Dog cat Stories - 42


Misty loves going on long walks loves playing sleeping and eating lol. She isnt a fan of other dogs xue to past history
Simba is a very loving ginger cat, he loves cuddles and to play with his teddy buster.🥰
Thunder is 4 yrs old. He loves his treats and goodies when hes extra good. He loves to play fetch and loves playing with his squeaker toys❤ he loves to give lots of licks and loves to smile❤. If you would please Vote for me paws up
Charlie is a 5 year old energetic and loving dog. He is a loyal dog and loves to play with his ball, frisbe and works on his agility.
Bear was the first born out of six. His mum is called nala and his dad is called simba. He is very fluffy and loves cuddles.
Ruby learning she got long ways to go to learn shes just little puppy teething so something about her makes my iratated times just go away and have posative good days smiles She is my grandparents but i can see her any time i care so much about her and my family id like to help them win some stuff for her she is a puppy still shes geting bigger still not even 1 year old yet i love Ruby and i love my family from the heart thankyou keep smileing shes learning little bit baby steps at a some good girl Ruby love ya lots Ruby and i can see you any time i want or almost she makes me think its ok its ok ill have a good day or there not as mad very joyful cheerful when with Ruby at grandparents love ya Ruby
He’s a momma’s boy and a love bug he does like to make it to the food bowls First when it’s time to eat and loves to snuggle
Minimi it’s so cute, he loves me and his dad. He’s very sweet and affectionate, he’s my best friend I love him so much ❤️🥰
Diego is the curious one of the family. He is huge person lover and also jumps in any new box that comes from amazon :)
Zee is my little Snuffaluffacat princess. She likes to hide and sleep under her blanket
Jack loves leaves and puddles! Especially when the puddles have leaves in them! He also loves photos and treat! He has his own Instagram too! If you wanna follow him it’s @jackrun.kobe
Zoey is a shy, 4-year old kitty. She loves to hide under the couch, but loves to sit in momma’s lap when she wants to be pet. She loves catnip mouse toys and chasing lasers, and cries so loud when she hears a can of wet food.
By far the best dog we’ve owned. Sweet as can be and always excited to get attention from strangers
Fat Fat
Fat Fat is a beautiful fun loving cat. I got her when she was 8 weeks old have watched her go from an adorable kitten to a beautiful cat. She’s so loving & playful. She’ll play all day & will curl up with you when she’s tired.
Jupiter is my son, Sable is my sister, though I'm the Alpha, and I watch from up top.
I'm Sable. My mom resuced my kittens and my sister and her kittens and I'm the sweetest cat. My mom loves my extra toes.
I'm Jupiter! I love my mom and I love to annoy my aunt! It's always playtime at home!
Sasha loves to use her voice. She's a great alarm clock too. She is a very sweet and loveable girl.
she loves to cuddle with momma and loves morning kisses
Toots is only 4 pounds but has a ton of love! She is the first pet I've owned. She is playful and will run up to anyone just to show off her friendly personality!
Olive is the sweetest cat!! She loves attention, she purrs a lot, and loves to be petted! She also loves having her picture taken. She is really a star. She deserves to be number one! She would have her lion hair cut soon too bad it is after the contest is over. Maybe she will participate in other contest later as well. She is a diva rockstar. She is going to get her tail dyed and some glitter nail caps and a fancy collar. If she wins the contest it will contribute to the cause. Thank you love lots Olive <3 and Alicia
He’s very playful and cut as can be! Only 8weeks old!
Riah Roo
Riah roo. Is 2 yrs old. And had her 3. Babies on halloween.....a solid black,a black with white tummy and puzzle piece white middle of back,and. A snow white with light orange ears......riah. is a talker. If you say. RIAH. IT SouNDS. Like she says riah!!SHE LoVES PEOPLE and has conversation with them......she also loves showing off her babies
Hi, I’m Milo. I’m the last one of my litter and I’m very small compared to my siblings. I like a laser shooter. I’m 6 months.
Luna loves to cuddle and give kisses. She loves to run when she is not tripping over her own paws.
My name is Baby. I was a stray until one year ago. I got pregnant and my mommy and daddy took me in. They nurtured me to health and helped me raise a litter of 6 and even kept 2 of my babies!! I love life and love my momma & daddy. I like to play with catnip and love chasing flies that get into the house.
Ellie Mae
My name is Ellie! My daddy calls me smelly Ellie and Another contestant Fredo is my brother and Baby is my momma! I love playing with my laser. I was born with a heart defect so I am extra special and fragile. I was diagnosed at 6weeks old with tachycardia heart defect and my heart was just too big for my little body.. Mommy was told I needed to be put down or only had 2-3 months to live, here I am fighting my disease and almost 1 year old!! Loving life.
Hi my name is Fredo! I am a white baby with pretty icy blue eyes. I love playing in water and love to play fetch with my catnip toys!
This silly little girl loves being outside and running around the yard. She is learning how to dig as well. She is exploring and learning each day.
Piper was found as a stray at less than a month old, and now she’s thriving. Her best friend is Chloe the chihuahua:) also side note- Piper is absolutely bonkers. 🤪
Milton is a very adventurous little kitty! He loves to explore the outdoors and get dirty. One of his favorite activity’s is to sleep. He is very cuddly and would love to win this contest!🥰
Nala is a tortie half maincoon , she’s nearly 9 months old . She has made such a huge impact on our lives in the short time we’ve had her she’s so cheeky and sleeps between us at bedtime. She loves posing for the camera and likes to playfully attack your feet under the covers. She also thinks she’s a meerkat
He loves to fart
He loves laying on his back as seen in the photo, he also loves blankets and being taken outside to explore and eat grass.
Tilly loves warming herself in the sun.
Hims likes all things mom. Super upbeat and happy. As he is a not 9 weeks old he is still learning. He is not only a pom.. his momma is a chiweenie me due to his short legs he 4wheels everywhere.
Sammie loves rough housing with her Daddy Jett and her (Sister) Miss Kitty, who likes to play and try and Miss Kitty usually gets the best of Sammie..
the most happiest and most loving little softie ever 💜💙
Milo is a 5 year old chiweenie (chihuahua and dachsund mix). He loves to go on walks and play with everyone in the family; especially the little kids. His small body makes it easier to lay wherever he wants (like the dashboard in this pic)!
Hi, my name is Fendi, I’m 3 months old and I like to cuddle, play with my favorite pink mouse, and wake mom up in the middle of the night to play!
Cooper is 1 years old I adopted him at only 10 weeks old. He loves playing running and cuddling!
Buddy loves all things chewable. He's a big baby dog that loves to cuddle
Freddie is always up to mischief but he never fails to make everyone smile. He is a bundle of energy and his tail doesnt stop wagging.
Blue Puss Puss
Meet puss puss. I found her at 3 weeks old abandoned in a cardboard box in the rain left for the bin men. Lots of flea treating and bottle feeding later here she is at 1yo and a huge part of our family. Her favourite pass time is playing with water or pinching bottle tops
Ace is just over three months old. In his short time he has already been named “ Ace the Restaurant Dog.” He is a people dog and loves to play. He speaks his mind and knows his to get to your heart. He is already on his way to being a bird dog and he sure knows how to shine.
Sasha was left on my doorstep during the hit month of July 3years ago. She is very playful and since joining our family she has 4 other cat siblings.