Dog cat Stories - 46


Louis is a cuddly kitten who enjoys wrestling toys in his free time.
Ace is such a lovable wee character never away from my side ❤ loves to chill & go for wee walkies
Little Bit is an Old English Bulldog, but we just call him "Bit" for short. Bit loves to eat pizza, play fetch, ride in the car and attach the vaccum cleaner. But his all time favorite thing to do is chase the cats, squirrels, chipmunks or anything else that dares to run across the backyard.
Riley is a German Shepherd mix! She is a very sweat dog and is a couch potato! Also adores car rides and food! She is always by my side, my best friend! Her nickname is smile riley!
He loves his belly rubbed and to play with my other pets. He’s friendly and such a cuddle bug
Digger loves to play ball ever day, he loves his people and is very thankful for your votes... and some treats
Tika loves to cuddle 💕
Zander is a fun loving little man who is always ready to play!
Wilma And Arnie
wilma is a 8 week boxer and arnie is a 18 month french bulldog. Both are best buddies. Arnie loves his toys and wilma loves her cuddles .
She has seen god!!
She's so full of love she wears her heart on her chest.
Teddy is a very sweet kitten🥺 he loves to cuddle, he loves to play, and he is my best friend
Hyper and loving black lab and corgi mix. He is a funky shaped puppy who absolutely loves exploring and going on adventures.
Freddie is very curious. She loves to investigate, she is very loving and her favorite spot to lay is on top of my china cabinet.
We rescued Storm within a month of her being on the run in the Carolina woods for 6 months since she was a 6-9 month old pup. She was so shy. As you can see she’s really taking to being indoors lol
Storm likes fuzzy blankets, sleeping with her mom and dad, and treats. She is by far the most vocal cat you will probably ever know. She loves to lay upside down on her back and stare at humans but your not allowed to touch her belly. Never once clawed while giver her a bath but is not fond of bath time. Also loves to play with dogs by running away and jumping 5 feet in the air.
Richard loves to stare deeply at his food bowl until a helping human hand comes to hand-feed him. SPOILED! 😆 He also likes to take one of his kibble and throw it around the room (using his mouth) and roll all over it for fun! SILLY! 🤣 Richard is a healthy 13 year old Pomeranian/Japanese Spitz and he was adopted a couple years ago. He is the ultimate joy-bringer and the goodest boy! Check him out at @mydogsnameisRichard on IG or his video at
He always looks grumpy but he is so happy!
He always sleeps in the weirdest positions.
Miley is a lovable dog! She has such personality and she shows it! Loves to wear clothes and her favorite treat is chicken jerky 🥰
This is boba ! He loves boxes and his favorite snakey toy! He brings snakey everywhere so he doesn’t miss out on the action of playtime. We also call boba “chicken” because when he sits and looks out the window he looks like a little naked chicken ! Lol
Finnegan is our little baby who acts like a puppy! He is a big ball of floof. He acts like the king of the house, and loves sharing treats with his dog sister, Moxxi.
Kali Ann
Kali Ann is the sweetest, most feminine cat ever! You'll never see her sleeping without her paws crossed. She'll cuddle with you, loves to talk, and is the most precious feline I've ever seen. Her personality is one of the best things about her. Sometimes she thinks she's a dog - she greets us at the door when we get home, and she begs for her favorite foods! Please vote for my princess!
Thunder is a sweetheart hes come very far from when i first got he was so abused by his pervasive owner i had to do alot of work with him but he is worth it
Mr Darcy
Mr Darcy is so cute he looks like a stuffed animal. He loves to sit among my stuffed animals and blend in.
Salem loves taking walks on his leash he actually gos out 1 a one times twice a day , you grab the leash and he immediately runs to the door because he knows, we spend about 30 minutes outside a day so he can get some fresh air. He enjoys bird/squirrel/any other little animals you can see from the window Something unique about Salem is he loves baths he likes his teeth brushed and he lets me dress him which is obviously adorable ! Salem is three now and still playful as ever I got him at six months from the ASPCA I was going through a rough time low self-esteem depression. Salem save me that immediately changed when he walked into my life, I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful cat ! Salem also loves car rides to Petco, he gets all the Attention when we walk into Petco, I put his mat in the car and he sits in the carriage waiting for all the attention from employees/customers when we walk in. He loves it I’m working on getting him do you like the pool, we tried it out once put them on the boogie board he definitely was a little nervous but it’s a process He also enjoys playing fetch, I’ve had cats growing up all my life three at a time, I’ve never had a cat that played fetch with a ball we use those little Nerf balls and it’s amazing watching him do it Salem has a weird obsession too with cheese, but he would only eat mozzarella cheese no other cheese He follows me around all day and I mean everywhere I go even when I’m showering he will lay on the towels until I’m done I’m definitely has entertainment every day Salem will always wait by the door for me when I come home , I have a muscle car V8 so I know he hears my car pulling in but the fact that he’s at the door every time to greet me is saying something Salem is very very spoiled there’s no doubt about that, but he only deserves the best, he’s my best friend.
Got her on Christmas Eve 2008 She is 13 yrs old
Sugar love to smile she is energetic n loves everyone n loves to play with her brother n sister doggies n she love playing with her toys n with her human daddy n momma
Friday has the smelliest farts and snores very load, but she is loyal, so much fun and my best friend. You could not give me a million, not even 10 million to take her away from me.
Jimin was a stray kitten I took in. He loves to play with his new kitty siblings
My name is Mochi and I love cuddling with my mommy and keeping my brother Zuko and sushi on their toes. my favorite toy is TREATS
She's a spoiled Daddy's girl. She loves her Doggy Sisters. She likes to wash their faces.
Zuko is the big boy of the house. He loves to lay on his belly and sniff the plants outside. He loves taking care of his brother and sister and He is the goodest of good boys
Cloudy is a 15 year old gentleman, but still plays most days like a kitten.
I have had Cocoa since 2000. She's a 20 year old tortie who loves to be your cuddle buddy and never leaves your side.
She rules the roost and is quite naughty, but you can’t help but love that sweet face! ❤️
She's around 20 years old. Big cuddle bug. Absolute sweetheart.
Gojira was given to me six years ago from a lady who found her alone under her house. My life was forever changed that day by this tiny ball of fur. She loves spending her days either sleeping inside or prowling around her yard. She enjoys her spoiled life and loves to show me her appreciation by bringing me gifts and meowing at me till I acknowledge them. She's the sweetest cat I've ever met and want to share her cuteness with you all.
Cleopatra loves to play fetch. She was diagnosed April 2019 with stage 4 kidney disease, but that hasn't slowed her down. With the right treatment she is doing better than ever. Her favorite canned kitty food is ocean whitefish and tuna with scallops. She loves to follow mom around, and always makes sure mom doesnt drown in the shower by calling out (meowing) to make sure she's okay.
He’s a major couch potato. Has his own spot on the back of it and no one can steal that spot.
Frost was a rescue from a very abusive owner she came to me covered in ticks, fleas, and other problems. It would mean a lot to her and me if you would vote for her.
Bear is almost 3 months old, he’s very energetic loves the outside and his company! He is a Siberian husky and he is the poser prince - always looking at himself in the mirror and loves selfies!
Jake is the cutest and sweetest puppy ever. He’s such a good boy! At 11 weeks he has mastered going outside to potty, sitting and shaking. He loves Pet Botanics training treats and snuggles!
Kaos is an 8 year old Am Staff. He is our rescue baby. His original owner died in 2017 and he then lived in the shelter for over 2 years. I fell in love with his face and when i met him i cried and knew he was meant for our family. He is a blessing.
Minnie is an almost 2 year old pup who loves her brother, Bubsy, and her auntie, a Rottweiler named Josie. She loves to "argue" with her mother and play tug of war with her brother. She doesn't like dogs or other animals on the TV but loves snuggles and belly rubs!
Bubsy is a 2 year old very energized pup who loves his momma, his sissy and all the other people/pets in our household. He loves playing with his toys, especially playing tug of war with his sister, Minnie. He is afraid of cardboard boxes but loves the fireworks (from inside the house). He enjoys watching tv and cuddling next to whoever will let him!