Dog cat Stories - 35


Floppy cuddle monster with little spatial awareness for a Space Cat
Shes 1 year and 7months old!! Very happy and active kitty 🐱 💕
Oliver also known as Smoliver and meow meow is cuddly and crazy. He likes adventures, dreamies and making biscuits.
Chief is very energetic, sweet, gentle and loves to cuddle but nothing tops his love for sticks and stuffing!
Chester is 8 years old. He loves to sleep under blankets to keep warm. Loves to eat lots of snacks
Gypsy is the most unique dog ive ever owned she knows how to say "i love you" and she says "mom" she is a silly girl that loves her food haha
Buddy loves his treats and walks and his kitty friends and he loves doggy ice cream he is just the sweetest boy
Tora Lynn
A big personality wrapped in a tiny package!
cookie weighs 5 pounds she is teething a lot so she chews on cabinets.
Hello I’m poppy I was adopted by my new owners from Battersea, sadly my old owners could no longer look after me but I’ve found the most amazing loving home now. I’ve met Paul O Grady and had to be operated on by superbly Noel Fitzpatrick. I’m just so glad I have my new family help me help them with this competition they deserve it and so do I, who couldn’t love my face.
The handsome baby who loves to cuddle, purr, and of course run around chasing laser beams!!! He has a heart on his side always showing his love ❤️
He likes to frog around.
Keanu loves selfies. Long naps and eating everything in the house
Hi, my name is Mila, a 3.2lb Jack Russell Maltese Mix, I just turned 14 weeks. I am a social butterfly, I love meeting new friends. I love that they give me all the attention. Somethings, I absolutely love are car rides, toys, treats, my belly rubbed, and my parents. I can sit, I wake up at 4am, play fetch and know how to leave it. During car rides I like to ride on the driver's shoulders. My parents think I’m the sweetest and cutest pup ever, what do you think? If you agree, please give me some votes 🐾🐶❤️
Duke loves nap time in your lap and taking very slow walks.
Im a 9 week old very cheeky kitten, I like to play with anything that isn't mine including pipe cleaners and feet!
Ruby is a lovely Dachshund/ Cocker spaniel and is a real princess. Whether she is strutting her stuff on a dog walk or at home relaxing the focus always has to be on her, Ruby enjoys lots of strokes and cuddles but her favourite thing in the world is a trip to the groomers to get pampered :)
Lola is energetic, sweet, loving and loves to splash in her water bowl.
Rebel Young
Rebels black Cane Corso) Love this photo. Dog he was visiting appears to be introducing him to neighnors dog!
Hes an amazing cat
Charlotte has 5 other animals living with her! 4 cats, and one hamster. She may bite a lot but when she’s not she’s the cutest thing!!
Ragnar loves car rides and snuggles in bed! He loves chasing friends in the forest but will not fetch a ball for love nor money!
Nessa loves food and loves to play in water and goes nuts for balloons
Just look at that face...😍 This curious little guys is always on a scavenger hunt. He’s fascinated by leaves that blow in the wind and he’s bound and determined to catch a bird. His sweet disposition and intelligence have us oozing with love for this little guy. Whether he’s inside or out he will always seek out a sunny spot to enjoy the view or take a nap.
Henlo, my name is Hiro. 4 months old shiba living in the Bay area, CA with my hoomans. Eat, sleep and explore with me on ig @hella_hiro.
Loves to play with tennis balls, Kong balls, who am I kidding just loves to play fetch lol any way shape or form. May not be registered as a service animal but brings me joy and happiness every day.
She loves jumping into the tree and watching all the neighbors. Caught me watching her lol
Baby Tater'S
Baby Tater's is a adventurous, cutest , and nicest little boy. His sister is Winnie! Help get Baby Tater's his first votes!
Noche is the best cat ever he is 1 year old he loves treats and wet food and is very sweet and adorable
Winnie is a shy but yet friendly kitten. She has a brother named Baby Taters! Winnie is sweet and loving <3
Smokey is my baby he’s only 2!, he’s a funny boy 🤣❤️ He likes to run and play 🙄 he’s very active and loving ! 🥰❤️
My Shorkie Furbaby Dosia.. My ball of joy..
Hi my name is Boosie. I'm a 10 month old Pocket American Bully. My hooman Mummy says that I am the perfect gentleman! Im more than happy to pose for a photo, and I love nothing more than being outside playing with my favourite Ball. I'm quite a Celebrity in my home town! When its cold and wet outside, my favourite place is snuggled up cosy and warm with my Hoomans. Thank you for voting for me. Lots of love, Lil Boosie 💙💙💙
Princes es muy inteligente y juguetona en este tiempo ella. Si entrenamiento asido exelente. Esperemos ser ayuda para las personas que sufren de ansiedad Gracias por sus botos los amamos 🥰🥰
Hi Guys! My name is Griselda, i am a 3.5month old Pocket American Bully. I live with my mommy and brother, I love my walks and cuddles on the sofa with my Human Daddy. Bufallo gullets are currently my fave treat in the world right now, oh... and im one hell of a poser!🤣 Thankyou for viewing my profile and voting for me. Lots of love Griselda🐶❤
My names Jade lick lick Im nearly 10 years old but still love to play and give snuggles Im a staffie that loves to have too the attention on me lick lick
Gracie is a Morkie she is 13 years and is very active and vocal she loves to play and swim. She is my protecter and my angel.
Smokey loves sitting on his cat scratcher and watching the fish swim around. He is happiest next his humans and in a box.
Pixie is a sassy momma's girl. She loves to snuggle and talk to us while she has toys in her mouth.
Rocky is a silly boy who loves belly rubs and laying in front of the pellet stove. He also loves playing with his brother and sister, Smokey and Pixie.
Xeva is our 5lb, can take on anything baby!
He is a playful new seven month old pup who loves his chew toys. He is a face everyone could love and I hope they do. He loves peanut butter as a treat and he knows lots of cool tricks like an over fetch, under retrieve.
I’m goofy and I spin around in circles and I get excited or when I want some thing. I love to eat frozen broccoli and all kinds of vegetables. And the best cuddle bud in the world.
She Loves treats and food. She Loves to play with her toys and her mom. But one of her favorite things is bringing sticks that are bigger than her into the house! Well trying to anyway! LoL!
Floki is a 2 year old Rescue Domestic Short hair cat who loves chasing anything that moves, don't let the 1 eye fool you as he is quick. In his down time he enjoys "Nursing" on his fuzzy blanket and sleeping on feet!
He loves his toy and everyone he meets. And he love's being around people and going everywhere with his humans.
He's got plenty of nicknames but my favorite is #MisterSweetface! He's still got the energy of a puppy and the attitude to match! Rocky is my little shadow who likes to tell me ALL about what he's thinking which can vary from barely audible groans to grumbling old man noises to full-on Chewbacca sass talking when he doesn't get his way! Loyalty level 10,000 x infinity!!!! Cuteness aplenty!