Dog cat Stories - 49


Hi I’m Wilson! I am a Newfoundland poodle mix and I love to play in the snow with my friends! My most favorite toy is my koala bear! Sometimes I cross my paws if I’m feeling fancy!
Eliana is a red standard poodle puppy who LOVES to run and play! Her favorite color is red, her favorite print is leopard print, and she is a Connecticut born-Jersey raised, sassy little pup. Her style is second to none! And she is super patient with her aunt, who loves to dress her up. ♥️@eliana.the.poodle on IG.
Dutch has a bone disease, he has had 2 legs break, and one of those legs rebroke twice. He is fully recovered and is one of the happiest dogs i know. Please vote the money goes to his vet bills.
Hi my name is Blue, I’m a 2 year old calico with grey spots. I enjoy going on walks around the block with my owner as well as running around playing with the laser and other toys. When I’m not doing all that fun stuff, I lay in the nice warm sun.
Baby Girl
You should vote for baby girl because she is a very sweet and loving dog. She is a service dog for depression ect. Baby girl loves to play fetch and playing with all other dogs. She is only 5months old and has already a great dog. She is also a great cuddler. She deserves everything to me.
Hi my name is Remmy and I’m a 10 month old puppy who survived parvovirus. I’m the happiest when I’m at the beach Chasing the ball with my family. I love people but I’m scared of little dogs. I enjoy watching tv in the evenings with my family.
Bonnie Parker
Bonnie Parker is a 4.5 months old lavender Shih Tzu she weighs at 3.5 lbs she is spunky, sweet and her favorite thing is to bite, lick and jump on your face and to terrorize her brother Clyde. ❤️
Sage is a 2 month old Mini Australian Shepherd. She is so smart and so sassy. Her favorite things to do are herding her mommies into the pantry, playing with her squeaky cow, and car ride to get pup cups. She has a little heart on her nose and a big heart inside. She cannot get enough of outside time and ear scratches.
Briggs Koby is a very energetic 5 month old goldendoodle puppy. He absolutely loves people and his other puppy friends!
Chico likes peeing in the kitchen and playing with his dog toys.
Hi friends! My name is Buzz and I’m a blue tri English bulldog puppy. I enjoy chewing my mums furniture and I love to 💩 on her floors. Please vote for me🥰🚀🤩🪐🤍💫🐾
Kiko is a ball of fire
Sarge is 18 weeks fully potty and crate trained. He’s full of love for everyone & absolutely loves to play with other dogs! He’s truly such a good boy!
I'm a rescue kitty from Romania, arrived in Bristol 9 weeks ago, my new family love me sooo much. I'm so lucky as I was found in a carrier bag next to a dumpster. I love to bite feet in bed, lay in the sun, play with feathers and cause mischief. @jojo.rescue for updates and photos
I’m Gino. A rescue from the Boston area. I love my new life. I love my ball! I have a feline sister who walks up and slaps me for no reason. I still want to hang out and love her. I love my ball! I keep my moms laughing with my silly antics. I’m the goodest most gentle boy. I love playing ball! I’m starting to do amazing with my leash walks. I’m the best eye contact giving boy. Have I mentioned I love my ball? Well I love my ball! I have no off button when I have it. It has to sleep with me. Did I mention I sleep on my moms pillow? I didn’t? Well my big head and my ball fit just right. If I fits, I sits. Vote for me, Gino ‘the bestest rescue pitty ever!’ Also follow me on my IG meatball_ginobean. Tic tok coming soon too. 🐾❤️
I'm a 2 month old jack russell/ yorkie mix. I'm full of energy and just learned i love outside. My favorite things to do is steal blankets, biting toes, and i just learned to bark so i sound like a squeak toy
1 year, 4 months old. Loves Peanut Butter. Heart-Stealer with his Underbite. Will Use Prize Money to help pay back the expenses from his Surgery for his Broken Elbow.
Beau is a 6 month old, very energetic kitty. He loves cuddling, playing with his brother and he loves to eat! His favorite thing to play with is pens (even tho he has his own bin of toys!) Beau is very loved by all my friends and family!
This old man loves to sleep .he has been one of the best dogs we could ever have he great with kids and loves to swim if we were to win them we would use the money for his needs alone
Chewie Ray Mcwatters
Chewie loves to back talk when i talk to him.he is very lovin and loves walks
Byla is a very naughty yet absolutely gorgeous 4-mmonth-old pup. She has changed our lives!
Ozma loves her toys & being Artcade's mascot.
Meet Gracie, British Longhair fawn beauty. She is a queen of naps, she is even using her front paw as a pillow. Gracie loves to give her meowmy daily cat massages whilst keeping the watchful eye on birdies in the garden. She has recently become a mum of five adorable kittens. Check them all out on Instagram @your_meowjesties
Since I purchased Scuffs I was told he had a “cold” and has been sick since a puppy. We finally figured out after multiple emergency visits and vets, that he had something called Beaver Fever and a parasite from his mother’s milk. After that he was diagnosed with Brachycephalic Obstruction syndrome, and with this it is harder for him to breathe. Scuffs has also been diagnosed with Stenotic Nares which means his left nostril hole is smaller than the other, with these two conditions combined Scuffs vet has decided he will need Stenotic Nares surgery. If we win anything, any amount will be spent on my baby to help him breathe better and live a happier, healthier life. Scuffs is honestly one of the toughest and best pup you could’ve ever dreamed of, as I have been since I was a child. My boyfriend surprised purchased him for my birthday which is on Christmas Day! So let me tell you.. that was the most amazing birthday/Christmas gift a girl could ever ask for! Since the day Scuffs and I first met I held him for an hour just crying overwhelmed of how amazing and loving this little guy was and he just met me. I knew we were going to be best friends and sure enough my baby boy is stuck to me like glue, just as I am! 🐶🤍🦴
Riley Jane
Riley Jane is my emotional support animal. Best battle buddy that this combat Marine Veteran could ask for❤ She loves her chickens and adventures outside!
Carton Of Eggs
Sir Carton of Eggs is extremely lovey and vocal and loves snuggling his foster brother Biscuit
Pickle is a rescue with a missing toe and an obsession for bread
Lily enjoys grooming her royal fluff, walks outside, and judging her peasants.
Tuxedo aka Tux is a spunky eight week old pup who currently loves to chew on anything he gets his mouth on, sleep all hours of the day and stay up all hours of the night, and pick on his cat siblings. He hates wearing his leash, but loves to ride in the car and meet new people. Give this sweet pup some love and like his picture!
Boss loves to eat chicken, play fetch with his favorite squeaky toy, and sleep with his human mommy. Boss is NOT a morning dog; he will not get out of bed until no later than 11am and prepare to take the repercussions if you make him get up! He loves to watch and listen to Paw Patrol. Give him some love by liking his picture!
Sassy loves to chew on bones, pester her brother, and sleep at anytime and anywhere. She loves to eat everything she can get her mouth on except for bread. She will cuddle you, give you hugs, but she most certainly lives up to her name with her sassy attitude. Make sure you give Sassy bear some love and like her picture!
Gracie is a crazy and protective doggo momma! She protects her children Felix and Oscar who are also on my account! She also protects our family and is the best momma doggy ever!🥰
Salem is very affectionate, he loves his hugs and kisses from his best friend. Always entertaining....
Remi is the absolute sweetest boy in the world! He loves licking mommy’s face and snuggling all the time. In his spare time, he chases his kitty siblings around the house and eats mulch off the ground! He loves peanut butter and all treats.
Hi I’m Cowboy and just a little over 4 months old! I love playing with my big sister Kona! I love all my chew toys but I also love chewing other things I’m not allowed to chew 😂! I’m pretty gassy at times but I still have lots of time to nap cause I still need my beauty rest but I still love to run around like a maniac!
Tiny but ahe has a huge personality Shes calm and is a little lazyy butt I love her
Cookie is a fat, food loving cat. She has anger issues and likes to randomly bite people's ankles. She can be very sweet and loving too 🤍
Jasmine is a loving, independent, and crazy kitty! She loves people but not other animals. She is the best girl cat we have ever owned! (Also the first😅😂)
Hi, I’m Lucy! I love to curl up in the warmest blankets ever and take naps. I have many friends outside who I chat with often, the birds are my best friends because they sing to me. Sun bathing is a must, feels great on my fur. Vote for me so my mom can give me delicious treats!
She loves to play, chase and playing in water.
Thornton dosen't know a stranger, he greets the UPS driver by jumping up in the truck and waiting in back for him to get our packages.
Rufus was my birthday present deom my husband this year. He was only 7 weeks old when we got him and was younger than we originally thought so it has been a journey. But an amazing one. He is my baby and I wouldn't know what to do without him. He is now 17 weeks old. Rufus has a great personality but is the biggest baby I have.
This is midas he is a 9 week old golden retriever puppy he is the sweetest boy ever!❤🐾
Missy Tang
She likes to be outside. She likes to give kisses and loves cuddles. Loves to play tug of war. loves snuggles and belly rubs. She loves to play with the cats and her chew toys!
Kennedy loves to snuggle and be close to her owners.
Riley Poohbear
Poohbear loves nothing more than to get some lovin! He was diagnosed with addisons at 10 weeks and has beat all odds and still with us going on 10 years!
She likes to be outside. She likes to give kisses and loves cuddles. Loves to play tug of war.