Dog cat Stories - 34


Tucker deserves to win because he’s a BIG surprise in a small package. Weighing a whopping 8lbs, you’d never know he was a mini dachshund with his feisty personality and big bark. He can transform into Scrappy-Doo with his playful yet “let me at em” attitude. Puppy power to the max! This is not the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, just Tucker and his ever changing yet simply addictive self.
Athena is a loving little girl who loves to cuddle, play, and talk. Her parents rescued her in September 2020, and she will be turning a year old this March!
4 month love to cuddle play play all the time
Our precious girl Athena! She is an 8th months old Labradoodle. She is a sweet girl that loves to play and love to cuddle with us!
Charlie is a 14 week old working cocker spaniel. He is chocolate brown with a tiny white mark on his small little chest. Charlie is so loving and family orientated. He loves learning new tricks and is extremely good motivated! I’m looking to give my beautiful boy the best start in life! ❤️❤️❤️
Kiyoshi is a total Mommy's boy who loves to snuggle.
Trouble is hard headed but he love attention and he loves to get into trouble.😂
Spades loves to be cuddled and loves the outdoors.
Goldie loves to sleep, and eat
Scooter loves to play with his catnip mouse toys. He is an indoor cat, but has many cat friends that come to visit him through the front window, he is very social with his friends. Especially those who visit in the middle of the night, lol
He’s a feisty pitty, will tell you all about yourself and loves playing with his sister Maryjane
I rescued sativa when she was about 7 weeks old, she’s the sweetest kitty ever. Loves her belly being rubbed and favorite place to be scratched is under her chin, she has a cleft lip but doesn’t let that stop her from living her best life
2 year old cockapoo who loves getting muddy while chasing balls in the park. Gravybone treats are her favourite and so are belly rubs!
Rudy was born on St Valentine's Day. His whole name is Rudolph Valentino.....hence, "Rudy.". He is definitely a snuggeler!
Piston and Piper are brother and sister Aussiedoodles
Bella is little over one and loves to play and destroy slippers. When she first became part of the family she was quite timid due to abuse and neglet but now she rules the house.
Lilah is a bundle of joy who likes to sit on your lap. She has a bark that doesn’t match her princess personality.
Marley is so loving and friendly he loves hugs on the sofa and playing with his friends outside, he will soon be back to running around as he’s recovering from his knee operation... he’s doing very well😀
Luna Bear
Luna is a cute and fussy cat she likes going outside and is always purring when she goes outside. She always comes back in mucky and dirty state, she is also very funny and cute, she loves to adventure round the garden with her brother Tibs.
My name is tilly I came to my new family when I was not wanted by my old owner but now I am so happy I have a child to throw my ball
Tywin loves everything food
xena is a very energetic 1 year old, she loves to run , play ball and eat 24/7😉
I like to soak in the sun and hide from my humans sometimes. My mama adopted me when I was four and ever since then my life has changed. I have a health condition and I can only see out of my left eye but that hasn't stopped me enjoying life. If I won the contest, I'd have my mom buy me all the treats in the world!
Lucas is a handsome little boy who was recently rescued! He’s full of energy and love! He’s super quirky and loves to stick his tongue out! He’s a little crazy but we love him regardless !
Toby used to be a pure white kitten. Saved him out of a ton of stray cats.
Maru is a rescue dog from Korea. He loves to play fetching balls and he loves his little toy penguin.
Buddy is the sweetest Boston Terrier who loves belly rubs and giving kisses! He really enjoys playing tug with his toys and doing tricks for treats.
Sarah Beth
Sarah Beth is a old girl that loves soft blankets, snuggles and treats. She loves being pet and roaming around the yard!
I love kids and food
Im love kids and play outside
Maine Coon mix, we adopted him from humane society. Not sur eon age but they said he was around 8-10 yrs old. Loves to laybin any box he can find. Loves attention when he wants it. He's a good kitty
Bubby's name is short for Bubbles. She is named after the cutest space cadet cat, the late LilBub. She loves to run around the house like a crazy person and sit on the headboard of the bed.
I love kids and play with my toys
Always licks and wants attention. Even if we call other dogs she is the one to come. Can't live without the fame! Even outside everyone is drawn to give her pets. Vote for a vote!
Ghost is our newest addition! She is a little rescue that has added so much happiness to our family. She absolutely loves hanging out with her Grampy - he has all the treats! Her favorite thing is the laser pointer and hanging out on our shoulders. She's a very lovely girl that enjoys snuggling and kisses. Her nicknames are Ghosty, Ghosty-Girl, Little Baby. She is our little savior of 2020!
Zeus the most chill in our house😏 L O V E S food and walks. Derpboi. Vote for a vote!
Jack Black
Jack so cute😊 He's the eldest dog in our house and also the most active for a 14 yr old🤭 He loves to nap under the blankets, loves some snacks, and even taught himself some tricks to stand on his hind legs to beg! He's a very smart dog. Vote for a vote!
Whisper J.
Whisper J is our 3 year old American Short Hair. She is mighty feisty and loves fresh catnip, running water and neck scratches. The J. in her name stands for John - my husbands late father. Her nicknames are Bups, Buppies, Bopies and Sweet Girl. She's a sweet snuggler.
Buscemi is our 10 year old Medium Tortie Manx mix. Her favorite thing is being outside, being the queen of the property. She has a lot of anxiety but is also a big fluff-ball of love. Her nicknames are Bweeb, Big Girl, Bweeb-a-dee and Big Angry Bag. We love her very very much.
Hiccup is our sweet calico girl. She is a 7 year old rescue. Her favorite thing is sleeping under blankets and chewing on things she shouldn't. Her nickname is Nunnies. She's a sweet girl.
Oreo is 4 and is a very energetic dog and loves to run and loves to lick super cuddly and cute dog
Angel is my 13 yr old chihuahua. Loves to cuddle and sleep on my pillow. She wrestles with her stuffed bears and loves food.
a german shepard/husky mix, affectionately referred to ask “the queen” or “queen greta” by friends! she loves long walks, car rides, and sitting on the couch.
Corn Bae
corn bae has had one visit to the vet because he woulndnt stop talking in british. he has a history of chain smoking and has a addiction to beef. also i know he has been sneaking out at night to see a lover and frankly, i dont think shes a good influince. or he becasue corn bae is bi.
Luna is high energy, fun, and extra loving! She will crawl up and cuddle when your sitting watching tv! She is the sweetest most talkative little thing, and always come running at dinner time! Naps on her back in the sunshine, loves to sit outside and watch the ducks swim in the pound out back. She is overall the best decision we made!
Ziggy is 2 and a half years old. He loves blankies, cuddles and walks at any time!