Dog cat Stories - 42


Carrie is a rescue. She and her litter mates were found in a dumpster. She is the sweetest, most loving baby I could ever hope for. I"m so blessed to have her in my life.
Luna is a one year old Zuchon. She is very hyper and enjoys the company of others. Although as cute as she is, she will fight you for a pair of socks. You will never win
Meg is our calendar dog. She is so laid back and such a love. Her name is Meg because she has a medical condition, megasphagus. We are so blessed she has lived this long and our kids can grow up with her.
Pepper is a Labrador and a Husky mix. Labsky! She loves playing with everybody, tried flying with birds and chase juicy squirrels 😂. Sweetest dog ever!! 🥰
Honey is so smart and loves to snuggle. She loves to play with her brothers ❤️
Moomoo Loves my twin toddler girls so much! Moomoo will play with her own toys up until she sees that one plastic ball & she forgets how sharp her teeth are! I need to win Moomoo some ball money lol
Hi! I am Walter the (not so) miniature Aussiedoodle! I am 8 months old, but I am mature for my age. I enjoy long walks with my favourite humans and treats of course! Mom says if we win, she will spend it all on treats! Please vote for me 🐾🐾
Apollo loves digging in dirt. He also loves his family! His favorite toy is trash. He especially loves water bottles. When he’s not digging in dirt he is sleeping. Apollo loves his sleep. If we win I will use the money to get him a friend. He is also GREAT around chickens and he loves other dogs. He is also a registered service dog.
Rex Rini
Rex is an almost two year old German/Dutch Shepherd mix who lives to be with his daddy! In addition to his “poppa,” he loves a nice, juicy bone and his super bouncy ball. He is great off leash and is a very obedient boy. Vote for Sexy Rexy if you like smoldering good looks and giant, furry shepherds!
Trigger is a future hunter. He is only 12weeks old and already getting to know his terrain.
Drake is our adorable little ball off energy who loves to play fetch and snack on his kong treats when he’s not playing with his older brother and sisters.
Tot is a spunky little ball of fluff. He loves climbing onto anything and getting into mischief. On relaxing days Tot spends his days sleeping on anything with cushion and have his face massaged by his human.
Moose is the most amazing pup ever. He’s so smart & loveable. So thankful for my handsome European baby!
Hello! I’m a singleton from Tucson, then was adopted and now live in San Diego. I am 12 pounds, 2 pounds overweight and I get really jealous.
Yes I'm cute! Yes I'm Adorable! Vote for Me because I'm the Cutest Ever to Be! Ollie is like sunshine he puts a smile on every face that see's him. He likes to be warm, snuggle with buddy holly, and bounce all over the place. He is actually miniature beagle, dachsund and chihuahua and is a spitting image of my border collie blue heeler buddy holly, only ollies tiny
Lil Girl
I just turned 13 years old, I love to cuddle with mommy and i am her protector. Even daddy cant get close to mommy.... lol
Belgium is sweet loving loyal and playful. He is wonderful with the children very smart . With a little sass
Boaz is just a lump of sugar! He is a true little man. He loves to play & run! But he takes care of his family.He is loved by all! Please give him a vote & thank you!
Nova is a 5 month old puppy that loves cuddles and also loves to play with her big brother kylo!
Daphne is a sassy, independent gal who likes to do things her way! Her favorite past times are sleeping on mom’s desk at work and “swimming” in the water bowl.
Chance loves retrieving sticks and running. He loves people very friendly loves to be petted.
Charlie is the sweetest mummys boy that loves a belly rub, he chirps and trills all day long and has no problem playing in water, loves a walk and runs right upstairs into bed when he wants a nap. Charlie was bought in the far east of Russia and was brought to his forever home in Somerset, not quite as snowy but he adores the country side in the fresh air, watching over the sheep and cows. He's also very fond of any female- total charmer!
Hello everyone, my name is Autumn and I am literally my mommy’s emotional support and ray of sunshine as she finishes up her last year of veterinary school (yes she will be able to take care of your furry babies and best friends too!!). As you may know, vet school is pretty expensive and mommy spends so much time spoiling me that she forgets she will have to pay off her student loans sooner or later. Your vote would really help her out a lot. And who knows, maybe one day you’ll see her in a clinic near you!!!
Peanut loves to play with his toys. He has a super fast run that he does when he gets excited which we call “his dash”. He loves to play with his 2 yr old (same age) human sibling and they like to stand and look out the windows together. And he’s a huge cuddle bug that loves his cuddles even though their breed isn’t “supposed” to like them.
Princess Kate
She's very affectionate with my son that is 4 years old that has autism she always find the way to keep him calm, and is been a good company for him, and he's life has change completely since she's in his life.
Grady was brought back to the shelter twice before I adopted him. He enjoys sun bathing, playing with our laser pointer and begging for human food. He is my little ball of energy!!
"Louie is an active and incredibly smart puppy who likes to play and go on walks around the neighborhood.
My name is Dash I am 8 yrs old. I am a rescue doggie and I am disabled because of my previous owner who only had me for 2 weeks I love to sit in front of my mommy and get lots of lovings.
My name is Yrsa the Gray, I'm wild, playful and happy puppy. I love to eat my mom's socks and tangle herself around anyone and everything. I give kisses to anyone close enough and receptive and am currently learning how to howl(: My favorite toy is my squeaky moose and my favorite person is my human's son(:
Brady is a little ham ! He loves to cuddle, play tug-of-war and he gives lots of kisses !! Brady is 13 weeks old and he definitely thinks hes the king of the house over his older siblings 😂
Hi, I’m Donatello. I’m a Shorkie (half Shih Tzu & Half Yorkie.) I like to chew on everything, chase feet, play fetch and play with my family. Let me know if you want to swap 10 votes per day! My Instagram is @donatello_the_shorkie of you would like to follow me. I’ll follow you back!
Blackjack loves to me play all day with his big brother. He also loves to be super cuddly and takes naps on a blanket with his humans.
He is sleeping on top of the curtain rod! He has no fear. We often find him on the top of the house, in our car or camper. He jumps in places we don’t even see him go:)
I love my mommy and daddy and my human brothers and I love belly rubs
Baron Trump Brophy
Baron is 3 years old and I got him when my husband passed in 2017, he has been my rock, he helped me through my depression and anxiety. I love him with all my heart and wouldn't give him up for anything. He loves to play with me and his toys, he has his own room and he fetches like a dog, he knows that bedtime is at 11:00pm because he comes and gets on my lap for me to put him to bed. He is a wonderful cat and precious.
Zula, is a full blooded South African Massif Boerboel. She’s 4 months old.My rider and my comfort. She loves Dandelions, and nice walks. She is my protector. She is a bossy, got attitude, needs all the attention,and very cocky. Zula is a sweet heart but don’t over do it.
Milo is the sweetest boy 🐾💙 He loves being around people no matter where it is 🐾💙 when he gets excited he does an excited pee 😂💙 vote for milo he sure would love that if u did💙🐾
Hi! My name is Mavis!! I am a Great Pyrenees Saint Barnard Lab! I love to take naps, naps, and long naps!! I’m two months old and learning new things everyday! Please vote for me!!
* NOT IN COMPETITION * Thankyou everyone for your help raiding funds for a fantastic cause xx Lily is a typical lab, bouncy, playful and loving. If we are lucky enough to win anything all prize money will be donated to helping end bsl within the UK xx
She is 8months old. She is so playful and loving. Just by looking at her she melts your heart. Love her so much.
Sadie LOVES to run and jump!! Her favorite toys are balls and her stuffed squirrel squeaker! She sleeps with him every night ❤️
Bear loves to run and swim through the water!! His favorite toys are of course socks! Plus anything that makes noise❤️
Nyx is the sweetest little puppy. She loves to cuddle and play. I hope to train her into a very well mannered dog. She is very food motivated so she is easy to train. She loves playing with my families senior dog (even tho the senior dog doesn't love it). If I was to win any money, it would all go to getting whatever Piper needs, vet visits, food, etc.
Betsy is 7 months old and she loves to go on long walks. She is very loving and loves to be with people and other doggie friends