Dog cat Stories - 47


My owners brought me in from the outdoors, 🌲 ❤️
Mallie is a 4 year old basset hound! She’s full of energy and loves doing agility🐾
My name is Jellybean, I am a 20 pound cat, if I win, my owners will buy me a exercise wheel with the money! Please vote me! 🐱 💕
Phoebe is a 6 year old basset hound! She’s a sweetheart and exploring outdoors🐾
This is Farah, an 8 year old rescue cat. She appeared on our doorstep, obviously without a loving home. We took her in, where she slept in a cardboard box in our living room before venturing to other parts of the house. Now 3 years later, she is very much a part of our family. Farah sleeps a LOT, and is still fond of a cardboard box. We’re not too sure what breed she is, but she’s very fluffy! She loves wet food and cat biscuits (obsessed with Dreamies!), and her favourite sleeping spot is right in front of the fireplace. An absolute diva and flirt, Farah knows she’s cute.
Bailey is a stunning full bred Siberian Husky. She loves to spend all her day outside in the snow! 🐾
Barney is a fun loving, active dog who loves everyone. He loves being a lap dog when hes not running and playing.
Harvey is a beautiful American Bulldog, who is the most affectionate dog i have ever known who loves to just bounce around and play.
This 7 pound wonder was found during a hurricane, wandering all alone and scared. Today, he has 5 brothers and sisters who were given a second change at love also. He lives with the whole misfit crew and their mom and enjoys all of the love and comfort of family.
Betty is a 6 month old calico kitten. She loves accessories, especially if they are made from her favourite small businesses! We would really love and appreciate if you could vote for her!!❤︎❤︎
This is my Little Lexi she was the happiest most loving little furbaby ,she would never leave my side . She loved treats and she loved stealing the Kitties Toys. Also loved fruit & Carrots . This was her last Birthday :( May. 27, 2020 She had turned 12 yrs old . She passed on September 30th , 2020 worst day of my life . My Love, My Life, My Everything . Sweetest Little dog in My whole World. Voting for her would bring me Great Joy !! She deserved Everything and I did give her everything and took her everywhere I went . This Prize will go to the rest of my Fur babies as they always are in need of food vet care , grooming and things . Missing her ALWAYS . Thank You Everyone & God Bless !
Hi my name is Sammy I'm 9yrs old. I’m called Samantha & Samantita sometimes . I love Sleeping with my Daddy . I’m a rescue Cat , I love my Family & My Chihuahua Sisters.
Luna is a great cat. She is very curious and loves stealing my hair ties.
Mike is our youngest fur baby. He is so sweet. When I let him outside he always comes and loves on my legs first then hops out the door. I love it. He sleeps in the funniest position too.
Chester is a patterdale cross. He loves the snow and his walks!
Ozzy is an Mackerel Tabby. He is the most loving and playful cat I’ve had. I adore him so much.
Kuechly is such a character. He has a lot of energy and tries his best to talk back. He enjoys watching movies and cuddling. If you’d like to know him more, view his IG page @kuechlythefrenchie
Oreo is a laid back lil dude that loves to play with his 7 month old kitten brother & go for car rides
Well Kicia is a rescue cat. We took her when she was little kitten, I only know that she was born in October 2003. Kicia is 19 years old this year. Oldie but goldie. We brought her home when me and my twin sister were kids. Didn’t know then that both of us are allergic to cats but Kicia was behaving so well that it didn’t bother us. We love her to bits and we’re always fighting in what bedroom Kicia is sleeping tonight. She is very good with kids, she never scratched anyone and never damaged anything. I hope she’ll be living long as I’m not ready so say goodbye to my one and only cat.
We adopted Jack after our first dog passed. He is 24 lbs of pure love! He brings so much happiness to both his mommies.
This is Flo, my 3 month old chow chow puppy. She’s so adorable, smart and well behaved. I love her so much. She loves to cuddle, she likes belly rubs and walkies. Food is her number one as she’s always hungry.
Hi! My name is Winnie. I am a 3 month old Australian Cattle Dog that is full of nothing but energy and playfulness. Im still working on basic commands like sit and lay down but that doesn't stop me from being as photogenic as I am. My mom is also training me to help her when she gets really sad. So I will be a very special cuddle buddy for her! When my mom and dad aren't home I like to sit in my mom's recliner and take long naps or terrorize my big brother Maverick. Maverick is a full grown German Shepard but don't let his size fool you he's a big baby, that's why I have so much fun playing with him because he's not too rough. When I'm not napping or playing with Maverick I like to chew on mom and dad's shoes or play with my big stuffed chicken my mom got me. At the end of the day when mom and dad come home from work I like to play with them and get all the belly rubs in the world. Puppy life is rough sometimes but I have the best big brother and humans to love on me!!
A big sweetheart that is queen of the house!
My Tiger was the sweetest boy! He lived to be 19 years old it was full of love until the day he passed. Such a good boy!
Tinkerbell was the sweetest cat. She was so gentle and loving. She loves to rub on your legs it’s snuggle with you.
Hi , my name is Hugo a 2 year coockapoo , i have a human brother born in same day with me, i love coffee and my family. 😘😘
Ashley is no longer with us but she deserves a chance❤️
Louie loves chasing his ball around the garden then coming back in for a cuddle once he's all tired out. He Loves causing mischief when hes out walkies with his cousins.
Simba is a big softy, he loves to be told how handsome he is and to have a cuddle if its cold. If its hot youll find him sunbathing outside or chilling with his bestie from a few doors down. He loves to dress up hats and bow ties in particular 😹😸
Toulouse is a tuxedo cat🐈🐈🐈 very nice fur baby boy. He like hunting and enjoy the ouside world 🌎
Big fuzzy Maine coon. Trouble with a capital W. Mr. Waffles Wouble
Hank is around 1.5 years old, he joined our family new years week of 2021, he came from Georgia, true bulldog country❤, he's a sweet quite lazy young man. He loves to eat, and sleep! Perfect life right?? Hank is currently battling Heartworms as he was Heartworm positive when he came to us, he's had other health issues as well that have been treated but it doesn't slow him down and he gets happier and more at home each day! He's always right under our feet, and always watching. A true gentleman!
This is our 2 year old baby girl!!! She came to our family Christmas week 2020, she loves playing fetch, and cuddling, she's a very active baby girl but she can't go outdoors alone because she loves to run off!!! Her favorite thing to do is fetch with her human sisters, or sleeping right beside them!
Harley came to me a retired breeder, she's the most loyal, sweet, protective, patient, well-mannered dog i have EVER owned or met. Harley loves going bye bye with the family whether its a quick trip to the pets store or an extended trip out of town to visit family. Harley is 6 years old and forever my best girl, I would say her favorite food is apples or pears, and her favorite toys are anything she can chew up!!!
Coteau is a rescue. His life didn’t start out like any other kitten. He was found in the Coteau Park with deep lacerations to his neck 😿 He proved to be a fighter healing up quickly and ready to take on the world. He was welcomed with arms wide open. Shorty after he was introduced to a feisty Min Pin named Zumi 🐕 He wasn’t sure if he liked her at they are best friends 🥰 They love to play chase, cuddle and groom each other. He also likes his alone time hanging out in his cat haven staring out of the window. He likes to share his non puppy friendly toys. 🙀 He also likes to steal puppy toys. He has been a blessing added to our household 🥰
Opal is a mischievous Main Coon!
Harvey is the sweetest Australian Shepherd
Lobo is an amazing fluffy goodball who spends his time squeaking away on toys and running around the backyard. He is a big love bug and cant get enough attention. Loves to be called a "handsome boy" in a baby voice.
Beau is a loving, energetic purebred beagle. He loves snow days and meeting other dogs.
She likes music and is adorable when she looks at u
Hi i’m Copper! I was a stray that my owners picked up a year or two ago. My age is unknown but I am pretty young! I LOVE to purr constantly and knead your skin all the time. I am SO sweet! I also love head buts, it’s my way of showing love and affection. I love all people and I’m not shy! I am super nosy and love to get in your business!
SweetiePie has a new found love for catnip<3 She enjoys her prime fillet gravy treats the most 😋 Taking long walks on the harness in the sunshine really makes her day. Her favorite plaxe to sleep is in her daddy's gaming chair or on the couch!
Mittens loves to explore. She loves to find new places to explorer. If you know what breed mittens is please let me know in the comments. I have an idea but not 100% sure. Thank. You.
His name is Gritter he is 9 months old he is fulll of energy very vocal he enjoys playing tug of war he likes to look at his self in the mirror but his favorite thing to do is cuddle to his blanket in his free time!!!
Hi, my name is Gucci! I love to play, eat catnip, and love trying to sneak outside to explore nature (I really just want to find chipmunks to chase around and play with🐿)🌲❤️My mom is the best and always takes the cutest pictures of me ! I’m all grown up now(a little under 2) but I’m still just as cute as when I was a baby💙Look at my pictures to see my transformation, and PLEASE vote for me 🐾🐱
Misty Rain
Misty is ✨One Of A Kind✨. She is very cute and lovable but she will do anything to protect the things and people she loves. She’s such an energetic Kitty & She Loves cuddles from her bestie Meow Meow! If she won I would buy her a cat tower, food, treat,& plenty of toys. Thank you!❤️
Cooper is such a sweetheart! He loves cuddles with his dad and loves to play!