Dog cat Stories - 38


My name is King Louie and I will sleep on your head, I’m the softest kitty and you can pet me backwards. I love face snuggles and all the treats. When mom whistles for me I gallop across the field and come in for dinner and cuddles. Sometimes I’m super naughty and don’t come inside and play outside all night long. I love coming in from playing in the rain. My favorite thing to do is cuddle.
Mr. Al B
My Mr. Al B.. such a sweet boy with his two white mustache dots! He is one of the most friendly cats I have ever had! He loves to cuddle!
Bellsby aka roosby
ChiChi was born with both her front legs bent inward and her back foot is deformed. She is also missing her other foot when she walks she hops like a bunny! She is my best friend and I love her more than anything!
The most Adventurous baby,Jupiter loves everything and everyone, Dont mess with him though, he will get you back with lots of Love and wet Kisses!
Fable is a sweet cream point minuet. (Non-standard). He loves cuddle and LOVES food!
Raquel is a tuxedo cat. I adopted her in 2016 when she was just 2 years old, I knew my heart needed her for a reason. Raquel has been a life savor for me. In 2019 my first ever dog passed away. It was heartbreaking to me because I didn’t know a life without him. Raquels behavior changed drastically and immediately became an emotional support animal. She is a sassy gal with a sassy owner but she has a heart of gold.
We adopted him for a shelter in Riverwoods IL back in December 2020. He's a very well temper, loves a challenge from hiking, to learning new tricks, likes to share his food. Loves children, making friends, his siblings are chickens that he loves to lick and cuddle with. Loves his disabled sister Goldie the chicken that lives in the house, both him and goldie don't live in kennels. He likes to pick up woman's attention when going out for walks, so he's a ladys man.
Merrl And Dusty
Well where do we start.... there two brothers who drive me crazy but I love them to the fullest they run around the house like a chicken with it’s head cut off. They love to get in the bath and also in the toilet 🚽 lol. They love there human twin baby’s and the big human brothers. They think there human sometimes.
Hello! Meet Elvis 😊 He is a sweet and amazing Ragdoll cat born in Las Vegas ❤️ We met eachother, he was perfect of course 😊 and we went back home to Jersey! He is a very vocal and chatty cat who always has a lot to say! Elvis is so loveable towards everyone. He loves to follow me everywhere I go and play around with his sister cat Star ⭐️
Bug is quite funny, she is either hopping and stomping around or sleeping, probably the funniest dog with the most personality I’ve had
Lola is a officially a Rottweiler/Mastiff mix but unofficially a land seal.
He loves to play and he follows us everywhere eats everything love him
Mocha is a very cool cat! She knows what she wants and likes! She is my best bud 🐈💕
VOTE ✔️ For Vinny!! I found my sweet boy on Facebook after his previous own admitted she couldn’t care for him. It was love at first sight for me! He’s loving, playful, and never misses a meal. Vote for Vinny!
Tommie is a newbie to our family. He’s a lil rough around the edges but he’s fitting in beautifully. He’s so sweet and my boy loves to play with ribbons!!
Mishmish G. David
I never actually intended on getting Mishmish at first , I was to focused on his siblings. My sister was there and lucky enough forced me to hold him. As soon as I did he looked me in the eyes and started to purrr. What can I say. It was love at first sight. ♥️
Registered 8 month old Maine Coon💞
Mr Kitty
He's like an 👽 this cat!! My baby is a trip!! I'm telling you, he is the funniest!! Cat in this world;😹😻
She’s scared of everything new!😂 hoovers, cardboard boxes,dining chairs. She’s soft as anything but thinks she’s hard as a rock especially when someone walks past the house. All she would do is lick them to death!😆 She is far from a normal dogo...
This special pup was born on Thanksgiving Day 🥰 The first time we saw her picture we knew she would be a blessing. She is silly and smart all rolled up in cuteness😍
Vinny is a very cheeky lil chap, he likes to run wild around the house & loves to play out doors, he has an amazing bond with our baby girl & most of all he is a very loving boy x
Moose is a first class adventurer. He and his sister were found as kittens in a box on the side of the road. He loves exploring outdoors from his "catio" and wrestling with his dog brothers. He's a happy happy guy and when he cuddles next to you his motor runs loud! If he wins he plans to donate his prizes to his local rescue group.
Little Red
Little Red showed up at our patio door as a stray. He would follow us around when we stepped outdoors. Despite his size, he isn’t afraid of our three large dogs, in fact he will chase them and they were once afraid of this tiny fluff-ball of a kitten. We brought him in in the midst of several snow storms in recent days. He immediately got along with his feline brothers and sisters, all former stray kitties.
When Charlie hears a siren he pretends he's a fire truck and howls right along with it! Charlie is a momma's boy. He's never more than a foot away from me at all times. Charlie and his brother were found wandering in the NM desert. He loves to eat and cuddle. If he wins, he plans to donate any prizes to his local rescue group.
Jack and his brother were found wandering in the NM desert. He loves wrestling with his cat brother, long walks and chasing his favorite tennis ball. If he wins, he plans to donate any prizes to his local rescue group.
He is the sweetest aussie ever. He’s interactive with kids and other dogs and is just an oberload of happened and fluff. Cutest pup in town😉
Kyng is my big mommas boy. And he’s got some long arms and doesn’t really know what to do with them most of the time. His favorite snack is steak fat🐶😂❤️
Ellie D (L.E.D) is the brightest pup there is :) she loves everyone she meets, can't get enough of snow, and is always ready for a treat.
He loves to be the center of attention and some butt scratches. He’s a fluffy ball of joy and LOVES getting some treats.🐶
A few of my favorite things: -Biting my brothers ears -Falling asleep in my harness -Scratching my backpack carrier -To sit in my moms lap 30 seconds before she wants to get up -Wiggle my way into my brother’s crate to sleep
Hi my name is Izzy I am 10weeks old. I love to play with my big sister Jessie the staffy and I also love to splash in my water bowl and make a mess for mummy 🐶🐾
Benji Benjamin
Benji is the sweetest boy. He is truly one of a kind. Benji NEEDS to have his head under your chin when napping together. Benjamin loves being in the bathroom, he will just lay on the rug while you’re showering and keep you company. He’s the man
Hi I’m Tilly! I love to chase the ball and play fetch. I’m super fluffy and my mum tells me in beautiful ALL the time!
Bowie is a Portuguese Water Dog with a slight aversion to the actual water, but with a whole lot of personality and charm. Which is great for him because he's also full of mischief energy. He loves celery and treats and playing soccer, and spending time with his favorite humans.
Hi my name is Dixie! I just turned 6 months old! I love my momma and Mimi very much. Love to play fetch and squeak my toys and would love to have my own photoshoot!! Please vote me!!
Matti is a cheeky monkey 🐒😜,very funny ,lovable doggo.xx My ♡
This boy never fails to show me how much he loves me. He always makes me smile tho he doesnt like to clean up his toys he does take care of them!
Cooper is a year old, male dachshund who loves his family. ❤️
Brutus is Hilarious he’s a big lug fun to be around loves animals❤️
She loves making noise and has trouble deciding between outside and inside so she prefers to keep the door open.
Lilly’s favorite things include: eating, playing with her ball, & being on the boat! She has the best facial expressions & loves getting her picture taken. Lilly is a full bred chihuahua so she is very clingy to our family. She is a little chunky but very cute.
Hello, I'm Motja and I'm an absolute diva who loves her belly rubbed and I love my treats. I became a mother in 2019 and got my daughter living with me.
She loves the snow
Rosie is 1.5 year old and still acts like a puppy 😍 she loves a long walk and chasing the cat even though Oscar (the cat) doesn’t like it quite so much! She loves to play tug of war and fetch and her favourite snack is anything on mummy and daddies plate!