Dog cat Stories - 34


Rowena is the nicest (and softest) cat ever. She loves her sister Morgan (, and she also loves snuggling with her family.
Morgan is a small cat with a big personality. She loves her sister Rowena (, and she also loves to explore new places.
Nochey wochey nochey wochey nochey wochey nochey wochey
Loves eating anything, and chasing goose. She is more of a tug of war gal over fetch, and her best friend is Eddie
Chewy is the best havenese ever his favorite food is homemade he loves doing tricks he doesn’t like toys that much he loves going on walks and he loves going to the dog park
Eddie his friends, family and toes! Eddie is afraid of sneezing but loves cars.
Super sweet adorable Bull Terrier. She loves to play with her brother Chewy and her sister Dora. She also loves to eat! She is very crazy in the mornings and loves to poke you with her dart face. She is adorable and I love her so much so please vote for her.
Brody loves to play with his sister Gigi, chase butterflies, and be the big bad protector of our house!
Koda is does extremely well with kids as well as other dogs. Adopted at 4 months old, he’s enjoyed his life at the local parks by meeting other dogs and is a regular at his favorite pet store.
Lost her leg after being hit by a car. 20 minutes after bringing her home, she was up and playing with your brother. She's super lovey. Curled up with her brother, Cheese (the orange one). Both Rose and Cheese play fetch.
Poppy loves to talk and snuggle!
Murphey is a spunky and smart little Boston Terrier born 1/20/21. He loves his Mama, car rides, and recently enjoyed his very first Puppacino!
Hi guy! This is shadow, hes 6 yrs old, he was rescued with his 4 siblings walking the streets at 3 months.
We adopted Luna 2 weeks ago, she is 9 years old and she is the sweetest thing in the world, she loves to cuddle, very intelligent.She also loves to sleep with my 8 year old son, they’re inseparable
Rhea is a 7 week old puppy who was rescued by myself at only 3 weeks old. She’s very content considering the situation and how she’s been without her mummy for most of her life. She’s absolutely amazing, she’s so gorgeous and is definitely one of a kind. Rhea loves playing, she’s very funny but most of all she’s a loving pet and I am so glad I managed to rescue her and get all the advice and information I needed on an orphaned puppy. Vote for Rhea❤️
Gus Gus
Gus Gus is a Flame Point Siamese who was adopted from a rescue. He has nose freckles & enjoys sleeping on your chest!
Leonard is adorable and so lovable! He doesn’t really like to cuddle and he loves playing with his favorite blue monster toy!
Who is actually a brindle chiweenie. She's a very special girl. I got her when my boyfriend of 20 years was stage 4 cancer Oh. I thought getting a puppy would bring a new life into the house. I forgot how difficult puppies were. My boyfriend said I'm naming her shitter because all she does is shit. So I named her Poo. Needless to say she basically trained herself to help from her brothers my other fur babies. Ends up I didn't get poo for my boyfriend who passed away three months later. God put her in my life for me.
Meet Nala, the biggest snuggle bug ever!!
Tupper is a chocolate dapple mini dachshund who I saved from a puppy mill. The lady gave him to me way too early. His full name is Mr Tupper Lake, named after the town we moved from in Upstate New York in the Adirondack Mountains. He is the kindest most loving wiener dog I've ever had!
Elvis a big fluffy hair ball who loves to cuddle. He shows his appreciation by licking u ...a lot😂. He is the perfect lap dog.
She drags her toys about and mews till someone plays...
Bradley is mischievous and loving and is a beautiful girl that we rescued and a perfect addition to our family. (Yes a girl)
LILO loves to lay in the sun ☀️ she also loves cuddling and chewing every single new toy she gets to pieces 🤣
King is a Jack Russel and Chihuahua mix. He loves going on walks and discovering the world. He is only 5 months old, although we have been lucky to have him for the past three months. He has many toys and loves them all equally. He’s very curious about humans and other dogs.
Boomer is an only fur baby. He loves to play outside and chase bunnies and play fetch. Booms loves car rides and walks around town and on the trails. He also loves to hog our king size bed. He loves treats too♥️
Kobe is as loveable as they come! He loves to play with his toys and be outside.
Bandit loves to give a million kisses!!💋💋
Coco Sh
Sweetest boy ever. Loves riding in the car and going to visit the Grandparents. He has made many “not so much a dog lover” into one. His nickname is “deputy dog” because he keeps an eye on the neighborhood. Mom is retired law enforcement and he likes wearing his “sheriff shirt” as he patrols the house and yard.
Lil Nugget
Wild and funny, this lil floof has the personality of a human. Always excited to meet new people and give them affection. Nugget will never miss a treat (she can hear them from a mile away 😹). Loves to spend her free time (which is all of the time😅) hanging out in the windows watching her bird friends, and finding the best spot in the house to sunbathe ☀️😻 Lil Nugget and I both appreciate your vote! 😻❤️
Hewwo friendz, my name is Penny!☺️🐾 I is a 9 month old Great Dane pup! I wove going for walkz with my hooman, playing wiz all of my squeaky toys, and being crazy!❤️
Rebel is just an old dog who wants nothing more in life than to love people. He is always greeting people right when they come in!
Riley is a very special puppy to us! We drove 11 hours one way to get her so she could grow up with Rebel! She is such a loving dog and our life would be so different without her 💕
Naomi loves to play hide and seek, sitting on laps, licking her sister cats head and adoresss tummy rubs ☺️
Opie is a Sheepadoodle (old English sheep dog and poodle mix). He loves peanut butter, playing with other dogs, and chewing on sticks.
My spunky baby girl loves to cuddle next to mom and dad and push everything off tables :)
Anatoly is a foodie who loves to play! He likes paw massages and belly rubs☀️💕
She is new to your family she loves to play and chase her tail
This is Kushie. Kushie thinks shes an outdoor cat. Kushie runs through peoples legs to the backyard, just so she can roll around in the dirt and eat grass. Kushie is sassy. She knows how pretty she is and she tries to use it to get treats!
Lil Dottie
Sup!! I am Lil Dottie - a Blue Merle PomChi. I love to prance, pounce, snuggle, and hunt for dead worms and lizards and am the best girl!! Happy day to you!
His name is kuku because he alwayz so kute😂
My name is Chewie, short for Chewbacca. I love playing with my toys and going to the park.
In his old age, Kizmo likes food, naps, more food, cheek to cheek smooshes, taking up the whole bed, taking up the sofa, even more food and sleep. Put that on repeat and that's his day to day.
Oreo is a spunky little pup. He loves playing with everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. Babies, adults, animals, even statues. He is such a sweet little guy who absolutely craves affection. He loves kisses on his cheeks and literally BEGS for them. He will stand up and put his cheek to your face. He loves annoying his big brother, Natsu, and loves to get chased by all the other dogs at the dog park. While my mom was suffering the worst of cancer, he was there to comfort her. He would hug her (literally stand up to hug). Lay by her to make sure she was okay.
Lola is a sweet old lady. We got her two years after my first and long time dog was stolen. She was unlike him in ever way, but that’s what makes her special. She hates kisses on her cheek! She will politely push you away with her paws! She loves wearing dresses, going to Starbucks, getting attention (obviously), playing fetch, and she loves laying in between our thighs! She is a wonderful nanny for my nephew. She is so delicate and patient. Her most exciting memories were going to the Pride Parade 🏳️‍🌈 showing off her rainbow dress and being friendly to all the people that saw her come their way.
Natsu was a neglect dog who was going to be thrown out into the desert. He was this tiny puppy snatched away from his mother. When I found him, I was 14. Animals are naturally drawn to me, but there was this connection. Ever since I brought him home, he’s been my shadow, my partner in crime, my home, my soulmate. Natsu is the most loyal dog in the world and although he has severe separation anxiety, he always knows that I would never abandon him. He isn’t the friendliest or most social dog nor the bravest, but he will protect those he loves, like his little brother, Oreo. He loves his toys so much that he never stops playing! He plays all the time! Aside from playing, he loves to sing! If you start singing happy birthday or bohemian rhapsody this dog will belt out.
Mr Mittens
Mr. mittens was a cat who was never welcomed... He was tossed home to home and constantly mistreated and I welcomed. One day, my family and I learned of a cat needing a good home so we went for it... we lost our black cat six months prior and were ready for another cat. When we picked him up, we saw a lady grabbing him by the neck tossing him out of her house and cursing and kicking him. We approached her asking if she was the one giving away the cat. She proceeded to say that she was and that he was a sh&@£y cat he was and that she had no things to take with him (not even a bed or water bowl) he was scrawny, malnourished and brown when we picked him up. He was infected with parasites that caused his bowels to act up. With food, medicine, and lots of love, this cat was so happy and so beautiful. His personality is like no other! He is a sweet heart and gets along with all of his dog siblings! He’s excellent with kids and super friendly! He is the nicest cat I know and I don’t understand how somebody could’ve treated him in such a way! He loves laying in the sun, playing with his puppy dog brother, laying with the baby, eating bread, and playing with the water faucet!