Dog cat Stories - 4


Ali is sweet, but my protector. She loves hugs, and keeps me safe from my rooster.
Friendly fun loving goofball who loves to steal kisses and hugs!
Best dog ever , loves to play , very smart !
Millie is so sweet, loving and very playful. She loves to eat and nap lol. She has stolen our hearts and she is so sassy. She has a stuffed animal that she sleeps with, a pink gorilla. She has a huge personality and loves people and other pets! We also call her Millie Vanillie💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
** I am currently doing advanced votes to be returned in September for my pup Declan. Let me know if interested!❤❤❤❤❤❤**Hi! I'm Declan! I am a 5 month (19 weeks) old Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. My parents think I look kind of like a Snow Leppard and a Hyena. Haha!! I LOVE playing outside, going for walks, and chewing on just about EVERYTHING 🤣😂🤣!!!! I am loved A LOT!! If you are wanting daily or advanced votes, PLEASE be RESPECTFUL and do the same for us!❤🐾
Banjo Stephen Kirkpatrick
He's a Catahoula leopard/ mountain feist dog , we got him from humane society in Feb 2021 he's so awesome he sits he high fives ,he shakes paws or hands he's very protective over kids , he stays in yard . All the neighbors where we live love him because he is so kind and just loves playing with other dogs . Banjo is well mannered as well . He is so loved and he loves all . He's amazing . He stays when told ,will not get a toy after being told to stay until he is told to go get . Amazing
Please meet Leo. He was a gift from my late father and was adopted the day after my loving father left this world. He is the sweetest pup you will ever meet. He loves to play in water and he loves to throw sticks in the air and catch it. He loves to run and cuddle at night. He is my hero.. lucky to be his mom.
Jinny is 5 weeks old. She is the runt out of 4 kittens. Jinny loves to cuddle and play. She is very spoiled and we love her so much. Please vote for this pretty kitten
Oero is fun loving dog. He is my hiking dog. He always down for adventure. He loves exploring new dog parks.
🔷️🔷️🔷️Replacing BUTTER RIP.🔷️🔷️ Sweetest Beagle you'll ever meet. He's Ellie Mae's Ride or Die Buddy & has supported her on 37 Diabetic w/Pancreatitis Vet trips.
Shadow is the perfect name for my little boy, he follows me literally everywhere I go. He is adorable, loving and cuddly and likes to share my bed
She a cuddly little ball of unique color for a pug!
Buddy is a very active puppy. Loves playing outside , very friendly.
Toto is just like a little person , and he has a mind of his own. He loves wearing clothes, and when I get home he is so excited. He jumps so we are eye to eye.
Sammie is a beagle terrier mix... His favorite hobbies are taking naps and laying in the sun.
My name is Gamja! Which means Potato in Korean, but feel free to call me tater, potato, or handsome 😉 I live in sunny California with my mama who is too obsessed with me! I love water, but can’t fetch so I’m only half retriever 😜 Gib me all the treatos and I’ll be your best friend.
I’m a maltipoo puppy! But my parents think I’m I might have some corgi in me since I have tiny legs! I’m the sweetest guy and I love everyone!
Gracie is a black lab who loves to play and sleep
Kittu (from Kitty) was a stray kitten found under a bench one noon with her eyes infected and scared. It was Valentine’s Day and I found my daughter that day in her and since then she’s been with me for 3.5 years from India to Canada. She’s feral but is kept indoors, we have small walks in the apartment corridors twice a day. Kittu loves sleeping between my legs and playing feather toys. She’s an experienced escape artist and has access to a custom made catio exclusively made for her. She’s petite and only eats a little and drinks her water well like a good girl she is. This ginger haired kitty has the nicest eyes and face and melts my heart each day.
Nyx is a 5 week old kitten. Her full name is Onyx but we decided to call her Nyx since that is the Greek goddess of night. She is a sweetheart and LOVES to eat!
Patches Ohoulihan
Patches is a rescue cat from California. He’s a Gemini and enjoys bobs burgers and belly scratches. He’s a lover and a fighter. Just open a can of spaghettios and he will come out from wherever he is hiding. Good thing his big sister doesn’t mind sharing with him. His alias are patches, patchie, patchikins, Mr. Fluff. Vote for Patches!! ❤️❤️
Coco is a cute yorkie mix!He is very sweet and loves to play.He is super cute and knows some tricks like jump,sit,paw,lay down,and roll over.
Oreo is a boy and he’s very energetic but also a chill cat. He’s very friendly and approachable. He loves getting attention and being pet.
Bear is very energetic and fast. He loves to play with people, and he’s funny.
Miles is a border collie, irish setter and shetland sheepdog mix! those little legs you see are the length of his legs. he has a big dog body and 4 inch legs. He LOVES to swim, play ball and learn tricks. He’d really appreciate a vote!
She’s a beautiful chihuahua/ Maltese dog that loves to play and loves to nibble on everything she comes across 😬🥰
edwin is the sweetest guy, he’s a odd ball and very entertaining
Although I chose Australian Shepherd for her breed she is a mix. Cali is a highly intelligent, active, loving family dog. She will run for hours when she can and if we are all resting she will be perfectly happy to rest with us. We got her after the loss of our dog of 12 years, so she really brought some light back into our lives and house.
Charles is quite the character. He thinks he’s a dog and preforms many tricks, he knows how to sit pretty, lay down, sit, roll over and shake paws. He is the most loving and funny guy you’ll ever meet, he’s also a fierce hunter of crickets.
Talia is the sweetest cat ever!! When she is playful she bats at her toys with the back paws not front!! She loves people when you walk through the door!! It's hard for me to bring her to a boarding place for a DAY!! I Love her.
Eddie William
Eddie William is a 12 week old petite golden doodle. He loves to greet people when they walk by, run in circles to chase his tail and snuggle in my neck. My little guy is so sweet and I love him so much!
Happy cat loves to sit on the window and look outside she is very playfull best cat ever
Simple Simon
Simon is building a new house.
Hi, my name is Atlas and I’m an Australian Shepherd! I love to cuddle with mommy and daddy and play outside! My favorite toys are my stuffed monkey, my pawrona, and my little ducky! But don’t forget to scratch my butt, I love it!
9 years ago this april Chewbacca and I became a pair! It was most definitely her spunky personality that lead me to her and at just 4 months old we celebrate her birthday on the first of August every year. And boy dose she love her food and treats but having bought a cat tree she knows she has to sit on it first before receiving her treats. It helps when mom has her Bachelors in psychology a certificate in Applied behavior analysis and a master's in clinical mental health counseling. Because mom made sure Chewbacca was positivity renforced to the point she will meow sitting in her spot now before receiving the treats. Chewbacca is extremely smart and this is just one example. However, come over and expect your bubble to be invaded as Chewbacca is a lover, and loves people to pet her.
Hi, my name is Wicked. I love to fetch and play with my little brother fat fat. My mom calls me the smartest dog she’s ever had. I love my big sand pit that my mom got just for me and that’s where I hide my bones, my brothers bones, my sisters bones, and the neighbor kids bones. My mom was really scared a few months ago when I got sick, I had something called parvo. My mom nursed me back to health and I was all better in a few days. She calls me her parvo pup.
Hey everyone my name is prince! I love my bubby so much I listen to him the most but when it comes to mommy and daddy’s shoes I like chewing them 😁. When I have there shoes I like to run under mommy and daddy’s bed so they can’t get me😊. Oh bubby loves giving me lots of treats and I’ll do anything for some cheese 😍. I learn how to sit , lay down, speak, stay, and wait on my food. I also like opening the screen door when everyone’s outside Bc I really love licking everyone. The other day bubby was on the floor I ran to him and slobbered all on his face I thought it was funny bubby was not happy but he still gave me some hugs!😊 I hope you vote for me Bc I’m a really smart funny and happy doggy!🐾
I love to nap all day and look out the window to watch the kids play while they're at school. I especially love car rides and when my dad lets me off the leash and I get to run around
Biggie Smalls
Biggie Smalls is a one and a half year old toy poodle. He weighs 10lbs and is a hot mess! He loves my son, my sister, my nephew, being chased, riding in cars, snacks, listening to my every word, watching my every move, and the ladies💙💙💙💙
Bella is definitely a lover not a fighter. Always down for cuddles, and a jumper for car rides!! That fluffy bundle of joy will always brings a smile upon my face!
Hi Everybody! You can call me Kai or KaiBear. I love to go in hikes and play with other dogs 🐶 You should hear me say 🎉 “Hello” or “I love you” I love making YouTube videos with my family 💜🐶 Look for me on Youtube under: The Life of Kai the Pomsky 🎥🎉
This is Gamble, a sweet, kind boy who loves rolling in the long grass and chasing after the chickens on the farm
Hi my name is Nemo. I usually am quiet and lazy. I only meow when i want food or haven't seen my human in awhile but yet i still meow very sweetly. I do like to cause trouble sometimes but they say i have a sweet innocent face and that helps me to get away with it. I love to climb, sleep, cuddle next to or lay on top of my human. I love to eat....that's my favorite.
Foxy has a hilarious personality. She rolls her eyes and huffs and puffs when she doesn’t want to do something, then reluctantly complies. She’s always smiling and loves hiking!
Raya is a three month old rescue pup that was sadly born into a home with a terrible hoarding situation. She was rescued from there by Tiny N Tall rescue based in St. Charles Illinois. Raya is the perfect description of a shelter dog turned into a loyal companion. She is incredibly smart, witty, and stubborn. She loves anyone she meets and will always put a smile on your face. She is the perfect companion
Hi, I’m Milo🐶 I’m a one year-old Beagle who can’t help but follow my nose everywhere! I was born to sleep on my back, play with kiddos, and get lot of hugs and kisses. I tilt my head to try to understand hoomans funny words and I have no control of my big, floppy ears!