Dog cat Stories - 48


Snoopy is a loving family dog. He has a loving & fun nature. He loves long walk and exploring new places. He is a very gorgeous boy!
Poppy is a loving family dog. She loves playing with children, long walks & lots of fuss! She is a very beautiful dog, with such a kind nature.
Lil Bit
Lil Bit came to us from a girl giving kittens away. We immediately fell in love with each other and after 4 1/2yrs still don't leave each others side! She's my precious baby ❤
Jack is the most loving and caring animal ever he is so chill and loves to relax with you he loves to run on the beach in the sand and make new friends
Gibbs is a rescue Dog from Hungary and is also my service dog. He loves walks, and cuddles and chasing pussycats x
Frank is a rescue. He came from a horrible situation. He came from Michigan to live in Ny. He is adored by his family and friends. Frank goes to work with his Mommy on a regular basis. He visits the folks at an adult living facility and LOVES his job of being a Companion dog. Hes the true meaning to a Gentle Giant. Being a rescue we dont know his date of birth. We guess hes about 8 years old. His gotcha date is june/2017. Please vote for Frankie.
Winter is a rescue dog. I was out looking for an apartment Arizona with my daughters I saw her running down a busy street. I said a prayer for her. I prayed that God would sent her to someone who would love her and take care of her. As we were moving into the apartment she showed up. Little did I know that someone was going to be me. She was dirty underweight and her fur was matted badly. I decided to get her cleaned up to help her feel better. So I took her to get her shots and cleaned up. And what a big difference that made. Anyway she’s been with me 6 years now. She is such a blessing to me. Winter likes to be in charge. LOL she loves her treats and being outdoors. She can be grumpy at times. And there are two other dogs in the household and they know Winter in charge. Tryy to find the owner unsuccessfully. So I took her and got her her shots and got her groom.she has been a part of my heart and life since we got her.
Hi my name is Belle. I love to give kisses and snuggle up next to you all night long.
Holly is a german shepard lab mix. She is 3 years old. She loves to adventure and goes anywhere with me. Her favorite thing to do is play hide and seek with my kids!
Scotty is a fluffy little man and loves to cuddle! He has Cerebellar Hypoplasia but is resilient. Vet told us him and his sisters wouldn’t have a chance or much of a life. All of them are proving her wrong everyday! He loves walking and running with his sisters! He is learning more everyday!
Hi there! My name is coraline and i'm actually a pomsky! That's a pomeranian and husky mix but I also have a little corgi in from my moms side :) i'm a very sweet little 7 month old girl who loves nothing but giving hoomans kisses and snuggles. I love being held but can be a real wiggle worm in your arms! I just have so much energy I need to expell! I also love chasing my tail and doing zoomies in my parents living room with all my energy. I would love it if you guys voted for me because mom and dad thinks my cuteness needs to be shared all over!
He's got a great personality very sweet playful very unique he plays with my husband so cute he follows him
Ajax loves to run and play until he can’t anymore! His favorite toys are anything that squeaks, especially squeaky tennis balls! His favorite things to do are cuddle and dock dive which he just started last summer and came in 2nd in his first competition! His biggest fear is missing out on anything so he is usually within 2 feet of his family all the time.
Maxx loves his adopted momma Harley, he loves to chase birds, and likes to be a baby and whimper when he doesn't get what he wants. He sleeps on his back all the time, and never misses his meal times. He is the sweetest boy, and he loves to be cute. Especially when he is in trouble.
Loves to sleep, eat, play
Star loves to sleep She loves to play a lot She’s the cutter cat ever
I love bathing in the sun, especially in this spacious humon kayak! 😊
Oliver is a lover and always wants to be by your side. He loves to play fetch. His eyes will melt your heart!
A.J. is my guardian angel and goofy best friend. He was a Guide Dog Puppy in Training but decided to stay home with me to become my personal service dog ♥️🐾 follow us on insta @a.j.nacho.4
Koda will be a year old on February 2nd 2021, He is the sweetest pup in the entire world and loves everyone he meets. His favorite game is tug of war and his favorite activity is swimming in the lake. Koda is the life of the party 💙
Rosie is loving little princess! She loves adventures and making new friends!
Ruby (aka ruby dooby) works on a ranch and loves to run miles a day! She is the sweetest dog and everybody loves her!
Jersey is always posing, hence her beautiful smile. She loves to play with everyone and everything, especially her cousin Miller. Sweet disposition and loves eating your favorite flip flops, terrified of storms.
Just look at her! She's a goof, a model, and the center of attention. She'll do most of anything for a treat yet she is very smart without them. Guinevere does have an attitude at times but is the cutest thing.
Piper Marie, she likes to lay out in the sun, play with her toys, go for walks, and eat cookies. Her favorite thing to do it to cuddle with me on all the blankets.
I'm a very nice happy cat. My purr is very loud and I have a really cute muir when my mommy stops playing with me. I am a very loud purring cat and the vet can barely hear my heart over my purring. I have green eyes that keep getting greener as I am getting older. My mom calls me Grey Grey for short.
Nova is around 15 weeks old she’s the most energetic and hyperactive kitten i’ve ever met, she’s always either jumping or knocking into something but she’s the sweetest kitten ever. She is my brother and his girlfriends cat, we surprised them for the holidays and would love to give them this prize for my brother’s birthday ❤️
She is so sweet. She loves her belly rubbed and loves to be kissed. But don't let that fool you. She will snatch up a gopher or a snake in a second.
Suki loves food more than anything else in this world. Period. End of discussion lol.
Hi! My name is Layla, and i’m the most goofiest, outgoing pup. I love running outside and playing with every living thing i come in contact with ❤️
Carmella chose me the moment she saw me. A room full of dogs and people but she ran right to me and had a seat. This little bundle of joy is a affectionate, beautiful, caring and dedicated companion. She loves meeting new friends and playing nice. Carmella doesn’t mind sharing her toys or watching a good episode of Peppa Pig playing or Rugrats. She is very energetic when outside, yet very reserved while inside for the most part. Every time she gets a new vote she does her happy dance and isn’t shy to show it.
The AKA wouldn't let me name her Sez so her Papers say her name is Sezarrina. But Sez was her name as her older brother 's name ~ Simon... Her younger brother's name? So {Solomon on his papers.}. At first when I called out Simon Sez I got 2 cats runnin' to me - and then came So... Sez was the only Persian I couldn't teach to say please with her paw for a treat as she didn't like treats of any kind. She had been going under the crawl space to eliminate (I didn't know), so when I sold my house she went under the house when the assesor was there... She scared him so bad he raised up and knocked himself out... Yup, had to call an ambulance for him...
Bradley is a puppy who loves to play play and play. He loves the outdoors and cuddling nonstop!
Sprout is exactly what his name is- A Sprout! He has a ton of energy and is extremely loveable❤ He loves to cuddle especially when I am not feeling well or just having a bad day.
Bottle fed to a big loving and playful boy
Einstein loves to eat and get up close and personal to you, he doesn't even need to be petted he just purs when he's next to you :)
Bentley like to play and she acts like a tough cookie she is sweet and cute and amazing
Pablo is a super friendly, relentless frenchie. You can’t convince him he isn’t a big dog (trapped in a small dog’s body).
I didn't pick him, he pick me. I was just home a lone watching tv till i heard a small meowing and i found this little black fur ball and in that moment i never thought i would live him so much
She's very sweet and loving tries talk to you when you talk to her.
April loves walkies in the snow 🥰
April is the most loving ,funny dog youll ever meet loves to play and loves all people and dogs 🐾
Shelby is the most loving sweetest puppy ever. he loves all people and animals of all ages and sizes . we hit the jackpot when we rescued him❤
360 Reg x
Cairo is our gorgeous little girl. She likes to chase her tail, run around the house at top speed and then she'll steal your favourite jumper and claim it as her new bed.
April is 9 months and as cheeky as they come always up to play and have fun and especially loves walkies🥰
Harley May
Harley night is an incredible fur baby she is the most amazing baby I could ever ask for I can't have babies so therefore God sent me Harley May and that's the best gift I could ever ask for she listens she obeys and she loves like no other dog I've ever seen and she deserves to win y'all's heart like she has won mind