Dog cat Stories - 46


Bella Boo The Bat Girl
Bella Boo is a rescue kitty and a big ball of love. She’s a very mellow kitty who loves to cuddle and play. She was all of 2 pounds when she jumped right out of the cage and sat at my feet the moment I walked into the shelter. Her teeny face and big bright eyes melted my heart and her huge ears sealed the name. She’s a ray of sunshine in our home and life wouldn’t be the same without her.
Loves howling to everyone and having full conversations. Never hurt a cat or chicken loves everything and everyone 😍
Lilly is a 7 month old energetic and playful pitbull! She loves playing with all types of dogs at doggy day care🐶❤️! Lilly loves to run and play with all of her toys and she definitely gives the best cuddles at the end of the day! 🥰
Diesel loves tomatoes
Mazi is an amazing Aussiedoodle. She is in training to be a service dog. She will be visiting nursing homes and hopefully hospitals. She is extremely intelligent, has lots of toys, but loves her stuffed bunny the most! She will blatantly push the toy into you if you ignore her hints to play!
My names Biscuit and I’m a fiesty tortie. I’m a Libra ♎️ and you’ll often find me laying in sunny spots, meowing for food and digging my nails into my hoomans favourite furniture!
Star is a rescue puppy. She has the best little brother a Nebland kitten. They love each other and play all day. And sleep curled up all night together.
Dakota is a blue merle cockapoo. She’s the dog you’d want to sing “Isn’t she lovely” to every morning just the way that I do. She is a sweetheart and just wants to play all day. She has eyes like diamonds and brings joy to everyone she meets. She’ll melt your heart just like she’s melted mine.
Molly is a beautiful 8 year old tortie who loves dreamies. She is very mischievous and is always causing trouble but we wouldn’t have her any other way. You usually hear her before you see her😂 Please vote for our Moll❤️
Misha is an 11 year old miniature Tabby. She’s a hilarious, loving and cuddly cat who will eat literally anything handed to her, her favourite human food is cake and we say she is Garfield as a girl😂 she has had a leg amputated but that doesn’t stop her from being her usual crazy self. Please vote for Misha!❤️
Amber - Is a Catahoula hound mix rescue from Arkansas. She knows all her commands and loves learning new tricks. Amber loves belly rubs, hiking, playing with her other k9 friends. She loves to give kisses on your cheek and is very sweet ,loves to cuddle. Ice cream is her favorite 😋
Hi my name is Hank! I am a keeshond and am 1 years old. I love to play tug a war, play in the snow & go on walks. My favorite toy right now is my chewy rings. Please vote for me. Thanks for visiting my page 🐾
Wizard was born on May 2nd 2018 and in April 2019 we were told wizard needed his back leg amputated or he would have to be put to sleep- really was the easiest decision of our lives to let our little one be saved but he be a leg short- he is nearly 3 and now our amazing little tripod 💕
Hi all! My name is Boots. I love sleeping, treats, having my belly rubbed, and cuddling with my human mom.
Ive only just adopted her shes a bundle of funny fun with lots of love to give
Nara is Hunters lil twin. She’s persistent, determined, cheeky but so cute🥺! Her ears! The cutest little Dambo ever to exist. 🖤
Gracious, divine, beautiful 😻
Only answers to “Whiskey Business”, “Handsome Man” or “Fat Boy”- Oswego State’s favorite sorority cat! His favorite spot is on top of the fridge, as he is clearly our sorority’s guard cat. The cutest big orange baby you will ever see!
Hunter is the goofiest boy you’ll see! 🤹🏼‍♀️ He’s really friendly, very energetic, loves to play, and adores his big brother Monster and his lil sis Luna! 🥰
A sweet 17 year old half poodle/half shitzu
Loves cheetos, pepperoni, and mcdonald's. Loves the outdoors and learning to walk with a leash.
Sushi is a rambunctious 7 month old libra baby and full of energy. while she loves to run crazy and try to climb as close as she can to the ceiling , she loves cuddles , being picked up , and bath time
miley is a sweet girl who loves cuddles and belly rubs from her mama. don’t be deceived by her young look , she’s a 7 year old feisty scorpio , though you would never guess !
Princeton is the sassiest little man. He loves peanut butter and swatting his dog brother
This is pepe he loves his brother bumpy and he loves to eat and go on walks he will go cray cray if you mention walk or treat
Titan Oliver
Titan is a 1 year old German Shepherd who loves his toys and playing with his friends 💙 he enjoys long walks and all the snuggles 🥰
Hi! I'm Maxx I'm a German Shepherd who is definitely a mamas boy I love car rides and my squeaky cow. I enjoy messing with the ducks and sheep my mom has I do only listen to mama but when I see my moms pup oh it's time to play!
Apollo is very energetic and just turned a year old!
Archies favorite trick is *drum roll* SHAKING HANDS! And her favorite places to go are outside with her momma <3 working hard as always being a service dog in training!
Hi I'm Frankie, I am very curious and get into everything but when I get in trouble I want to cuddle and play with my brother. The bathtub is my favorite place to be because I can play with my toys and they stay inside the tub.
I am a Boston Terrier that loves to run at the park and snuggle at night time. I love tubing with my family and eating pumpkins at Halloween <3
Quinn is Harleys sister, she has blue and brown eyes. Fluffy ears and loving
Harley is a girl, she has blue eyes and makes the cutest faces
Stoeger love walks in the park,playing with friends dogs and people. Swimming is an all time favorite but tennis balls are the toy of choice
Macy loves to relax and spend time with her family. She loves walks and treats!
Chachi Chavez
Chachi, Wah, Wah, Wah..... Named after (Scott Baio) whoo played in the famous sitcom "Happy Days" Too cool is exactly her personality always cute and cuddly well tamed definite lover NOT a fighter. When watching TV with me. Her curiosity is so phenomenal she walks behind the television because she thinks the animals are inside the TV. ChaChi is absolutely a RockStar, always alert and ready to move. Ready to eat. Ready to snooze. Wears her own motorcycle helmet/goggles on Motorcycle rides with me. Dynamite, on the pee and poop rules. ChaChi's a Great listener. Extremely protective... It kills me every time she tries to act tough. But she loves her family from the oldest to the smallest. I was blessed when I met her and she makes every day a delight. No wonder God gave this animal his name backwards. Dogs are beautiful no matter what breed. But no one compares to her I love this person yes person... Godspeed.😁 Maricela Chavez
Hi I am Raydar, my mom calls me Rayray, I am friendly with everyone and love kids, I am a good boy and always stay with mom and don’t need a leash. I am getting older but mom spoils me more.
Tink enjoys getting belly rubs & being lazy.. she looks forward to the weekend mornings because sometimes her owners makes her scrambled eggs (which she LOVES 🍳) & family comes over .. so she gets extra cuddles 🐾🤎
Mollie loves hanging out with her humans, lying on the recliner, chasing ball, mollie works with hand signals and does not realize that she is K-9. Mollie is part of the family.
He loves his toys so much and he loves to play outside and play with his brother pepe 🐶
Hi I’m maya , a sassy , energetic and playful one year old Siberian husky. I love to annoy my chihuahua big sister and play tug of war with my mom and dad. I love to make new friends and dig holes.
My name is Domino but my friends call me Momo. I love to hang out on the porch all day when it’s sunny, morning snuggles & chatting with my momma when she gets home from work!
My owner is writing a book about me called “The Mischievous Adventures of Mikah Moe Meowskowitz”.
Puppy was a service dog for my mom. Mom used a scooter to get around the neighbor hood, and Puppy would sit between my mom's feet. She was the front seat driver
Bobbylicious Jumanji Bandi
Jumanji Bandi is our home-born gorgeous little boy :) I fall in love with him as he was born :) he has gorgeous pattern and big dark eyes that gives him a very unique kiss-me-Mama all day look <3