Dog cat Stories - 5


Hi! Im Ransom and came to live with my new mommy in September when i was almost 8 months old. I used to live in a crate and found the world to be a scary place but mommy makes me feel safe and loves me even when i eat the mail or steal something i shouldn't have. Ive learned so many tricks in a short time to make mom proud and get treats of course!! I love playing with my housemate Alice, a boston/chi, and tormenting my old pug housemate too. Lucky for me he is a patient old pug. What i love the most is being with my mommy and i follow her wherever she goes 💕 if i win i will be much closer to affording treatment for my luxating patella when its time.
Ramsey is an Emotional Support Dog for PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression. He is spoiled rotten and loves his momma.
Blu is a Miniature Australian Shepherd and his PawPaw’s best friend. He believes he is bigger than he really is and is spoiled rotten.
KLawed's favorite thing is definitely food!
She’s a asshole but she’s cute
Jason is a labradoodle . He is a fun and energetic dog and i would really appreciate it if you could do me and him a favour and vote us bc i would be so so sooooooo happy .
Everest loves to play with his squeaky toys.He’s so full of energy and loves to run around a lot! He loves to sleep a lot too🤪🐶Such a very good boy!❤️
She is a kind cuddling precious girl she loves to lay on your chest and give you kisses
Cotton Tail
She’s so adorable and loving. Always want is match attention that she can get, and her purring is Addictive (unique). She loves to play fetch with her favorite fuzzy ball
Our 10 week old puppy Louie, is fun, cheeky and loving, everything we wanted. He is amazing
LucyBell was a stray cat that I rescued brought her home an she had to adjust to the dogs but now they are best friends❣️🐾❤️ I love her!
Little lucky is getting so big! This little guy makes my heart so happy all the time ❤️ just a couple short months ago this little love was feral, always hissing, spitting and just afraid of everything. He has come so far. Some of his favorite things consist of licking and nibbling on my ears and nose at 2 am, sitting on my shoulder or just cuddling up to me anywhere I am, he also likes to be fresh and try and knock my phone out of my hand, and gets jealous when I pet the dog. God forbid mom doesn't give him all the attention, he loves talking away and oh man let me tell you about his love for temptation treats. This little guy loves eating any and everything 😹😹 but he now waits patiently for the most part. He likes to dip his paw in any drink I have a lick it for a drink himself because you know the fresh bowl of water I change 3 times a day isn't good enough. He is so spoiled and loved and has brought me so much joy during a hard time in my life. I love you little lucky Lou 💖
Despite a tough little start, Dolly is a happy pup who loves socks, people and food! She is a real double take on the street and adores the attention her pretty little face gets her. She’s a monkey, and will swipe your undies from the laundry basket quick as a flash but her big puppy dog eyes will have you forgiving her in an instant.
Hi, I am a very happy dog both my dads love me a lot and I love to cuddle with you all day and follow you where ever you go because I love to be petted all the time and shown love. After a warm shower I like to be dressed and for you to take lots of pictures and pose for you.
Nobby is such a playful and smart kitty, loves cuddles and fusses
Bella loves her parents bed... A lot.
A’ine is an Irish Wolfhound and the baby of my pack. Watching her coming into her own has been amazing. She is smart and loves to cuddle with you. When she runs it’s more of a gallup and at times trips over her own feet.
Lilly is a year and for months old. She’s super energetic and is completely devoted to our family.
Henry is a Parson Russel Terrier, he’s a real mummy’s boy and loves to cuddle, he also love to play with the puppy and clean him
Flynn is a Lakeland terrier, he loves to talk and cuddle, will tap your legs to be picked up and cuddled
He is one of a kind 🐱 , he does not act like any other cat, his best friend is a pit bull, and oh yeah he loves caramels and pizza. Yep he is truly like my child , And if he gets hurt he uses it to his advantage and make sure my wife don’t see him playing if he does get hurt for instance our 55 lbs pocket pit stepped on him going on side to potty and he’d limped but when my wife went to bed he was playing with his brother and our shih Tzu she wakes up and he started limping again.
After the death of my spouse in April, Kalypso officially became my emotional support animal. She has comforted me through my darkest days. She is sweet, loving, playful, and very talkative. She loves kicking her unicorn toy and playing fetch with her other toys.
I saved august when the lady gave me him at 2 weeks old. He has become very strong and very play full. He lets you know when he’s hungry, he loves to play with his big brother and cuddle all night.
Athena is a 6 month old DSH. She has had ongoing health issues (chronic lobar pneumonia) since we got her in July at 12 weeks. It’s been a long road to recovery but she’s the sweetest cat and so very playful.
Shadow is a sweet cat and shy. He chatters a lot and loves to be loved on and hes quite photogenic.
This is peanut he is a very sweet kitten he loves to run and play outside and sleeps with us every night how could you not vote for him ❤️
Midnight is the best😍 he is such a mamas boy!! Follows me everywhere, always by my side, and no matter where I end up sleeping in the house when I wake up he is right by my side still!!! Best little sidekick ever ❤️❤️
Copper And Silver
Our new baby brothers we rescued. So sweet when sleeping.
Hello! My kitty’s name is Chihiro! ❤️ She loves to cuddle and sits on your chest; if you’re lucky, she even gives biscuits! She is the most loyal and cutest kitty I’ve ever had! 💕 vote for her!
I'm so rotten and I'm a mama's girl
Miss Jackie Poo
I love to give my human mom lots of kisses
Most loving little man in the world, he sits and gives you a paw for a treat. He gives the best kisses and cuddles at night too!! Little mr mans is so loved❤️
Tiny Princess
Tiny Princess is a very loving dog. She loves to travel, play at the dog park with her friends&golf cart rides
This is Casper he loves to go outside and play even tho he’s a cat he loves people food he will try to eat anything your eating he’s my baby I had him since I was a little kid he’s the sweetest cat you’ll meet he loves everyone vote for him🥺❤️
Meekah is very agile and is a natural at dog sledding and trick training!
Meet Pistol, he lives up to his name. Charming with the ladies and his silly, loving, personality wins everyone over! He tolerates Mommy dressing him up, he knows he's cute. My everything, he fills my heart ♥
Blue We rescued his mother and she gave birth during lockdown he’s brighten up our lives by just being the playful adorable little kitten he is and we love him so so hopefully if he wins we’ll buy him lots of new toys and cat tree to make his life better
Sadie Love’s to play ball and is very entertaining! Please vote for Sadie! You don’t see many like her ! Thank you in advance! ❤️
Boomer is a very loving boy. He likes to play with his brother Leo and sleep!
He’s a great little puppy with our boys.
Hi my names Dexter I’m a Dalmador (Dalmatian/lab mix)! I love running to fetch my ball and cuddling with my big brother 💗
I'm Zoey, a 7 lb Yorkie fired up with life. I love taking naps and playing with my 7 month old baby brother
Marvin was found at our local Lowes where my aunt works. He and his siblings were in a John Deer shipment crate and were only estimated to be a few days old. With no momma cat in sight, the Lowes employees came together to make way for the little fur babies to survive. We bottle fed Marvin and two of his siblings and 4.5 months later, he's the king of the house. My niece gave him the name Marvin as he was just getting the hang of the bottle. He fed the best out of the three and went crazy when he knew it was feeding time. By that I mean used his little kitty vocals. He earned the name starvin "Marvin".
Very playful and loves her treats
This is my best buddy Pascal! He is my everything! He was diagnosed with Cushings disease about a year ago. He just turned 10 and hoping for more time with him!
CC is sweet and cuddly when she's not zooming around! She's happy at home and loves cuddles and sleeping in odd positions!
Lady A Rescue-hound Mix
I think she is Bloodhound and boxer but I don't know!! She was found in a field in Laredo and I found her at the San Antonio kill shelter and had to have her. She's a total princess and my office pup.. never leaves my side