Dog cat Stories - 44


Jack is trying to raise money to put into an emergency vet fund for the rescue kitties we take care of and for a colony we take care of. You never know when an emergency will hit with special needs kitties or colony cats, so it would be nice to have an emergency fund for them. Jack was rescued in mid September from a feral colony. He has to have one of his eyes removed and he was also diagnosed with Delayed Gastric Emptying. He also has an enlarged liver. Jack is a very sweet lovable goofy boy!! Thank you so much for voting for Jack!!
Robin is 6 year old rescue, she came from a home in which she was crated most hours of the day and did not receive proper love and care. She also had aggression problems, and various health issues. She's extremely smart and after a ton of training has overcome many behavioral problems. After a few years of TLC she is living her best life! Robin is a very energetic, photogenic, adorable lil min pin! She's super dramatic and wild but also loves to cuddle and is always looking for attention. Robin always wants to be the center of attention and often shows off with tricks. There's never a dull moment when Robin is around!
Lil' Girl
Lil Girl is a sweet Polydactyl (multi-toed ) kitty. She was disabled from birth, but that doesn't slow her down ! She loves car rides and giving kisses ! She helps her mom find local rescues to help with donations of food, supplies and much needed funds !! So, please vote for Lil' Girl so she can help other kitties that have not been so lucky.
I love helping mommy! I even tried to paint🤣
Moose is an 11 month old puppy, he has been through 3 umbilical hernia surgery’s but luckily he is doing better now!!!!
Zoro is a curious, playful, sweet 6 month old rescue kitten who loves to get all of his toys stuck under the fridge, watch birds through the window, and cat nap right next to his mama!
Chanel Rose Gregg
Chanel is a joyful, loving and fun fur baby. She loves her backyard runs, treats and loving from the family. She loves to play with her toys and take naps. Chanel's favorite clothes to wear is her dresses. Best part of her day is when she can have her meals. Baths are always fun and messy!
This spunky kitty loves crafting with mommy. She enjoys playing games on my iPad and catnip.
Zara is a Lilac Point Siamese rescue! She is sweet, friendly and loves to play with her family!
Sweet as a muffin!! Muffin is ornery girl. She loves knocking over water bottles and glasses. She loves to get to play with her kitty lasers and get temptations cat treats. We just got a new puppy Kluey and she enjoys hiding from her a lot.
Kulfi the fluffy doodle has the warmest heart and belly. Her name means icecream and she likes to be treated like a princess which is what she deserves and gets from her loving family. She is always in the mood for cuddles and the dog park.
Hello, my name is Flare. I love to play with my laser light and lounge around. I love head and belly rubs. ❤️❤️ I am a picky eater and a little scary, so don’t chase me!!! 🙀😻😿🐈‍⬛ I also love to break up all the blinds in the house to look out the window!!! 🪟
Buzz is an energetic kitten who loves to play, eat a lot and be around his family at all times 😻
Midnight love singing happy birthday
Rocky is a working Service dog in Training. He likes to retrieve with his toys and meet up with his canine buddies in his off time at the apartmenbt complex where we live.
Salmon a.k.a sammy, is a 7 month old calico / main coon kitten. She likes to play with her toys, sit for treats, and cuddle with her puppy bff Bear! 💘
Milo is a Snowshoe rescue with a sweet and sassy personality! He loves being around his family and exploring his back garden!
Midnight very protected of me she weight 3.2 pounds. She 4years old she like to play with her toys and go riding in the front seat. In her real car seat she love giving me kisses and sleeping with me on my pillow. Love to hugs its so beautiful
Smart quick to learn
A picture of when he was smaller also follow us in tiktok, instagram and youtube
Hello, my name is Marley and I love to play with all my toys , cuddle , and be everyone’s best friend . Please vote for me!!!
Cleo is 11 years old. She is my baby I have had her a very long time and winning this would be awesome so I could get her some new toys and some treats now that she is a senior dog thank you for voting for her she has seizures she is a good dog
I am a trouble maker! Love to play outside, and beg for any good food !
Mia likes dog treats and she wil stand on her hind legs and twirl around like a ballerina to get one.
Bandit loves to play outside and he loves his humans. He protects is family, he is caring and thinks he's human.❤
He loves running in horse pasture with Horses chasing Mice,Chipmunksand Rabbits
Winter is an energetic big ball of love!! her favorite things are the beach and coconuts! Florida girl all the way
Is a 5 month old cat, and is the best friend of my son
I'm Jasmin and I have a lovely soft bed, but there is something so exciting about exploring this box!
I'm Jasmin and I love to show off my fluffy belly for everyone to tickle
Lila is a Lynxpoint Siamese rescue cat! She loves being around our kids and giving them snuggles!
Mala is a toy poodle from the Windy City! Her hobbies include: playing fetch, gnawing on mommy's furniture, dancing for treats and bird watching via YouTube, until the tundra-like Chicago winter passes and she can strut her stuff outdoors 🐾
Mango is loving,playful and is a charmer😽
Dusty's favorite thing to do is curl up in his dad's arm, wrestle with his brother Rusty, and knock people out with his breath😂, which he has because of his stomatitis.
Lola is a rambunctious boxer puppy who loves to play with her older four legged brother, Thor. She’s super fun and enjoys running away from her parents when they let her outside sometimes and pretending like she doesn’t hear them calling for her. Vote for Lola!
Madden is a 10 week old Goldendoodle, he loves fetch, treats and his mom and dad💙
Hi there! My name is Tolerance and I am 18 years old...(yes, 18 years old🙀🙀🙀! ) and I have extra "kitty thumbs" on both of my front feet. (Mommy, my hooman, says that I am polydactyl.) Mommy says it looks like I am wearing a little pair of fluffy white mittens!! Mommy rescued me just 4 months ago from a shelter that I found myself in when my first hooman went on a trip to somewhere called the Rainbow Bridge. I was so happy to have another hooman😸😸😸! I do my best to love Mommy with lots of head butts and happy purrs!! Mommy and I have fun filled playtimes every day! I am crazy over anything with feathers and will chase my fishing 🎣 pole toy around for days! That is, until Mommy brings out the hairbrush, and then I will lay right down for a nice, long kitty massage! I have crossed my paws in hopes that you will vote for me😺🤞😺🤞😺🤞!! Mommy says that someday far, far away I will be ready to take a trip to the Rainbow Bridge too, but before I pack up my pawcase, I would like to have a chance at winning the contest! I wish everypawdy the best of luck! 😻😻😻
Ellie is loving and happy. Her favorite toy is her stuffed broccoli also known as ‘PunkBroc’. She has brought so much happiness into my life and I hope has touched the hearts of many others. Ellie visited nursing homes during Covid to spread happiness to lonely patients unable to see their families.
Percy loves cuddling. He is a very curious cat and loves playing on his cat tree.
Hello! My name is Luna! I’m the sweetest cat you will ever meet! Thanks so much for voting for me I’m super grateful! Luna was a rescue from a local shelter! She is a sweet loving girl that loves to play!
She is a very smart and intelligent lady.
Rusty spends his days playing with his brother Dusty, getting into trouble, and checking out the neighborhood from the balcony.
💜💙💚Appreciate everyone who helped me with Mikey 💜💙💚 👑🐈👑 Spatz is looking to give advances for the big contest in May 👑🐈👑 If you'd like an advance, please let me know. I will also accept a limited amount of exchanges for this contest. Spatz is officially running for cutest cat in the world. His platform is a fish in every cat bowel and guaranteed daily 3 hour nap in the afternoon for every mouser. Spatz is originally a rescue who loves looking out of the window, getting cuddles and pettings. He will always give his input on everything in soft meows as if he's speaking to me. Though naturally shy he's grown very close and become my lap cat. Him and Joe (our other cat) are inseparable and will often nap in the same cat bed together. Favorite foods include Friskies wet pate food and Friskies dry food. As treats he loves Fancy Feast Dry food, Friskies Party Mix treats and lunch meat (especially Baloney). The cutest thing he'll do is dip his foot into the water bowel and then drink the water from it or playfully splashing with it. He's both very mischievous and very smart and has been known to open doors. Spatz, though a housecat, proved himself an excellent mouser! We have a field behind the house and occasionally a mouse gets in only to meet Spatz. Kingpet is a perfect place for Spatz as he's an official royal kitty too; serving as the Hanian mascot for a tiny micronation project. There he hopes to serve as a positive role model to inspire citizens to care for humanity and our planet. Help him win by voting for him :).
Sweet and Sassy! Very playful yet can have an attitude if she doesn't get what she wants.
My name is Milo, I’m a special needs cat and cannot use my back legs... the vets don’t know what’s wrong with me..please help my family by voting! I love to snuggle and “play”. I get excited meeting new people and love my blankets!
Lucas is a sweetheart who is very chatty and loves to make friends with other cats. He’s a sneaky lil guy who sticks by your side till you’re done eating to give him chicken bones 😅