Dog cat Stories - 35


The most mischievous cat I’ve ever known but such a cutie! He has a very strong personality and has no problem showing it 🐈
She is so loveable and smart! She is 12 weeks old and already sits, lays and shakes hands. She has the sweetest disposition and loves everyone!
Max was dumped on me about 10 years ago. He has always been a mommas boy. Every one loves him and he will even sing for them.
Bailey is the smartest dog I have ever seen. She acts like she understands everything you say to her. She is so caring and sweet. She is always watching out for my grand babies. If they cry she will race me to them to see why they are crying and will not leave their side until she is sure they are fine.
RIP Blondie <3
Ronnie is my little rambunctious cutie. She’s very much a mama’s girl and loves to follow me around wherever I go. She loves meeting new people, cuddling, and playing with her string!
She might look human but she is actually a cat
Coco is an adorable baby pug only a few months old! It’s a she btw! :)
Sapphire is the cutest mini pig in the world she is tiny adorable and loves food and rooting and snout Jousting with her sister Penny piggy
Precious is my best friend and companion. We have traveled the U.S. in a vw bug. She loves hiking, camping, four wheeling, and taking long luxurious baths. For fifteen years she has stayed by my side. Precious's father is a pure bred persian and her mother is a DSH.
She is outspoken and loves the sun. Loves to lay on u an love being scrached. She makes all my worries fade away.
Oscar is my first small dog after the loss of my boxer who is missing by the other dogs and me, so we need a new member! This time I wanted a small dog to make it easier on me with my Fibro. Oscar even has Harley our mixed dog up and playing in the morning and in the evening. Harley was a lazy lazy dog before this little guy came into our lives. If you think you need a little more life in your heart, you should get a doxie but must have patients with them.
This is Katara. Shes a very energetic dog who loves tackling her brother, playing with her toys and digging holes. Shes very loveable and constantly wants attention.
This is sokka. He was born with an extra large tongue thats always hanging out of his mouth. He loves squeaky toys, apples and agitating his sister.
Leonard loves to romp and play with his best friend Bingo. He loves Squeak toys and can play with one all day. He’s a handsome husky mix Vote for Leonard because he is number one
This is Dutchess, shes a very playful energetic kitten who has brought so much joy into our lives. She loves chasing the dogs around the house and hiding all of our nerf bullets under the couch.
Badger was found in a skip with his brothers and sisters, and was hand reared by his lovely foster mum. He arrived with us and immediately showed his character, he loves zooming around in his mad half hour, and catching leaves outside. His favourite thing to do is cuddle with his best friend Louie who is a rescue puppy!
Oliver Nash
This bundle of energy is full of personality plus! He jumps around.. all four paws off the ground, like a baby goat! Love bug glamour! He sleeps laid out across my neck! He is 3.5 lbs of pure JOY!!!
Angus loves to run and play outside. Loves playing catch with the Frisbee. Hes 2 years old and full if energy.
She certainly lives up to her name and is a little whirlwind. She was born with a misaligned back leg, but it only makes her more determined
Milky is the boss of the household and the neighbourhood, and loves to boss the dogs around
She was smart very funny timid and my soulmate please vote for Khloe to bring her justice
Beanie is a 14 week old Cockerpoo! He is very friendly and absolutely loves food!
Lou, cavazu puppy 😊 very loving and playful. My favorite thing is cuddles 💚💚
Roxy is a 3 year old pitbull mix! We rescued her at 6 months old and she has been such a blessing to our family! She loves to eat, play frisbee, go to the beach, and cuddle up and watch tv. She is such a beautiful soul and so loving and gentle but also will protect when she needs to! We love her so much!
This is handsome Neeko he is my grand pupper he is 5 years fun, loving and a 85 pound lab dog
Hi my name is Simba. Life started off pretty scary. My mom and brother didn’t make it but a shelter found me! I was very sick and my new parents didn’t know if I would survive. With some medicine, time and love I was able to go home! I now play with my big brother and do zoomies all day through out the house!
Chance is a 6 year old Papillon who we have had since he was 6 weeks old! He is a very loving, fun boy who loves the beach, playing fetch, doing zoomies, and cuddles! We have a 2 month old baby boy who is his best friend! Where ever he is you will always find Chance close by watching over him!
Reuben has just turned 5 months old and he's is an absolute fire cracker - his ideal game to play is currently zooming around the front room bouncing from the settee to the chair and back 😂. His favourite treats are his dentastix chews but he would probably eat anything you put in front of him! He is super loving and always down for snuggles (especially under the duvet!) ❤
This is Sir Winston he is 4 years old and I saved him from the pound 3 weeks ago . He is a happy go lucky boy very friendly and handsome and I was so lucky that he found me !!!
Chloe is a 5 month old cavalier that is very engergentic yet loves to cuddle. She is very much dominant as she has learned the if she barks and whines enought, purvothe two dogs will play with her! She is a joybtonhave in our family!
Sultry & Sweet
She is a very energetic puppy. She loves to chase after my kids, cuddle with her brother. Eat daddy's shoes when he gets off from work. Rose howels when wants attention or someone to pet her. After losing her brother this past Saturday, she has become very attached to everyone in the house.
Hi, my name is Toby. I’m a spoiled boy who was rescued off of the street 8 years ago. I love sweets, cuddles, and stepping over my human. But it’s okay. She lets me sleep on the majority of her pillow every night, and covers me with a blanket so I don’t get too cold. She also buys me new collars a lot, and I’ll scream until I have one on. I’m very loved by everyone that comes into our home, and people have said they want to steal me away because I’m so cute. But mother won’t allow it. C:
Nathan’s a Maine Savannah cat who enjoys long walks (literally) and fish coladas.
Chance is a very fun, loving, active boy! He loves and protects his family. Chance loves to do tricks for treats. His favorite activities are zoomies, fetch, and cuddles!
Spooky is only about 1 and a half years old, he is a big cuddle bug and loves to play fetch with his daddy . He also loves treats and toys !
Ada is a very loving, loyal, and a nut all in one dog. She’s quite the character, she’s also my ESA dog, and is there for me in a flash when I need her the most. She loves kids, and only loves my moms cat. She’ll be 12 on December 21st. You think being that old she would slow down, nope. She has more energy than me. But she is my rock, and I can absolutely say, she is my soulmate. Nobody makes me happier than her, and I’m lucky to have such an amazing dog in my life.
Scooby loves to sleep. He will fall asleep anywhere. He is very funny loves to eat an he loves going on his walks. He is one very spoiled doggy. We sure love our scooby 😊
Jell-O is a 6 month old kitten. He loves attention, kisses, cuddles, pets and most of all hugs. He is still learning to be a kitten. He loves to play with his worm and ball tower
Hi, I’m 2 years old and my mommy is my favorite human. I love to roll around on our hard wood floors and just run around the house back and forth!!
Milo is a mystery. You never know what he may do. One minute he's loving an the next he's don't touch me. He loves being lazy in his widow hammock. He will do things out of spite. But I love him even if he can be a pain.
I adopted Nolla when she was also a puppy she’s very sweet crazy loving dog
Mr Poppy
Mr Poppy is a rescue kitty and is a house cat. The reason for his unusual name is that we were initially told that he was a she and, therefore was given the name Poppy. By the time we actually received confirmation that Poppy was male, he was used to the name so we just added the prefix 'Mr'.
Hello!! I’m Brei! I’m a girl and I have 2 brothers, Cei and Dexter, and I love to steal their food. My mommy is Ebony and my Daddy is Ambrose. I love cuddles and kisses- vote for me pleaseeee! ❤️
She lovely cat she cute and cuddles and loving
Andersen is a big ol brute. Definition of a pit bull in a China shop as he knocks over everything in his path