year, but her timidness is fading away & she is thriving in our pack. Slowly making her way to top ranks. She now has purpose and lots of love. As well as 5 new siblings who have shown her the ropes. Sunny is just a gift. Any sensitive person can feel her angelic innocence. 🙏♥😁 we love this little being immensely.
Duke absolutely loves snow, cheese, and cuddles!
Simon is a really nice cat, he will cuddle with you for hours, follow you everywhere and always trying to catch people’s attention. He loves snacks and he will not leave you alone till you give him one lol. He is my kids best friend, he will play with them, and hang out with them when they are playing games. He has a schedule, he will be up in his bed every single day by 11pm . He hates to take baths but at the end he loves to be clean
Rover loves his bandannas and playing with his toys. He’s a mischievous boy and loves getting the toilet roll!!
Hi! I’m a grumpy 13 year old cat with the spirit of a kitten! My big brother has diabetes and I’d love to help pay for his insulin and vet visits. My family doesn’t have pet insurance and the prices to keep him healthy are piling up :( If you’d like to help me please don’t hesitate to vote :) Much love!
Little Girl
Little Girl, also known as Littles. Is 3 years old, spunky, speaks her mind when spoken to, and loves the trick Right & Left paw. She is her mommas whole world, loves her big brother Brutus & loves her baby kitty.🐱🐶❤️😍
Mr Kitty
FEARLESS, LOVABLE & HANDSOME all in one. My little love has no tail, and loves to explore the outside. He loves to talk & express himself — and loves his cuddles with his mama Littles & is best friend Brutus.🐶🐱💜
Athena loves playing with toys and other dogs! She loves getting dressed up! She loves car rides and long walks! She is a very happy and friendly puppy❤
Flo is a gentle giant. She is the alpha of my 3 cockers but she rules with a gentle touch.
Myloh loves playing fetch and is very energetic
Piper gives good hugs and is very friends( she loves cuddles)
Zena loves little bites of apple for a snack and she makes a cute raccoon sound when she wants a treat!
Nugget is a 5 year old bobtail (born with it), orange and white male cat, who acts more like a human child than he does an animal. He has the absolute biggest personality of any animal I have ever met or owned, and wants nothing more than to always love and appease his owners. He’s truly one of a kind, and if you know him, you know exactly what I mean by that. He’s chatty, LOVES snacks (and knows exactly where they are stashed), he has a brother bearded dragon named Rex whom he spends his days with while he waits patiently for mom and dad to get home. There’s no cat more deserving of a vote than our Nug is!
Hi my name is Charlie aka Charlie Bean! I am a 7 month old Maltese who loves to run zoomies and play with my mom and older brother Odin! Please Vote for me! Every vote counts 🐶😁💕
Louis is an almost 9 month old mini dachshund who loves cuddles and playing with new toys. He loves to go shopping and buy new toys each week. He’s a spoiled boy who loves to be by your side all day!
Just like his namesake, Gnocchi is small and puffy, but not edible, lol. Just a young man thriving in his cozy environment!😸 Gnocchi’s goal is to use the entirety of his winnings to help his feline friends at Chicago’s Anti-Crulety Society 💙Now would be a puuuurrfect time to give him your vote!
Hawkeye Pierce
Named after The beloved Alan Alda character, Hawkeye too likes to play lots of pranks! Like pretending he is tired and then running the moment we try to bring him inside! Hawkeyes favorite thing is sticks!
Allys has stunning blue eyes. Look at her pictures to see how beautiful they are.
Stella May
Stella May loves traveling this is a picture of her at the beach in Florida! She is an Australian shepherd lab mix. She was a rescue and now is an emotional support animal and loves playing with her stuffed duck. Please vote for Stella May, she will Iove you forever!
We met our sweet Stimulus when he was about one month old. Brought him home around 2 months old. He now is 8 month old. He likes to pose for pictures.. He is cuddly but also hilarious with all his playful energy He is Loved ♥️
shadow is more like a dog than a cat xx
This is Chanel ,she loves cuddles , food ,and she like catching sun from the window
Angel Radgie
they were the most loving dogs you could have xxx
Jack is a fun loving little kitty with lots of energy!
Im Beasley and I love to be Petted and scratched. I love my mommy and will cuddle any chance I get. Im smoll but i eat like im a big kitty. Please vote for me!
Trigger is a Catahoula mix that loves to chew on pig ears (fitting if you ask me). Trigger also enjoys truck rides and naps on the couch😊.
His back legs don’t work. He’s an insatiable licker.
Rex is a German Sheppard, Collie, Rottie, & Akita mix! He had a rough start at life. No matter what he endured. He is the most loving, loyal boy. He loves his schedule!... Lol. He loves company and being the center of attention! He poses often, we tease him calling him "sexy rexy" as he saunters around his kingdom of cats, and lets you know when he needs some extra love & attention. Which we shower upon him everyday♥
Lincoln is a 6 mth old boxer, likes to play with his sister Bella the cat who is 5 yrs old but she is not having it